Nancy Pelosi’s plan to save the Democrats in 2022 just blew up right in her face

Thanks to Joe Biden’s failures on inflation, the southern border, and Afghanistan, Democrats face an uphill fight to retain their majorities in Congress.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi thought she had an ace up her sleeve.

But now Nancy Pelosi’s plan to save the Democrats in 2022 just blew up right in her face.

Democrats counted on the COVID-19 pandemic eventually receding as their political ace in the hole.

Joe Biden campaigned on ending the pandemic and Democrats believe as cases drop and life returns to normal that Americans will reward Democrats at the ballot box.

Pollster Scott Rasmussen’s latest survey shows that a strong plurality of Americans believe the worst of the pandemic is over.

That number steadily increased over the last several months.

But it has been of no political benefit to Democrats.

Rasmussen’s polling also shows Democrats’ initial lead on the generic ballot questions of which party the public wants to see in Congress disappearing as Republicans now hold a one point lead over Democrats.

Democrats appear to have made a major miscalculation in putting all their eggs in the pandemic basket.

First, Democrats continue to advocate for mask mandates in schools and forcing employers to mandate vaccinations for their workforce.

Instead of moving beyond the pandemic, Democrats insist on forcing Americans to live in a permanent state of the COVID-19 shutdowns and Orwellian orders.

Second, as the public believes the worst of the pandemic is behind the country, voters are moving on to other issues such as the inflation and supply chain crisis and blaming the Democrats for the slumping economy.

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