Nancy Pelosi’s grand plan to impeach Trump got one huge assist from Barack Obama’s Deep State

The Democrats are moving into their endgame on impeachment.

Democrats believe this goal is within their grasp.

And Nancy Pelosi’s grand plan to impeach Trump got one huge assist from Barack Obama’s Deep State.

Democrats – in an unprecedented step – are using the House Intelligence Committee as part of their impeachment proceedings against the President.

The House Intelligence Committee has access to classified material put together by the Deep State and Democrats intend to use that dirt to destroy the President.

Politico reports:

The Intelligence Committee’s involvement could provide Democrats with more evidence against Trump that could strengthen their case against him.

The intelligence panel’s role is a sign of the unprecedented nature of the questions surrounding Trump’s relationship with Russia, as well as the uncharted territory House Democrats find themselves in as they consider whether to formally recommend Trump’s removal from office.

Typically, impeachment proceedings are the province of the House Judiciary Committee — and the panel, led by Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.), has taken the lead in a nascent legal fight that its members say could lead to articles of impeachment. But Nadler isn’t going it alone.

Sources involved in the process say Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) signed off on the panel’s legal strategy and suggested approaches that would closely bind the Judiciary and Intelligence Committees together as the process unfolds. Allegations that Trump welcomed Russian interference in the 2016 election while pursuing a business deal in Moscow have taken center stage for Schiff’s panel.

The Robert Mueller investigation ended with no charges for conspiring with Russia.

Russian collusion was a hoax cooked up by the Obama administration.

But during the Mueller investigation, the Deep State selectively leaked – or outright fabricated – classified information that appeared to prove there was evidence of Russian collusion.

Democrats intend to rerun this playbook during impeachment using the House Intelligence Committee’s access to classified information.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Can’t someone invent some PELOSI or ASSHOLE REPELLENT and get rid of these little irritating bugs or people they have in CONGRESS they are just such a pain in the ASS!!!

  2. Can the people stand up and stay ENOUGH of this BS. Enough money has been spent which could have been used for the infrastructure of America. Stop wasting taxpayers dollars. Star working for AMERICA, not for your nefarious schemes or ideas. Like it or not the POTUS is the president of ALL people living in this Great Nation of OURS.

  3. One wonders how much andronochrome Nacy has been drinking to turn from a 100 year old looking hag to a more youthful sixty year old looking shrew? Why does she do it, she will look twice as old in a few days time.

    • When for heavens sake is Barr going to do something with all that has been uncovered with his investigation? All I hear is talk, talk, talk. I really would like to see some action for Pete’s sake. Quit dragging your butt Barr and give us some results. Oh yes, you did. You didn’t prosecute Comey even though he deserved it. Say what??? This is what America wants? I think not.

      • If Barr is going to accuse members of Congress, or those close to them, with criminal activity then he cannot rush into it. First, facts have to be separated from fiction (Liberals have produced a LOT of fiction). Then facts have to be checked, double-checked, then checked again. The reliability of witnesses has to be determined and their sources investigated. All of this takes time.
        I would prefer that Barr take his time and get it right, than rush in half-cocked and mess it up ruining all chances of indictments in the future.

    • If you let the Democrats take control of the country then you deserve it, the power is with the voters at the moment, whether or not you keep that power is up to you. The passive acceptance of this coup d’tat is mind boggling. You need to get the toxins out of your water supply, just saying.

      • Unfortunately, Tom, your dear cult leader has rolled back those regulations on toxins in your water, so we literally won’t be getting rid of them soon; they will only increase as long as he is in office.

  4. Hopefully, all those Dem jerks will get charged with treason and go to jail. Then they can wipe their tails with the impeachment papers they threatened with.

  5. Yes, and Black Obama is to be believed? Fast & furious-giving 3000 guns to the Mexican cartel made sense, right? Award to BP petroleum and Deep Horizon well spilled billions of barrels of oil in the Gulf. Bailed out Solyndra for $500 billion and they filed for bankruptcy; allowed Killary Clinton to use private server to solicit donors on her server, failed to protect our Ambassador to Libya just to name a few blunders Obama made during his regime. Over 8,000 blacks were killed in Chicago and Detroit during the 8 yrs he “served: and did nothing to stop the slaughter; more blacks killed during his office than any other pres. Not to mention the national debt went from 8 trillion to over 21 trillion during his miserable tenure.

    • I know that I feel good about President Donald Trump . And if we let these crazy as woman Democrats run this country, THEN WE ARE DOOMED! DON’T let us loose this last remaining Americans who isn’t afraid of speaking for the people. We are ANGRY And Not GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE, yes I said it ANGRY!

  6. There is no Russian collusion involving Trump and never has been. You Democrats are delusional. You still think that Hillary won the 2016 election, and it was stolen from her by the Russians.

    • Personally, I would hope for revolution to kick in and that will open up the pandora’s Box as conservatives finally step up and start grabbing these scumbags in their homes and stringing them up. Every democrat in this country needs a good neck stretching. Oh my gosh!!!! Red flag red flag red flag!!!! Guess I need my liberties taken from me and my Godl given unalienable right of gun ownership stripped because I hate every single left wing POS democrat and what a holes like Kamal Toe Hairyass, Bill De Commie O, Butthole O’dorke and the rest are doing to this country!

      • I agree with you about civil war. I also believe Liberals have been deliberately herding the country towards a civil war for over 20 years. Liberals have the insane idea that only they will survive a war and it will leave them in charge of the country permanently.

  7. These Idiotic Demonrats are so STUPID but yet so are the ones who voted for them. Let them keep messing up and maybe the will drown in their own swamp, it would save us from draining it. They will never give up until Trump ruins them. I CANT WAIT FOR THAT DAY!!!!!

  8. Well, it’s officially a race ! Whose agenda will be fulfilled first ?
    Will the impeachment crowd meet their goal, first ? . . . or will AG Barr indict key members (including BHO himself) of the Obama administration on sedition charges in the election interference debacle. There is involvement in the Jeffrey Epstein weaved web of “key political figures” to be considered, as well. I’m not saying BHO is involved, but this case promises to name some household names. It’s nauseating and exciting at the same time ! On your mark . . . get set . . . !

    • These idiots keep forgetting that President Trump is a counter puncher. Just think what he has on most of the big mouths up there. Biden and his son Russia and China. Hillary uranium Russia the little fiasco in Libya the stolen money in porta Rica Kerry and his Iran connection holder selling guns to the cartels among other things. How about lynch and her deals. Then you have the big cheese obamy there is enough to have the military arrest and charge him with treason. Enough known facts to convict him. He is always looking for a legacy so here is one. He could be the first and only president to be arrested, tried, and executed. That would be a legacy he could be proud of.

      • I will bet you 10 to 1 tRUMP laundered money for a lot of unsavory people especially being in real estate and selling condos how do you think they turn dirty money into clean.

        • Obviously you rode the short bus to your special needs school. Most teachers are trained to stop children from banging their heads into the wall. So it’s obvious your brain damage occured in the pre school years.

        • MJ, I wish you would at least do your laundry. And take a shower and wash your face. You walk around the office stinking like crap in your sweaty wrinkled clothes and zit filled face. That’s why no one in your office likes you, your fat, ugly, and politically uninformed!

      • Obama should be Arrested for giving Iran all that money to help with their terror attacks. Obama should be investigated not President Trump

        • Actually Jo … The rope has been Illegal for some 60 years now … However, the folling 3 things are all that is allowed for the act of TREASON TO THE U.S.A. OR TO A SITTING PRESIDENT …

          1) READY !

          2) AIM ! !

          3) FIRE ! ! !

          Personaly I Like Them . . .

          • Actually rope is still legal in Washington &New Hampshire and military. Funny that two of the more liberal wacky states allow it.


  9. House speaker & Ex Emperor Obambam, working together??, Talk about desperation, yet I still believe that Trash Attracks Trash, Shoot, the emperor spent nearly a TRILLIAN DOLLARS IN HIS FIRST THREE MONTHS OF OFFICE, ( Of course that was between his taking several vacations between his working in his office.
    Yep, these two deserve each other. As for their shared attempts of INSURRECTION, THE BOTH DESERVE A DATE AT THE GALLOWS !! I.M.O.

  10. classified material, sounds promising if you are Nancy polosi.
    I would understand the classified material thing that polosi is talking about, if she was talking about someone that has been in government for years, but trump hasn’t been in that long.
    What does she expect to find? Job creation, elimination of democratic greed, a better tomorrow…….
    This display of nonsense with polosi is probably the result of not getting enough sleep, because of trumps accomplishments
    Has left her with sleepless nights.

    • Pelosi should retire.This country has had enough of her lies and manipulation.Alot of black people to are tired of getting nothing from the Democratic party but a free cell phone.Trump is a fair man that has done alot for us all in this country.

      • Pooplosi and Obunghole are lovers and Biden watches. The Dumbo’s including Atom ant Schitt and Jerry Nad’s Nadler don’t have the stones to impeach Trump’s dog. Pooplosi is Nadlers winch on Friday nights.

      • Greg, I think that the whole of the government that has served (everyone but AMERICA ) for over 25 + years should go AWAY . . . Sure we will miss a very few none active Republicans but to we can vote new talent in. On the other hand, in doing so we cleanout some 43.875% of the J.A.P. who have done NOTHING for AMERICA EVER . . .

        • Term limits for all the dirtbag politicians who have never held a real job, created a job and made payroll…..let’s see, that’s Joe Bite Me, Hossein O’craphole, Turkey neck Maxine, Half the rest of the dems, and unfortunately a few repubs as well. Lastly, term limits on Supreme Court Justices. Actually all political appointees should limit out!.

          Convention of The States is the only way

          • Never happen. Has to be approved by Congress. That’s why we have term limits for President and not Congress.

  11. The Democrat party is the party of stupidity this year, drunk on power they bring their powers demise with stupidity, The US Constitution states explicitly no president shall be impeached during war time! the stupid democrats are trying to bankrupt the country with BS impeachment theory for no reason, they are supposed to know the constitution but obviously do not know anything about their jobs other than collecting a check! Hopefully every voter will remember the stupidity of the democratic party as of late and make an intelligent choice when voting in the upcoming election!

    • I hope and pray they fall flat on their rear ends and lose ALL the seats that are up for election/re-election. I would also love to see Soros/Clintons/DNC have to reimburse our Government for all the taxpayer money that was wasted on their last “investigation” against our President.

      • William . . . Make that all the cost of all the lies, Health care & Insurance, Common Core Schools, The Refit of school kitchens the now serve the Green Stuff, Yellow Stuf, Orange Stuff, Brown Stuff that Kids DO NOT eat, sure you lose weight when you don’t eat 135 meals a year because you don’t know what it is and the taste of the stuff would not be allowed to be feed to P.O.W’s . .

        The other hand you hit on the head 70 gulf games & 83 basketball games, Cape Cod, Marthas Vinyard, Paris, London, Rome, Hawaii, California and the other 45 so needed “‘ VACATIONS ” Then lets not forget the 68 parties at the Whitehouse with 5 star acts & more that O’BaymYa did not pay for & look at the Yellow Media not 1 word about ” O’s ” $9,775,000.oo a pop not paid for yet ” T’s ” who has paid for his gets PLASTERED with the BROWN STUFF . . .

    • Remember, the four fools, were elected by fools, who were fooled by the fools. When the nation has a public who will elect ratshita, pressly, omar, or cotex , then there is a problem.

  12. Obviously they have NOT learned yet that when they do this kind of garbage “It always comes back to blow up in their faces”…..IT NEVER pays off to be VINDICTIVE…….
    I can’t wait to see nadler, schiff and pelosi get a dry diaper on again…………..

  13. Am I the only one who finds it compelling that Rep. Anthony Weiner, who showed his weiner on the internet and whose sex crimes with an underage child like Epstein was sent to prison, and his slut of a wife who lied her way out of a Hillary Clinton prosecution have both disappeared from pubic view? Are we all suppose to pretend that these two assholes are beyond prosecution?

  14. The SENATE has the POWER and they will NEVER participate in any type of impeachment against President Trump..!! Period..!! Problem solved..!! You’re welcome…!!

  15. Read your history that money was money Iran put down for an arms sell to the Shah of Iran. Now maybe you are not old enough to remember that hostage situation but we froze their assets. The money that was returned to them was theirs to begin with.

    • I am not quite sure your recollection of history is correct! If the money was technically theirs why was it delivered secretly and in the dead of night, and pallets of cash? There was/is still no accountability!
      Worth looking into however! Just like “fast and furious” and Benghazi!

      • Jay go look it up in 1978/79 timeframe right before the revolution the Iranian government put down 400,000,000 for fighter aircraft when the revolution happened we froze all their assets. Part of the Iranian complainants was we would not return their assets. Hence when the JCPOC was signed part of the deal was the return of their assets. If you don’t believe me go look it up.

        • MJ: whether or not this specific money is Iran’s money is immaterial amd irrelevent. The fact is that money, if theirs, was frozen in the interests of not allowing Iran to forment a terrorist insurrection, which is EXACTLY what Iran did.

          To that end, if what you say is accurate, then what Obama did was treasonous AT BEST! OBAMA enabled a terrorist enabling country. That, based on the rationale for holding the money in the first place, is grounds for bringing Obama up on charges of treason as well as a host of other national security violations.

          So, MJ, you want to stick with that story?

          • Yes it was their money now what you doing is trying to combine two arguments. Yes Iran is a bad actor no doubt I will not argue fact. But we signed an agreement to try and put some controls on their nuclear enrichment program backed up by a total of six other countries.

            So how is it that President Obama was a traitor seems to me he was trying defuse a sticky situation. I applaud the international community for trying to at least come up with an agreement to slow Iran down
            Because if there wasn’t Israel would have struck Iran and I say that because in 2012 my son was over in Israel flying with the IDF for 30 days. And remember Iran wouldn’t be Iraq. If you want more discussion on the matter just reach out,

          • MJ; the money on the pallets late at night to a sworn enemy of Israel and the United States, by their (Irans) choice, should tell you something. But I doubt you will agree or understand.

            But to go further, you seem articulate and intelligient and I will ask you to respond to this question HONESTLY. The question… is many who believe Obama is a devout Muslim with Islamic radical leanings. With that in mind and the situation in Europe with Islamic rationalization, Obama crafted this accord with Iran. Now, do you REALLY believe that prior to President Trump backing out of this accord, that Iran was not secretly and covertly enriching uranium to achieve weapons grade status? C’mon, MJ, now be HONEST. You may not like ypur answer but be HONEST! C’MON, you can say it; everyone knows!

          • E ~ 4 Ed; Thanx for the recollection. More fuel to my comment. Obama GREVIOUSLY, committed treason and a host of other national security violations / infractions.

        • So why didn’t Obama just hold on to the money? Iran was not sueing to get the money back. Biden himself when asked if some of the money might be used to fund the terrorist, said it probably would. It looks like Obama gave the money to the terrorist when he didn’t have to. Why?

  16. When are these democraps going to realize that President Trump is not a weak spineless bureaucrat, he is a seasoned businessman. He’s not a politician,I believe that is what they do not like and that is why the democraps want to remove him.President Trump wants to drain the swamp and wants to eliminate the perks from the “swamp” These idiots have attacked him, his family and relatives to not gain a tenth of an inch

    • John, absolutely! I think when Trump and his military supporters carefully get their domino’s lined up, in a woosh many, many of the corrupt ones will go down.

  17. It figures the worst President ever tries every dirty little tick in the world to make President Trump look bad. Guess what the people know whats good for them and sure wasn’t X-President Obama that thinks he is still President. He has done enough harm to America during his term in office.The less we hear from him the better….

    • Pelosi dont have an intelligent commitee she and her friends found out Trump won’t back down and kiss her ass like all the rest we the people need to vote to impeach her and deport her she has one track mind impeach she cant do two things at once

    • Trump makes himself look bad. Under Obama the economy recovered. Of course you go to printing money and spread it through the economy, the pace increases. But when it comes time to pay the piper, reality sets in. That’s what happened after Bush Jr., and is likely to happen again.

      • Wake up you dumb ass #44 did nothing to help America but vacation and play golf at our expense. He Obama hated us and so did his so called wife, who hated America also.How come the Market never went up for him? Why did the job market go up under Our President Donald Trump you must be a stupid Demorat to say what you said. Obama was and is a do nothing POS. Clintons are the same thing. WAKE UP and join the REAL AMERICANS who LOVE THIS COUNTRY and don’t just take from it what they can get.

      • Oh please wipe the Kool-Aid from your mouth it is dripping.. Obama did nothing but sell us out we did not even own 60% of ourselves by the time he was finished he more than doubled our national debt by himself..when all is said and done he’s going to try and claim his Kenyan citizenship the keep from hanging.. pop your popcorn it’s quite the tasty snack to go along with your Kool-Aid..

      • Roger S., all of that and more! I just hope he doesn’t have Michael jump into the 2020 election race. Since they don’t have any credible candidates, She/he might just get the Dim’s votes.

      • He doesn’t have to believe or support it anymore There are others who have proved Trump’s theory already. Former law enforcement guys are good at that.

      • The Constitution requires the President to be a “natural born citizen”, not just a “citizen”, that Senators and Representatives have to be. One may be a citizen just by being born here or by birth anywhere to at least one citizen parent, but ONLY someone born on U.S. soil to a citizen FATHER and a citizen MOTHER is a “natural born citizen”. Obama could have been born in the Lincoln bedroom of the White House and still wouldn’t have been eligible, simply because his Kenyan, British subject father was not a citizen. He was the biggest fraud (and usurper) ever perpetrated on the American people.
        ” Rep. John Bingham was the father of the 14th Amendment. In 1862 and 1866, Bingham defined a “natural born citizen” as a child born on U.S. soil of parents [plural] who were themselves citizens of the U.S. and thus owed no foreign (dual) allegiances.”
        There are also multiple SCOTUS rulings that define “natural born citizen” as those born on U.S. soil to parents who are themselves, citizens. I learned what a natural born citizen was in school and college before Obama was born. He didn’t fool me a bit! Natural born citizen still means the same thing it did when the Founders/Framers put it into the Constitution, no matter how hard you leftists have tried to change it.

        • Sandy.. you are correct.. he was born in Kenya and he attended School in Indonesia, elementary school that is, his mother was white and known as the CIA honey whore, her father Obama’s grandfather was a CIA agent and third cousin to HW, cia gpa, last name stathmann, is who doctored all his records, his Hawaii birth certificate has font on it that haven’t been invented or used for another 30 years after his so-called birth in Hawaii, professors from Harvard and everywhere else are stating he was never in their classes that is why his records are sealed because he is fraud his name has been changed three times..Steve Robinson, Barry soretos,and finally Barack Obama, cuz then stepped out of the shadows to become a senator.. he was planted years ago and to keep him from hanging he will claim his Kenyan citizenship.. everything will be undone he should have never been president. And while he was he committed so much fraud and scandals it’s not even funny, he threatened to sue media that’s why they never dogged him, Trump just plays their games, this is why he personally authorized fisa warrants that were fraud and it’s called spygate, he too will go down, he will try and claim Kenyan citizenship but we won’t extradite him back to Kenya

        • You left out 2 groups of AMERICAN Kids

          1 = GI brats

          2 = Embassy Brats we have 100% wavers if we were born in other countries that our parents are serving at. in addition the land is U.S. Government land ie AMERICA . . .

  18. When are they going to realize that impeaching a President just because you don’t like him is a VERY BAD PRECEDENT to set? President Trump has done nothing wrong. He certainly hasn’t committed “high crimes or misdemeanors”. So exactly what are they going to impeach him for? And just remember that karma is a (really unfriendly girl)!

    • The caustic and vile democrat Congressmen probably think that for those people who don’t follow politics closely, that if they impeach President Trump, they’ll make many of these voters think twice before voting for a president who’s been impeached.

    • Deplorable Lanie, POTUS won’t be impeached for that would never fly in the Senate. The Corrupt Ones are just stirring the pot to confuse uninformed voters.

      • Of course that is when the Deep State started and they protect their own until they get indicted and charged. That’s when the evolution from a human to a rat takes place. Rats when cornered turn on their own just to get some cheese or in this case a reduced sentence. That would have more likely happened with Epstein but again the rats came out of their swamp/drains and took care of business. But I have some faith in Barr and his investigation that he will find the culprits and hold them accountable. Sex traffickers and sexual perverts will pay for their actions. I am sure that Epstein is doing that right now and the rest will follow.

        • Dennis how was that embarrassing the Republicans did try that in the 90’s and it did not work out so well. That’s why Pelosi has tried to keep it off the table so the electorate doesn’t feel sorry for tRUMP. Think about it Clinton was more popular at the end of his Presidency than at the beginning.

    • So if tRUMP looses the election you are saying you want a civil war. Be careful what you ask for you might just get it. Besides who are you going to fight the government doubt any states will succeed. Next civil war will not be like the last one our ancestors fought. Think Serbia or Syria no place will be safe.

  19. Well all they are trying to split the America people! It won’t happen! We are one for this country! Civil War will be on the Democrats! Here comes the people of US! Idiot’s

    • The democracts are doing a great job splitting this country up and the idiots supporting the democracts like Sanders don’t even know they are messing up their own country. Seems either Americans don’t seem to care they are being screwed and lied to or they are being blinded. Pelosi you are good at getting people like the deep throat state to help you did you off a hand job to get it? Since you like to be ahead on everything

        • OK, can you elaborate on that? You have to have something to impeach. Just because you don’t like someone, that isn’t an impeachable offense! Tel you what, Trump wasn’t born yesterday, he is smart, with smart individuals working on his team. But if you fee Obama was a better President, Now, I want you to think! What did he accomplish in his 8 years in office, except increased the national debt $20 trillion dollars! If you remember right, our companies were leaving the US, and moving oversea, Mexico ect Obama is a Community leader, nothing more, has no business sense, he has never worked! Even when he was in the Senate! Hillary Clinton, should be in prison for all the crap her and Bill have been involved in, to include their foundation that hasn’t helped anyone but their salaries is staggering! It is a tax write off for the wealthy!

          • Look at his rhetoric towards Africa Americans, look at what his name calling of the Hispanic sparked in El Paso the shooter posited in his manifesto sounded like tRUMPS rhetoric. Then he told 3 American citizens to leave. And then there was Charlottesville and how he did not condemn the neo-nazies.

          • You know I have lived 62 years in this country and I cannot ever remember a President spewing such vitriol as this one.

          • Harry all I did was speak truth everything I said came straight out of the mouth of tRUMP. So how is that disgusting by speaking the truth about what he said. Or is it something else that disturbs you.

          • MJ, YOU and YOUR ignorant mouth are DISGUSTING!!! It must be very painful to be as STUPID as you clearly are!

          • Hey Harry is that the best you can do. Reduce to name calling hum sounds like someone else I have heard of who could that be.

          • Hey, MJ! Clearly you were not issued a brain. Instead your cranial cavity was filled with manure, which explains your retarded postings. Your mother should have elected abortion instead of childbirth.

        • Oh please wipe the Kool-Aid from your mouth it is dripping.. Obama did nothing but sell us out we did not even own 60% of ourselves by the time he was finished he more than doubled our national debt by himself..when all is said and done he’s going to try and claim his Kenyan citizenship the keep from hanging.. pop your popcorn it’s quite the tasty snack to go along with your Kool-Aid..

        • If you thing being childish and calling the POTUS a silly name, you’re just demonstrating your terminal ignorance. The POTUS is a billionaire married to a Miss World finalist. You, by comparison, were, are and forever will be a NOTHING. Live with it, moron, Hillary lost.

  20. these dems are the most lying, corrupt, stupid aholes I have seen. all the corruption that happen was by killery and the dems, they should all be locked up

    • Rodzzz. We can see that yourself and Redman are another couple of intellectually challenged witless dipshits.
      Hateful racist ignorant.

  21. Wow these dumbass demorats can’t see pass there nose they well not get to impeach president Trump GOD as had men speak over this in 2014 where they say impeach impeach this president but they well not get there way Trump well be president again 2020

    • demorats be uh werdy yuu lernud een troomp oniversity? “Pass” there” Where is “There” Trump GOD? You speeky likey yo crack ho slut transgender daddy.

          • MJ.. what rhetoric towards blacks? I know more black people that have walked away from the Demokkkrats and became conservative then you can shake a stick at, I’ve also watched this President do more for blacks than the last so-called half black president, besides truth of the matter is these people including Elijah Cummings were given millions for the black communities and they embezzled it, trump called him out on it, it was Trump supporters that went and cleaned up that community, besides the race card has been declined please come up with another form of legit argument, you make it sound as if we’re supposed to sit here and keep handing out to black people just because they’re black they can clean up their own communities and do for themselves they are in the same land of opportunity just like the rest of us.. who cares about skin color..he has not said anything racist towards black with this so-called rhetoric.. you are obviously still believing the lies

    • Not if the economy tanks he will not be re-elected. He only won three states by 88,000 votes and if and I say if the minority’s turn out he can be beaten.

      • Isn’t it pathetic that you libs would rather see the economy tank rather than Trump be reelected? You hate him more than you love America and its people. That says a lot.

        • Sandy I don’t want the economy crash I have 5 years left in the workforce. However please listen closely tRUMP has the bully pulpit Twitter you can not tweet one day you are adding more tariffs to China and then four days later put them on hold. Business can not plan for expansion if they don’t know from the government what policy it plans from one day to the next. Common sense tells you that much.

          • Well! The “all knowing” MJ has spoken!! You are not the President of the United States! He has far more knowledge of what’s happening than you ever will have! He has the authority to handle the negotiations! You do not!! Shut your uninformed trap!

  22. No good white-folks ruined america from ever really becoming great. The only thing most of the white-folks are “great” at is money stealing, gun worshiping, inbreeding, lying, killing for the thrill, racism. and living deep in denial of it all. hahahahhahahahaha

    • Go home and smoke more of your peyote, pathetic excuse for an American Indian. I have my serious doubts you really are Indian.

    • redman we white people kicked your ass took our land and gave you some back what we should have done is remove the blight forever!!!!

    • Big chief laughing gas, you are a real commodian. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

    • Your the fools who after the longest war AMERICA has had 1828 to 2006 started by A. Jackson & defunded by Bush Jr . . . just 178 years then you fools totally aline with the very party & vote for them too . . . After they killed 250,000,00 to 375,000,000 of you . . . Put your children into ” White Man’s ” schools in Boston, Chicago, New York D.C. just to name a few . . . Forced marched you 2,750 miles from home to the Reservation . . . Gave you the Reservation Trade Post with not much for trade but firewater, gun powder, & shot . . . & now its all now called ” Welfare ” you so readily accept big time . . . AND VOTE TO KEEP IT . . .

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