Nancy Pelosi was just stabbed in the back by the one person she never suspected

Nancy Pelosi thought she just shut Donald Trump down.

She made a major power play that the media thought brought the President to his knees.

But Pelosi’s plan blew up when she was stabbed in the back by the one person she never suspected.

Pelosi made major waves when she fired off a letter to Donald Trump informing him the State of the Union needed to be rescheduled due to the government shutdown.

Pelosi lied and claimed this was because the Secret Service could not afford to protect the President without government funding.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen blasted Pelosi’s lie to smithereens by tweeting that the Secret Service was able to protect the President – and the rest of Congress – for the State of the Union speech.

House Majority Whip Steny Hoyer appeared on Fox News to discuss Pelosi’s letter.

But one shocking fact emerged.

Despite the fake news media coverage that Pelosi “canceled” the State of the Union, Hoyer said this was not the case.

Breitbart reports:

RETT BAIER: First of all, is the State of the Union officially off?

REP. STENY HOYER: No, I don’t think it’s officially off we — I had not seen the speaker’s letter. What she suggests is a real security problem, unless we’ve opened up the government. Uh So — and we haven’t gotten a reply from the president and his thoughts. So, it’s not officially off, no.

The Democrats’ strength in past government shutdown fights has been a united front.

But Hoyer and Pelosi are now in open warfare.

Will this feud escalate and lead to Donald Trump securing funding for his border wall?

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. A-men Raymond–My husband fought there .. His records were burned in the St. Louis fire–thereby denying him any help with the damage to his lungs and kidneys from the Hanta Virus. and he had pneumonia many times and kidney surgery–He just was not told that it was caused by the Hanta Virus from the rats and mice that moved into the G.I. bunkers in 40 below zero weather.. I Learned later that 1200 of our American Band of Brothers in Korea died from the Hanta virus from the N.I.H… A real good cover up by the gov. I recently found who set the St. Louis fire–It was Obama’s buddy Bill Ayers who formed the Weather Underground and he ordered the fire which has and still is denying benefits of anything to our COMBAT VETERANS.. Bill Ayers was never prosecuted as his father was a wealthy gas company executive. and the Chicago communists protect one another.. Look what Obama got away with.. When his records are ever released we will see what a bunch of DUPES Obama and Ayers made of the citizens of the USA

  2. 19,000 children die each day, and you want to bring more children into our world to suffer immeasurably in poverty, sickness, and starvation? are you going to give these children a good life, free of poverty, sickness, and starvation? the world is over populated, and these are the end times, and it will not be good for people with children, Saul’s God told Saul to kill every man, woman, and child, what do you think about Saul’s God?

  3. Words are just a weapon in their rule book. They don’t even feel guilty about lying because they don’t have any morals to guide them. Truth is something they use if it happens to suit their purpose. God will reward them appropriately.

  4. I agree BigJoe, with everything you stated. We the people want these idiotic Dems OUT!! It is time we take our country and it’s Constitution BACK!

  5. While what you say is true, how in the world did these Morons, get elected to take control of the House of Representatives. Only answer; $$$$$ Spent by Billionaires on the Left, and of course, by the Never Trump RINO’s. First we need to clean up the GOP and the likes of Flake, Corker, Romney, and a Host of others, bent on defeating the President and why? Because of their Narcissistic, Sociopath Personalities. Sen. McCain, and Romney, were so bruised with their DEFEATS, McCain, for example, blamed it on Sarah Palin, and Romney’s because of his Arrogance Laced Speech to a Group of Donors, after his Advance Team, failed to realize they had a Mole in their midst.

    GOP, Get Your Act Together, or 2016, will be your last Victory!!!!!!

  6. And totally out of her league and mind…she is dotty and over the hill and then some!
    How did she ever get in there again when no one could stand her the first time around!

  7. I cannot in all conscience think that woman should be anywhere near politics or be in DC! What she represents is a destruction of all that America was founded to be and she, not any Democrat cares a rats whiskers about the Constitution, we, the people or freedoms at all. She needs to retire and go quietly, because she sounds and look so stupid, literally every time she opens her mouth. What she says is ugly, derogatory to the nation we are and our founding for freedom, liberty and sovereignty.
    She and all the Democrats do NOT stand for their oaths nor fulfill legitimate American values in their work…they want a One World Order and the end of America for all the reasons we started our country in the first place…what a disgrace! They and she, Ms Pelosi, stand for other than what America does and that is treason and to me, that means she and all Democrats need to be removed as a Party in our government!!

  8. The Ding Bat in Chief, Nancy Pelosi, has all of the sincerity of a prostitutes kiss. She claims that she is a Catholic and then she shows up at a Planned Parenthood rally.

  9. Raymond. You’re so right about Korea. Add in Viet Nam, Afghanistan and Iraq. The best way to win a war was demonstrated in WW2. Defeat the enemy to the extent that they will never again have a desire to attack. Unlike the “declare a cease-fire and negotiate so they have time to regroup and come back to fight again.

  10. Everyone! Organize! Take your annual vacation, sick leave, or take a leave of absence, and go to Washington DC. Picket the steps of the congressional building! Protest at Polosi and Schumer’s offices! Get interviewed by CNN, MSNBC, HLN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News! Let them hear what you’re saying here!

    Call for justice. Call for the removals of these treasonous “suspects” (they ain’t guilty until convicted – remember?)

    I guarantee, GUARANTEE, that at least one (1) of those networks will run the story.

    Send e-mails, tweets, and letters, to Polosi, Schumer, and your Rep & Senator, and DEMAND they act to force removals \ indictments \ prosecutions (as appropriate) on this! You only have to write one of each, and then re-send it every day, week, etc….

    And say it where it may count!

    Seriously folks. This is the real deal. No hype, sidetracks, false ads, just what it says. You want to create a petition to send to the white house, or e-sign an existing petition to force congress to act? Go to: /?page=1 It’s great! and quick too !

    Get these lying, hypocritical lazy-assed bums to stop playing games, and do their friggin’ job for a change! I, for one, am sick of them wasting my money, and living the high life on my dime !!!

  11. You didn’t go far enough remove every smutty butthole with no benefits, READ MY LIPS NO BENEFITS WHATSOEVER ETC.

  12. Well I done it they deleted my last reply I don’t see it poolousie must have jad it waylaid to clintoxs e-mail list

  13. I pray that it opens a humongous rift amongst the demongoonies where they start to bailout like the rats on a sinking ship.

  14. I perfer to wait for their condemnation from God. There will be no stone unturned when he brings down his great raft on them. They break all his laws, support the very sins that he hates!

  15. The people in control had no intention of letting Hillcapone become President. That is why she did not win. They would not let Pelosi be President as well. Trump was hand-picked. Whoever these people are will only allow our Constitution to run our country. I would say it is our Military.

  16. The Dumbocraps are afraid ???? of the State of the Union address because All the brain washed Lib nuts who tune in will here the truth about the boarder crisis and that the BS they are being fed is of corse ALL LIES BY THE MSM LIBERALS CHUMPS WHO ARE RUNNING OUT OF LIES.
    So build the wall
    And enforce OUR LAWS

  17. Big Joe. Pelosi will be taken out by Horse mouth AOC. I’ll watch that fight with interest. AOC is after the gavel and she will get there too.

  18. She’s helping the Democrats show their true colors……and the People are well aware of the lies and corruption. They’ll be pissing their pants again in 2020 when they lose and wonder why.

  19. the only good democrat is a DEAD democrat. Nancy Pelosi, as well as the majority of her followers, deserves to be in front of a FIRIFNG SQUAD.

  20. Aiming for the heart would be futile, any projectile would come right out the other side. She’s not human. Her insides are empty. She’s a reincarnation of Satan.

  21. She gets a rebirth every year when she gets her facelifts and her eyes lifted and probably has her whole body redone. The only thing that doesn’t get fixed is those waving, up in the air arms all over the place.

  22. By designing the invasion on our southern border and refusing to agree to protecting our country from criminals and drug smugglers, she should be indicted for treason: aiding and abetting foreign invaders to come here.

  23. This person is really something is being said that President Trump broke security of this country when he shut the military planes down on her, excuse me he didn’t say what she was going there for she did ,so therefore she broke our security. He just said he wasn’t taking military planes to Brussels Egypt and to Afghanistan .this person is nuts with the rest of them .
    I just hope and pray the President Trump will do his Union Speech from the Oval Office but with a lot more precautions cause those people are NUTS got to get there cleared out of office before they can do any more damage ,and the media you people just aren’t right at all , when the man does does good you turn it around to be crap , maybe when the house get disinfected you people should go with them ,.
    President Trump I am very proud of what you have done for our country keep up the good work and lest get that wall built,clean out the house and make states prisons do the reform deal also after all an inmate is an inmate and they are all humans. In federal and state and Florida has a very bad record for inmate cruelty and abuse .
    Nancy you are the one that told where you was going so stop lying on President Trump This what his letter said

  24. I love to see President Trump surprise everyone this afternoon and give the SOTU address . Since Nancy isn’t in DC,
    We won’t have to look at her blank stare and have no idea what the “ H” is going on.

  25. Not sure because she hasn’t said so but is Pelosi wrangling for a shot at Presidency? If so, may God help us. Of course she isn’t as evil as Hillary, she’s just a Drunk.

  26. Being an elected official in Wash DC, leaves one addicted to power, like an opiod addiction. The longer and older one becomes, the more disconnected from reality one becomes. I suggest Pelosi and RBG get help in selecting a comfortable nursing home where they can spend their waning days babbling to each other in the day room.

  27. This started when we came back from Korea and saw what the democrats did to this country. If politicians had let us finish our job, we would not have the problem with that fat idiot and we would have left a unified Korea. But the politicians (democrats) had to get inn the way. Usmc 51-53.

  28. She is just a bit–. I am surprised she has lived this long. God wouldn’t want her so that leaves the lower chamber. She is so Democraps and un-American. I am an “I” I have a brain!

  29. This shaky, stuttering, dusty old gas bag needs to be taken down. She should not be allowed the dignity of bowing out gracefully either. She should be dragged from the House floor kicking and screaming and locked away for the sake of the country. Of course that would only be a start. The rest of the lefties need to be taken out in similar fashion. The muslim politicians should be next so we can return this country to living by our Constitution and the rule of law.

  30. Give her a one way ticket to Venezuela and make her stay there. After all she would be happy living with her own kind wouldn’t she?

  31. She should be removed from office. She does not believe in our constitution and the oath she took means nothing. She should be deported.

  32. Shirley: America needs you to help Pres. Trump get this msg. across to the demi-rats, & from your post, seems like you are “RIGHT ON.” Just wanted to let you know I “liked your post.”

  33. Leonard Collings: Nope, Dictator Nancy didn’t invent that saying! It’s been around for as long as I can remember, & “that’s a long time” (since I came out of Egypt w/Moses) LOL. She’s just using the saying to try to get more ‘invented’ leverage! Maybe President Trump should have let her & Schumie (eh, yes I know how to spell) take that flight to Egypt, Afganistan on commercial airlines…& Issis might shoot it down! Actually “Our Donald” did her a favor, by allowing her to live a little longer! I think the Republicans in the House should impeach her & elect a Republican to take pelosi’s place, since she is “poor leadership.”

  34. Actually Nasty Pelosi is the perfect person for this position – a liar, thief and all around general idiot!!! She is elevating the
    Democrat party into a more visual and understandable circus than ever before!! The more she does the more the voters
    are finding out about the party and those at the top!!! HA< HA<HA!!!

  35. Oh, please, will the House democrats finally realize what is happening with pelosi in charge and rise up and vote a new Speaker into the Seat? Then maybe the government will begin to function again with Congress and the President working together again. But, I do not have much hope for a common sense solution to the far west elitists liberals doing what is common sense and right.

  36. God is truly good to Americans that Love and Serve Him….Evil People will NOT win this round either! Every Person that went against the Americans NOT To Protect Us with a Wall should be arrested for Treason for setting Our Live in Jeopardy and NOT caring ,then REMOVE them FROM OFFICE FOR GOOD!

  37. It is a matter of time when she will falter away like a shriveled leaf that could not be revived. Remember how she was before the Demonrats captured the House of Reps. There was a time that her congressional members conspired to overthrow her. Perhaps she should return a favor.

    The president must have the wall. That’s what gave him the presidency. The people heard him loud and clearly. Ann Coulter warned him. It’s true. It’s time for the wall. Stick with the wall for the sake of his 2020 election. I have the faith that many liberals wanted the wall, too. We cannot allow the few to rule the entire liberal base.

    MAGA. In America, the American citizens always come first!

  38. Apparently, the Democrats are unaware of the need to have multiple meetings so that they could confrontthe world with ONE, all-inclusive lie instead of many half-baked lies, so long as the theme of the lie is an anti-Trump one.

  39. How beautifully said. Millions of us Americans who love this wonderful country of ours join you in this and thank you for it. GOD BLESS YOU AND PRESIDENT TRUMP AND THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

  40. The kommiecrats can’t afford to have Trump delivering a soaring State of the Union address. They know that Trump will make them rightfully soft on security, crime, drugs, rape, kidnapping, and open borders.
    If Trump goes unscripted, the kommiecrats will be eviscerated on prime time national TV. This is why they want to keep Trump from making a speech that they can’t control.

  41. Pelosi thinks that now that she was voted back into her cozy little position that she has had for so long that she is as powerful now as the President of the United States. She’s telling him and everyone that there will be no State of the Union Address, and instead she’s ordering the President to reserve planes for her and her entourage to attend some kind of overseas meetings that she deems more important than the State of the Union Address. She has always been on her “High Horse” thinking she’s better than “All of us Deplorables” but man she is “Strutting Her Stuff” just a little too High from where it looks to me. She needs to be put in her place and brought down a peg or two, and I hope someone in Washington has the gumption to do it. She and all the other Communist Democrats are taking things way, way too far, and it’s time it came to a screeching halt. It’s not a matter of morality concerning our borders, it’s a matter of SECURITY. AND TERRORISTS ARE COMING IN WITH ALL THE GANG MEMBERS, UNHEALTHY, AND OVER POPULATING OUR COUNTRY. WE CAN’T EVEN TAKE PROPER CARE OF OUR OWN, MUCH LESS GIVE SANCTION TO ANYONE ELSE. Stop being a spiteful idiot. Start using common sense, if you even know what the word means. You sit up in your “IVORY TOWER” and spout out moral values to others when you wouldn’t know one if it slapped you in the face. If your so keen on open borders then open up that wall and gate around your house. Is it a matter of “Do as I say not do as I do? Nancy.” It’s different when the shoe’s on the other foot isn’t it? You can really talk the talk; but when it comes to walking the walk, it’s a different story all together.

  42. God bless our President! God bless our Country ~ the USA!! We have too many POWER HOLDING UNFIT CITIZENS who are doing nothing but HARM to our Nation! Our Heavenly Father, please, remove those UNFIT, Prideful, Self Righteous bodies out from our House of Representatives! Their Abuse of Power is working against our beloved America the Beautiful!! The hearts of those people are too ugly! We pray for Thou Justice be done UPON THEM! Set our Country free from those Greedy, Shamelessly Prideful hands with blackened hearts!
    “Thou shalt not COVET thy neighbors’ goods!” Why encourage those Border Invaders to commit Mortal Sins to go against themselves and doing harm to our very OWN NATION? Where is that LOVE for God, Country, Family? The only way to show love to those MIGRANTS is to tell them to return to their homes and build their own countries! If they could afford to travel all those months, they could spend that cash to contribute to the building ther lives there in their Countries! Those organized migrations are well planned and managed by some organizers behind the scene! Let them foshining what they streted by REtruning to ther HOMES! That is t he Right Thing to do! We must take care of our Wounded military people and their FAMILIES? We must take care of our elderly, our sickly, our handicapped, our Young, and our HOMELESS!! “Charity starts at HOME!” If we can not take care of those who are in needs within, how are we to give to those who are not our own? All those who want them here, they may all go and sponsor those people as their very own family members, or their household guests! But, NOT make them into PUBLIC Charges! Our nation is in DEBT! First let us pay up our DEBTS, then, we can go and do all the Charity with true Charitable Hearts! But Fist, our opwn must FIRST! At this point in time, we can not take in Oragnized Inaruders! We have seen fights in our House of Reps. We do not want to see anymore Divisions within our Country!! We love to see Togetherness within our REPS! it is Heart Breaking to read all those Stupid Fights within those who are to work for the UNITY and for the BEST for our Country! But, the opposite is true! Some of those reps have no LOVE for COUNTRY at all! If they do, we could never be so DIVIDED! Anyone who tries to divide our Country is someone who has Hatred within that SINFUL HEART! Hatred is a Mortal Sin! God is LOVE! This is a God loving Country! Let us show the world how quickly we can manage to unit ourselves as One Nation Under God! Put our SELFISHNESS AWAY! “Honor, Duty, Country!” For the Glory of Our United S. A.! Let us be UNITED from this moment and onward! Our Heavenly Father, please, be with US! It was by Your Grace and Love that Formed this Country! We pray, Father, may that Same Grace and LOVE be prsent again, NOW, please, use them to re-unit us as we were 242 years ago! Amen!!

  43. So the senile moron Pelosi had a fragmentation collection she understood to be a thought but the rest of us knew better! LOL!!

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