Nancy Pelosi was forced to admit this giant impeachment defeat

Democrats thought there was nothing but smooth sailing ahead on impeachment.

They could not have been more wrong.

And Nancy Pelosi was just forced to admit this giant impeachment defeat.

For weeks, President Trump and his supporters hammered Democrats for the rigged witch hunt House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff was running.

Witnesses testified behind closed doors and Schiff selectively leaked portions of the testimony to frame the President as being guilty in this manufactured and phony scandal.

Democrats also denied the President due process rights to call his own witnesses or cross examine the ones Democrats brought before the committee.

These attacks began to stick, so Pelosi and her allies scrambled into damage control mode by announcing they would vote on a resolution formalizing their current impeachment process and laying out a timeline for public hearings as well, thus spelling out the due process rights afforded to the President.

The New York Times reports:

Representative Adam B. Schiff, the House Intelligence Committee chairman who is leading the inquiry, said that Democrats would not wait to fight the Trump administration in court as it moves to block key witness testimony. Instead, after Mr. Trump’s former deputy national security adviser defied a subpoena, he issued a warning: White House directives not to cooperate would only bolster the case that the president had abused his office and obstructed Congress.

By the afternoon, Speaker Nancy Pelosi added to that sense of urgency, announcing that after weeks of private fact-finding, the full House would vote on Thursday to initiate a public phase of the inquiry. That vote would establish rules for the public presentation of evidence and outline due process rights for Mr. Trump.

It will be the first time all House lawmakers will be asked to go on record on the investigation since it began in September, something Democrats had so far resisted.

“We are taking this step to eliminate any doubt as to whether the Trump administration may withhold documents, prevent witness testimony, disregard duly authorized subpoenas or continue obstructing the House of Representatives,” Ms. Pelosi said in a letter to colleagues. “Nobody is above the law.”

Pelosi’s surrender changes nothing.

Democrats are just voting to officially endorse the sham process they put in motion to try to remove the President of the United States from office and nullify the results of the 2016 election.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  2. Sharon, you got that right. Let them use their own money and you will find they are not willing. There would not be so many investigations, if it was their money and not the taxpayers money.

  3. I not only love your explanation of “expectations” USA should have in all aid sent outside of our country but your tone is perfect for this dimocrat who doesn’t seem to comprehend basic reading skills!

  4. WRONG! In Clinton’s case the democrats were invited to cross examine witnesses but in this case republicans are not. Don’t take my word for it, google it yourself.
    Start with Wiki.

  5. The double standards from the demos is amazing. What is even worse is they sweep their dirt aside like its very ok. Yet the attacks on the republicans and the President continue. The only way to counter all this is for the good people to vote, ALL must vote and send a strong message that America is Great, we wont let these nasty individuals prevail.

  6. That is actually what they have been doing for over 2 years, they still have no legal grounds for impeachment, its only a vote of inquiry for impeachment. Its not even a real impeachment, Democrats used to have my respect but now never again.

  7. Is it ok for the DNC to pay for a fake file from a so called English spy ! Is it ok for Hillary to broker the deal through the Clinton foundation .. oh and let’s not for get how the FBI went to the fisa court with there pack of lie and get warrent to spy on trumps campaign !! It is even on record from CNN the Dems where planning how can they impeach trump before he was even sworn in !!!!!

  8. Great point I missed, Larry. Somehow I feel like if it is still in Ukraine it will rather than won’t show up now that we have a leader over there who also seems to be wanting to get to the bottom of this charade on both sides. We can only pray all the answers will be coming forth and soon!

  9. Question to Ronsch< When Senator joe Biden supported a treaty between Ukraine, and USA, in 1998, and he sent the suggested (agreed) treaty to Senate, recommending they support it, and it was approved, then signed into law in 1999 by President Barack Obama, and then was accepted by Ukraine Government later, and USA started sending Foreign Aid to Ukraine, each year, WAS THAT NOT QUID PRO QUO? I believe it is. And USA has signed many treaties with other countries, and sends Foreign Aid to them, Realize the treaties are specific, between each paring of treaties, but DO WE NOT EXPECT THEM TO DO CERTAIN, STATED THINGS? When I give cash, check, or transfer funds to a business, I expect that business to do something in exchange for those funds. That is Quid Pro Quo. Or Offer made, and offer accepted, at a certain expense to me. Do you have some other explanation?

  10. To say the Liberal Demoncrats are not above the law is an idol blow of words. When Adam Schiff stood before the floor of The Congress. Speaking his fabricated lies and false accusations. Intentionally attacking the President to bring him harm and disgrace. Before the eyes of the entire world. Only from HELL came such vicious and damaging Lies. IF HE IS NOT ABOVE THE LAW THEN ”WHY” is he not in jail. Instead of continuing his shameful mockery of constitutional laws of JUSTICE. ????

  11. SEVERA HILL, what a GREAT comment. I agree with you 100%. I don’t know what has happened to this country and its citizens, but it is scary. The DEMOCRAT party should be abolished. I have never seen such abuse and disrespect for our duly elected POTUS in all of my years. President Trump has done more good for its citizens and this country than any President that has been elected in all of my years on this earth. The DEMORATS do nothing but abuse the tax paying citizens of this country while they live high on the hog. They think more of the illegals than they do the people that help support this country.

  12. In the current Ukraine inquiry, there’s no solicitation of “aid of a foreign leader to damage a rival in an election.” The quid pro quo sought to be proven should have been directed on Biden who is well documented in a video doing it and of facilitating his son to gain so much financially (exploiting Joe Biden’s position as vice president and designated in charge of Ukraine matter). In the fake Russian collusion investigation, Hillary and the Democrats were the guilty ones not Trump.

  13. So you’re saying it’s okay for someone to solicit the aid of a foreign leader to damage a rival in an election? Are you saying that it’s okay for a Democrat running for President to ask Germany, etc., to help in their election? How about asking China to release Trump’s hacked phone calls? European Intelligence agencies probably have a lot of stuff on Trump, and most of them don’t like Trump very much. Would it be okay for the Democrat running for President to ask for dirt on Trump?

  14. The author of this article is very confused. The right to cross-examine witnesses and call witnesses in defense, are things part of the trial which happens in the Senate. The Impeachment in the House is investigative, and nothing happening there is different from what happened to Clinton, except that Republicans were then in charge, and of course, if it’s Republican it’s okay, but not if it’s Democrats.

  15. well if i were trump , i would get the republicans in the house to bring up some bills in the house that americans really care about and when pelosi refuses to bring them up put them on the internet , saying pelsoi refused to bring it up for a vote , and hammer the democrats

  16. American voters are sick of the wasting of tax dollars on this nonsense. Democrats just made their bed today, now say goodbye to these people that fail to listen to the majority.

  17. 82nd, Don’t waste your talents on anyone that posts on this site. Sounds like you and your elite crew are some fairly dangerous hombres. Do the world a favor and take out the Saudi Butcher that had Kasshogi murdered. Can’t even recall the murdering dog’s name but I bet he has been on your radar for some time now. I have no doubt that you guys are more than capable.

  18. Thank you,Ted for addressing the truth. Why is it, just for starters that no one on the left thinks Biden and his son did anything wrong with all the deals that were hashed out when Crazy Uncle Joe was VP? Not to make light of the fact it seems that Nancy was right along side of them hashing out deals for her son? The sins of the left are going to be the biggest thing to ever stain our history at this point. I just pray our President Trump can find all of them so this can be stopped here and now

  19. Even all the talking heads I respect on FOX and OANN are asking this question too! Does no one but those involved in getting those warrants or the lawyers for each side know at this point? They keep saying the FISA court is a secret proceeding so does this mean we will have to wait for at least 25 years to get the answer to the question? IMHO I think it may be time for this “court” to be seriously overhauled.

  20. I think, even though she refuses to exit stage left that Ole Killery may be starting to realize that even she is not above the law and perhaps her great messiah, Bummer may not have covered her for all her sins and illegalities she committed under his reign! This will eventually get so much better to watch as it unfolds as these next IG reports are made public. The screaming and yelling is going to get all the louder, but the louder they become the more we will know we are getting to the heart of the matter. KAG 2020!

  21. If the Democrats are finally going to open the door, I wonder if they will be required to start the whole mess over again? All the previous testimonies, since they were done in secret and no one else got to see how the questions were asked, how much of leading of the witnesses was done, even what comments were left out of the transcripts, how they were recorded, etc, etc, etc, all play a major role in determining the credibility of the witnesses. Obviously the man running the whole thing is corrupt. This has been demonstrated and documented by his constant pendant to lie when the truth keeps getting in the way of what he wants people to believe. Don’t trust these people! Like the old wise saying, Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me!

  22. Makes sense, Dan. No president has EVER been removed from office in the history of this country. I am not sure what show it is, or what Nancy’s strategy is . . . but I know she has this all planned out. She does not make emotional, impulsive moves . . . she has decades of experience and learned lessons from prior Congressional leaders.

  23. It is all theater folks. The democrats have no achievements to tout, no acceptable policy ideas to sell. They have nothing but the “desire” to remove our president. They should have the fear of law in them, as that is what is coming, tick-tock.

  24. I may be wrong, but I am gathering Chair of Intel Committee Schiff only stops witnesses from answering questions about certain people so that the whistle blower’s indentity can be protected. I may be wrong, so let me know.

    Public support for impeachment from the evidence, is NOT very low. In the Fox poll it showed 51% supported both the impeachment AND REMOVAL of Trump from office. We debated about this validity, and it was only one poll, but the Gallup poll taken only a few days later showed 52% supported both the impeachment and removal of Trump. Politico did a summary of the polls and found support for impeachment was gaining in almost all the polls. And this is before this week, where there was some VERY damaging testimony given by some solid witnesses that contested Trump’s versions of the story.

    Though I don’t know, my 2 cents on Nancy is that she is a VERY experienced leader, and has used all of her experience to thoroughly map out EVERY move carefully. I don’t know if you are a chess player, but M, chess players are thinking numerous moves down the line, with options in case of a variety of responses. Trump, on the other hand, likes to “fly by the insight of his gut” and suffers from his lack of experience in government work. I would put my money on Nancy anytime they are head-to-head. In some ways, women have to be MORE thoughtful, and more complex than men to achieve.

  25. Well the silver lining here is all those that vote in favor of impeachment will have very large targets on their backs come election time. America does not forget.

  26. It is totally inappropriate and wrong, no matter what The RedMan posts, for you to issue such threats of violence. This whole country we have is based on certain rights of freedom of speech and so forth, and not to respond to something you do not like with violence threats of killing. The whole idea of freedom of speech must extend to freedom of others to say things we do not like. I don’t like some of the things The Redman says, but any threats of violence or threats to lock him/her in Gitmo etc. is totally wrong and inappropriate.

  27. We all need to take a deep breath, I suggest that we place this matter in the hands of the one who puts rulers into power. Daniel 2:21 states, “It is He who changes the times and the epochs; He removes kings and establishes kings; He gives wisdom to wise men And knowledge to men of understanding. God is working on our behalf, all we need to do is pray and thank him in advance for his divine wisdom! God bless America!

  28. No one is above the law, no one but her and her corrupt Mafia Squad. This woman is a disgrace and is the one who should be impeached immediately.

  29. How can an idiot like pelosi continue to squawk “NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW” This witch set herself above the law when she and all the others exempted themselves from Obama care. It was LAW stupid. And now continually set people above the law by allowing and promoting ILLEGALS in this country. I could go on and on. I would like to see her, schummer, waters, schiff, held in contempt of our President, our Legal Justice system, the people of this great country and the Constitution.

  30. I was thinking in your realm. I know people that work in intelligence. Anyone using a phone, computer could actually be traced. Someone like Redman shouln’t be so bold. The old saying he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Thank you for serving Brother. May God bless you.

  31. Rodman is a fake account. It is meant to create anger and frustration among Americans. Ignore it. Make a complaint to have the bot banned.

  32. The whole bunch of DEMS are so scattered they don’t have an organization they will be defeated and do the same old crying and screaming. But what should we expect they are the worst people to be running a country. They act like the characters in a small car in the circus.

  33. America is great, thanks to Trump and God for giving him to us. But there is a stink in the air. It’s called the commiecrat party and their sewer rats. And that includes the libturds that post on this site.

  34. It seems there is a myopic view of what happened in the midterm election. The Dems and media attacked the president every day with lies and radical behavior. Have you forgotten it worked and the Dems won control of the house? Having been successful with this tactic, it only follows that even more attacks and lies should work to defeat Trump in 2020 and take the senate to boot. The people new Pelosi would return to the speakership and it did not seem to bother them at all. We have what the majority voted for. We will have the answer in Nov 2020.

  35. ” Ms. Pelosi said in a letter to colleagues. “Nobody is above the law.” That is exactly right, and it is far time that we do something about these politicians in Washington doing and saying whatever they want, and getting away with it, You Go Girl, Ms. Pelosi, get it done, and when it passes, then lets proceed to erase Obama, Bush, and Clinton from the annuals of history, or arrest them; as ever being important and even becoming president, and let clean up the Clinton’s mess, especially that of Hillary and her underhanded under the table of corruption and stealing from the American people, and lets put them in jail, America It Is Time, NO ONE IS Above the law . . .

  36. 82nd, although I can truly understand and appreciate your feelings, as a friend and somebody who thanks you for the years of military service, even though I have no idea who you are, I’d like to suggest you don’t publish again remarks like I just read.

    The ONLY reason I say this is because should anything happen to Redman in a bad way, you would be a prime suspect.

    I agree his unwanted remarks are in bad taste and would be nice if he were to stop, but, so sad to say, the 1st amendment does apply to idiots as well.

    He’s most likely a person with no life and having fun trying to be something he’s not.

    Best of wishes to you and your family, 82nd. Happy Holidays, Tday and Xmas

  37. It really doesn’t look good for the Demons in the Dem Party. They think they are above the law but they are not and they have broken many laws themselves. Evil they are and it doesn’t look good on them. Shame on all of them Schiff shifts and does crazy lunatic stuff. Pelosi loses it and storms out of where ever she is and it looks very bad on her. This is the worst I have ever seen in my entire life since I have been voting. Lord have MERCY ! They cheat, they lie, they act like communists, they defend terrorists and yet they live off the hard labor of the American people who work hard to have a better life and they swipe it away from us so they can act and live like emperors. Yes, our tax dollars they do not earn them so they can have elite vacations on our dime. And yet they act like a bunch of heathens. They worry about the terrorists instead of helping the veterans who come back maimed and homeless. They have no shame. If they don’t get what they want they throw tantrums, just like two year old little kids. They haven’t grown up yet. They are all selfish pigs with criminal minds. We are really sick and tired of these wasted people who do not do their jobs so we can fire them all. Enough is enough !!! They are really sick minded people. This is America and don’t any one of you forget it ! Go home sit in a corner and THINK !

  38. Suzanne, what’s even worse about Redman is he believes he is a self appointed representative of all minority dysfunctional Democrats.

    Let’s just hope he remains an embarrassing Democrat.

  39. Dear Mr. President Trump it’s time once again to take no prisoner’s when it comes to the Democrats. We the People are behind you ? Per cent. We know what you have done for America !! Time to take off the gloves. The Democrats want to start the fight we’ll finish it. Vets, service men & women ,police , bikers , Preachers and all true Americans ????

  40. Dear Mr. President Trump it’s time once again to take no prisoner’s when it comes to the Democrats. We the People are behind you ? Per cent. We know what you have done for America !! Time to take off the gloves. The Democrats want to start the fight we’ll finish it. Vets, service men & women ,police , bikers , Preachers and all true Americans ????

  41. Red man I told you once before to shut your mouth so let me put it to you this way. I have a certain unique set of skills that I acquired throughout my years in the military and throughout life. And I have a very elite group and skilled set of friends that love assisting me in certain situations. Shut your mouth or I promise you I will find you and shut it for you. Now know keep talking I want you to keep talking cars the more you post the more I hone in on you and the more my friends 05 exactly where your Internet connection is coming from and where you’re posting from so keep talking keep talking you’re smack I wanna find you now I really do. So continue talking like you do keep up your failed effort. Lonely why do up in a body bag

  42. The “FACTS” show otherwise. In Chicago 83% of shootings are committed by “Blacks”. Hispanics commit 12%, so that leaves 5% for “Whites/Other”. So far this year only ONE WHITE ASSAILANT! OUT OF 2,329 people shot. Maybe other readers will now figure out you don’t know what the “L” you are talking about?

  43. Red man I told you once before to shut your mouth so let me put it to you this way. I have a certain unique set of skills that I acquired throughout my years in the military and throughout life. And I have a very elite group and skilled set of friends that love assisting me in certain situations. Shut your mouth or I promise you I will find you and shut it for you

  44. Wouldn’t it be a shame if President Trump also had investigations going into the VIOLATIONS of OATH of OFFICE over EVERY member of Congress?

    And release the list of EVERY Violation by each person WHILE the impeachment vote is occurring…..

    Then call them out by name during ‘impromptu news briefings’.

    Most of congress will have resigned by Christmas.

  45. red racist manbaby
    There’s not many things that are more pathetic than someone who’s not black, talking in stereotyped black person speak.

    It’s just makes you look like a creepy racist.

  46. The only accomplishment the vote in Congress to make the impeachment inquiry “official” is it will be on record of “who” supports it? My understanding is the Republicans still
    do not have have equal opportunity in how the hearings are functioning and that Adam Schit can even stop witnesses from answering questions asked by Republicans if he/Schit doesn’t want the answer on record. I heard Schit will be able to edit the daily transcript if he doesn’t like the way it reads?
    I am behind with personally knowing the details but, will be researching it today.
    Public support for impeachment is VERY low and the speaker really is nervous Nancy. She is throwing out tidbits in an attempt to get support up. Am thinking this vote is a “dollar store bandaid” and will not garner her crap!

  47. They should be charged for lying to America. They are trying to overthrow the President of our Great Country and Pelosi and Schiff should be worried about the State that are supposed to looh out for California is Burning to the Ground and they are trying to remove our President Shame on them.

  48. Really Red Man. I live in Montgomery County MD and 10 women were raped some underage by illegal immigrants since July. The rapist had a record a mile long.

  49. That’s why democreeps favor abortion so they can kill them black babies before they grow up to rob liquor stores and gas stations.

  50. Nancy Pelosi is fishing for nothing. The swamp is being exposed more and more. Stop wasting tax payers money. Get some work done. Finish building the wall. Help the American people. Get your eyes off yourself, Nancy Pelosi. You lost. President Trump won. Go do your job legally.

  51. It is ironic, that a couple of do nothing, law breaking Democrats like Pelosi and Schiff, have the absolute arrogance to explain their interpretation of “no one is above the law”….Unless you’re a Democrat…unless your last name is Clinton, unless your Name is Maxine Waters, ( the most corrupt member of Congress)..unless you’re Eric Holder, held in Contempt of Congress………..It’s fine if you’re a Democrat to ignore the law, even hand picked Pelosi members of important commitees…never mind the SQUAD,

  52. BUT the reality is ‘reggie’ 80% of whites take care of their children, while 80% of ‘niggas’ make the taxpayer take care of their fatherless’niglets.

  53. Yo momma still doing the nigga jiggle wiggle dance on the poles, and later that night the bubba gumpa shrimpo cream start flowing. In the morning you gots to play Mike Rowe and mop that crap up HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  54. Most of the white-folks in America are very evil. Some even rape their own brats, and den give em guns to go out and commit mass murders, den tell em to play crazy. Racist white-folks like the trump-butt-bumps dat post on here are some of the worst thug terrorist in the world. They even hate other white-folks. ahhahahahahha

  55. were they following the rules as laid out by the republican party that boener signed off on in 2015? yes or no?

  56. These two, Pelosi and Shifty are evil inside. They are desperate for the smallest bit of info to work towards their favor. Most likely, they bed down at night in absolute panic. As hard as they have tried and as many times as the lies and deceit have flown from their evil mouths, they lost again and again. I am just amazed at how their desperation keeps plugging along backed by the fake news.

  57. Donald Trump’s popularity goes up while the democrats credibility goes down.
    The failures of the Russian collusion, stormy daniels, tax returns and now the Ukraine phone call. The American citizens don’t like being lied to. This whole episode is going to damage the democrats severely.

    Blind Freddy can see the desperation from the democrats. It’s only going to become worse for them.

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