Nancy Pelosi’s racist comments just blew up in her face

Nancy Pelosi stepped in it big time.

During a rambling and incoherent press conference, she launched into a racist tirade.

And it just blew up in her face.

Pelosi was asked about the group of pro-open borders senators plotting to ram amnesty through Congress.

Rather than acknowledge that these were her brothers in anti-American arms, Pelosi mocked them with a racist jab about the group only consisting of white men.

Her remarks were so offense so Stenny Hoyer – the second ranking Democrat in the House – blasted her for those offensive comments.

The Hill reports:

“Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer (Md.) on Thursday blasted Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) remarks about white men working on an immigration agreement as “offensive.”

“The five white guys I call them, you know,” Pelosi said, referring to five bipartisan lawmakers, including Hoyer, leading efforts to salvage the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. All five of the male lawmakers are white.

“Are they going to open a hamburger stand next or what?” she said, referring to the popular fast food restaurant “Five Guys.”

Hoyer pushed back against the remarks.

“That comment is offensive. I am committed to ensuring DREAMers are protected and I will welcome everyone to the table who wants to get this done,” he told Politico in a statement, using the nickname referring to recipients of the DACA program.

Hoyer was one of more than 20 bipartisan legislators from the House and Senate who met with President Trump on Tuesday to discuss a possible deal on the Obama-era program, which will expire in March.

Pelosi earlier this week suggested it was a mistake not to include minority representatives in the discussions.”

Liberals like Pelosi judge individuals by the color of their skin or their gender.

Their racism is the worst form of collectivism.

Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. Oh come on; I’ve seen healthier looking mummies, dead a few thousand years, in the Metropolitan in NYC!

  2. Linda he is just stating the fact`s Pelosi is senile and couldn`t talk if you tied her hands. Lets face it she look`s like a mummy.

  3. She needs to STAY AWAY in her mansions with big walls around! But she needs to invite a bunch of aliens to stay at her house for a month, since she loves them all!

  4. The other night while watching daffy Nancy, she seemed to be incoherent and shaking a lot. Next time I saw her she seemed to stop shaking. Guess she took her meds that time. Side effects must be tremendous if the meds stopped her shaking. Retire, Nancy and put your health first.

  5. Sorry dear, she really is a full on leftist globalist! Pay attention to what she really wants and is doing behind the scenes.

  6. They’ve been admitting to those kinds of fraud on live TV and other media now for YEARS and NOTHING has been done to stop it!

  7. It’s called illegals and no voter ID’s. These people also go to
    Multiple voting places to vote. Kinda like the man in Alabama who admired he voted at different locations and said people from
    Out of state came in to vote!! Nothing like admitting fraud on National TV, but then again it’s the only way DEMONcrats can get elected. Lie, cheat and in Hillary case….kill. To get elected or cover their tracks

  8. In your dreams!! You must be a kook aid leftover. It’s okay you welfare check may not arrive if the DEMONcrats shuts down the Government today.

  9. That’s kinda like Trump calling Hatie and Africa sh••holes. Left wings went nuts calling him a racist and everything else under the sun. Sorry but it’s true!! Now Trump NEVER said it was the
    People from these countries buy the countries government. I understand and read English very well. I also don’t take
    Peoples words and twist them around just to cause problems and divide people even more! So sad and shocking that people chose hate over peace and unity

  10. That’s kinda like Trump calling Hatie and Africa sh••holes. Left wings went nuts calling him a racist and everything else under the sun. Sorry but it’s true!! Now Trump NEVER said it was the
    People from these countries buy the countries government. I understand and read English very well. I also don’t take
    Peoples words and twist them around just to cause problems and divide people even more! So sad and shocking that people chose hate over peace and unity

  11. Who has never seen him as a patient!!! You libs Trump hating people should see these Psychologists yourselves. It amazes me that even with all the new evidence coming out that the bought and paid for DOJ and FBI by Killery and the DEMONcrats and Miller’s investigation is totally fraud, you think Yrump is to be blamed for everything. He’s draining the swamp and all the illegal actions against our Country. Instead of hating him we should be grateful!! This can even put Obama in jail since he signed off on all this

  12. So your say a Doctor said Trump is unfit….. a doctor who never saw Trump as a patient!! Real smart on that one

  13. Agree with all the statements! Pelosi is a disgrace to the people she represents and it boggles my mind that they still vote for her when she has done NOTHING to help any of them – she only wants to be in office so she doesn’t have to go to work. Once she is out of office all ‘freebies’ stop and she has to start living like the rest of her constituents! Drugs and alcohol and those of you in California who are honest and want a better life – VOTE HER OUT AS WELL AS THE REST THAT ARE HOLDING YOU DOWN!

  14. Oh, Harry, What an old one! so many men seem too be reduced to saying that any professional woman whom they disagree with needs to be screwed by a “stiff one.” The only way to cope with the woman who can outthink you or outperform you is to say she needs to be screwed. Just what you think that accomplishes? It only shows that you are incapable of dealing with what she says or does on her level. What a stupid comment. Would a “stiff one” change your mind?

  15. There are Hundreds Of licensed clinical psychologists and psychiatrists Who have determined that he is unfit to serve as president and who have gone on the record saying so.

  16. No one said anything negative about white men. Sje was talking about the process inwhich ONLY WHITE men were coming up with plan. Now, because of the diversity of the nation, women and men from other races and demographics should be involved in the developing immigration policies. Are you trying to misunderstand simple English or are you unable to understand it?

  17. Are there real people who vote for her? Maybe if she tried real hard she could do something about the forest fires and mud slides in her state. But she might have to stop criticizing President Trump for awhile to get some work done.

  18. Nancy the Posey Pelosi what a blooming idiot. I believe what she really needs is a stiff one and I don’t mean a alcoholic drink. But then again who would be desperate enough to do her.

  19. That idiot would be Hank Johnson. Maybe it wouldn’t flip my place of birth if they only sent 49,999 Marines. ;^)

  20. Schumer got his statement partly correct today. He said Bob Dole said the most dangerous place to be was between upChuck and a camera. He didn’t say that the second most dangerous place was between upChuck and Nanny Pelosi. Both of them need to go.

  21. Seems the demms are more interested in the rights of 800,000 illegals than they are the rights of American citizens.

  22. We can only hope the Dems keep this vile, wrinkled, old harpy as the face of the House. Right now the only way she leaves is feet first, at room temperature, in a box. Even then, her buds in the MSM may try to foist off her demise in a sequel to ‘Weekend at Bernie’s”.

  23. if you love these blacks so much why don’t you give up your millions , butn your clothing and move to africa and join a tribe , 17% of the population committing 50% of the crime , i guess criminals do flock together

  24. The psychiatrist who unilaterally diagnosed Trump as not fit to be President – Do we have any reporting on her analysis of Pelosi? It would certainly tell us something about one or the other of them. She either says Pelosi is totally off her trolley or we say the psychologist is off hers.

  25. She is bordering senility – too much botox? or in the family vineyards too much? This woman is one of the biggest hypocrites in D.C. What a shame the democrat party allows such representation for their constituents. She is an anit-wall/border security member of the elites of the party. Yet, she has 8′ walls and security around her compound and her vacationing property as well. She reminds me of Marie Antoinette who as many of you may recall said of the commoners as they starved and she ate caviar – let them eat cake. For those who don’t know what she was saying, cake= soot from ovens and not flour, eggs & sugar mix. Nancy ‘fancy pants’ says to the common man, you live and put up with the illegals and all or any danger they may pose. For me, I’ll hang behind my ivory tower and pick up those needed votes to keep the likes of me in power! bawaahaaaahaaaaaa

  26. Agree – It is important to secure the border first before making any decisions on DACA. Security of the border can be a combination of a wall in some areas and surveillance by electronic and or aerial means in other areas but our border must be secure.

  27. That’s why the Wall is so important . . . first, the Wall, then consider DACA.

    I could go along with President Trump extending the obamba illegal ruling, but only if the Dems finance the Wall, first.

  28. Pelosi is a racist, Will always be one yet she hurts daily,
    Will not fly economy with blacks or whites, she’s above
    All normal people, elite she thinks. Now involved in sex
    Pervert attacks against men and women who worked in her
    Office. Her end is near. Liar, fraud, racists, sex pervert

  29. Sorry, but that IS amnesty and if it happens again, we’ll have another massive flood of kids over our borders; we have the history to prove that. WE cannot afford to amnesty them in any fashion, without hurting American kids whose dreams they’re stealing, and without inviting another mass of them coming here.

  30. If they have been here, in the United States, most of their lives and not been in any serious trouble with the law, work something out but take amnesty off the table in case there are legal issues down the road.

  31. C’mon everyone! Your descriptions of poor ol’ Nancy are right on, but let’s keep her around. She’s one of the best vote getters the Republican party has.

  32. Have you considered for every DACA kid allowed to stay here an American kid LOSES his dreams and hopes for a decent future because Affirmative Action will insure they’re handed to the DACA? Then there’s the fact that NOT 1 went to authorities upon reaching majority and turned himself in to ask how his illegal status could be fixed, but instead collected with other illegals in our states’ capitols and DEMANDED “rights” never theirs to beg? That they have been STEALING from us and American kids as long as they have been here, and hold us and our nation and laws in complete contempt! These are NOT people we want to keep in our nation; let them go home and rebuild their home nations, or not, but not stay here; they don’t deserve that reward for their bad behavior which compounds their parents’ bad behavior!

  33. Whatever actually happened to those three senators? Have they been imprisoned other let off on “good behavior”?

  34. If the democrats do not do something soon they are in danger of loosing every seat they have. Publicly they have stood against everything the president has tried to do! But have yet to do anything note worthy. People can see this plain as the nose on their face. The democrats have been the problem for this entire first year! The only thing they have done is spend millions on a collusion investigation that they know was just a smoke screen to help Hillary save face. I for one would not mind this investigation if they were looking for the truth. They are hiding the truth, the truth is the collusion was between Obama, Clinton and the Russians. Obama and Clinton sold this country out for personal wealth, plain and simple. Check off shore accounts of both. Sold us out for hundreds of millioms in off shore accounts

  35. Yet they added incest as a personal lifestyle choice to the DSM last year. After a lot of screaming they said it was an error but we know the truth about that one as well. What has happened to these people?? Bunch of demented, mentally ill idjiots.

  36. OMGoodness, there’s no good response to that other than the sound of very loud and howling laughter!! ROFLMBO!!

  37. Dang, I just started receiving those emails as well. Can’t figure out how the got my name and why they think my input might be of any use to them. My hubby thinks they’re trying to infect our computers with some virus. LOL

  38. AND an old Racist idiot now. Of course she don’t know what it’s like to try to find a job while being undercut on wages by that bunch of illegal aliens, that she appears to care a hell of a lot more about than American citizens. She should move to her real country of preference ( Mexico)

  39. These illegals work illegally and send every dime they earn back to their birthplace, but yet manage to fraudulently receive welfare, food stamps medical help that rightfully belong to our AMERICAN needy.

  40. Agree, Connie.
    Now, I see senile dementia..
    This is happening to the aged, but we have sense enough to quite our jobs so as NOT to hurt others.

  41. The rich are rich and keep getting richer because they amass their pathetic Pelosi ‘crumbs’ without giving back to the very programs they espouse…DACA, TPS and everything inbetween from ABC to XYZ. It’s called CONTROL by the elite…and ‘kidnapped’ taxpayers are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

  42. These so-called DACA Kids are now adults in their mid twenties to almost 40 yrs. of age!! They program allowed them in to obtained legal citizenship!! Not my fault nor any patriotic pro-American, who’s anti the anti-American Democratic scumbags, led by a senile House Minority “leader0 and an angry and completely crazed Senate Minority leader”!! These still illegal immigrants had their chance
    and blew it!! Deport them and their likely illegal parents that illegally crossed a sovereign nation’s border!! Some countries, would have them imprisoned in dingy prisons for years, before immediate deportation upon release!! Plus, a clear warning, that a next time, they may neversee freedom again!! F the liberals and ‘Crats!! ILLEGAL immigrIMMIHTANTS ARE CRIMINALS!! PLAIN AND SIMPLE!! WHAT’S SO DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND FOR ANYONE WITH A FUNCTIONAL BRAIN AND EVEN THE AVERAGE LIBERALS BORDERLINE AVERAGE IQ?

  43. I am all for having less Democrats, starting with Pelosi, always looks and acts like she’s three sheets to the wind. Then there is Schumer, who you need to be Three Sheets to the wind to stand the sight of him. However I agree with DACA amnesty. With all the Muslims Obama foisted on us, and our native born contraception and aborting the next generation. We are going to need more Christians and Jews.

  44. to hell with daca these illegal scum need to go back to their own scummy country and get the hell out of mine.

  45. After reading all the comments here, i can’t add any more, they’ve all been direct and to the point! bravo, now let’s move on to continue thw purge of all ‘dumbocraps’ out of government!

  46. Nancy Pelosi is proof that there is no prerequisite to have any intelligence or even common sense to get elected by < 100 IQ constituents. Pelosi and Maxine Water must have (attended) IUCA (Idiot University of California.)

  47. Actually she needs to go to a federal penitentary. Retirement is unacceptabnle for this no good thieving hag. Her along with jerry ‘the clown’ brown, dianne feinstein and flunkee gavin newsome all need serious prison sentences, declared by a non-liberal judge. A lberal one’d just give them a slap on tghe wrist !

  48. Tom just to clarify, they’re not illegal immigrants, they’re illegal aliens. Immigrants did it right, waited on a quota, learned English and got jobs and didn’t expect a ‘hand pout’. Just wantyed to set the record straight, move on!

  49. Nancy Pugugly’s mind is obviously no longer working properly. The hamster died, and is incapable of getting back on the exercise wheel.

  50. I got the same email from this disgusting thief. i replied basically the same despite unsubscribing from their worthless lists a long time ago, Total wastes of DNA, pelosi, feinstein, brown and newsome, all thieves whos mantra ‘all for me and screw everyone else. As long as i get to live m,y luxury lifestyle all paid for by you the suckers, you all can forage for the crumbs, total BULL**IT!

  51. The ’60s I remember weren’t so “cool”; in fact they were kind of ugly, and that stuff didn’t make them any better for anyone.

  52. Just ask him WHY; it was put out on their public pages over a year ago; both outfits, claiming it’s suddenly now safe to allow them to donate blood, even after all the HIV/AIDS cases FROM transfused blood in the ’80s!

  53. Sandra Lee, My son is a manager with the NIH, I don’t think that is true, but You can bet I’ll find out and let you know !

  54. Now now, mstr9…we’re all on the same side here. This is all terrific dialogue and respect is key. Thank you…

  55. Unfortunately, he’s dead; he was no spring chick those 60-odd years ago when he was doing his hearings.

  56. I’m sick thinking I have 5 years left in the state of CA where this drunk and her rats have worked overtime on the demise of this once great state. This is the same witch that told us all that WE (Americans) don’t know what is good for us! She was talking obuma care. I guess us deplorable folks are too stupid to notice how horrible this lady truly is. I wish I had a quarter for each time she and her DEMONcrats rats broke the law. I would buy the country a drink and still and still pay for all our Country kids to go to college!!

  57. Just got an email from Pelosi and the DCCC…that I help stop VILE Trump, support the Democrats, and protect DREAMers!

    Replied…Go straight to HELL, you SH*THOLES! And UNSUBSCRIBE (my email) on your way!


  58. Did anyone see the video of Dice asking Liberals what they thought of President Trump’s sons hunting Triceretops and Sabertooth Tigers and Woolly mammoths? Not one knew that they were extinct animals, NOT ONE!! I could not believe the ignorance of the alt-left. Is this what public schools are teaching now? At first I laughed but as it went on I kept waiting for just one to call out the interviewer on it but no one did. It was truly sickening. The sheer stupidity of the people who hate Trump so much they can’t even stop to think that they are being used. It was awful and awesome at the same time.

  59. But I at 68 going on 38 with a work ethic and a BRAIN who runs circles around the 20-somethings cannot get HIRED! Go figure…

  60. OH PUHLEEEZE!?! That’s an image you just can’t “unsee”! Don’t give her any ideas; she’s demented enough to follow them up with action.

  61. Age limits are tricky; some are too impaired at 50; others are going strong at 80 or even 90. That needs to remain flexible.

  62. Never DID cotton to ‘stuff’ with a direct hit to the CNS…central nervous system! But The 60s?! Hey, maaan…COOOL! Memories…apples oranges to today’s reality!

  63. Don’t be silly: DUCKS would do a better job, they’re SMARTER than what’s been running the swamp for decades.

  64. Except that wasn’t a joke; they BELIEVE it! THEY are the joke. Along with the fool who thinks a volcanic island rooted to the ocean bed can capsize.

  65. Of course it won’t; and they KNOW that! They don’t care, really; I’m sure they got extorted, the same way the APA did about removing homosexuality from the DSMs, to do this because the perverts’ feelings were hurt by the “rejection”!

  66. Thanks, I needed a good laugh today. Needless to say, Pelosi is always a laugh and the Sun King isn’t too far behind.

  67. As soon as you your kids grand kids get this BLOOD and you feel safe then you let me know how your doing! What other state is taking HIV BLOOD. No worry blood won’t just stay in California. If needed other states will have it from California. It’s funny now the blood is OK! Not for my FAMILY

  68. What’s really funny is that they still don’t get that we’re long since “onto” their game and it hasn’t been working for some time now! We stopped falling for it!

  69. She can’t use it anymore; that’s why she looks like the Picture of Dorian Gray for real. She OD’d on it and it fried her brain, literally!

  70. Seems those cross hairs now also include Uranium One; and will be expanding. But this is about Pelosi’s mental “state” wherever it actually is, as it’s apparently nowhere in known space.

  71. Clinton is already in the crosshairs of the FEC for violating campaign finance laws to the ????tune???? of $80M. Took $$$ into a Clinton PAC and laundered it into the DNC…where she made SURE she had 110% control! And, in so doing, she STOLE $$$ from Blue State coffers ear-marked for down-ballot races. Another underhanded Crooked Hillary trick…1-person limit of, say, $2,700…kick in lots in SMALLER increments that are not so easily traced! HILLARY IS NOT ONLY CROOKED BUT DIRTY TO THE CORE! So MANY scandals already under her manpants…and the FEC has taken a number!

  72. Landing on the Sun, Kim Jong-Un announced at a news conference that N Korea would be sending a man to the sun within 10yrs! A reporter said, “But the sun is too hot, how can a man land on the sun?” There was a stunned silence, nobody knew how to react. Kim Jong-Un quietly answered, “We would land at night.” The gathering and everyone in N Korea watching on TV broke into thunderous applause. Back in Washington DC Nancy Pelosi and her entourage were watching the news conference. When Pelosi heard what Kim said, she sneered, “What an idiot. Everybody knows there’s no sun at night.” Her office and everyone working in the DNC broke into thunderous applause.

  73. Last figures I saw ranged from $115-$135 billion a year just to “support” the illegals we already have, including the “refugees” here illegally, since allowing Muslims to come here is against our law (McCarran-Walter, signed in ’52). Can you even imagine what we could do for the seniors, disabled, homeless and vets in this nation, our OWN people who are suffering HERE, with that amount of money put toward solutions every year? “Charity begins at HOME”, and for the leftist “bleeding hearts” who claim to be Christians, it’s BIBLICAL as well as a nice customary saying; Jesus laid into the Pharisees and other leaders more than once for enabling Jews to NOT take care of THEIR own families first.

  74. Jim you are 100% correct. Billions of our tax dollars go to illegals every year. In return they give us lots of WONDERFUL things like illegal drugs, robberies, rape, and murder. Not to leave out overcrowded emergency rooms, classrooms, and prisons all at the taxpayers expense. Their OWN countries often REFUSE to have them back once they get out of jail. The Dems NEED them because they can’t brainwash the hard working American citizens to vote for them.

  75. The woman is demented. Every time she speaks she forgets what she is saying and makes some incredibly stupid remark and all of her rhetoric is complete biased and completely un-American.

  76. For the last year, Nancy Pulosi appears to be suffering from dimensia and senility, evidenced by her continual stuttering and slurring of words, staring off into space, disjointed thought processes and attempted irrelevent statements of complete stupidity which make no sense whatsoever. She sounds like some uninformed, brain-damaged child trying to be clever, and it’s obviously been WAY OVER TIME TO PULL HER OFF THE PULPIT. However, while she remains a continual daily EMBARRASSMENT to her Party, she still has their obvious permission to make fools of herself and them as her only use is her money making connections. So, once again, the Democrats have proven to America that they could care less about the daily damage she does to our country. Such, my children, are the uses of wealthy, but useless, political pundits in history.

  77. What can I say. First I live in California. Pelosi is one of the reasons we are going to HELL in our state. The NUTS keep voting for these NUT CASE’S. They all think like her. You can call yourselves LUCKY if you don’t have these but jobs running your state. We can’t vote her & others like her out of office because the flower children from the 70’s run California. Call your self lucky if you don’t live here. Our state is full of PELOSI’S. I’ll tell you how bad it really is here. Now if you are HIV POS YOU CAN GIVE BLOOD. GOV. MOON BEAM BROWN SIGNED BILL
    SB 239 ON OCT.6, 2017. Believe me California is going to HELL fast.

  78. Can’t agree with you more. Twice I’ve been rear ended by an illegal, no insurance, one suspended license, the other ones insurance had lapsed a day earlier but somehow was reinstated the day after the accident. Figure that one out. I’m actually embarrased to tell anyone I’m from California !

  79. Smart and hard working?! Nothing given to them?! You’re entitled to your own opinion, not your own facts. Illegals cost the US taxpayer billions of dollars per year. They don’t learn English and won’t assimilate. Nice try though. The dems want another underclass they can pander to in return for votes. If they really care about the DREAMers, there’s a deal on the table. They don’t want it because it’ll shut off the future pipeline of their voters.

  80. This women should watch the movie , Free State of Jones, and really see what the Dems have done to the Blacks,the ending of the movie speaks for itself and it’s a true story,especially when it comes to voting.They keep these people down, and today give them the handouts that the majority of them don’t deserve. All this is for the vote, the almighty vote to keep the Dems in power. When will the blacks open their eyes and see the truth. God help our constitution. Term limits, this crone has got to go.


  82. I’ll take them they aren’t eligible for Fed funding, hard working, smart, with nothing given to them like the white privileged fake Christians here


  84. I agree that these illegal immigrants should not be taking hand outs from America, that is the main reason they are here (that and to help the Democrats pad the voter outcome), and our poor and our disabled veterans need all the help we can give them, not the illegal immigrants.

  85. All this is just to hide the corruption going on with the Politicians. If they want to cover something, how about ObummerCare which was passed when Reid bribed to other corrupt Politicians to pass the bill. Another of failed Obamacare nonprofit scams is like in New Mexico where Dr M Hickey salary was $450,000 a year or Dr. M Epstein whose salary $413,000 and CEO Anne Sapon received $342,000 and the list of scam payola goes on and on while the New Mexico Co-Op bleeds over $20,Million red ink a year. Never a mention of this corruption. What have this slime ball Politicians done? The have Create and put in total power to Rule Hundreds of Federal Agencies and I do mean rule. They have the power to Rob you of your Money, Steal your Property and murder you if you get in the way. It is all there. One more, how about the FDA who for Payola from Pharmaceuticals in millions of dollars approve high price drugs that kill and not cure anything with the death rate is over 100,000 each year. The Payola goes to grease the Palms of these Politicians. Wake up and look around at what the corrupt Politicians are doing and stop them.

  86. You ain’t kidding and they rail on the president as being mentally challenged. Man oh man they need to look at their own. Her, and how about the dummy from Georgia who thinks that if there are too many people on the island Guam, it is going to capsize.

  87. Why isn’t mainstream media talking about corrupt Hillary and how she and the DNC fixed her nomination? Bernie should be livid. He was nice enough to point out her sucking up to the Wall Street lobbyists and her family collecting $100K for a 45 minute speech. She should be indicted for her corruption in the DNC paid for dossier and not to mention the uranium one deal!

  88. It must be in the water, because it’s not just Pelosi that provides gutter humor. The other whack jobs that come to mind in California are Jerry Brown, Maxine Watter’s, and lastly Diane Fienstein. When any of them open their mouths, normal people turn to each other and say WHAT THE HE&& ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT ?????

  89. She wants you to think she lives in San Francisco. That’s for show and fundraising but she really lives in the Napa Valley.

  90. The countries Trump mentioned are sh*t hole countries. Never said the people from these countries are sh*t hole people. That’s how the Democrat’s twist and turn a story just a tad to fit their narrative. Trump needs to build that wall, and include California. They want to secede, let them. They’re just a drain on the rest of us !!!

  91. Pelosi is a nut job and should resign. She is an embarrassment to Congress and to the American people when she opens her mouth and flings her arms. Her melds must not be working!

  92. Illegals who sought sanctuary and GOT it…with every OTHER right and privilege afforded to AMERICANS! Wonder if Pelosi throws THEM “crumbs” for swabbing out her toilets and trimming her bushes…hmmm????

  93. They aren’t smoking anything. It is an all-consuming and debilitating disease called Liberalitis-it makes the person terminally stupid and unable to speak rationally or have intelligent thoughts, conversations, and speech patterns. Very sad that so many in this country are afflicted with this plague for which the only cure would be decapitation!

  94. These people do not smoke , the do not indulge in harmful foods, they exercise regularly , they bath regularly , they get medical checkups regularly , they do not say anything vulgar , they do not criticize their constitutes nor fellow lawmakers , they would NEVER steal nor Misuse their positions of authority , they wouldn’t lie , nor would they ever abuse children.
    Meanwhile , back on earth we have the ad nauseum “antifa” riots , the BLM and the NFL protesters etc

  95. This squirrel is way pst her prime to spend another year in Congress but what can you expect when the nutcases in the great state of Mexi-Cal keep electing her. With all of the perks these liberals and everyone in Congress receives, you will have to drag them out, they will never ever give out these cushy jobs. Another prime example why TERM LIMITS are a must. Very few of these people serving in this corrupt government want what is best for our country and her people, only illegals, Muslims and all of the immigrants that they can load in and start giving benefits to that our own poor and veterans deserve.

  96. she is from cal. what do you expect , with out the illegals she would not be in congress ,she’s the kind of idiots that made oboma look smart, she is as big of a criminal as hillary , made millions by robbing the tax payers , i still want to know how she made 20 million the same year she past a bill sending a billion dollars to the co. her husband works for , and you can get no one to even look into it , where is the fbi and congress oversite

  97. I can easily understand why Pelosi is offended by the term “s**t hole”. That is exactly how many people describe what California has become under the “most excellent” leadership 😉 of Nancy Pelosi – Jerry Brown – Maxine Waters – and Diane Feinstein. The truth certainly can hurt huh Nancy?

  98. Are the people that vote Pelosi in office as dumb as her? What in the hell are Pelosi and her group smoking?

  99. I like to share a little story, When I received the President Bush tax cut I purchased a Kitchen Aid on sale at Walmart. I have been baking my bread ever since and so many other goods. The amount was $50.00 per paycheck, I was paid twice a month. The cost of my bread is $.65 a loaf and make my own bread Crumbs. I saved thousand of $ over the years not bad for tax crumbs accounting to Pelosi. She lost it and needs to retire.

  100. I am certain that the people who always bring up race and use it as a crutch are in fact the true racists. It is too common today and irrelevant to the truth of the matter. President Trump does not use race as a factor. He just does Good for America.

  101. 90% of the country will never see or hear this. Remember, the MSM protects their comrades-in-arms, no matter what. Unfortuantely, San Fran Nan only leaves DC feet first, at room temperature, in a box. She still harbors illusions that the Dems take back the House this year and she gets to wield that giant gavel one final time.

  102. Grandma Pelosi is in the words of Lady Macbeth”full of sound and signifying nothing.” Keep her around. She provides gutter humour.

  103. Oh, minorities ARE at Nanny Pelosi’s house: trimming the shrubbery, pulling the weeds, cleaning the pool, prepping meals in her kitchen– all for below-minimum wage.

  104. He can’t fire senators or congressmen. Like him the people elected them so we are stuck with them as long as the ignorant people in their states keep electing them. Ugh!!!!!!!

  105. President Trump Please drain the swamp! It is the only thing that will save our country. We have to many Ducks running our country!

  106. She lives in the very wealthiest neighborhood in San Fran. Her neighbors are white the only POC are her maids & lawn care probably illegals

  107. Pelosi is nothing more than a slut. She has sold herself so many time to retain her minority leadership that she doesn’t qualify to be considered white.

  108. I can only repeat what I have said for years, she is a dangerous loose wire in congress and a danger to our freedoms. And you can add a lot more to the list, including the democrat water walker Oblaimer!

  109. I agree; Hollyweird in particular, has been a notoriously bad influence on CA for the past century. It’s unfortunate. But I suspect it’s beyond hope now.

  110. Doesn’t Pelosi know she’s white? I’m tired of white bashing lefties. Betchya Pelosi lives in all white neighborhoods. Yet, you’d think that she could be more careful with that anti white attitude.
    But look who’s the head of the democratic party, a commie Hispanic and a black muslim commie. And the front runner for presidential candidate is a calorie challenged black sloganeer, Oprah Winfrey. And I thought obama was bad.

  111. lie after lie after lie. Pelosi, put on your pink pussy hat and stroll down a California street necked. I bet all the illegals will run back to mexico. hehehehehhahahahahaah

  112. I just wish California wasn’t such a big fat disappointment, and an embarrassment to the rest of the Country. Same with Washington DC. Until the mass media took over, we had a decent country where everyone strove to be the best they could be and that was good enough. Now, everyone in “high positions” (including celebrities) feels they can get away with anything they want. I blame the media. It’s a “feel good poison” that influences people like brainwashing.

  113. Piglosi is a brain dead liberal. She is living proof of what happens when you tell the same lies for years and expect them to turn into truths.

  114. He doesn’t have that authority; the state of CA has to do that; and that’s unlikely to happen.

  115. She’s nothing. She’s just a big fat zero. Anyone who takes that hideous horror story monster seriously, and goes along with what she says, has a mental problem. I wish Trump would just get rid of her. Doesn’t the president have the power to get rid of treasonous, poisonous people in the government system? Doesn’t he have the ability to say, “You’re Fired!” any more? If he does, why is he letting that destructive hag stay on?? Red tape?

  116. Loose Lips Nance cannot put two words together that make any sense. Stammers like she’s waiting for her brain to kick in before she opens her mouth. And VOILA…she’s BRAIN-dead! Pats herself as being a “master legislator”…brags that her CAUCUS supports her. Dems have an ASS as a logo for reasons to many to count. Pelosi is an INSULT but her counterparts in Congress are too stupid to deem her as roadkill. KEEP HER AROUND! Better for Trump and the GOP if left to flounder in her own demented state.

  117. This woman’s interior ugliness is showing on her face more and more. She reminds me of the ‘Picture of Dorian Grey’.

  118. Pelosi does not feel it is racist to direct such language to white males or white conservative women.
    She wrote the book on this crap and in her opinion she is NEVER wrong.

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