Nancy Pelosi was sent reeling after this jaw-dropping betrayal

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi built a reputation as a ruthless leader who rules her caucus with an iron fist.

No Democrat ever dares cross Pelosi.

But Pelosi was just sent reeling after this jaw-dropping betrayal.

Freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continues to push for impeachment.

Nancy Pelosi is working to squash this effort because she believes it will ensure Donald Trump’s re-election in 2020.

However, Ocasio-Cortez won’t take “no” for answer.

On ABC’s This Week, she ripped Pelosi for not allowing an impeachment inquiry to proceed and even revealed there was real anger among House Democrats about Pelosi’s decision.

The Daily Wire reports:

“I think every day that passes the pressure to impeach grows. It’s justifiable. I think the evidence continues to come in and I believe that with the president now saying that he’s willing to break the law to win re-election, that — that goes — that transcends partisanship. It transcends party lines. This is now about the rule of law in the United States of America,” Ocasio-Cortez told host Jon Karl.

Asked “how real” the rumored progressive “animus” toward Pelosi really is, Ocasio-Cortez was clear that progressives’ patience is wearing thin.

“I think it’s quite real. I believe there is a very real animus and desire to make sure that we holding this president to account,” Ocasio-Cortez responded.

Pelosi is clearly fighting a losing battle.

A brand new Morning Consult/Politico poll found the number of Democrats who support impeaching President Trump and removing him from office rose from 59 to 67 percent.

At some point Nancy Pelosi will be forced to take action on impeachment.

The Democrat voters insist on impeachment.

That will spur the rank-and-file House to Democrats to demand Pelosi drop her objections to an impeachment inquiry in order to quiet their base’s rebellion.

And that will lead to political disaster for the Democrats in 2020.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. These women are the 2 biggest idiots to ever get involved in goverment and politics besides the galacticly stupid Hillary rottenass C. Everyone needs to show them how stupid they are by not voting for this TRASH! Just imagine these idiots trying to run anything, how quick they could screw america in the ground,with failed projects and imigrates! All on us paying the bills for it! Democraps have never done anything for America or the legal way and never will, brainless ideas and spend our money!! Vote them out and keep the best president going! Go Trump! Democraps belong in Gitmo and I mean All of them!!

    • I’m 75 YO, a Vietnam vet. Yes, I know, a VERY OLD fart, but you know what? I truly miss those “olden” days. When I was growing up, we might have THOUGHT we had problems, but nothing like today’s.. Gas was but 26.9 for reg and 29.9 for high test, what they called “white gas” back then. Cigs were 12 cents a pack, my father charged 3.50 for an oil change and grease job in his gas station. Cops were really cops back then, not the dickheads they are today. School started at 0745 and ended at quarter past 3 every day. And I could go on and on, but….. Now, all we have is havoc – dumbasscrats trying to change the world to a sickened belief. I’m not a bible thumper! I don’t try to cram my beliefs down anyone’s throat. I plainly believe that there is but ONE creator and let it go at that. The muslims worship mohammed, a known pedophile. He forced a 7 YO girl to marry him and then raped her EVERY night. And THIS is what they want for this once blessed country??? Even my attorney says, “Hey, I know quite a few, really nice muslims!” Guess we know what side of the fence he’s on. I call them muzslimes and at present, they are attempting to buy up every major medical facility in the US. They are even taking over our VA. But no one sees the peril and everyone just looks the other way. Okay, I shut up.! GOD FORGIVE AMERICA – GOD HELP AMERICA!! 😗😒😉😪😞😰😥

    • Saying that either political party has never contributed anything to the United States of America is patently untrue. Please read a history book.

  2. About the “rule of law in America”say’s AOC does that also statement also
    cover illegal immigrants or just what you and the rest of the moron democrats
    say it does

  3. How in the hell does the communist wannabes have any voters whatsoever? The only thing they have done for their
    base is OVERPRICED STUDENT LOANS and NO CREDITABLE EDUCATION, for personal use as uninformed disruptive, racis, bigoted, adult children to exploit and get them prepared to be the working slaves living in poverty,
    if your lucky! How can so many people be so gullible to trust their future and their kids future to these savage liars??

    • I can understand, to a degree. Look what our children are being taught in schools and college. Not what I was taught. I got involved in my sons lives and there were days I had to undue the teaching (indoctrination)finally pulling my sons out of school and home schooling them. So, you have college campuses that one teach one way, they don’t even teach, they tell the students what to think. Yes, we made sacrifices when we decided as parents to home school. My husband was the only one working but we knew exactly who was and what was influencing our children. My sons did not have cell phones and there were two closely monitored computers. Parents today allow others to tell our children what and how to think. My sons today are free thinking adults and they are constitutional conservatives. We need more conservative teachers in the class rooms.

  4. Your headlines are just as bad as the left wing press. This isn’t news it is more BS from everyone, even you. Very misleading and just a rehash of what everyone has been saying for the last month. Hold the headlines until you have something really earth shattering. You waste our time.

    • I totally agree with your response. The only thing we see or hear is same old fake news or as you stated BS from the left wing radicals. It is time to put up or
      Shut the Hell Up. No new or real facts or evidence and impeacement is not gong to happen. Al you hear from the left is talk about Impeachment, open borders to allow illegal immigrants to enter our country to work as cheap labor, free health care, pay no taxes and for what so the Democrats will secure a bunch of votes. Everything they do and that isn’t much is planned to remove our President and take over our country. The Deep State that includes mostly Democrats and some RHINO’s have planned this take over prior to Trump’s election so they will become the elite, for political agendas and personal wealth. Americans if you have not seen enough evidence that the truth then either
      you are part of the problem or maybe you just do not care about the truth.
      Like Donald Trump or not he is atleast doing some good things for our country. The real question is why are we paying congress and politicians (that is mostly Democrats) to disregard our security, insult our POTUS and not pass any significant legislation?
      We need to come up and vote for legislation that allows us to remove Congressman, Senators, Governors, Mayors, Judges, etc via public vote. Also, setting lower terms like 2 yrs for specific groups would also help weed out the corrupt or better drain the swamp. I see too many politicians become millionaires after being elected to various positions,

      God bless true Americans and our POTUS.
      Veteran and Patriotic American

      • Well said. I just want to add if Russia got Trump elected, prove it so I can send Russia or anyone else involved a “THANK YOU” card.

      • Well said. People who can’t see the corruption and evil in the liberals, most likely have their heads shoved in a dark place, so they can’t see anything at all. Everything Dems try to pin on the Pres.are things they made up, to set the President up, and instead of being prosecuted, they continue pushing their lies and false accusations. At the same time they have not done one thing for the good of the US or the American people. They don’t care about America. The only thing they care about is stopping the Pres. and more wealth. Greed and corruption is their only agenda; if US citizens become collateral damage, so be it. Listen to what the Liberats are touting as their platform. Medicare for all, the green deal, free tuition, amnesty for illegals and benefits for all of them, large increases in taxes, all of which anyone with a shred of sense, knows all of these things will cost trillions of dollars, paid for by us, and known of it will benefit us in any way what so ever.

      • You do realize that for the first two years of the current administration, republicans controlled the house, the senate and the presidency. I don’t recall any major legislative accomplishments during that time. It was an excellent time to fund the border wall, but it didn’t happen. The privilege of removing politicians was exercised last November and in fact, many republicans were removed by the voters of the United States of America. In November of 2020 you will agaim be afforded the opportunity to elect people that represent your ideals. The system you yearn for is already in place. All that need be done is to have a majority of voters support your candidates. If you are unhappy with your choice of candidates, you have the ability to make a difference by running for office yourself. From what I read here, I do get the impression that the Republican Party is not satisfying your needs. There is a public forum right here. Why not start the Renewed Right party. Quit whining, seize control of the government and “do something”.

  5. Wackosi is working on the perfect solution to save her bacon; i.e., an overdose of Botox next year that will include an early retirement as enforcer of the “Wood-Shed”.

  6. In summary, the Democrats are frothing at their mouths behind the idea of impeaching the President. His crime? It appears from the evidence that he is guilty of not being a Democrat!

  7. Illegals pay $7 to 8 thousand American dollars to come to America to live for free for the rest of their lives. Are they smart or what. Shows they really know how to invest their money.

    • America’s tax payers are a bunch of brain dead idiots!! We get up and go to work each and every day and for what??? To take care of another country’s people! How long can this last?? Illegals get lodging, food, medical care for free!! All paid for by the hard working people of the U.S. Plus, they then send the money back to their families residing in another country!! Plus, have anchor babies to secure their place in our welfare system and country!! Our Welfare System Is In Desperate Need For Change!! 1 Year on Welfare then you should be kicked off!! Illegals should not be given welfare period!! They should be shipped back across the border. Why do we have a border if it is not enforced?? I’m sick of paying for people who are NOT citizens of this country!!

      • Amen! I just want to know who gave the government permission to use my tax money to benefit anyone beside ME! No where in the constitution does it say the American people will pay taxes to support immigrants or other countries!

        • Good point and there is nothing in the constitution says we have really have to help these immigrants
          who cross into our country illegally. Just a plot by
          the Democrats to take advantage of cheap labor
          get more votes. After that they could care less. The USA has been helping a lot of countries and provided
          a process for legal immigration but it’s not being enforced by our govt. and legal system. AOC, Omar, Nancy and the rest of these left wing radicals need to be locked up or rounded up and put on a leaky slow boat to China, NK or Russia.

  8. did u see the 60 minutes interview wow , dumber and dumber were smarter , she actually believes in her moron self , we have the best president ever and the freeloaders are really crying about it , lock and load people time to clean house ,

    • Hey Cortez! Since when are you someone to call out someone that YOU and YOU alone believes committed anything illegal? You are a mental case! I suggest you go home before your permanent address is at Gitmo, you American traitor and muslim terrorist! America hates you and wants you out of our government and out of our country. Please leave on the next camel. And take your husband/brother with you!

    • Pelosi is and never has been a leader, but she has been a ‘RUTHLESS” piece of CRAT…democrat that is. House wrecker and heart breaker…that’s my Nancy P

    • I’m on your side. I swear it! (Here comes the
      “But”). But to be fair to Robert Mueller, there are about four of those “11 instances“ where you can honestly make a fair argument that Trump did obstruct justice. And you can make an equally fair argument that he didn’t obstruct justice. You really can if you’re being open minded and trying to see things from both sides.

      However, hopefully the Democrats will go for it and the Senate will crush it in the end as they should. The question will be how much damage is done to Republican senatorial chances by saving Trump’s “bacon”. Again, I’m saying it definitively I think his “bacon“ should be saved. I don’t think that he did anything more than simply be pissed off over the way the Democrats were acting. However, sometimes when we are pissed off we do and say things that are a little bit reckless. And that was where the Democrats are coming from.

      • I really fail to see how you can come up with ‘four instances’ when the man was not found to have been guilty of collaberating with the Russians, he was cleared of that false charge. So that means that he is not guilty, didn’t commit any ‘crime’ in that context. So how in the world can he be guilty of ‘obstruction’ when there was no ‘crime’ committed to be guilty of trying to ‘obstruct’. Tell me how that comes together, it certainly does NOT MAKE SENSE that one can be guilty of obstructing something when they aren’t guilty of doing it in the first place. IT IS NOT LEGALLY POSSIBLE in any sense of the word!

        • Thank you for making that point. If he didn’t commit the crime how can he obstruct anything? I have argued that point and the dumbacrates just don’t seem to get that part of the Mueller report. First page No COLLUSION. There should have never been a part two. AOC is just a little girl that was pampered her whole life, a democrat walked into the bar she was working at and bing bang boom she’s a congresswoman who’s being backed by certain democrats, a puppet, a face to lie to the American people. The Green Deal was born. She wants to be Nancy Pelosi. She actually thinks she’s the next Speaker of the House. They just can’t figure out Trump. Jerry Nadler said it boggles his mind why us deplorable people would vote for Trump. If people don’t wake up and keep Trump in office the democrats will fix it so no Republicans will ever win another election. God Help Us All. Trump 2020.

      • The Dems Are Powerless!! The people love that our country is strong militarily, our economy is good and jobs are coming back!! ALL BECAUSE OF PRESIDENT TRUMP!!! Love His Take No Prisoners Approach!!!

    • Omar and Ocasio should be run out of our government!!! Love It if Omar was sent packing for being a terrorist in our country!!!

    • She just makes stuff up as she goes along. In her mind if she tries to make it sound like something that really happened then people are dumb enough to believe it. AOC still doesn’t realize that when she talks most intelligent people just think she sounds like a moron.

      • AOC Sounds And Is A Brain-Dead Moron!! Can’t Wait For Her To Get Kicked Out Of Office And Our Country If Possible!!!

    • They, the idiot Dems, are all upset because he said he ‘would be willing to listen if a foreign power said they had dirt on his opposition’, as if they haven’t PAID for FALSE DIRT on President Trump, and it is all provable. He merely said he would listen, ‘because how would you know if it was illegal intelligence unless you heard what they had to say? The idiot Dems are so mixed up with their lies, they can’t tell the same story twice, because they can’t remember what the lie was they told last!!

      • If I were President, I would want as much intel domestic or foreign as I could get!! No matter where it came from! I would sort that all out later!!

  9. from what it looks like to me AOC wants to make a name for herself
    she knows she has a slim chance of getting re-elected
    she figures if she sits in on an impeachment case she will see it through the end..
    not so it might take a couple of years for a case to go forward to a Senate hearing..
    she wont even be around to partake in it..

  10. Billy:
    You’re right about anus head AOC. She eats excrement and when she does,she must keep her legs closed as her breath stinks terrible down there.

  11. I don’t know about everyone else I am sooo sick of the “Witch Hunt” (No offense Wiccans) against Pres Trump I am ready to get all the DEMOcrats out in 2020. I think Pelosi either Didn’t Do Enough DRUGs during the 60’s or Too Many DRUGs during the 60’s.


    Yet the DEMOcrats aren’t Hell Bent on Investigating THEIR OWN PARTY MEMBERRS – but CONTINUE to put the Welfare of Illegal/Criminal Immigrants/Aliens AHEAD OF the Welfare of the American People!

    Once the EBOLA EPIDEMIC STARTs – the “Peasants” w/their Pitchforks & Torchs know where to GO FIRST!

  12. It seems that Pelosi latest UNHINGED TV appearances may have been Caused by AG Barr investigations on DEEP STATERS of her Fascist party BUT NOW the Biggest or second biggest no make it the THIRD Biggest Idiot of 2016 is GETING HER Panty hose all twisted up around her EMPTY HEAD…

  13. Trump is going to flush them all into the sewer, where they belong. Mueller didn’t find anything to pin on Trump but decided to give the low IQ morons from the left what they believe to be the ammunition needed for impeachment. The best part of it is that there is no ammo for that but they will help get him re-elected, just like Nutsy fears.

  14. The Democrats continue to make fools of themselves every single day. After watching the restroom rapist, Cory Booker, and his hate group Black Panthers pander to a small group of morons yesterday it’s hard to say who is the more pathetic of the bunch. AOC is a top contender for the award of most pathetic though. Cory, Omar, Talib, Swallowswell and Pelosi aren’t too far behind

      • AMEN!!! Looking At All These Demonrats running for office in our great country make me feel like taking a shower!!!

    • You are right….like the blind leading the blind. They can’t see the forest for the trees and none are suitable material for President. I believe they have a real dilemma on their hands. Gee…so sorry for them. (NOT) TRUMP/PENCE 2020


  15. 67% of Dem voters want impeachment? Is this another CNN poll? I think the vast majority of Americans are sick and tired of the drama the House Democrats are creating and would rather see them pass some meaningful legislation than to see Trump get impeached. Those with a functioning brain know Senate wouldn’t approve this biased witch hunt disguised as a “impeachment hearing”. AOC should be tarred and feathered like the fool that she is. Unbelievable this bartender idiot and those terrorist Muslims have seats in our Congress.

    • Let Democrats continue their insanity. The citizens of the U.S. are tired of their crazy so to insure a full Republican Congress and President in 2020 full steam ahead with the insanity.

    • What has trump done wrong to be impeached everyone of the dems need to be impeached. I am sick of DOc an nd Gilligan they are not worthy of being in congress both are liars and crooks, and run those mouths about things they don’t know they need to shut those big mouths and Hillary needs to stay out of government she’s a big mouth crook.

    • I have the Tar…LOL!!! Is it just me but do these Liberal Newbies All Seem So Shallow And Scummy??

  16. i want to see what they blame their loss in 2020 on , trump colluded with marcians ,i would start every campaign speech with how did that hope and change work out for you democrats ,everything you said couldn’t be done , i have done , keep america grate

  17. I seriously doubt AOC, or any other freshman congress person can no more intimidate Nancy Pelosi than they can force her to do something against her will, as that ain’t never gonna happen in this lifetime. Nancy can’t be intimidated by anyone let along someone the likes of this idiotic moron AOC, or any other demonRAT including Adam Schiff, who I fondly refer to as Adam the “Butt Sniffer”. BTW, my sources declared today that both AO Cortez and the Butt Sniffer are homosexual’s while the Butt Sniffer, while smelling little butts occasionally loses control of his-damn-self and goes “Hog wild and Pig crazy”, i.e., he breaks into molesting the child who’s butt he is currently sniffing and plunges it in the hole – just for fun sake! That is what my sources are claiming the Butt Sniffer does, and he also claims it makes kids grow up much stronger emotionally if he’s had sex with them, because they’ll be used to getting screwed so by the time they grow up it won’t bother them half as much when they get screwed again and again in politics or business. Well, I’m don’t believe the Butt Sniffer and I totally disagree with his assumptions that he uses to sexually molest children, but I do hope he gets caught and tossed into prison where Bubba and Buckwheat are awaiting his arrival, licking their chops and compulsively wringing their hands and compulsively and feverishly licking their lips, because they want to pimp the Butt Sniffer’s ass down their Cell Blocks for packs of Squares (cigarettes)!

  18. Ms. or Mrs. AOC, you truly need to go to a school that is NOT Indoctrinated, and on to World History Class, Internment Camps were the predecessors to those NAZI Death Camps, where those NAZI Doctors Experimented on those (Jewish, Gypsy, Russian etc., etc., etc.) Prisoners, before and during WW2! Maybe Mr. Hitler truly should have been one of those Prisoners Too!!!


    • Ellie, please rethink your “I’ll never vote again” strategy since that is how these traitor are able to get elected. Your tactic is what they count on happening on election day for all elections.

      • Bob
        As far as I’m concerned when someone states they will never vote again, to me this shows they are cowards hiding because they are afraid to piss off someone else. If you don’t vote then you can’t piss & moan about who is in office.
        If this comment offends you Ellie, that was not my intention…but you know the saying: if the shoe fits……

    • I’m thinking Ellie is saying that she won’t be around to vote for another president people. God Bless You Ellie.

  20. One simple solution just vote Polosi, AOC and that wimp Schumer out of office. They are not Americans. Any true American will not vote for them. So they want all these illegals to come into the country so the democrats will push for illegals to vote and the illegals will vote for them. I’m from NY and the same thing goes for our governor he’s even worse then his father. All I can say is Keep Making America Great Again Trump is doing that. Trump in 2020. 🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Marches are nice, but, voting is better. Let the democrats hang themselves. Be at the voting booth, that is where any action to be taken counts the most, and vote as you deem is right. For myself, the only vote for President is Donald Trump. He has been a forthright leader, a man worth following. No other president has done what he has, and no other has sent his government paycheck to serve others, in their need. He is a business man, and not a business as usual **ck the people politician. He is putting Americans first, and resisting the effort to have cheap labor from illegal aliens making life worse for working Americans. If the democrats want their vote so badly, then they need to pay for the benefits they want the illegals to have, out of their own, private income. Those people deserve nothing from us. If anyone is wantint to break the law, it is the democrats and rino republicans.

  21. Nancy Pelosi is no longer a reputable speaker.She and Schummer need replaced.AOC does not understand American History,let her go back and learn it.She’s the laughing stock of Government!So whomeverv voted her in to power has such a low mentality.

  22. The hatred for the President is fracturing the Democratic party. The hatred is affecting their focus and real purpose on accomplishing their job. A salary of $174,000/yr for hatred and accomplishing nothing is to great of a financial burden on the American citizens, therefore, citizens must demand the Democrats/RINO’s put aside their hatred for the President and get issues resolved or else… JOB OPENING

  23. Aoc talking about rule of law. What a joke. She does not understand basic US history, or world history for that matter. She is a blithering idiot that needs to shut the hell up. She is worried about a hypothical question and answer, while the doc actually did break the law in 2016. What a hypocrite. What a two faced liar. If she gets more than 1 vote the next election i will be surprised.

    • AOC was no more than an uneducated (proven by her own remarks) stripper/bar maid who is not an LEGAL American but has ties to TERRORIST groups and has raised American money to aid these Terrorist groups, she should be removed form congress and her muslim sister and any that follows her, and all placed in front of a military court on treason and terrorist charges and either sent to Guantanamo prison or SHOT. USMC and damn proved to have served

      • I think you have her confused with the Somali terrorist b*tch. As awful as AOC is she is American born. She should move to Puerto Rico where she can become mayor and join the rest of the whiny Leftist, Theftocrats who have bankrupted that Island.

    • Don’t be surprised ever hear of voter fraud that is how these dems Get in office and stay in office ask Brenda snipes from Florida .

  24. Which liar should the American people believe: Nervous Nancy Pelosi, or The AOC (The Assh*le Of Congress)? And which one is actually in charge of the Democrat’s House?

  25. Nancy, with your powerful position, you couldn’t even squat a rookie. AOC is this dancing rookie. Squash her, will you?! Dang.

    What a wuss.

    • Nancy is too full of HATRED and Envy toward the Presdient that she can no longer thinks straight nor sees TRUTH!
      She is not a truthful woman, so how could she ever handles the Truth that there is NO Wrog doings with our PResident Rrump! Mueller spent two year digging for it and found NONE!

  26. This is a sign things may get better soon. AOC wants the rule of law to as apply so let’s apply the FEC laws to her that she Violated.

  27. I love this! The liberals are failing big time to turn the American people against President Trump so they are resorting to back stabbing their own.
    This is great entertainment

    • Colleen La Rose:I loved the caption of this story” Nancy Pelosi was sent reeling…” Without finishing it , my first thought was she fell off her bar stool!!
      On a serious note, I am totally ashamed as to what is in our government right now that are females. Pelosi,Omar, Cortez, Tlaib just to name a few.Really pathetic and disgusting….

      • LMAO!!!
        Good morning Linda & thank you for starting my day off with a good laugh😂
        These liberal broads by no means represent the ladies in America. Well unless it’s a transgender/black/illegal/Trump hating piece of trash. But these broads are helping to re-elect our great President…the more they run their big mouths, the more they dig their graves.

      • It’s always click bait with this site. But I couldn’t agree with you more about females. Nancy Pelosi dug her own grave when she decided to put more women in Congress. What did she think was going to happen? She, predictably, got stabbed in the back so it’s going to work out great for Trump.

  28. Let AOC and the Democrook party go ahead with their impeachment s***. Trump would welcome it as I do. Let them commit political suicide as it will greatly increase his chances to win in 2020 and causing them to loose
    more seats in the senate and house. When that happens, good riddance to these communist politicians.

    • I thought there had to be a reason for Trump to be impeached. As of yet, he hasn’t done anything that would include an impeachment verdict. Sure, there are many people who do not like him, his attitude, his arrogance, BUT he’s been a great POTUS. Level headed democrats know this.

      • Female hormones and hysteria seems to be a good enough reason. Because that’s exactly what our Founding Fathers envisioned when they wrote Article II, Section 4.

        • The women suffering with those attributes seem to be the ones loaded with political ambition. Most level-headed women don’t want anything to do with politics. They just want to lead a life as hassle-free as they can.

      • Their “charge” is obstructing the Russia Collusion investigation. Yes, he provided all the documents they asked for. The investigation team had everything they needed to determine whether or not candidate Trump had colluded with Russia to steal the election from candidate Clinton. There was no credible evidence that he had colluded. Thus how can he obstruct something that was a non-crime? But that’s not good enough for AOC. She has a lot of venom and really does either need to be reeled in or elected out of office.

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