Nancy Pelosi went ballistic when she found out what Brett Kavanaugh was about to decide

Nancy Pelosi knows she is facing one giant threat to her Speakership in 2020.

It comes in the form of a little-known case making its way before the Supreme Court.

And Pelosi went ballistic when she found out how Kavanaugh is about to decide on this case.

The Supreme Court is taking on the issue of partisan gerrymandering in the form of the North Carolina and Maryland congressional maps.

Politico reports:

For the second straight year, the Supreme Court has an opportunity to establish limits on partisan gerrymandering โ€” or go the other direction and send mapmakers an anything-goes message ahead of the 2020 census.

Republicans used their power over redistricting in many states after the 2010 election to cement control of the House of Representatives and state governments for most of the next decade. Limiting that power has become a rallying cry on the left before the next round of political map-drawing in 2021.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court will scrutinize political maps in two states where lawmakers have openly admitted they drew congressional lines earlier this decade to favor one party, a practice that the court has long considered reining in.

Fake news reporters complain that โ€œgerrymanderingโ€ leads to polarization and tribalism.

What they want are districts redrawn to benefit Democrats and ensure conservatives can never win elections.

The Supreme Court has shown hostility in the past to judges overriding congressional maps by fiat.

Anthony Kennedy was one of the Justices willing to allow liberal judges to redraw legislative maps to elect more Democrats.

But he retired, and Republicans confirmed Brett Kavanaugh as his replacement.

And now court-watchers believe Kavanaugh could join the other conservatives in rejecting attempts by liberal judges to draw congressional maps that would cement Pelosi and the Democrats in power.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new details in this ongoing story.



  1. There are many Democrats who are changing parties. Most are educated people who feel their party is not for the good of the country. They see the idiots they have leading their party and don’t agree with what they are doing to their party or their country.

    • Jo-Dell Beckham, ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ #WalkAway to the Republican Party! We want and need all of you, your families and friends!

  2. The Issue of ‘GERRYMANDERING’ IS
    >Moving District Lines to ‘immi’ ‘Placement’
    CAN ‘0verRun (ANY) State. etc &
    IS HOW ‘Certain’ ppl Get Voted IN 0ffice.
    > EX: Somolian 0mar in Mn./ ocasio in NY./ &&&
    Tlaib in MI.

    • I doubt that will be a problem for Brett Kavanagh considering how the Democrats treated him!
      I’d reject everything Democrat if it were me.

  3. Has anyone seen Ruth? Something fishy there! Nancy is close friends with Ruth! The demorats can’t be trusted! They don’t want the President to put in another judge.Trump 2020๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

    • America does not to be used like Chicago has been since Al Capone. As an aside, Sanctuary Cities (since They encourage the invasion of the U.S.A.) should have Their voter roles scrutinized for FRAUD VOTING.

  4. There are many things that the supreme court has to rule on. And some constitutional changes to reduce party dominance.
    1. term limits/age limits for the supreme courts/congress.
    2. Congress rules allowing “party” dominance. selection of party members to committees based on party solidarity rather than knowledge, interest or experience. selection of committee chairperson based on majority party, might be more equitable where minority, third parties, independents have preference. the first rule Pelosi made was to require majority party approval to remove a speaker, my feeling it should be a majority of the house. this might seem the same thing but parties these days are more fractured and majority rebels may join a solid minority block in house wide vote.

  5. Democrats are a liberalโ€™s which have liberalism which is a mental disease they should all be put down and shot so we can get rid of this disease the only way to get rid of it is to kill it out

    • Send Pelosi to the border for a week let her see what is going on in person she to damn scared she has been invited by ranchers on our texas border to see the crime drugs deaths that actually happens on daily basis she too damn scared

  6. Yes Pelosi is aging out and moving toward retirement. How soon is anyone’s guess, and it remains to be seen if Occasional Cortex will rise to the Speaker position. Usually that honor and responsibility goes to someone who has been in Congress for awhile and worked for the Party- Cortex has nothing going for her but a big mouth and minority status. If the dems want to put Cortex in that position, I say, GO FOR IT! What a joke!

    • Occasional ‘red’ Cotex wants the top job; I’m sure Pelosi has a handful of bullets waiting to be fired into the ‘horse-head’ from Queens. We must pray she has the liverwurst-stretched elasticity in her $25,000.00 face-lift to squeeze the trigger to kil-l-ll the wild Cotex.

  7. Pelosi, Schumer and others are toast. They’re just waiting their turn on the chopping block. The same goes for the Democrat Party, they just don’t know it yet! As for AOC, she’s nothing but a flea on a dog’s ass! She won’t survive in politics unless she can hold office from a prison cell!

  8. All of those so-called “Democrats” who bitch and moan about Republicans should be more concerned about taking your party back. In case you missed it, your party has been hijacked by those far left loons led by a bunch of Marxists like Kamala Harris, AOC, etal.
    Keep sitting on your ass while your party burns!

  9. That’s all Nancy Pelosi has left and the homeless have left. Nancy Pelosi and Maxine waters have created this problem shame on them. This is so disgusting.

    • Nancy Polution is a shame on California. We have so many of them though , Waters, Jerry Moonbeam our present governor just to name a few.

    • Comes around, goes around. Look, I understand there should be some sort of balance in the absence of a third party. Republicans have not been exactly qngels, but the far left which unfortunately compromises most of the Democratic party are off the charts with stupidity and dare I say evil. My family were all Democrats but no more. They espouse aberrant behavior, infanticide, sexual.deviationnand you name it. So help me if a person wanted to marry a goat.and have sex with it and teach young children this is what they should.aspire to, to get one more vote they would condone it. As far as my entire family and that means ALL relatives and extended are concerned, at this point if you could redistrict the Democratic party out of existence it would be just fine with us!

  10. AOC go home with Pelosi..Go home, eat your CBD gummies tear down the walls on your home area so illegals can squat there and needles shared droppings on your property…leave us alone you have done nothing for the Americans besides taking our tax dollars

  11. Pelosi..Go home, eat your CBD gummies tear down the walls on your home area so illegals can squat there and needles shared droppings on your property…leave us alone you have done nothing for the Americans besides taking our tax dollars

  12. Pelosi..go home, eat your CBD gummies tear down the walls on your home area so illegals can squat there and needles shared droppings on your property…

  13. Pelosi..go home, eat your CBD gummies and just tear down the walls on your home area so illegals can squat there and needles shared droppings on your property…

  14. Just think of all the money that goes to the illegals because of Pelosi,she ought to be more concerned with using that money to help the homeless. There are so many in Cali now and it is not as beautiful as it was,the people ought to start questioning her about where their money is going. Pelosi does things she shouldn’t so she can ignore what is really needed.

  15. she needs to quit, go home and get a job scraping up the needles and human crap that the homeless are leaving on the sidewalks and streets.

    • Sounds GOOD!!! I wonder if her ‘constituents’ ever consider what she is actually doing for her district. She floats no bills to help her area, she pushes no agenda to have cleaning crews go in and clean that whole area up. She doesn’t direct the police to move all those homeless people to a safe area and get the drugs off the street. San Francisco has lost almost all their tourist trade because of her and mad max. They SHOULD be ashamed of themselves but they have NO SHAME. They have NO COMPASSION. ALL they have is whores for power. They will say anything, do anything, to get what they want and what they want is TOTAL CONTROL OVER THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES!!! 100% communistic control.

  16. What do you expect from her and the criminalcrap party who concentrated all of their efforts and ignored everything else for the past two years in their futile attempts to remove Trump from office. She’s an ignorant cry baby bitch.

    • Yeah, aoc is sniffing for the speaker job. She says SHE’S the boss & that REALLY jacked pelosi’s jaws!! I’m betting she actually hates aoc but can’t figure a way to get rid of her… YET. The old gal is only hanging on by a thread. If aoc wins again in 2020 she WILL be like a rabid dog after her job. She’s dangerous.

  17. I should go ballistic each time Nancy opens her mouth, instead I end up laughing my ass off. Which should allow me to loose weight. Nancy Pelosi, The best California can offer. PRETTY SAD.

  18. Pelosi cannot do her job! She cannot control her bratty SAenators! All she does is fight with President Trump! This comes as no surprise!

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