Nancy Pelosi went on TV and made this jaw-dropping claim about Republicans

In an election year, the American people will tolerate overheated rhetoric.

But they won’t tolerate lies.

And that became clear after Nancy Pelosi went on TV and made this jaw-dropping claim about Republicans.

Appearing on Bloomberg’s Balance of Power, Speaker Pelosi scrambled to defend Democrats after Republicans refused to give in to Pelosi’s demand for a trillion dollar bailout of badly run blue states.

When it was pointed out to Pelosi that Republicans objected to Democrats loading up the bill with socialist wish list goodies that had nothing to do with the coronavirus, Pelosi launched into a bizarre rant about how Republicans were against mask mandates.

“Well, first of all, I wouldn’t say those are reasons that they’re not doing it. I think those are excuses. Because they don’t believe in governance. They don’t believe in science. Therefore, they haven’t gone with the testing, tracing, treatment, isolation, mask-wearing, etc. They don’t believe in science, and they don’t believe in governance. So, there is no — this money that we wanted [for] state and local government is for a very specific, coronavirus-centric purpose, to offset some of the expenses that have already — the outlays that have already been made to fight the virus, and meet the needs — the health needs, of people infected. And secondly, to talk about the loss of revenue because of the shutdowns around the country.”

But many Americans believe that it is really Pelosi who doesn’t believe in the effectiveness of masks.

When Pelosi thought no one was watching, it was Pelosi caught not wearing a mask indoors at a hair salon.

If Pelosi really believed masks stopped the spread of the coronavirus, she would not have been so cavalier about not wearing one when she thought the public wouldn’t notice.

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