Nancy Pelosi just set the Democrats up for a massive defeat

Nancy Pelosi appeared on a nationally televised town hall event to advocate for the Democrat Party “resisting” Donald Trump.

Leftists have taken to the streets in rage and have insisted Democrat politicians oppose Trump at all costs.

But Pelosi’s bizarre performance on CNN led many to believe the Democrats are headed for a massive defeat.

During the event, Pelosi could barely cobble together coherent answers from softball questions lobbed by loyal Democrats.

One refugee from Yemen questioned Pelosi about how the U.S. government could help her.

Pelosi responded by blaming Trump for the crisis in Yemen despite the fact he has been in office for just days.

Michael Sainato wrote in the Observer about her absurd answer:

“When asked by a Yemeni refugee about what the Democratic Party can do to help her family, Pelosi blamed the entire crisis in Yemen on Trump. In reality, the crisis was caused by Saudi Arabian intervention, which was supplied with massive amounts of weapons exported by the Obama administration. “Your family is suffering because our president is reckless . . . and his administration is incompetent,” Pelosi said. “How and why they did this is because they’re grand illusionists. Every time they have a problem with something, they create another problem.” With this response, Pelosi shows that she either doesn’t know about the subject or she is just on autopilot to blame everything on the Republicans.”

Pelosi was also confronted by Laura Wilkerson, a mother whose son was tortured and murdered by an illegal immigrant, about her native San Francisco’s status as a sanctuary city.

She responded by flat out lying.

The Blaze reports:

“I pray for you, again, we all pray that none of us has to experience what you’ve experienced. So thank you for channeling your energy to help prevent something like that from happening, but I do want to say to you, that in our sanctuary cities, our people are not disobeying the law.

These are law-abiding citizens. It enables them to be there without being reported to ICE in case of another crime that they might bear witness to.

“The point is that you do not turn law enforcement officers into immigration officers,” Pelosi concluded.

“That is really what the point is in a sanctuary city. So it’s not a question of giving sanctuary to someone who is guilty of a crime — they should be deported.”

Pelosi’s claim that sanctuary cities are home to law abiding citizens is a lie.

The people she claims are citizens that may run afoul of ICE are illegal aliens who already committed one crime by entering the country illegally.

Also, in her home of San Francisco, an illegal immigrant who had been deported on five previous occasions, but whom local law enforcement refused to turn over to ICE gunned down Kate Steinle and set off a national firestorm about sanctuary cities.

Donald Trump pledged to fight to defund the over 300 localities that refuse to enforce federal immigration law.

His America First platform on foreign policy and immigration helped rocket him to the GOP nomination and ultimately the Presidency.

Pelosi’s town hall answers show the Democrats locked into a mindset of 100% resistance even if it continues to alienate them from the voters who defected to Donald Trump’s campaign.