Nancy Pelosi’s reason for not wanting to impeach Trump will leave you speechless

Nancy Pelosi held a closed-door meeting with Democrats about the next step in their plan to take down Donald Trump.

Pelosi finally made her position clear on impeachment.

And Nancy Pelosi’s reason for not wanting to impeach Donald Trump will leave you speechless.

The pressure is growing on Nancy Pelosi to kick-start impeachment proceedings against President Trump.

Democrats are fueled by hatred and want revenge.

But Pelosi knows impeachment is politically unpopular.

So she tried to hold off the impeachment supporters by claiming that instead of impeaching President Trump, Democrats should jail him after defeating him in 2020.

Politico reports:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi told senior Democrats that she’d like to see President Donald Trump “in prison” as she clashed with House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler in a meeting on Tuesday night over whether to launch impeachment proceedings.

Pelosi met with Nadler (D-N.Y.) and several other top Democrats who are aggressively pursuing investigations against the president, according to multiple sources. Nadler and other committee leaders have been embroiled in a behind-the-scenes turf battle for weeks over ownership of the Democrats’ sprawling investigation into Trump.

Nadler pressed Pelosi to allow his committee to launch an impeachment inquiry against Trump — the second such request he’s made in recent weeks only to be rebuffed by the California Democrat and other senior leaders. Pelosi stood firm, reiterating that she isn’t open to the idea of impeaching Trump at this time.

“I don’t want to see him impeached, I want to see him in prison,” Pelosi said, according to multiple Democratic sources familiar with the meeting. Instead of impeachment, Pelosi still prefers to see Trump defeated at the ballot box and then prosecuted for his alleged crimes, according to the sources.

The media used to pitch a fit when Donald Trump would talk about jailing the conspirators that put together the Deep State coup against him.

But on Pelosi’s promise to jail Trump, they’re either staying silent or outright cheering it on.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Nancey thank you so much for what you and the rest of the dems have done for your party it just makes it so much easier for Trump to win in 2020 keep up the good work and I think there will be a lot less of you idiots around in 2020

  2. someday, all that payola you get from the cartel, will be proven, and will come back to bite you in the ass. then, Trump might come visit you in prison, but probably not.

  3. Pelosi, in my mind she is losing her mine, she make shit up. All of these dems, belong in prison, they are all crooked, they could care less about the American people and our country, all they care about is how much power can they have, to tell Americans what we can or can’t do, letting us know that that there telling us the American people, anyone over a certain age can’t have different medical services, that’s not for me, they make sure they have the best medical insurance. I dislike the democrats so much. MY VOTE IS FOR MY PRESIDENT TRUMP, HE LOVES OUR COUNTRY AND ITS PEOPLE.

  4. President Trump owns these fools. He’s got them to attack each other. Here’s hoping for the demise of the Democrat party as they are now. All suffering from TDS and not a cure in sight.

    • DrAnalog…I agree with you 100 %
      All President Trump has to do is tweet some things & sit back & watch the liberals go nuts… they can’t seem to figure out all their lunatic attempts to make President Trump look bad is in effect making them look desperate. I say let them keep running around cannabilizing each other while President Trump continues MAGA. Its kinda funny watching the stooges run around competing to out stupid each other.

    • What do you mean “democrat leadership”??
      ???? There is NO Leadership of any type in ANYONE in the democrat festering blob….

    • It is the fact Democrats at this time have run the gambit of Coup de ta. They have been caught and documented from Obama, Hillary Clinton, Democrat Party, CIA, FBI, FISA, NSA, Shadow court et all Director’s and Teams for each agency. Teams and the DNC. Pelosi is guilty of coup as soon as she refused to take the final decisions of Mueller, and AG Barr. She continued to this day with her followers including Schiff, Elijah Cummings, Waters, Nadler, Omar, the list continues to the new Black Jewish caucus fake. The Investigation is on going and the press has been virtually silent about what the investigation is uncovering. As it is Treason is a key word for almost every top end Democrat.

    • Hey, donald, just remember that the INSANITY All Started with Another donald, the original IDIOT in the Oval Office!

  5. Let go put her in jail now. If the Democrats ask, “for what?!”, just say the Democrat way: “she is guilty till proven innocent”.

    The court will rebuke them should this situation ever arise. Trump did not collude with any Russian. He’s declared innocent. End of story.

    Liberuuuuuls, get your head outta your axx!

    • Wrong, “GUILTY UNTILL PROVEN INNOCENT IS SOLELY THE WAY Of d. trump & his group of But Kissing republican Retards. As CRAZY donald proved only too well in His Past, Pre Presidential Election, Sick Minded Attitude & Actions towards CLASSY Hilary.

      • Betty – I understand you now. You are just one of those weak minded Democrats who have been driven insane because they cannot accept the fact that President Trump was elected president and that the Mueller report did not find him guilty of anything. You need to go crawl into your safe space and cry.

    • Wrong, The Muller report only said it didn’t sufficiently prove d trump was guilty of any wrong doing but either did it certainly also didn’t sufficiently declare or prove his total innocence. Only d trump like the typical Insane IDIOT He is declared that in his usual Conceited, Sick Minded, Delusion, Deranged, Way!

      • Lady in a court of law if they don’t prove you guilty you are considered innocent. You don’t keep to keep picking at the same scab. This is America … Remember? Classy Hillary? You’re joking right? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Like d trump AKA CRAZY donald serves only Himself. Better to vote for a Pig any day instead of Walking, Talking Piss Ass PENIS in Human Form!

  6. Pelosi is in a “be careful what you wish for” pickle. The Speakership she so lusted for is hers and she’s finding out the same the GOP did with the pathetic, Boo Hoo Boehner, she can’t do a f***ing thing without the Senate! She’s also fighting back the communist House Dems whose donors are radical imbeciles and think it’s their way or the highway. If she doesn’t at least talk tough, like the jail rhetoric, she’ll lose her charge to the mob. As for Nadless Gerry, he’s the poster child filthy Sheeny, right along with Schmuck Schumer. With examples like these 2 creeps, it’s easy to see why Hitler had no problem whipping up Germany and much of Europe against Jews. I’m in no way, shape or form justifying the Final Solution, just pointing out they were easy to hate.

  7. Sickening bullies…….. God forbid they should work with our President for the good of our country……..
    Vote them out of office… them…..And the heck with their golden parachutes……

  8. Nasty pelosii and dumbass Crooked Nadler and the other crooked Democrats will never get what they want against Trump

    • They don’t even have stumps to stand on, let alone legs for all their FACTLESS CLAIMS AGAINST PRESIDENT TRUMP, Larry Gaines. It boggles my mind that they keep beating that horse after it’s been dead for…HOW LONG SINCE MUELLER’S REPORT CAME OUT? 3 – 4 weeks now??? How stupid is that?

  9. I agree Colleen….they are a desperate bunch right now…look at the 2 former Senators who were recently murdered. There were definite ties to them knowing details about Deep State’s crimes. How convenient that someone just came along and murdered at random, those two. So many people need to be in prison….the past administration is so full of evil, the stench is almost enough to gag on!

  10. Why cause she’s stating her opinion of the situation?
    All you other liberal A-holes can state yours, but when someone has a different opinion they need to off the site & not express theirs. Fu*k You.

  11. The lil dee trump crime family belongs in jail. All of them. But the head, Pyongyang donald, deserves the death penalty for treason.

    • Wow, you really are a special kind of stupid aren’t you? All vitriol and no actual accusation, not even an uninformed one. TDS strikes again!

    • Aw…proof!! Give me the truth and maybe I will agree. What about Deep State and all the garbage they did against Trump?? They will get theirs. The American people will be rising up if they don’t. The proof is there for their crimes. And wanna talk treason? Look at Obama and John Kerry and Hillary….all traitors who go around the world asking leaders not to work with the President. How’s that for treason?


    • Eric you are so full of carp Trump has done nothing to be in prison for Miller is the damn one that has committed treason against america.and as for as Mr Trump our president family you should have a loving family like that family has.and they have not done anything eather.if you want someone in prison.try having the damn one that have really done treasonous things to be arrested for.wake up .and blame the right ones to be blamed for this damn mess America in .they are the ones set America up to be turned on to a communist state.New world need to get your head out of your butt and start .getting the real fax.

  12. Nancy & her moron gang keep saying Impeach him & now say Jail him after he’s out of office, BUT have NOT identified ONE CHARGE they can sight
    to do either.
    One thing they have NOT done is propose any meaningful legislation to benefit the American people.

      • The Democrats have passed bills, but Bob said “any meaningful legislation to benefit the American people” which they haven’t done. There is a valid reason for not bringing to the Senate floor bills that do not stand any chance of getting enough votes to pass.

  13. She is in CYA mode….she knows damn well there’s nothing they can do to impeach President Trump, she & her cronies have always known that. Now she wants to do whatever she can that she thinks will make her appear relevant to the younger lunatic libs. Truth is, their time is coming to an end, & they have no way to recover from all the lies, & deceit they been feeding the ignorant mass that believed (willfully ignorantly) in the BS the libs have been telling them.

      • Why cause she’s stating her opinion of the situation?
        All you other liberal A-holes can state yours, but when someone has a different opinion they need to off the site & not express theirs. Fu*k You.

        • What does this criminal mean when she thinks they’re going to win in 2020?! They will not win nor will they imprison our POTUS! But, they themselves will face justice and punishment for all their crimes against humanity!

      • You are one nasty, hateful liberal. Stay off this site if these articles and comments get you agitated, which by the way, doesn’t take much for a looney liberal.

      • Thank you nutty gunnut. Coming from you, I take that as a compliment. If ever you agree with me on anything I say, I would start to worry about my own sanity.

        • Colleen, your statements are filled with lies all the time, and hatred as well. You watch Fox and listen to right wing radio and you probably haven’t read a political book in your life. You have no clue what is going on so just stay off to hide your ignorance.

    • I agree Colleen….they are a desperate bunch right now…look at the 2 former Senators who were recently murdered. There were definite ties to them knowing details about Deep State’s crimes. How convenient that someone just came along and murdered at random, those two. So many people need to be in prison….the past administration is so full of evil, the stench is almost enough to gag on!


  15. Identification of a threat …. determine its weakness …. then remove them or sideline them with facts and exposure on the issue. Add several others to the issue….Schumer, Booker, Waters, Warner, Kane, Comey, Brennan, Rice, Lynch, Holder, and their staffs that foster, promote, and engage in treason towards America. Does not matter what they say, its what they do. Expose them all publicly and let the chips fall. When Americans see the deceit, moral actions, and treasonous activities opens up the door to their demise, and term limits.

  16. Before they have a chance to put DJT in jail, BO, HRC,Comey, and the rest of the upper echelon deep state traitors will very likely be in jail. There is ample publically available evidence to indict all of them for perjury, conspiracy to commit sedition, and other criminal activities. I suspect Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi, and Schumer could also be indicted on various charges.
    Be careful what evil you wish on others, Nancy, for it may come back to you threefold.

  17. Nasty Pelosky and all of the Demoncrooks on capital hill thinks that anyone who disagrees with them by the slighest iota should be thrown in prison. Sounds like the government of the former USSR to me doesn’t it?

    • If Oslimeball is safe, President Trump will be fine.
      But I will give credit where credit is due:
      O blah blah blah ma was the ABSOLUTE BEST half black, gay, Kenyan, mooslom mobster, and community un-planner ever to be elected President of the United States.
      And don’t forget “first something” Michael.

  18. Congress has no say…when the NEW PRESIDENT UNCONDITIONALLY PARDONS DJT.

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