Nancy Pelosi was smacked with some really bad news about impeaching Donald Trump

Democrats set their sights on impeaching Donald Trump from the moment he won the 2016 election.

Led by Nancy Pelosi, Democrats have claimed they will wait for Robert Mueller to issue his final report before moving on impeachment.

But then Nancy Pelosi was smacked with some really bad news about impeaching Trump.

John Dowd – who represented Trump during the outset of the investigation – told an ABC News podcast about the Mueller probe.

Not only does Mueller have nothing, but he doesn’t even think there will be a formal report.

ABC reports:

The veteran criminal defense attorney who headed President Donald Trump’s legal team during a crucial stretch of the special counsel investigation believes the entire affair will end in silence from special counsel Robert Mueller, and called the massive two-year probe into Russian interference in the 2016 campaign “a terrible waste of time.”

“I don’t think there’ll be a report,” John Dowd told ABC News in a wide-ranging interview for the premiere episode of “The Investigation,” a new podcast focused on the probe led by special counsel Robert Mueller. “I will be shocked if anything regarding the president is made public, other than ‘We’re done…

…I know exactly what [Mueller] has,” Dowd said. “I know exactly what every witness said, what every document said. I know exactly what he asked. And I know what the conclusion or the result is,” he said, describing the sweeping efforts by Trump’s legal team to assess the case by speaking to dozens of witnesses. Based on that knowledge, Dowd said, “there’s no basis. There’s no exposure. It’s been a terrible waste of time.”

Dowd’s overall view of the investigation — he called it “one of the greatest frauds this country’s ever seen” — echoes Trump’s claim that it is a hoax or a witch hunt.”

Dowd’s comments line up with speculation that has begun to surface in the media.

Both ABC’s Jonathan Karl and CNN’s Chris Cuomo cautioned that Mueller was unlikely to turn up a smoking gun to convict the President of collusion or obstruction of justice.

This comes as no surprise to many Americans.

The evidence has been staring them right in the face.

But will the anti-Trump media finally accept reality?

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. We need everyone responsible for all this mess tared and feathered on the steps of the House of Congress. I wonder if in the end the DEMS will have enough votes to pass anything. It is my feeling that our President will have no problems knocking all the DEMS off one by one. But we must remember that Schumer and Pelosi want make it because of the Term Limit situation. They will be gone.

  2. We have all heard of the millions of dollars of tax payer money that was paid out by Nancy Pelosi to address accusations of sexual assaults by Democrat members of congress. They may want to keep this quiet but I am certain the voters want the names of these people and we want to be re-paid. I do also wonder why our media has not looked into this and reported their findings. They call themselves “Journalists” so when will they publish the bylined story?

  3. Mafia queen Nancy Pelosi is behind 90% of the witch hunts! Her and The witch Hillery are both George soros puppets! Another California Kook with no brains,no plans other than flood us with imigrates and to fight with The great president Trump!! All the Democraps like her need to be flushed and removed from goverment and sent to Gitmo for corruption! You wouldnt have to dig far to find it!!

    • Time kick all Democratic out of office now. Need go back to school again. Send more people in Mexico in doing drugs and crimes and others issues time Finish the Wall. Guess wonder what her kids say in school. Worse part President Obama cut poor down three years and less 3.00 in 2017 here blame on us. Why other countries get more income wages Americans people get less. Time now All Americans people get equal pay now. Start pay ones got cut three years why never vote for Democratic again, sick people in office and Hilary Clinton is on Drugs with Cartel why she ran for 2016 but loss blame on Bill Clinton back Records. Time stand up kick all Democratic out now.

  4. Brainwashed betty…wow lol. Even with all the proof, you’re still blind n dumb. Lmao. Demonrats taking themselves down, and I love watching them baby killing, God and America hating hypocrites doing it too.

  5. The Democrated party has sold their souls to Satan himself! And we the people have to do everything in our power to stop them from ever having power again! They are for everyone but Americans. The only thing they want is power and control over us,and our money! They are selling our country out for billions from the Muslim Brotherhood!

    • Right Sharron. And why would obama give Iran, a country that always yells, “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” $150,000,000,000.00??

    • Sharron, Here’s our power! But I guess most have gone soft or just plain don’t care. . .

      The 2nd Admendment was established to keep this from ever happening & it directly states if any political parties commit treasonous acts toward the constitution or become corrupt. . .

       WE THE PEOPLE HAVE THE RIGHT TO KEEP & A DUTY TO BARE & RAISE UP ARMS AGAINST THEM to Forcebly remove & if they refuse kill them to restore the laws of the land ! 

      This is the true purpose of the 2nd Admendment & was established  as a system of checks & balances to prevent this from ever happening  & to remind politicians what they have to fear if they turn corrupt thus keeping everyone honest!  

      But we have to do so in majority & undivided ! 

      This is why the DEMON CRATS don’t want the constitution taught in schools ! 

      Our Forefathers knew this day would Come! 

      I’m Ready for a civil war. . . 

      R U ? 

      Hell I thought 1 would start when Obamination signed E.O.13603  that brought slavery back!

      Make your list check it twice & wait for martial law!

      Sincerely, Crypt Keeper

      • True… But six states have already confiscated peoples guns, it’s against the Constitution, but the states say they have that right. I’m in Texas, so do not believe that will ever happen here even if they try. But now we are getting over whelmed with liberals leaving California and coming here, they are trying to turn our state blue. If that happens, I’m ready for a civil war, I be damed if we allow these currupt bastards to take over our country. We have seen and heard enough already, and we have the proof of all of it. And yet they want Trump to go down for a lie that they them selves started! Capital steps in Washington at 8am on Feburay 28, going to let these idiots in Washington, that we are not taking this shit against our President anymore and their curruption! A peaceful protest unless the ignorant libs show up!We all know to well what happens when they show up!

        • DITTO,,I agree.. I’ll stand tall with you..The mooslems are just getting started..Our children and grandchildren will have no chance for Peace in America. No mooslems in American Office.Are these people only looking for today and not looking to the future of Our Great Country..They sure Hate the Kids and babies.

        • they have tried to take peoples guns away but if they are like most gun owners they always have backup planes heck my last fallback gun is a 45 cal flintlock I still have powder and round ball ammo and a mold and lead to make more and it has a rifled barrel so if you can shoot open sights you will hit what you shoot at but of course that a last resort have other stuff around

    • They sure have. All the things the Democrats want to do now will ruin this country
      And to kill nrw born babies is despicable. GOD will take care of them. What has happened to the Democrats? They have certainly lost their minds.

  6. Pelosi like others within her party, has lost it. The more Democrats speak the more off their rocker most are. Are your tired of listening to these ignorant asses? Are you an ass that votes for them? 2020 will be here soon, vote them OUT! 2022- vote more dumb asses OUT! If you continue on that path there is a possibility America will get these dumb asses out of office!

    • Most definitely, Democrats were voted out – in a RED TSUNAMI for 2018 midterms.
      Republican Victories on election night, changed to Democrat wins – thru ELECTION THEFT – Blue Wave = premeditated ELECTION FRAUD.

      Besides illegal aliens voting in our 2018 midterms, suspicious ballots were counted in the Election Results w/o these ballot votes being “verified” – as actual, eligible voters.

  7. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin or some of the biggest terrorist we have inside the realm of our government. Only two people follow them the very rich and powerful to control them and a very stupid who do they’re brown shirt army ignorant brain-dead work. Pelosi and Schumer are two of the biggest terrorist this country has sitting in a political position that should be removed and at the very minimum jail for life and take all their money from them and put it toward the national debt that they’ve created along with their illegal Brown clown Obama

    • I no longer can be a member of the party of the Jackass symbol the Democratic party that created the KKK, no God, infanticide, trangender military and Fake News.

  8. they are coming for you hillery can you hear them they are coming the ropes will be thrown over the lamp posts. you and your associates will make great wind chimes.

  9. Now!Now!It is quite apparent that Betty Braindead has a”condition,” thus the name. My guess is that she is a gutless microbe (my apologies to all microbes)just sitting at home playing with herself as she awaits the next whoremonger to service. I assume that he is smart enough to bring a paper bag along to cover her head. I say, “Lady, get a life.” AND leave the First Lady alone. She is a lovely woman and most likely would not say such things about you. Betty, even though I do feel sorry for you, you are SO Pathetic and uninformed. Start watching Fox News Channel.
    To the rest of you, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

  10. When is the Obama/Bush/ Clinton/Bush and croonies going to finally get what’s coming to them. People are locked up for far less deeds done against the President. What they have done is surely illegal and there is more that enough evidence to put them behind bars. It matters not who they are. Or are they allowed to be above the law to have the way for others to do same if not worst. They all knew what they were and are still doing is corruption.
    Why can’t we get the Urainum back? Why is it being allowed to be shipped out of U.S.? How did Obama get by with allowing this to happen? How was this even possible? The level of corruption on this issue alone is mind boggling. Did they think this would actually fly under the radar?
    How in the hell has all the Obama/Bush/Clinton/Bush corrupt years not taken this country completely understand? It’s amazing America has survived.
    How can all the corrupt insane bullshit laws be undone? So much work to be done. First lock up all from Obama down. If corruption is deep enough they should get the death penalty. There are many who have died either directly or indirectly because of their actions or instructions. Everyday they get to live their high rolling lives is one too many. Seize all their illegal money/assets put towards making America great and whole again. God gave us Trump at this time to save America and her people from destruction. She could not stand any more. People need to wake up those that are here illegally should be deported to protest in their own country where they have rights. If they are brave enough to protest in our streets round them up deport them. Bet the protesting stops. They have no rights they live here do not be apply for citizenship yet protest and demand everything under the sun taking away from American citizens how is this possible or even allowed? It all needs to stop. Deport Build the Wall long high and strong keep deporting. Drain OUR COUNTRY from those that do not care to even become a citizen.

    • They’re all going to jail. This government
      Has to go to jail or we all will be screwed.
      The send think it’s ok if obuma broke the law
      Or not. They are so unenlightened they really think that evil is ok with evil. No evil hates evil but those ignorant people can’t see.

    • Brenda Collins. I agree with your comment totally. It is a crying shame to see what our great country has become due to these ignorant DEMORATS. All of OUR citizens that have fought in the wars and have lost their life so that we have our freedoms and these SOB’s DEMORATS want to take everything away from us and give it to the illegals is unthinkable. To think of what they are teaching our children in our schools and colleges is UNTHINKABLE. Then, it takes my breath away that they even have some of these foreigners in our government. WHAT THE HELL???? I am 72 years old and I am just applaud to see what is happening to our great country and I thank God everyday for President Trump. I still can’t believe we had OBAMA as our illegal President for 2-terms and NOTHING was ever done about that? That was the beginning of the end. If there was ever a 2-year investigation, it should have been an OBAMA INVESTIGATION. I think we all agree with that. Nothing was ever done. WHY WHY WHY WHY

  11. What, no report from Mueller? You must be joking! We demand a Report since we PAID THROUGH THE NOSE for it!!
    Mueller should not be allowed to get away with it!

    • I totally agree with you Helga. We paid for Mueller to play, now it’s time for him to show us what WE spent more than $25,000,000 for. No report? I want my money back! Pay-up or go to debtor’s prison.

    PROs & CONs
    just saying

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

  13. NOT that Nancy Head was not already OVERFLOWING with COW DUNG instead of BRAINS ….How will this latest BAD NEWS reduce this IDIOT to further leave the RAILS of REASON????

  14. The new DOJ should handle/inspect every lie, misuse of power, frauds to courts, intimidation, etc. and reimburse the Treasury! Fit every single misbehavior to every misdeed, regardless of who it is! The American people have been pimped big time! We want our money back! We do NOT, nor will we accept letting, any of the crooks off the hook. Even if they have to pick up paper off of the streets of Washington. Make it a permanent lesson to any wayward thinking out there. Don’t mess with Superman or our laws!

    Mr.New AJ, go get it ASAP!


      • Matthew, your message is profound and well stated! It’s one more travesty that the left has permitted, allowing once again, the most corrupt politician this country has seen, to escape justice. The sad part is many mobsters have paid with incarceration for less criminality, than Clinton. While the left thinks they identify with idealism, they’re nothing more than useful idiots allowing career criminals to bilk the rest of the country for millions!

  15. They just can’t believe there is someone who actually tells the truth. After over 3 million dollars in Muellers search Trump is found truthful. Politicians are usually untruthful and it’s disconcerting. Americans need to believe in truth so the more untruthful a politician is the less we want him/her around. Hint: be more truthful ye legions of politicians: or be voted out of office.

  16. Someone should prosecute Mueller! There was plenty of Russian collusion to be found he just chose not to go after the ones who were doing it! And by limiting his scope he has wasted 27+ million tax dollars for nothing. He should be made to account for every single dollar he spent and why he chose to spend it that way!

    • All the Russian collusion was created by democraps! CIA and FBI! Obama a d the biggest piece of shit of all. Hillary roten Clinton !! Never was a Russian collusion with Trump, Russia never interfered with elections, our own news channels makes more election fraud than anyone does! All this cover up and investigation to cover up Clintons Corruption!!! All the bullshit in the last 2 years from dumbocraps just to cause problems for Trump! Dumbocraps have shit on real Americans just to cause chaos and bring in illegals we dont need!! This is what needs to be stopped and the corrupt assholes jailed! Trump is the only one fighting for Americans! He should be giving all the respect and backing from real Americans we can, without him we would have a hell of a mess on our hands right now!!!

      • RICKSTER, you are absolutely correct. I thank President Trump in my prayers every night. I just know that God sent him here to be our President. Why hasn’t the Clinton’s and the Obama’s and the rest of the DOJ been brought up on charges and investigations? There are NEVER any investigations or charges brought forth on those that are really guilty. All of us taxpayers should be reimbursed for the cost of this 2-yr UNBELIEVABLE witch hunt. I truly give President Trump and his family a lot of courage and credit for tolerating this unbelievable nonsense for the past 2-years and not even collecting a salary.

    • Outrageous Cost and Stress on Our President
      Actually harassment!! And there is still talk by the
      Democrats to impeach! Can you believe it⁉️⁉️

  17. Hey, dan. Like the many border wall schemes of d. trump, that INSANE IDIOT that so far has fallen though again & again. Thanks to some intelligent & rational adults who said “NO” more than once to a Oval Office Spolied Brat thowing His goverment shutdown hissy fits when he doesn’t get his Selfish, Stupid, Sick Minded Way. Down with the White House WORTHLESS WORM & His White House WORTHLESS WHORE.

    • What I’m hearing doesn’t sound like an adult conversation. Take it down a notch and maybe I’ll understand your view.
      If not, just keep pounding on the doors of the Supreme Court. Makes for great video.

    • What a sick useless person you are. Undoubtedly you don’t have a clue about America or how it is run. You need to learn some facts before you mouth off crap like you just did.Lou

    • Shame on you and your hateful heart. Jesus said out of our hearts we say the truth of what we are thinking.. Too bad and it is Valentine’s day!!!!

    • 50 times better at anything you could ever come up with!! Only thing wrong with anything is people like you!! Go back to your couch!! Trumps the best! Lock up democraps! There the real criminals!

    • Is this o Cortez under a pseudonym? Because you sound every bit as stupid as she is. How dare you malign the First Lady with that statement. Or is this the other vicious Muslim Omar, another mindless bigot. This is an example of who democrats like you elect. Street trash , dog waste.

    • This is my 3rd time trying to post this.
      Betty, You Dems hate Trump so much you can’t handle it when something good happens in his favor. You get all upset start calling names, making all kinds of accusations and spout all kinds of shit that you can’t back up or have proof of. You need to go to your safe place and take you teddy bear and crayons with you and quit acting like you have anything relevant to say. Every day the Dems show just what idiots they really are.

    • Hey trash mouth Betty. Look back before the Democrats lost the 2016 election, and hear the words in videos of: Senator Barak Obama, Charles Schumer and Joe Biden, and tell me they never supported border security. They all used terms like “illegals are a drain on our economy” or “do not abide by the laws of this country”. They flip flopped on this issue to get more illegals in the country because they know they will vote for them (once given the ability to vote) so the Democrats will stay in power. So explain to all of us, why you think President Trump is an evil man. I’m not asking you to use big words, just make an intelligent argument without calling anyone names.

    • Betty. Don’t know what your problem is, but HATE is a illness. President Trump was duly elected by the Electoral votes. Get over your HATE for our President who doesn’t even take a salary for all the grief his family and himself tolerate from you DEMORATS. It is totally sickening and getting old. How do you think we felt for 2-LONG TERMS of destruction caused by the ILLEGAL OBAMA PRESIDENCY that wasn’t even a citizen of the US and hid of all his records. He did ABSOLUTELY nothing for the legal citizens of our own country? We didn’t carry on like IMBECILES, but adults who put up and shut up when a REAL 2-YR INVESTIGATION SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE ON HIM? HE IS THE ONE THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN LEGALLY IMPEACHED. He did a lot of harm to our country.

    • Betty you are the one that’s
      Deranged,you must be a stupid idiot Democrat.
      We the true Americans who love our country and the good people of America and our President,we wish you would leave our country and go somewhere where your bullshit would be welcomed.!!!

  18. Leave Our president along as he is doing a great job.
    I like the comment of taking the drug funs to build all or part of the wall.
    The southern section of the USA needs closed.
    He has my vote the next time unless God takes over

  19. I hope Mueller feels like the complete idiot he is. I can’t believe tax payers foot the bill for such crap. Is this really what America is all about

    • Mueller should absolutely be investigated, sent to prison to be with all those innocent people he’s put behind bars for the rest of his life! At least one of these innocent folks died in prison, maybe Mueller should be held responsible for that?! You betcha! Better yet, let him share a cell with his friend HRC. Both need to reimburse the tax payers for all they have stolen from us.

  20. Then it will be the Attorney General’s responsibility to prosecute Pelosi and Killary Stab Kitty on the same charges or go to prison himself. Ha ha.

    • What makes me so angry as an American tax payer and a citizen is that our Government no longer represents us!
      They don’t listen to the people sometimes the squeaky wheel just needs to be changed not listened to, the same goes for the ones who don’t represent the people!


  22. The most asinine aspect of this entire debacle, aside from the expenditure of +/- $27mm, to harass and attempt to prosecute a sitting president, was the entire hoax was promulgated by Hilary Clinton’s payoff of Fusion GPS, to smear the President as a campaign tactic. Not only is that entire phony dossier repugnant on its face, its sole purpose was to deflect the real connection to Hillary and the Russian collusion in selling Uranium to enrich herself through the Clinton Foundation, along with BHO/S. For that malfeasance, Obama, Clinton, Comey, Mueller, Brennan, Clapper, McCabe, (both)Ohrs, Page & Strzok should each and every one, be doing hard time for their Treason!

    • Since Hillary is the cause of this whole debacle just because she lost an election in spite of creating fake news to ensure a victory, let her foot the bill for what this phone investigation cost. All the money she stole over the years will be more than enough. A fool and her money should be parted.

      • Killery ( and I do mean killery) did this to Trump to get the monkey off her back. Any same person can see this so plain. Nobody has ever been this corrupt. She should be looking through prison bars right now!

  23. Do you ever wonder if there may be one RINO senator voting along with the Dem senators? I am thinking of Mitt Romney. He would shank Trump in a heartbeat.

    Why did you Utah Republicans dare to vote for him? Geez.

  24. Exactly Dan. This probe wasn’t even supposed to be about POTUS. I hope Mueller isn’t getting paid for this Witch Hunt. If he is the taxpayers have the right to see what they paid for. This can’t be silenced. We pay for a Witch Hunt we didn’t want and can’t even pay for a border wall we do want.

    • mueller and his team of terrorists have racked up a 30 MILLION + PRICE TAG FOR HIS 2 YEAR INVESTIGATION!!!!! AND WHO TRULY KNOWS WHEN IT WILL EVEN END??? A STUPID JUDGE GAVE HIM CARTE BLANCHE TO CONTINUE AS LONG AS HE WANTS. This has become way more than a witch hunt…now it’s a unicorn hunt!!!!! This has gone on WAY TOO LONG. IT NEEDS TO END NOW!!!!!!

  25. I knew it from the first day it was all fake bull shit poor losing Criminal Democrat lying bastards to cover up the real criminal Lock her up Clinton Colluded with Russians and sold America’s uranium to Russians just for that she should go to prison for life along with that Black bastard Obama he was in on it to knew everything they are all criminal. President Trump the greatest president the world has ever had god bless Our great President.

      • Pretty good couch potatoe Betty, you sit on your big fat ass and mouth off about Republicans and say people need a brain transplant!! Everyone on this site is seeing how brainwashed you are by CNN, and the stupidity of your texts, we all know who needs the brain transplant!! Your democrap funded George Soros screw america party is on it’s way out along with all the corrupt idiots in Washington! I hope a lazy ass big mouth like you never benefits from Trumps greatest america!! Democraps have done nothing in 60 years to help America! You dont like the new America then by all means get the hell out!! Go to Canada! Or Mexico anywhere you please!! live there! You wouldnt be talking that shit! Grow a brain!

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