Nancy Pelosi was seeing red after suffering this massive impeachment setback

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi set the Democrats on a course to impeach President Trump.

Democrats counted on this issue as a political winner heading into 2020.

But Nancy Pelosi was seeing red after suffering this massive impeachment setback.

For weeks, Republicans hammered Democrats over House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff holding impeachment hearings in secret and the Democrats’ refusal to hold an official vote to open an impeachment inquiry.

Speaker Pelosi and other Democrats were unnerved by these arguments and put out feelers about holding a vote.

But that effort ground to a halt when a committee chairman and vulnerable Democrats running for re-election refused to support such a vote.

The Daily Caller reports:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is holding off on a potential vote approving an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, Politico reported Tuesday, citing sources familiar with the matter.

House leaders could reassess their decision at some point, the report notes. The report comes after Politico reported earlier Tuesday that House Democratic leaders are asking vulnerable members if they would support a formal vote.

Leaders are “getting a read on where these members are following a two-week recess,” an aide noted. Pelosi, who was reticent at first to promote an impeachment inquiry, is lobbying her caucus to go on the record.

“I’ll be talking about that later today, after I meet with my colleagues,” the California Democrat told reporters, referring to whether she intends to get a feel for how the moderate wing of her party feel about the idea.

If impeachment is the political boon for Democrats that they publicly claim it is, then the Democrats in the toughest races would welcome such a vote.

Instead, Democrats representing swing districts are running away from officially voting on the record to move ahead with impeachment.

That should tell Americans all they need to know about which side truly benefits from impeachment.

We will keep you up-to-date on any mew developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Because he was a political disrupter for both sides of the aisle. Both parties wanted the status quo continued where the political class of both parties could continue to enrich themselves at the public trough.

  2. Prosecutors do not exonerate! They indict and prosecute. Absent sufficient evidence to indict, they drop all charges. No prosecutor ever states that an individual is exonerated (not guilty unless found to be so as the result of a trial). Under the US system of jurisprudence, all are PRESUMED to be innocent until convicted by a jury of his/her peers!

  3. They have only been ordered by the Court to show up. They then can claim executive privilege like every President’s staff (I.E. Clinton, Bush, Obama, etc.) has done in the past. That is the law. They are not breaking any law!

  4. But we have all these crazies and radicals now in the democrat party saying some of the most vial and disgusting stuff to motivate decent people to come out and vote them out of office.

  5. Only if the Conservatives don’t get complacent and decide not to show up to vote in either primaries or the general election . Complacency is what has started the ruin of our country oh I like him okay and I don’t know about this other guy , so you vote Fortum and they’re idiots . Conservatives wake up show up and vote them out.

  6. Trump won’t be impeached at all I predict. They don’t have the 2/3 votes necessary in the house to impeach. They would need over 50 republicans to flip and that won’t happen.
    Not looking good for the democrats at all.

  7. The spent tax payer time attacking President Trump because Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 Election & Trying to Prevent President Rump from Winning the pesidental 2020 Election Using comcast -xfinifty when for Decades the USA should have had a National Secuirty &Boder Security plan in place, so now the Chicago police superintendant worsips Myor Lori lightfoot & Rahm Emaules worhsipping harborhing fugatives of Santuary Cities , & the reast of those states who have gone along with the Santuary citites who have hidden criminal Illegal aliens in your every neighborhoods , bad rapping you becuse you don’t have black or brown skin , this is called racism against white people, a tactic that has gone on for decdes to chase white people out of neighborhoods to take their rights away from them & their benefits away from them & force them into bed with who they choose them to this is totally unconstituional , they are to follow the rule of law + the American consituion, not your bedroom !!!!.

  8. The house flipping wasn’t exactly the tsunami you indicated.
    Obama lost much more house seats and even a lot of senate seats under his tenure.
    Republicans actually picked up a couple of senate seats in 2018.
    You don’t really pay attention to things I’ve noticed MJ.

  9. The lyin’ lib democraps are going to lose the House next year MASSIVELY.

    And a few seats in the Senate as well.

    Well done bones…

  10. Democrats have controlled the House for three years and not one usable piece of legislation has made it the Senate for consideration. This is as dysfunctional as a legislator can be and Democrats accept it! With a focus on removing Trump from office and a total commitment by Democrats to bring to fruition this mission of impeachment, Democrats have ignored their duties to create legislation that will be beneficial to all.

    First came the Trump/Russia collusion theory, where Comey was to drive the last nail into Trump’s political coffin. FAILED! Then came Sir Mueller, the champion of champions, who was to sink the Trump Administration and send Democrats into a utopian trance. FAILED! Now, in their weakest attempt ever, Democrats seek to use the ranting of mad women to convince citizens of Trump’s treacherous behavior in questioning Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky about Joe Biden’s role in the “Burisma” affair during a telephone call to President Zelensky. This disgusting action by Democrats becomes more venomous when we remember under the Obama Administration, Obama sent VP Biden to the Ukraine six times to discuss that government’s investigation into corruption charges against Burisma Natural Gas. In case you have no access to truthful information, Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and Nazi Nancy’s son, Paul Pelosi, Jr., occupied two seats on the Board of Directors of Burisma.

  11. It is called “Executive Privilege” as is described by the United States Supreme Court. It is the right of the President of the United States and other members of the executive branch to maintain confidential communications under certain circumstances within the executive branch and to resist some subpoenas and other oversight by the legislative and judicial branches of government in pursuit of particular information or personnel relating to those confidential communications. The right comes into effect when revealing information would impair governmental functions. Neither executive privilege nor the oversight power of Congress is explicitly mentioned in the United States Constitution. However, the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that executive privilege and congressional oversight each are a consequence of the doctrine of the separation of powers, derived from the supremacy of each branch in its own area of Constitutional activity.

    The Supreme Court confirmed the legitimacy of this doctrine in United States v. Nixon in the context of a subpoena emanating from the judiciary, instead of emanating from Congress. The Court held that there is a qualified privilege, which once invoked, creates a presumption of privilege, and the party seeking the documents must then make a “sufficient showing” that the “presidential material” is “essential to the justice of the case”.

    Chief Justice Warren Burger further stated that executive privilege would most effectively apply when the oversight of the executive would impair that branch’s national security concerns. Regarding requests from Congress (instead of from the courts) for executive branch information, as of a 2014 study by the Congressional Research Service, only two federal court cases had addressed the merits of executive privilege in such a context, and neither of those cases reached the Supreme Court.

  12. I wish to know why Nazi Nancy has not removed herself as Speaker of the House, in light of what her son, Paul Pelosi, Jr., was doing on the board of Burisma Natural Gas! Paul, Jr. was on that board during the Obama Administration when Obama directed VP Joe Biden to go to the Ukraine (6) times to pressure the Ukrainian President to cease his government’s investigation into corruption by Burisma Natural Gas.

    Trump makes one telephone call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and the Demobrats scream I.M.P.E.A.C.H.M.E.N.T.! Obama sends VP Biden to pressure Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko (6 recorded trips) to stop investigating corruption charges against Burisma, a company on whose board sat Hunter Biden and Paul Pelosi, Jr., and dismiss the chief investigator, Viktor Shokin and these same Demobrats accept it as “business-as-usual”. “Hypocrite” does not begin to describe the nature of liberal Democrats.

  13. Show us the evidence idiot. You can’t because there isn t any. Just because madcow said it doesn’t make it the truth. Can’t wait for war. Kill all commiecrats. Then re educate anyone uber 13 and kill the rest

  14. Another delusional commicratwith TDS. No laws were broken but libturds never let the facts get in the way of a losing argument. Back away from the crack pipe and deal with it. TRUMP 2020. DEMONRATS FOR PRISON 2020!

  15. You libturds are a freaking joke. All the laws clintons and obummer broke,no problem with you. Tell me what laws Trump broke. You can’t because he broke no laws. Put down the crack pipe and break away from your puppet masters. Or are you a baby killing democrat

  16. the collusion is between the Obama and his administration with Russia because Russia is a communist country and that’s why the Democrats want us to believe the collusion is with Donald Trump because the Democrats doesn’t want us to think that it was them that collusion happened.

  17. now is the time for the American people to wake up and smell the roses because everything is going to explode.

  18. I believe it’s deeper than that everything that’s going on with Democrats now it’s because the voted God out of their party back in 2012 election.

  19. Hey “IT’S LIKE THIS”

    I AGREE,


    In 2016 When Trump was campaigning for the  presidential primaries, Republicans where on every news show furiously ridiculing him and calling him out for his crimes, dishonesty and his sexist and racist activities that he showed in his past.
    Then right after Trump became the Republican nominee for president, the Republicans  immediately switched from ridiculing him to complete PRAISE.      

    Why did the Republicans Hate Trump so much before he became the Republican nominee.

  20. We call her Pelousy which is the kindest name we could give her. She calls herself a Catholic but backs abortion to the time of impending birth. She needs to learn what a lie is because if she is aware of all the lies she is telling, she couldn’t possibly profess to be a Christian.

  21. I don’t remember the tea party jumping up and down like you say but the tea party was only a fraction of the size of the democrat rabid base that wants Trump impeached.




    I am a psychiatrist.

    And I am an expert at reading between the lines.

    I know by your post that you are going to deeply miss ELIJAH  CUMMINGS.

    I know that you said the exact opposite in your post because it would tear you apart with great sadness to speak of the wonderful things Elijah did for America and man kind.

    You oved ELIJAH CUMMINGS like a brother.

    God Bless You.

  25. You might have not gotten angry Hillary lost because you know she is a crook but a lot of democrats did get upset. You saw the videos didn’t you? And I believe there are still a lot of democrats that are still angry and that’s why there is so much hatred towards Trump, IMO. You’ll notice republicans don’t act like that. When Obama won twice you didn’t see republicans losing their marbles and having breakdowns. Its the democrats that act like children, IMO.
    Especially the rabid base.

  26. If there was plenty of evidence of collusion then why did Mueller says there wasn’t? What you said makes no sense. The purpose of the Mueller report was to dig up collusion dirt on Trump to take him down so why would Mueller lie and say there was no evidence of collusion and let all the democrats down?
    I do not buy your conspiracy theory.

  27. I think she not only knows this, from what she said one time she was willing to give up the speakership to impeach President Trump. That show you how smart she is, not only will she loss the speakership, the senate won’t find President Trump guilty of anything. Note Of course they have to find something, any thing, but that won’t happen.

  28. Speaker Nancy Bigmouth is playing a dangerous game with this “Impeachment Inquiry Coup”. Her position is in serious trouble and will be kicked out of her position by the end of 2020 if she continues in this game.

  29. Scott, Mueller was the investigator, not the judge and jury. It was never his job to prosecute or exonerate in the first place. He just threw your Dems a bone, and probably laughed at the way they’ve been making such desperate fools of themselves since. And cunningly or unwittingly, the way the Democrat party has been tearing itself apart over it, I think he did a good thing in that at least.

  30. How do we Allow really iold people to Keep on leading this country???? Not that some of these young bullies should be there, but in the real world most people areb retiring at a much younger age???? Need to vote out before they are all drooling……..

  31. So that proves collusion? You are an idiot. Mueller wanted to please his masters. He just couldn’t pull it off.

  32. Yep. Motor voter states giving licenses to illegals, the voting dead (hmm..might make a good TV series) ballot harvesting, all that. Wonder what else they will think of this time?

  33. He got it from a sister’s brother in law that heard it at a bar? Wow, under the Democrats’ recent rule change, he would qualify as a whistleblower.

  34. Face it, Scotty, there will be no impeachment. Your Dems, in order to have a valid impeachment proceeding, would have to pass a vote on it, then declare it. That would open the door for Republicans to subpoena and investigate them. Far too many skeletons there. Their whole Stasi secret meeting thing is nothing but an attempt to pander to the few ‘useful idiots’ they have left.

  35. Well It’s, it didn’t affect Wee Willy Clinton, who passed the US-Ukraine anti-corruption compact back in the 90s. Seems that their only real problem with it now is that Biden and his brat were caught in the corruption.

  36. BTW, MJ, did you miss Francis the talking wannabe O’Rourke
    slipping up and exposing your Dems’ actual plans? Of course, it might take a while for his proposed army of jackbooted thugs to kick down about 300 million doors to seize all of the guns, but as he said, ‘America will never accept a global government as long as they have
    guns.’ Wow, he’s getting nearly as good a gun salesman as your hero Oblahblah was. And make no mistake, there are millions of us that will fight your global fascism with everything we’ve got, game over.

  37. Well, we’ll have to see what the whole Ghouliani (sp) Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman deal was about, and just how far they went to get dirt on Biden while working for Trump. Looks as sleazy and RICO as it can be.

  38. He didn’t. The man of “great and unmatched wisdom” called her a “third GRADE politician”. You people even try to clean up his addled language even AFTER his words are clearly on TAPE. Unbelievable. But then, pretty much everything you say is unbelievable, just like Trump himself.

  39. There was PLENTY of evidence of collusion. 126 documented contacts between Trump’s top campaign people and Russian agents, starting right from the Trump Tower meeting.
    It could not be tied to Trump PERSONALLY, as he kept an arm’s length distance.
    But with all those contacts, and 6 people doing or having done time for LYING TO INVESTIGATORS ABOUT THOSE CONTACTS, how can ANYONE say there was “no collusion”?????
    If the contacts were legitimate, WHY ALL THE LYING???????
    Electoral data passed to the Russians for analysis, you name it, there was a lot of “stuff” going on.
    How people can deny what is clearly right in the Report is an amazing feat of denial, or a willful lack of knowledge.

  40. My question to all tRUMP Cult of Personality supporters is if he is so great how come 40 seats were flipped in the last election. I have asked that before and not a peep out of any Cultist.

  41. Steve I was never angry Clinton lost didn’t vote for her but tRUMP is a wannabe dictator and he is getting more unhinged from reality. Which means he will lash out in ways none of us will like. But we can all sleep sound knowing who has their finger on the button. Right

  42. Nancy knows that 85% of the time incumbents are reelected in the house. Her calculation is that history will repeat itself and the Democrats will control the house until at least 2024 giving her four more years to continue her attacks on Trump. Only losing control of the house will stop her but she has and 85% chance of still being there. Unless of course she joins Cummings.

  43. That’s not stupid that’s the truth tRUMP is a wannabe dictator but I do believe that to those of you that are so deep into the tRUMP Cult of Personality you really don’t care. I do believe that all of you in the Cult would justify anything he says or does and most of you would like to let him stay in office as long as he wants. Dispute that.

  44. No we flipped the house because someone had to put some oversight on tRUMP. So they are doing exactly what we wanted them to do. Should not be to hard if having the G-7 at his resort is really a violation of the emoluments clause. I would hope no matter how deep into the Cult of Personality you can see that especially for all of you that are so called strict constitutionalists. If it was a Democrat you people would be falling all over yourself to denounce them. They call it hypocrisy.

  45. I have been an enthusiastic student of Italian art, cooking, technology, and personal beauty and rugged individual accomplishments and successes in so many fields. But I must ask the question. Does ‘pelosi’ mean ‘spoiled brat’ in Italian? Schifty Adam was easy to figure out.

  46. the Democrats don’t know where they stand therefore they need another leader like the AntiChrist to rule over them.

  47. You’ve got right, Steve. I have never seen so many people driven hate. All because Hillary lost. We suffered 8 years of Obama, and never got that exercised.

  48. Why don’t these dim-witted Dems focus on policy? That’s what they’re there for – in Congress. People are more than just fed-up with the twisted world view and warped personal psychology being promoted by these entertainers and political prostitutes.

  49. Mueller never said Trump was exonerated. Trump was the one that said he was exonerated after the report came out with no evidence of collusion.
    Mueller only said he did not find any evidence of collusion with the Russians, which was the whole point of the Mueller investigation in the first place.
    Adam Schiff lied to us for years saying he had or saw evidence of collusion.
    And now its the Ukraine call, but they don’t have the votes.
    This is where we are Scott.

  50. “If we could have exonerated the president, we would have said so.”

    “Under current law, such as it is, we are prevented from going further.” This is one paraphrased. And you cannot find anywhere in the report that says he was exonerated. Not there.

    You would actually have to read the report for you to find any clip in it. Obviously you didn’t. So, keep on advocating for that shadow foreign policy and a president unaccountable to the law, and turning our backs on allies. I have better things to do this afternoon than debate with obdurate cult members.

  51. Mueller himself said he found no evidence of Russian collusion Scott.
    Do you want me to find you the clip or can you find it yourself?

  52. Scott, you and I both know you said Trump has violated the hatch act.
    Maybe no one else on this site will ever know who is telling the truth unless they see your original post, but between the two of us, we both know you are a LIAR.

  53. Well, it’s quite apparent you didn’t actually read the Mueller report; and not having enough votes for impeachment is a supposition; a guess. So apparently you are just fine with both an unaccountable shadow foreign policy campaign and a president who is above the law and also accountable to no on. Nice.


  55. Steve, when I saw your first couple of posts here, I thought you might be at least a shade more intelligent than the average on this site. However, it seems your reading skills and/or your comprehension are becoming more deficient by the day; and you have really spiraled down into the muck and cultishness blindness of the majority here.

  56. If civil war it won’t be because if Trump it will be because of the democrats. The democrats are telling us they want to change our way of life. They want to take our money and give it to the illegals. They want to take our free speech. They want to run our jobs off. So yeah it will be the violent democrats that start the civil war.

  57. Hey Little Scotty 27, It would behoove you and the Democrats to review STATUTE “RACKETEER INFLUENCED AND CORRUPT ORGANIZATIONS ACT. 1970 a/k/a RICO ACT.
    It’s only a matter of time, YOU WILL REAP WHAT YOU SOW. Think about it.

  58. Scott, I’m just making an observation of why I think the left is obsessed with impeaching Trump, and I thought it might be that you’re side is still upset about Hillary losing. I could be wrong.
    But the fact that democrats have been trying to impeach Trump the day he stepped in office makes me think I’m right.
    All of the things the Dems have come up with have backfired, most notably the Russian collusion hoax, but yet they still keep going, and now they don’t even have enough votes in the house. It certainly looks like TDS to me.
    Don’t you think?

  59. And I’m sure you have proof of all that, SR.. proof that you got from you sister’s brother in law who heard it at the bar. Maroon’s, all of you.

  60. Please, get over your obsession with Obama and Hillary. No one I know is overly upset Hillary lost… what we ARE concerned about is the total trashing of American values, the current rampant corruption in the administration.. including a shadow foreign policy being conducted by a private attorney; and a man who has told more than 13,000 lies now… and that people like you so adamantly cover your eyes and ears.

  61. Scott, you said Trump was shredding the constitution and I asked how.
    Then you mentioned the emoluments clause, and the Hatch Act for starters.
    When I pointed out to you the Hatch Act doesn’t apply to presidents and isn’t part of the constitution you tried to change the subject.
    Don’t be dishonest Scott, you know what you said.

  62. Pelosi should thank President Trump for calling her a third rate Polititian it is a huge upgrade from piece of sh-t which is normally what she is called!

  63. Search on what website? You do realize the internet is kinda like CNN?
    Anybody can put whatever crap they want on the internet just like posts on these websites.

  64. Steve, I’ve pointed out the Hatch Act doesn’t apply to the president multiple multiple times. And yes, I’ve read the Constitution multiple times. Too bad your cult leader hasn’t…. or else he would stop calling for Pelosi’s impeachment… hahaha… what an idiot. And so are you for believing his crap.

  65. Constitutional Republic? Scott you didn’t even know the Hatch Act doesn’t apply to presidents, and isn’t even in the constitution. Shows how much you know.
    Shredding the constitution which you’ve never read.

  66. Well, Barbara, all that will mean is that the dumbing down of a majority of voters is complete; and the United States of America will not exist as a Constitutional Republic in four more years, or sooner; and it will be replaced by a banana-republic type dictatorship. But you just keep looking forward to that; and I hope you have no children.

  67. Why should she worry about colleagues? All she has to do is consult with Satan, after all she is the princess of darkness

  68. PElosi’s family has lived off the taxpayers from the time she was a young person. Her family ran the Dem party in Maryland… brother might still be there. Pelosi and her husband have become multimillionaires on all the inside info.. graft.. kickbacks she has gotten as speaker. When she first was speaker her family used the taxpayers airplanes.. those operating them as her personal airline. And she wasn’t not even flying with them. CROOKED>

  69. Why did Al Sharpton & Jessie Jackson and all the other civil rights leaders praise him and give him awards for all the good things he did for the black community then turn around and call him a racist after he was nominated and then elected? Because all of these crooks are in it together. They don’t want him changing the way they screw the American people. They all have their scams going on and they are fighting tooth and nail to keep him from changing this. By 2024 they will no longer be able to screw America. A lot of them will be in jail by then.

  70. I can’t wait for TRUMP to win in 2020!!!!!!!!! Wonder how the swamp will feel then. FOUR MORE YEARS!!!!!!!!!!

  71. search trump and civil war; or republican civil war. Then search democrat, civil war. You won’t find any democrats calling for civil war. I see a call for a civil war quite often from wackos on this site. Never see it on any moderate or left-leaning sites. It’s you who are the liar, Dan.

  72. It’s called being “blackmailed” by the Cabal to keep those Reps. in line! When Trump was elected, he cut those ties to the Cabal for those vulnerable Reps. Very good and decent people were forced into bed with the Cabal,… that’s how the DEEP STATE operates. They “find” anything incriminating on u and then threaten u or ur FAMILY!! to toe-the-line!! Remember, when McCaine “died” Lindsay Graham became a totally different person?! He was under the thumb of the traitor, McCaine, another blackmailed Rep. Learn how the DEEP STATE operates. Trump don’t play that way!! That’s why they hate him…..they can’t control him!!! MAGA!! W W G 1 W G A! ????

  73. A sea of words, screams, demands, secret hearings, real hearings, impeachment ballots, investigations, etc. And the question is only one: – THE REASON FOR IMPICHMENT – what?

  74. He’s my rep. I saw this as a good news / bad (sad) news: Sorry that he died, but happy as a clam that he’s no longer my rep. In my book, Elijah Cummings was ebonics for useless.

  75. Hey Pablo, did you pay to get in the United States, or did you walk across the oil slick on the Rio Beanero River, go home we don’t need any more Taco Benders.

  76. If that is true please give just one true not made up example. Your beloved libs have been searching for 3 years and are still only able to use made up crap because there is nothing to find.

  77. It must make you feel better to berate the best performing county in the world. I would be ashamed of myself if I was a lying, shameless Democrat who believes pathetic leaders like Pelosi. You my friend should join Antifa and take the next step in becoming a full fledged Moron. Your almost there. By the way Cortez said you lied about the sex. You really are a millimeter Peter.

  78. Hmmmmm as Our Good Lord does rule.

    Nancy P. is not a 3rd rate politician.
    She’s in the 5th rate category.

  79. Speaking of Cummings passing, I believe Karma caught up with him. As a Democrat he continuously lied, fought against the people for his own benefit. And lined his pockets thru deception for him and his family. I won’t miss him.

  80. Frank where are people signing up for civil war?
    Please tell me ’cause I want to sign up.
    I haven’t seen signups anywhere I’ve looked.
    Thanks, Stewart!

  81. Civil war brought justice and right back to this country. Did you know lincoln was hated as much as Trump is hated now . these people have become political criminals . God bless Trump!!

  82. Google already got caught being left-wing biased with their search engine so of course you’re going to get that if that’s what you want to see.
    The only way a civil war will happen is if the democrats try to come after people’s guns.

  83. In 2016 When Trump was campaigning for the  presidential primaries, Republican Lawmakers were on every news show furiously ridiculing Trump and calling him out for his crimes, dishonesty and his sexist and racist activities that he showed in his past. 
    Then right after Trump became the Republican nominee for president, these same Republican Lawmakers immediately switched from ridiculing him to complete PRAISE.

    It was then that Republican Lawmakers announced that Trump was the most perfect man for the job of president.

    Why did Congressional Republicans Hate Trump so much and called him out for being a Racist a Sexist a Criminal and a Pathological Liar before he became the Republican nominee.??


  84. On Twitter, President Trump is inciting a civil war if he does not get what he wants.

    People around the country are echoing Trumps civil war threats and wanting to know where they can sign up.

    They are willing to start this war for him.

    If another civil war happens in the United States then millions of civilians will be killed.
    Including children. That scares me.


    Go to GOOGLE and type in words like  CIVIL WAR, PRESIDENT TRUMP, TWITTER.

    There is a lot of information on Trumps Civil War Threats here,

  85. So if you believe Trump is a corrupt moron, why do you want to replace him with the same thing? I don’t expect you to answer the question because that’s not your style.

  86. Having a stated idiotic position, and then sticking with it regardless of the data presented is foolish. Number one goal of politicians on both sides of the aisle is to
    get re-elected. Sorry, Nancy, that to most pols is more important than increasing your

  87. No impeachment because they have no crime committed. Can’t do time if you didn’t do the crime.

  88. More Stasi theater for the weak minded and gullible. The last thing the Dems actually want is a legitimate proceeding that would allow Reps to subpoena and question them publicly.

  89. How is it that the democrats tell us polls say that a majority of Americans want Trump impeached now but Pelosi can’t even get enough democrats on board to have a vote?
    I don’t get it.

  90. They are holding the hearings in secret because they are trying to frame OUR PRESIDENT. HE IS THE PEOPLE’S PRESIDENT.

  91. When all is SAID and DONE…..No matter all that CNN did not ask,,,,nor what the CLOWNS on stage di not say…..Pelosi klan of TURDZ have ONE GOAL IN MIND….IT IS NOT ELEVATING ALL AMERICANS RO BETTER LEVELS….IT IS REDUCING ALL AMERICANS TO THE LOWEST LEVEL of LIFE in a GULAG SOCIETY!!!
    So trying to Remove a duly Elected PRESIDENT days after he got ELECTED is just another PROOF that they BELIEVE in the USSR type of ELIITICISM for THEMSELVES as a RULING CLASS … all millioniares many with BIG DACHAS and BILLIONS in their OFFSHORE BANKS ! VOTE EM ALL OUT AMERICA !!!!

  92. Soon people will ask why there has been no impeachment if he’s so GUILTY as the Dems have been promoting and announcing now for about three years starting before he actually took office. And why the House is following the “lead” of three rookies two of whom are foreign-born and Mouthy Maxine from the People’s “Republic” of California?

  93. I thought all the democrats were claiming a majority of Americans want Trump impeached now? So which is it? Who’s telling the truth?

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