Nancy Pelosi’s call for resignation is the last thing Donald Trump wants to hear

It’s not a surprise that Nancy Pelosi opposes everyone and everything involved with the Trump administration.

She stepped up her attacks with a specific call for resignation.

And it was the last thing Donald Trump wanted to hear.

Radical environmentalists – and their sock puppets in the media – have targeted EPA administrator Scott Pruitt for destruction.

Pruitt has been ruthlessly effective in carrying out Donald Trump’s agenda and has rolled back Barack Obama’s job-killing “global warming” policies.

The media does not believe conservatives should be allowed to enact such policies so they have generated a storm of nuisance scandals around Pruitt.

Nancy Pelosi jumped on the pile and demanded Pruitt resign.

Politico reports:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Friday called on Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt to resign, saying he has “displayed a staggering ethical blindness.”

“EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s tenure has been a part of the Trump Administration’s culture of corruption, cronyism and incompetence. Pruitt must resign,” Pelosi said in a statement. “Pruitt has displayed a staggering ethical blindness, and his abuses of office are representative of an Administration that uses their powerful positions to enrich themselves and their friends.”

Trump has so far stood by Pruitt and even tweeted out his support.

The storm surrounding Pruitt is a media created political hit job.

The press does not believe anyone should be allowed to roll back Barack Obama’s radical environmental agenda.

Man made global warming is their religion and all heretics must burn at the stake.

We will keep you updated about ongoing developments in this story.


  1. If anyone should resign its this stupid Californian Bit-h. My dog has more brains then she could ever dream of having. But, SHE’S A DEMONCRAP AND THAT EXPLAINS IT ALL.

  2. Hello Leftists,

    I bet you won’t be kicking in for any of the freebies Mexico is expecting!
    As always, dump it on real, tax paying and legal Americans.
    Why don’t you resign?

  3. Nancy,
    Thank you for voting Republican!!!! Thank you for believing in Trumpet 2020????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  4. bella lagossi pelosi i think the botox went to your brain everytime i see you on tv i throw up resign you witch

  5. Nancy Pelosi’s call for resignation is the last thing Donald Trump wants to hear

    She’s just been sucking up to much of that GO GO JUICE

  6. Amen. I agree whole heartedly. Need to get all elected Senators and House voted out of office, and install new, hopefully uncorrupted new personnel in the Senate and House. We also need to be careful when electing new people to fill these jobs, that they are conservative, believe in the USA, and are willing to fight for our Constitution and keep the way it is.

  7. I plan on voting Republican in primary and in November. Particularly will vote for new blood, if given a choice, and only for the incumbent if no choice or if incumbent did a particularly good job helping President Trump, genuinely helping President Trump, not like Ryan and McConnell.

  8. James, Lord!!! I pray that it will happen. That woman is a nut case. She needs to retire or get the hell out of politics.

  9. I guess the question really is what will Pelosi garner with the resignation of the EPA director? the truth is nothing, they the democrats will win nothing, the regulations already removed will stay removed at least until trump is no longer in office, there is nothing Pelosi or any one else can do about it unless they are the EPA director, so why all the fuss? and I read the comment about trump being environmentally evil, hmmm the fact that co2 is actually needed for the earths carbon cycle seems to rebuke some of those arguments, but I’m not a scientist so I’ll move on, it seems to me that the largest contribution to the global warming conversation would be to not cut down all the forest, or if you cut down a tree, you plant 3 trees in its place, unless of course the tree has died or is dying you replace that tree. But again I digress, hmmm you see how I easily changed the subject away from Pelosi and the EPA director to one on global warming, YOU don’t suppose this is what the democrats are doing in order to hide the fact that they are introducing the Assault Weapons Ban of 2018 (HR something), you can find it if you look for it, this will effectively ban weapons of any kind that can hold a bullet, well unless you are a politician these laws and bans do not apply to the politicians who want to impose them on the citizens, of course you are not hearing a lot about it are you? WONDER why that is, OH yeah now I remember because the current EPA director managed to get a condo or a town house to stay in for 50 bucks a night while he is in town and the democrats think that is unethical…kind of an oxymoron the word unethical and democrats in the same sentence. I think they are afraid, and they are grasping for every straw they can right now, we should keep them afraid, very afraid and vote them out of office everywhere…..

  10. Nancy is the poster child of why not to vote democrat.
    If we listen the her it would appear that at least part of the democrat platform is as follows:
    We will raise your taxes. (Of course they will claim it will only be on the rich. But has it ever worked out that way? They seem to have the attitude that anyone not on welfare is rich.)
    We will expand the federal government and put more bureaucrats to work. (Or at least have paid positions.)
    We will establish universal health care modeled after the VA. (That has worked so well.)
    We will abolish boarders and immigration laws. Everyone welcome! Apply for welfare benefits upon arrival.
    We will ban all privately owned guns. (Criminals and street gangs will have to obtain them illegally. Oh that is right, they already to that. Or they will have to use an alternate tool for their violence.)
    We will protect all the that support us. (All the other despicable people can just do as they are told.)
    No doubt there are other planks on their platform but these are enough to start with.

  11. Anybody remember her comment on these so called assault rifles? She said these are the same guns that soldiers take into war! I was in the army and the AR-15s available to civilians is a far cry from the sophisticated rifles soldiers are equipped with. She has the intelligence of a field mouse.

  12. I disagree John. I care about the environment but some common since must be applied. A commodity the EPA as been short of for a long time. The EPA as been over reaching and draconian. It was authorized and established by Congress but has no constitutional basis. It should be reduced to the status of an advisory commission.

  13. I can honor your opinion, but I also disagree as your statement is too encompassing. Oblamer and his EPA administration is the culprit that caused job losses, and extreme deterrents to business as well as for ordinary citizens. The environmental issues remind me of Coffee, there is not proof that withstands questioning. The scientific community wavers from one spectrum to another first it was the hole, then the Mexican storms, then Global warming which has not increased anymore then normal. I referred to Coffee because it also has an oblique story of it causes cancer to it being the best medicine you can take. CA just attached Coffee
    again recently.

  14. Voted for Trump, but without doubt he is an environmental criminal, repealing job killing rules and replacing them with PEOPLE killing ones! He should dump puppet Pruitt and install a real, concerned EPA director!

  15. Pelosi is like all of the dem`s that are in Washington, CRAZY they lost the election and like children, they are throwing tantrums trying to get there own way.
    It`s said POWER CORRUPTS well just look at these dem`s doing everything they can to get back in power. And these but headed republicans are bending over backward to help.
    They are all DIRTY.

  16. I don’t know how Pelosi gets off demanding that Pruitt resign when she is a lying cheat on the take from who knows where. She has dementia and can’t make a complete sentence. The public should demand her resignation in the basis that she is just plain incompetent

  17. Stan L, you are correct. Millions is right. But how did she acquire such wealth? On a salary of 150K per year (plus perks), for 20 years, comes to 3 million plus. Yet she is worth in excess of 175 million. On the take much? Crooked, lying, cheating….. Screw the people! what can I get out of it? That is her m/o.

  18. Millions of Dollars is right. But how did she acquire such wealth? On a salary of $150 K per year ( plus perks) for twenty years, comes to 3 million plus. Yet she is worth in excess of !50 million. Crooked, deceitful, lying…..

  19. The Left has been long overdue in evaluating the continuation of Pelosi’s services. As a Conservative, I root for the Left to keep Pelosi’s ignorance alive and reserved for her. Very few politician’s with even a minimum of sense have responded to media questioning such as “We have to vote and pass it (Obamacare) to see what’s in it. Well, you folks surely had a good look by now!
    It’s no wonder she never ran for office for the U.S. Senate. That would have required a broader spectrum of votes other than the congressional district of the Leftist constituency that has elected and reelected her. Perhaps, despite her millions of $$, she needs her pay check from the U.S. House of Representatives to pay the bills for hubby’s pineapple plantations?

  20. She is not only a hack but I think she is seriously senile. Sometimes she says some of the dumbest things I have ever heard. But since she is calling for Donald Trumps resignation which she can forget. I am calling for her resignation for being an out of control idiot.Honestly I just wish she would go and suck someplace else like China or maybe Cuba.

  21. Pelosi is a hack and a has been. She is either on drugs or needs to be. Can anyone spell dementia? She allows Illegals into the county, for HER benefit. And, she says some of the stupidist statements I have ever heard! I have been in California for 56 of my 62 years, and used to be proud of that fact. Now, I am embarrassed to admit it. Cali has gone to hell in a hand basket, thanks to Pelosi. And Brown. And Waters, And Feinstein. And……. You get my drift. They are all dirty peices of S**t that to just go away and give the state back to the people.

  22. With the way the democoms are blocking Pres. Trump’s government picks, his national security plans, etc, if it was me I’d tell the democoms to go scratch.

  23. mike, I think you for being a Doctor, I am sure you have helped many people in your time. But I, like you think she thinks she is going too live forever, bet she will die in office and never live to spend the money she has stole from the public.I still live in the area across the bay that you left. have a good night.

  24. President Trump needs to get rid of the biggest majority of these knotheaded knuckleheads called democRATS! Nazi Pelosi and Chump S**tmar in particular!

  25. Your comments and recommendations are compassionate and sincere and serious advice for
    Nancy Pelosi. She is overcome with bitterness and anger as well as defiance. She needs to retire while she can still speak coherently. She needs to stop ranting and raving and sit back, relax and pray to the good Lord for compassion upon her soul.

  26. I hope that Scott Pruitt remains at the EPA for President Trumps entire 8 years! The EPA under Obama administration was a disaster. They did a lot of harm to our economy, and the people’s individual rights. I wouldn’t be terribly upset if they got rid of the entire agency.

  27. Calling for Trump’s resignation is about the only thing she can concentrate on. I have seen her speak and she seems to show some pausing and word formation problems possibly characteristic of alcoholism and/or dementia. Obviously it is ridiculous for physicians to make on-line “diagnoses.” I ask fellow physicians to please forgive me.

    As a retired physician, I feel badly for her. But on the other hand, we should not take her comments the least bit seriously.

    I believe that she is projecting her own need to resign, ironically. The human brain works in mysterious ways. I used to live in her Congressional district. I know she will not read this post, but in all candor and kindness, I urge her to resign and spend her remaining years in peace.

    sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  28. Hey if Ole’ Nancy “the Botox Queen” Pelosi wants to retire I sure President Trump would not mind hearing about it . He might even get her a gold watch as a going away gift . One with big numbers so she can read them .


  30. scott pruit is the best thing that happened to the E.P.A. thank God all of obamas regulations are being undone. we have had enough of these al gore climate freaks hoaxing the American people for years and walking away with boat loads of our hard earned money. its time we stop their gravy train.


  32. This is the party that ran Hillary for President? “staggering ethical blindness” didn’t seem to bother them then. They embraced it. They defended it.

  33. Oh yes, Man From Grey!!! The problem is….who will replace brown? Another lib/ demo? I hope not! Sick of those governors, mayors, judges who, I guess, have a secret dream of wanting to spend time, or live with illegal criminals! Maybe we should oblige them! 🙂

  34. This TIRED, WORN-OUT, USED, PATHETIC, OLD HAG needs to turn in her RUBY SLIPPERS…..
    Her COMMUNIST / MARXIST ways are well known and no one cares what she says anymore…IF THEY EVER DID…..ONLY her fellow HAGS and CRONES…..
    Their dirt is starting to fall back into their cesspool sewer with them….
    NANCY…..GO AWAY…..FAR AWAY……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. And nutty nan displays a “staggering stupidity”!! Perhaps it’s senility, I don’t really know, the this over-aged political whore should RESIGN AND DISAPPEAR!

  36. Pelosi definitely needs to go..She has never done anything for the American people except lie…And is only after tax payers money for her own agenda. TERM LIMITS…Everytime americans get a break she takes it all away and adds tripple upon the people.Get rid of her

  37. I think we all should start a campaign that Pelosi Resign – her BS is ridiculous. If she thinks Pruitt is unethical – why doesn’t she remove Mueller. He has a major conflict of interest, being a longtime friend of Comey’s, yet for them it’s okay?? I think Pelosi & Schumer should resign/retire immediately. After all they are not doing anything in Congress but delaying things that should be done!

  38. Polluted Pelosi probably figures that if she calls for an opponent’s resignation, it will take the spotlight off of the real person who needs to resign: herself.

  39. I hear that several Californian cities rising against the state sanctuary laws. That’s good. I hope they will prevail.

    Jerry Brown cannot be a governor-for-life. The first wall proposed by Trump should start erecting at the California-Mexico borders … NOW! The federal authorities should arrest Brown for the violation of many federal laws.

  40. Libtard tree hugging envirowackos don’t understand real environmental conservation. All they understand is taking away the rights of land owners and causing more environmental destruction by their ridiculous policies!

  41. Pelosi is exactly why we need TERM LIMITS; many more on both sides of the aisle needs to resign…..they are NOT working for the people !!!

  42. Pelosi is a corrupt politician that craves power and should NOT be allowed to have it again. The Democrats screwed up the country prior to being booted from power; and, while the GOP has to grow a set of balls, the Dems are worst at running things and should never be given the reins again….the soon to be published IG report and new DOJ investigation will shed light on all of their corruption, and current resistance movement.

  43. The person that should resign and leave is Pelosi. She is a poor excuse for any Politician. She stutters, she is delusional, and she is a liar.

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