Nancy Pelosi’s latest attack on Donald Trump backfired in this major way

Nancy Pelosi’s feud with Donald Trump took a strange turn.

Speaker Pelosi can always be counted on to oppose everything Donald Trump does.

But Nancy Pelosi’s latest attack on Donald Trump backfired in this major way.

Donald Trump recently announced a major agreement with Mexico to try and stem the growing crisis at the Southern Border.

Mexico agreed to deploy more troops to their Southern Border to break up caravans traveling from Central America to the United States.

In addition, Mexico agreed to expand the “remain in Mexico” policy to the entire border from just being used as the three busiest ports of entry.

That policy allows the United States to send asylum seekers to Mexico – instead of releasing them into the United States – while they wait for their asylum claims to be adjudicated.

For the United States’ part, President Trump agreed not to move forward with a threat of imposing five percent tariffs on all Mexican goods.

This enraged Pelosi.

She outrageously claimed Trump conducted foreign policy by “temper tantrum.”

The Daily Caller reports:

Pelosi, who has been engaging the president in a war of words all week, suggested there was little diplomatic gain in the brief stand-off or the deal itself, the Washington Examiner reported.

After saying he would impose a 5% tariff on imports if Mexico did not act to fortify its border with the United States and prevent further illegal border crossings, Mexico agreed after a flurry of negotiations and Trump declared victory Friday night.

But it was no victory according to Pelosi.

“President Trump undermined America’s preeminent leadership role in the world by recklessly threatening to impose tariffs on our close friend and neighbor to the south,” Pelosi told reporters. “Threats and temper tantrums are no way to negotiate foreign policy.”

Americans could not believe it.

Donald Trump achieved a tangible victory on one of the biggest issues facing America and Pelosi took time to quibble over the manner in which the President secured the victory.

Pelosi’s hissy fit showed her goal is not to improve the lives of Americans, but instead to tear down the President ahead of his re-election campaign.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. my computer is right next to my bed, bj. not that hard to reach even for me. I did not seek out renewed right. I got an email in my inbox welcoming a fellow conservative. if someone is so stupid to think me a conservative, that is their fault for my replying emails informing them I am NOT a conservative.

    • Your ignorance is profound. You have no concept of truth. Libs have only hate for anyone who does not agree with them. Coming here should show you truth, but you are too ignorant to understand that. And since you have easy access to your computer, try reading the truth of the Bible. There are LOTS of places you can go to find it. Maybe God led you here to find your way.

    • Instead of coming on here and attacking us for knowing the truth, you should read your Bible and find the wondrous love that Jesus has for you. It will cure your hate.

  2. carl, if he wants to convince any sane american of no collusion then all he needs to do is show all his naysayers up buy showing his taxes.

    • No. They tried everything they could to find collusion and none was found. IT DOES NOT EXIST!!!!! You just can’t stand it that Pres. Trump won the presidency fair and square. He has done so much good for this country. Hillary is extremely corrupt and evil, but you would rather have her. You are a fool.

    • Carl, of course she has no proof. There was no collusion. As hard as she tried, NONE has been found. But the sick libs can’t stand the truth and have only hate. They are very dangerous to our freedom

  3. which can be prove by showing his taxes. besides donating his salary has NEVER completely offset his cuts or spending

    • He doesn’t have to show his taxes , the country is doing very good at this time , all this crap about taxes and other liberal stupid shit , has nothing to do with a damn thing , except in your small liberal brains , IDOIT STICKS , that’s your new handle from now on , fitting for a bunch of SIMPLETON Liberals

    • Pay no attention to Julio. He doesn’t know the answers to his own questions. Just another asshole trying to turn people from President Trump.

  4. how is the rayathon deal with Saudi arabia making parts for smart bombs good for America? how is relaxing the regulations for animal parts as good for America?

  5. fine, Barbara, if you can prove. it might be on his tax returns. show on his tax returns that he donated the amount.

  6. just honestly compare the verified amounts spent on golfing, Barbara. if Obama’s totals are greater i’ll admit it.

    • WHO CARES?????????? You just can’t let go of the TRUTH that Pres. Trump won fair and square in spite of extremely corrupt Hillary’s evil efforts to derail him.

    • You know something troll? I couldn’t care less about how President Trump made his money years ago. The man has lost and made more fortunes than anyone I can remember.
      I tell you what I would very much like to know is how people who have been making 179k for the past 30 years are now multi millionaires. So can you tell me how a woman whose constituents are living on streets filled with piss and shit, is living in a 6 million dollar mansion and is quoted to be worth over 128 million dollars?
      I just find it extremely odd that politicians are so worried about how a man made his money BEFORE he was in politics, yet they can’t explain how they became millionaires by being politicians.

  7. She’s earned her handle ” The Wicked Witch Of The West ” , it’s about time her old Broom takes a dive and crashes ,and burns !!

  8. Nancy made history as a two-time speaker of the house. I’m sorry for that. she has shown she has no control over her party, and is pushing the trump derangement syndrome on her uneducated party base, who continues to spew ignorance and hate with every word they speak. She does not show leadership, she shows the more unsavory side of a mean girl. As for the President, he is from NYC, we expect a certain amount of ill-mannered city elites. we also expect a brassiness from self made men who don’t cave to the PC culture that is the rot of America. Like him or not, he is bringing ideas to the table while Nancy and her ilk sit it out.

    • Cyndi I’ve never understood why they put that old hag back in as speaker. She stays too drunk to do much speaking I can also see signs of Alzheimers. I know. My mother had it. Nancy is showing the same signs.


  10. NP is an UNTRUTHFUL person! She speaks with both ends of her mouth! She is a False Image! No one should listens to her tiwsting of Truth! Anyone who listens to her is a bigger fool than ME! I do not listen to her, she is more dumb than me the FOOL! If she loves all those ILLEGALS so much, she should invite them all to live with her and treat them all as she would treats her very own! If not, please, leave our President alone to do his job as the Head of the Country! He is putting Aermica First, not last! And learns to be WISE as the Speaker of the HOUSE should be! So far, she is way below mark! She should, truly, tries to take some lessons from Newt and his Contract with America, so that we can all working together to ” Make America Great Again” that is what we all should try to do as Americans within this One UNTIED STATES unde God! Withot God, there would be no America! NP would not be able to be the Speaker of the HOUSE, beacause, there would be NO America around! Always remember to nurture the ROOT of our Nation, so that She can GROW! Never to EVIL will the President nor anyone else! It is, we the PEOPLE puttimg him there with our REASONS! That reason was, is and forver is to be is to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! ” If NP has that in mind, she woud had thought of it a long time ago! This is our President’s Firs Time In POLITICS, but is NP’s life time job! Let us all facing the TRUTH! Between NP and President TRUMP, who has done more for the Good of our NATION without any from of SELFISH GAIN? of course it is Our President Trump!

  11. Question If you had a neighbor who had a bunch of animals and he let them run lose,and they ate your flowers and shrubs and crapped on your lawn and after talking nicely to said neighbor ,but getting no results. Would you put out poison, shoot the animals set your neighbors house on fire to get him to move or just build a WALL ???????

  12. only Carrier and Harley-Davidson coming back counts. in the case of the former because twump bragged about him making a deal to get the company to remain.

    • Professional Political Whore Nancy Pelosi is the best Recruiter for the Republican Party. So lady keep it up we need to show your DemoCommunist Party for the treasonous snakes they are!!!

  13. I wish people on this site would listen to me about these communist agitators ie Scott 27, the Old Rabid Dog, Joe The Fake Plummer, Betty bitch Eric the red communist and others and simply not reply to their rantings as they are blithering idiots and cry baby sore loosers because Hillary didn’t win. Let them go home and drown in their crocodile tears and they will eventually go away and I say good bleeping riddance to all of them.

  14. yes or no, did twump say he didn’t see how he would have time to leave the white house. yes or no, guns.

    • Julio, why do all of your replies appear to address matters not in conversation here, or appear to follow no reasoning? Are you addressing voices in your head that no one else is privy to. Seek help.

  15. dude, unless you have different information than I have twunp has cost the taxpayer in vacation 10 times what Obama did in 8 years.

    • That is the biggest lie yet you mention. Lets check out the figures. Flying to Hawaii for most xmas vacations, including the support of Secret service, and cost to tax payers on air force one, plus Michele staying on for some weeks longer, and double the cost of flying back at a later time. Hawaii expense was reported at $12,000 per night for lease nearly a month. Trump Flies to Florida, has spent time in the white house at xmas to wait for congress to come back to negotiate, while rest of his family spent time at The Forida owned golf resort. Cost to fly air force one was 1/10 cost of each trip to Hawaii. Secret service was provided affordable quarters at 1/10 of cost to Hawaii. Now lets look at separate vacations the first lady Michele took to Africa at tax payers expense. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO WAY TRUMP HAS SPENT MORE THAN OBAMA BIN lADIN. I really would like to see the difference from AOG’s records. But I am pretty sure that Hawaii is much more costly to vacation than Florida.

      • Don’t confuse poor juwio wichahd wawedo with facts. Like all demo-leftists they can’t handle facts. They simple confuse them and all they can do in response is attack, attack, attack.
        I like it better when the trolls stayed under the bridge, or in the mommy’s basement.

      • Roger, you are insane, his family is larger, his trips are much more frequent and many of the secret service stay at his expensive hotels. He spent more in 2+ years than the Obamas spent in 8.

        • nutty…YOU are the one who is insane. Never mind how much was spent. Obama’s goal was to bring down this country. He is Muslim and there is no freedom in Islam. Pres. Trump loves this country and has done a lot of good. But that means nothing to you. You have only hate. sad

    • So what???? Pres. Trump loves this country and has done a lot of good. Obama is a traitor and hates everything this country stands for. He is Muslim and side with Islam, which is our enemy.

    • Julio do you even know how many American Companies are now Back here? That is saying More Americans working in good paying Jobs.That Obama ran awy from this country just for them to keep their Doors open 2nd thing We now have More Minorities of all colors working instead of on the Slavery of Welfare and Food Stamps 3rd Trump has Made agreements now with China Canada and other countries which your side said would never happen 4th he killed the treaty with Iran which cost Us Billions and gave us nothing saving that Money to be used here not in a country who hates us .5th If the republicans will get behind trump Obama care will be gone for good and Maybe we can drop the Cost of Health Care to a Cost Americans can afford. Do I need to go on ? I can.

      • Randal, you are wasting your time arguing with an idiot. President Trump has done more for our country than all Presidents since Reagan, and that is with Democrats and their RINO friends and the media fighting him every step of the way. But old Julio is suffering from TDS, which is a mental condition, so its best to just ignore the fool.

    • He hasn’t vacationed nearly as much as obummer did. Obummer took million dollar family vacation on the tax payers dollars too..

      • Your Right dud3e in one Case He and His faqmily wanted Ice cREAM FOR DESERT AFTER SUPPER AND THEY FLEW up to Martha’s Vineyard for Ice Cream Really the Ketchen in thwe White House was out of Rocky Road or wasd it they ran out of Cones? That trip cost the American Tax payer around $1.4 million per person in their family. What all the Baskin Robbins in D C were closed? For that amount a ice cream company could have opened back up that Night and could have made all the Ice cream they could ever eat in a Life time

    • Obama also flew Biden in on the weekends to play golf on taxpayer dollars. He also used separate transportation for his dog st taxpayers expense. Do your homework instead of parroting what you see/hear on cable news.

  16. rule through temper tantrum??? Sounds like Pelosi, not Trump. And frankly Trump knows that he ask to get funding to cure cancer and pelosi would reject it. the same would be true of anything to do with the border situation. ANd the nation state of Mexico has not been a good fiend of ours allowing central americans to jump the wall at the US border.

  17. The dems cant stand Trump because he sees right through their crooked crap,therefore nothing he does is going to be good enough or right. They are just reassuring his reelection. And their downfall. Wow and they wanted us to believe they are working for the American public no they are scared their padded pockets will run dry. When u go in a normal citizen and come out a millionaire and u dont make a million $$ for your salary something ain’t right. So we aint as stupid as u think so keep up the good work dems the more u work for yourselves the sooner ur true colors will enlighten all voters!!!!

      • Redneck just cause i used the word “ain’t” well i guess i probably am. Unpatriotic, not ever. I was raised in a military family and am very proud of it. So this Dawn of the dead is more patriotic than some they have in our capital supposedly working for the American people.

        • Dawn, you sound O.K. All politicians in there long enough become rich, regardless of party. The problem with Trump is whatever billions he has bilked, he needs to steal many more, that’s what many billionaires do and need.

          • He has lost money since going to the Whitehouse UNLIKE ALL the presidents before him. They made millions!

  18. Pelosi is an international crowd pleaser. She’s afraid to upset the foreigners. She, like millions of brainwashed liberals, carry the white guilt mentality that is obviously very bad for the American interests. We need a national leadership to assure the fair balance of world trade that will end the national debt woes. Wealth distribution have gotten out of hand.
    We even come to the point that the migrant leaders demanded $50,000 each migrant to go back to their countries. Wow, that’s how they think. Threatening us like this.

    There is another article reporting that there are 26 mega donors from the U.S., U.K., and a few other countries that are helping financing the recent mass migrations coming thru the U.S.-Mexico border.

    These mega donors need to be arrested for breaking the U.S. immigration laws! Yes, arrest them. Sentence them to prison for twenty years. They HARMED every state/local budget, especially the federal budget. We are talking about hundreds of billions of dollars loss, thanks to these 26 financiers. It’s so wrong.

  19. Nasty Nancy and the democrats are just jealous of President Trump because he has accomplished what they have failed at. So now they are lying and cheating to make Trump look bad but the voters all get what they are trying to do and the results of 2020 will show Trump being re-elected.

  20. This is just another futile attempt by Nasty Pelosky and her colleges to oust Donald Trump from office because ignorant people never learn their lesson. Nuck Fancy and the horse that she rode in on.

  21. “Donald Trump achieved a tangible victory on one of the biggest issues facing America..” oh my, you people have been gaslighted AGAIN…. will you ever start thinking like Americans and this nation? Or is there something about being gaslighted that you find titillating and exciting? hahahaha.

    • Snott27 we support Trump and recognize his worth as a man getting things done. Even with nasty pussy and her commie crowd opposing him all the way. So you should shut the hell up and be glad we have this GREAT MAN leading us. Assholes like you belong in Cuba.

  22. This woman approves of Muslims in our government, and does nothing but whine about Trump. What has she done for us the American people? Sounds to me like she sold out to the unAmerican left.

  23. I am begining to plain hate Pelosi and Waters! They are two vile and nasty creatures. Reminds me of a school setting, always a few nasty bullies trying to intimidate others and throwing fits. After repeated incidents they finally got theirs, the principal tried interventions and finall had enough! They got 5 days of after school detention duty scrubbing toilets and doing manual janitorial duties. I observed them crying, pouting, stomping around, calling for moms, saying they were being picked on. After a few times of this life saving intervention most quit, those that didn’t had to face the bd of education with their parents for possible expulsion from the school district.
    Trump and Republicans could learn a lot from that principal, Go after the nasty and lying Democrats, start with Pelosi and Waters. Give them some discipline and if they won’t quit their unprofessional and bullying behavior remove them from office lawfully and forcefully! There are federal laws against bullying, why aren’t they being used!

    • If only the leftist media would inform the American people of what is going on in Pelosi and waters districts people would know how disgustingly bad the Democrats run this country. Trump may end up being one of our greatest presidents….God bless America

    • Bruce, you are correct. They need to be punished just like grade school bullies. Also a good switching wouldn’t hurt.

  24. Everything Nancy Pelosi says about President Trump is the very thing she is doing. She can say anything and do anything, it doesn’t matter. Her base think with their right brain hemisphere and therefore will believe anything she says. It’s just like putting gasoline into your sports car. She’s the driver, the fuel is/are the lies she tells her base (the greater the lie the higher the octane) and the engine/vehicle is her base. She drives her car around recklessly, filling it full of lies, not caring about the other vehicles or drivers. SHE SIMPLY DOES’NT CARE!

  25. She needs mental help.Going after Trump just because he is President and not Hillary is crazy.But they all are as they are all attacking him.No good reason. I wish Barr would go after all the Democrats in Congress and in the House.They are all dirty.

  26. She is following exactly what she and H. Clinton said they would do from the start. It is quite clear that they are only interested in the return to those policies that the majority of the American people are against. To help President Trump in this matter the next election it is time to remove these people out of American politics all together so we can move forward in this process.

  27. Once again these Demorats show their true colors and obviously they are not red white and blue. Anyone who supports these people is a traitor.

    • Bob,
      You are exactly correct! ANYONE that would even think about voting for ANY DEMOCOMMUMNIST, should be considered TRAITORS to this country, and should consider moving to a country that supports their “agenda”. (Venezuela or Cuba perhaps)
      It is refreshing to finally have a POTUS that will stand up for this Country, “WE the PEOPLE”, and continue to fight the TRAITOROUS, TREASONOUS, DEMOCOMMUNISTS, and I might add with out the “help” of the DO NOTHING “CON-GRESS”.

    • Bob – You are so right – ANYONE that would even think about voting for ANY DEMOCOMMUMNIST, should be considered TRAITORS to this country, and should consider moving to a country that supports their “agenda”. (Venezuela or Cuba perhaps)

      • You’re the traitor lew for supporting Trump, who is all about filling his pockets with money, filling his ego with sick idolatry, and his lust with his own daughter, and his gut with junk food. You’re either a traitor yourself or brainwashed, but regardless of a racist without question

          • Lawrence, I agree with your comment regarding GUN NUTS OF AMERICA. He actually sounds retarded. Why would President Trump lust after his daughter(S). What an asshole and a sick SOB. You can definitely tell he is a DEMORAT by that unbelievable comment. OMG!!!! I don’t know where he thinks Trump is filling his pockets with money when the man is a multi-millionaire and doesn’t even collect his President salary, but donates it.

          • For Pamela and Lawrence, read documented statements Trump has said about his own daughter, mostly on the Howard Stern show. Stern wouldn’t even back Trump.

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