Nancy Pelosi was furious when a member of the Squad made this jaw-dropping statement

Nancy Pelosi is panicking about losing control of the House.

But her problems are only getting worse.

And Nancy Pelosi was furious when a member of the Squad made this jaw-dropping statement.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her Squad have become the heart and soul of the Democrat Party.

After the death of George Floyd, they became the head cheerleaders for the “defund the police” movement that swept over the Democrat Party.

Democrats across the country began trashing the police night and day.

Blue cities around the country cut police budgets while leftist prosecutors let criminals run wild.

This socialist insanity unleashed the largest crime wave in generations, as the country recorded its highest ever increase in the murder rate.

Sky-high crime became a political problem for Democrats when they realized the Midterm elections were around the corner.

Democrats recently rebranded themselves as “tough on crime” for the upcoming elections.

Nancy Pelosi proclaimed that “defunding the police” was dead.

Democrats are hoping Americans forget that they spent years proudly cheering for “defunding the police.”

While Nancy Pelosi hoped to sweep Democrats’ support for “defunding the police” under the rug, a member of the Squad isn’t letting them forget.

Missouri Democrat Representative Cori Bush has been one of the most vocal “defund the police” cheerleaders in the Squad.

In a Congressional hearing, she unleashed one of her most deranged anti-police rants yet.

She said, “What too many of my colleagues do not want us to talk about what, what they don’t want us talking about, is that as they trip over each other, rushing to spew lies and right-wing talking points about police funding, they are saying nothing about the rise of violence by the police.”

“Even after millions of people marched in our streets demanding an end to police brutality, there were only fifteen, one-five, fifteen days in 2021 in which police officers didn’t kill someone,” Bush added.

According to Bush, the real problem is police violence and people who “spew lies” and use “right wing talking points” against “defund the police.”

Meanwhile, St. Louis, which Bush represents, not only set a record for total murders in 2020, but the city has consistently had the highest murder rate in the country.

Bush’s statement will leave Pelosi fuming as she tries to distance House Democrats from “defunding the police.”

House Democrats have repeatedly asked Bush to stop talking about “defunding the police” to protect their slim majority.

But Bush is refusing to back down, and that is going to cause Democrats major political problems.

While Democrats try to sweep “defunding the police” under the rug, Cori Bush continues to remind voters where they really stand.

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