Native American protester confronted Catholic students and the fallout will sicken you

The fake news media is always on the hunt for any opportunity to attack Donald Trump and his supporters as racists.

They believed they struck gold when a viral video of Catholic students supposedly mocking an 85 year-old Indian protester.

But what happened next will make you sick.

Celebrities and journalists lined up to heap scorn upon a group of Kentucky students from Covington Catholic that attended the March for Life.

A video rocketed around social media showing a group of boys chanting – many of whom were wearing Trump hats – and surrounding 85 year-old professional leftist Nathan Phillips as he banged an Indian drum inches from one of the boy’s faces.

The left rushed to paint the picture of rich, racist, privileged white Trump supporters singling out a discriminated against minority for persecution.

But the video was deceptively clipped to frame the boys.

The truth was a group of black nationalists harassed the students with vulgar slurs.

Phillips seized on that moment to wade into the group and get in the face of one of the boys with his drum.

None of the students chanted “build the wall” or anything derogatory.

The boys said they broke out into school chants to drown out the racist taunts from the black militants.

If anything, Phillips was an experienced activist who critics believe thought he could create a viral moment.

He was right.

Within 24 hours the boys were convicted of being the heirs to Bull Connor.

But the media was forced to backtrack when word leaked out that some of the students planned to sue.

Fake news outlets scrambled to present the full story and exonerate the boys.

All the apologies could not paper over the fact that this story revealed the true nature of the media and what they really think about Trump supporters.


  1. Well Scalia, You should Really Look in the Mirror and See Your Conservative Movement! Between your Legs and that’s Pathetic and by The Way does that come in Adult Size! There PeeWee.

  2. I am 65 and was in Nam beginning in ’73. I was #32 in the last year of the draft. In January of 1973 a peace agreement was signed to end DIRECT US involvement in the war. HaHa. SIgon did not fall until April of ’75. We weren’t in Cambosia, Thailand or Laos either.
    I am not saying this fruitcake was fighting either though.

  3. Not too young. I’m 68 and i was in vietnam in 68 and 69. But Phillips has been proven a liar. What do you expect from demonrats.

  4. He’s in his 60’s not 85 like the story says, and yes, he’s too young to have fought in Vietnam.

  5. I’ve since heard he claims to be Omaha. Can anyone contact the leader there and get this agitator in line?

  6. This guy is a total fake. He claims to be a Vietnam Vet even thought he was never in Vietnam. This is a total publicity sham trying to get attention to a bogus cause!!!!

  7. This shows exactly how the Democrats operate. chief of no tribe went into the group of Catholic young people to try and intimidate them. We later found that he wasn’t the Vietnam veteran he claimed to be. I have some very close Osage Indian friends and not one of them have facial hair. It made me wonder if his claiming to be an Indian to be another lie. The Catholic young men showed grace and patience beyond their years. I am an 82 year old Southern Baptist Minister and the truth be known had it ben my face this idiot had beat the drum in I can almost guaranteee you he would have been knocked out When I was a junior in high school you could leave out the almost! The Election is over and for you crybaby Democrats President Trump is our President, THANK GOD!!! LETS MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN & Lets build the Wall to keep a secure America.

  8. I’ve talked with some black pastors & they (being pastors I suppose) attribute the ignorance to limited news sources.
    I wonder what Larry Elder would say. Or Pastor on Joshua’s Trail.

  9. I wish there were someway to confront him. He gives NDN causes a bad image. Do we know what his actual tribal claim is? (We’ve some rather public claims that were dissolved when scrutinized. Maybe he’s another.)

  10. You are so right. There is so much hatred and fake news going around these days, mostly by adults, people elected to congress to serve all of us. What a pitiful situation this country is in. One lies, the other swears to it. Young people, and so do we, deserve better than this display put on by our elective congress. I pray everyday that this will all end before it is too late. Whatever happened to the words compassion and love.

  11. The Stupidity, Immaturity, Apathy, Hedonism, Hypocrisy and Hate that Al Gore started when he was unable to Win or Steal the 2000 Presidential Election will be with us FOREVER!!!!!

  12. Thank you, Mr. Taylor, so much, for your service and sacrifice. I am sorry for your disability, but glad you survived that awful war. I lost some good friends over there. It is sad to see what some ignorant, brainwashed people are trying to do to this country, and the awful way some people treat each other now. Trump was not my ideal candidate by any means, but I knew too much about Hilary to ever vote for her. In many elections, I have voted for who I thought the lesser of two evils. I have been pleased that, unlike many elected, Trump has tried to keep his promises to the American people. I pray that God will give him wisdom, protection, and help him to continue to have integrity toward the American people, unlike most polititions, especially a lot of the godless dimwitcraps.

  13. Diane…You will know that God is very real the moment you die. You have the same choice as everyone else to come to Jesus and be saved, but you have chosen to join satan in hell.

  14. “How has it gotten out of control so quickly” . This has been gonig on for a LONG time. The American film industry, 1940’s , had “communist” film makers who were being brought up on charges of “Un-American” activities. It was called a “witch hunt”. Many “innocent ” filmmakers were blacklisted , but many went unscathed , and the media said it was a “witch hunt”, really? Then Joe McCarthy , had his moment in the 1950’s, about communists being everywhere, and , in reality , they were , but HE became a laughing stock. !960’s, Woodstock . There are photo’s of people selling books on Stalin , Che’ , and other communist books. Then these 1960’s “Hippies” got into professorships at Berkely [Hillary Clinton ] , USC< UCLA and many other California colleges, which spread tot Yale, Harvard, Princeton, U. of Texas, ad nauseam. So , communists with Soro's and many others , aided and abetted this quagmire. Then you get to to the BLM,Black Panthers [ old and new] , #Meto , and Planned Parenthood, all under the umbrella of undermining the Constitution and anything sacred. The news media, another oxymoronic statement, is "influencing " under educated millineals, and other groups.
    So , this undermining of Morals started out along time ago , and the longer one remains uninformed , the easier it is to "transform" them into a useful village idiot. Watch Hillary Clinton answer the question of "her accomplishments". She talks for over 15 minutes , and states "NOTHING" that could be con trued as being an accomplishment. Her accomplishments are "Benghazi, "Multiple deaths" of suspicious reasons, and her blatant incompetence as a congresswoman.

  15. Everyone seems confused about the Liberals (Pelosi, and Schumer) in particular. If you are confused about these rotten people, THEN VOTE REPUBLICAN in 2020, and kick these scum out!

  16. I wonder why so-called “black-nationalists” would SCREAM insults at young men PROTESTING abortion? Don’t these black people realize the war against black babies perpetrated by Democrats? Black babies are the #1 target of abortionists.

    I don’t understand any of this. Can anyone explain the contradictory behavior of blacks? I am trying not to be racist. Perhaps an African American poster could explain this to me?

  17. This reminds me, on a lesser scale, of the Duke lacrosse trio and the damage that injustice did to the Left in the end. Funny how schools would coach kids into singing Obama praiuse songs, but a MAGA cap is verboten??!! Injun Joe is a trouble maker and this bull$h1t assumption that any redskin has to automatically be granted full victimhood and a blank check to say or do anything they please will not go over well with most fair minded Americans.




  19. This should never have happened. Why didn’t someone call the cops to stop the horrific and disgusting actions by the BHI?? Then for the catholic diocese, the Covington mayor, the kids school, celebrities and others who called the kids all sorts of disgusting names and things, threatened them by calling for them to be expelled and beat up. HOW HAS OUR COUNTRY GOTTEN WHERE IT IS TODAY WHERE THINGS GET SO OUT OF CONTROL SO QUICKLY, INFO GIVEN OUT INTENTIONALLY BEING SO VERY WRONG AND INNOCENT PERSONS BEING CONDEMNED, THREATENED AND THE CIRCUMSTANCES BLATANTLY LIED ABOUT.? THIS ACTIVIST IS A REAL PIECE OF WORK ALSO FOR LYING ABOUT THE WHOLE SITUATION. WHAT A CREEP ALSO. PEOPLE WHO TRY TO START THINGS MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE .

  20. The time is long past do for Patriotic God fearing Americans to rid this country of EVERY SINGLE liberal using ANY means necessary. Liberalism is a disease and the cure is to aim and squeeze. It’s overdue folks.

  21. if ever the dems needed proof of fake news this is it. First, Buzzfeed caught lying so bad that even Mueller had to step in and say they were lying. Then these poor kids from Ky. caught up in this obvious scam. Being taunted by black nationalist and then this fake indian trying to get them to react so the media (conviently right there) could film this. however, it blew up in their faces. the kids didn’t bite they just ignored and so the fake news had to do what they do best. Lie. Where is the outrage from Democrats who are catholics. Are they willing to sacrifice these kids because of their hate for Trump? They did nothing wrong and have been vilified by these crazy insane libs. I have never been more proud to be a Republican then while I watch the REAL video of what happened and how mature these kids acted. and shame of John Yarmuth for sayings what these kids did was appalling. You need to resign.

  22. Is it not obvious Nathan Phillips is mentally incapacitated, if he is not displaying the symptoms of extreme Dementia which does not account for his decades old psychotic behavior then it because of drinking too much Fire Water and smoking Peyote or smoking or ingesting some other hallucinogenic drug, LSD or Magic Shrooms for instance.

  23. Nathan Phillips psychotic behavior is equal to that of the vast majority of Negroes they hate all Whiteman’s laws even if they are not racially biased which other than Affirmative Action and only natives being allowed to own gambling establishments none are, fact the only laws that are racially biased are laws that restrict the rights and are biased against whites.

    After speaking with at least a couple of natives it has been made blatantly clear the natives like the blacks have nothing but contempt for the law, which explains why so often natives are only tried through their trial tribunal whether they were on reservation land or not when they committed a crime.

  24. We believers, Catholic, Christian and Jewish are talking about GOD. The decision of where you wind up is not up to you. GOD is in charge. It does not matter whether you believe in him or not. HE will make all the final and everlasting decisions, not you. You do not believe in lifeafter death, but there is and you will get yours, in Hell!

  25. ohhhhh that was a definite HARD SLAP THAT COULD BE HEARD ACROSS THE U.S. OF A.! Wonder if Ruth whatshername caught it?

  26. Sue them for all they are worth and put the lying media totally out of business. This country will be better off without them.

  27. The old guy pounding on the trash can lid is obviously a whack job! He should have been at the Mental Health Rally down the street.

  28. Wow! Hasn’t the “fake news mills” figured out that good will eventually triumph by now? In today’s modern technology(s) (mainly cells phones) people are recording just about everything. Some things for good, some for money and some out of boredom, I guess. So, the bottom line is this… print the truth and the truth will set you free! lol With the ruling from the Supreme Court allowing news outlets to lie at will because it the news outlet’s “freedom of speech”, to lie is to be self-serving in your ways. I miss the days where a journalist would print the gospel truth and retract any “misquotes” or blatant lies. Now, the news outlets cannot be taken serious because of their lies to beat the truth. Sad but true. Newspapers, in my opinion, are closer to tabloids now. They are for entertainment rather than a factual piece of news.

  29. This is the real reason for the Civil war. They wanted to break away from the tyranny of the north. When Obama was making laws right and left many of the southern states said we wanted to break away from the United States and Obama arrogantly said,” go ahead,we have all the money.”

  30. Diane you appear to be a very miserable unhappy person, then again most liberals are. Your evil nastiness just eats you from the inside out. I also don’t think anyone here cares whether your a christian or not, in the end decisions you make you’ll answer for.

  31. LIES are printed BOLDLY in the headlines – retractions are buried deep in the paper. The left knows this – they also live bt=y the mantra tell a lie enough times and it will morph into the truth. Left Wing Loon Ocasio-Cortez even said recently ‘You Can Spew Lies If You’re Morally Right” – and she gets to decide who is morally right? Sounds familiar – where have I heard it is okay to lie to the “infidels” before?

  32. Just let the lying media hang themselves,along with the pathetic Democrated party! I find their insanity to be amusing at times!We do not have to do anything, they are doing it to themselves! Such patheticness!

  33. Richard Day, that’s why liberals are atheists, they know God doesn’t approve of infantiside and the rest of the evils he liberals promote. So they deny his exsistance. They ignore the good word of a God that loves them. That’s why they bash Christians for their beliefs. Communism can’t exist with Christianity and these millennials are brain washed by their communist professors that the God who loves them doesn’t exist. I pray they come to know how much our father in Heaven has done for them.????????

  34. We should go on jeopardy! You can have first crack at all questions with a mulligans and then I’ll go! And you can see how stupid I am! I’m betting on me in a rout! I’m on tenterhooks smart girl!

  35. please continue…’For He taught them as one having authority, and not as the scribes.’ Maybe read/study all of Matthew chapter 7; shucks, why not ALL of GOD’s word? It would be good for ALL of us.

  36. I just researched this leftist professional thug. He is a paid to protest thug. He is no native American nor a veteran.

  37. If you go to Alex Jones radio station or web site you will hear some disgusting things coming out of the mouths of the ones harassing the college students….I know people aren’t a fan of Alex, me either, but he is the only one sharing the truth..It’s worse than what we have heard, and yes that includes Fox News.

  38. Thank you Robert Taylor for serving & sacrificing for our country. Conservative Christians believe in free speech & are tired of non thinking libs like Diane trying to take away our freedoms. If Diane doesn’t like what is said here, why don’t you try a different site?

  39. No core! Catholic kids are generally well behaved when representing their schools! This Indian drummer is a flake! The media is a looser business for losers! Bankrupt them some more!

  40. It doesn’t matter whether you believe in anything or not. There are those that make predictions that happen 100% of the time. I’m one of those people and what I see happening to you is not going to be pleasant to say the least. Again, it doesn’t matter if you believe or not.

  41. Oh, and NOW he’s 80 ?
    Uh, last I checked he was 2 years YOUNGER than I.
    Reportedly a Vietnam ERA Veteran.So this guy was born in 1942?
    Reportedly – a “Viet Nam ERA Veteran”…
    Poor demented demonRats – they’ve NOT a clue as to what’s happening. Poor, poor dumb animals.
    Something smells, whether it’s yellow rag publishing, or his…….

  42. Diane . . . . . Christians, or not, even Heathen’s should have respect for folks.

    This whole fraud was a setup in an attempt to make honest Christian kids look bad at the hands of “Wacked-Out-Reprobates” who believe in, among other things, death to kids in the womb.

    These “traps” will continue to occur until Reprobates of society are sued out of existence . . . or they wise up and act like humans . . . . and yes, before you ask, atheist’s are normally human and just believe in various things that go thump in the night. ????

    The imitation Indian was obviously part of the gaggle of “Wacked-Out-Reprobates” as he was facing the kids, with his back to his foul-mouthed-friends, definitely, to reinforce their actions.

  43. I was ok for people to wear an Obama hats and shirts and be proud of someone who did nothing for the American people but if you wear a Trump hat or shirt you are automatically a racist…sounds logical to me..stupid liberals

  44. Good idea. Time to sue all the liberal media for lying. Didn’t the company fire the guy for triggering this tweet mess?

  45. Musty – You’re scare tactics don’t work on me. I’m an atheist. Save your prayers for the other “fake” Christians on this stupid website.

  46. God Bless You every day, Mr. Taylor. Thank you for your service and your sustained willingness to fight for all of us, even those who use their free speech to create hate and discontent.
    You are forever one of my heroes.

  47. You know I have spent most of my life in the military trying to do my part to keep this country free. However when I see comments like this one I sometimes find it hard to think this is why I bacame an 80 year old disabled veteran. Perhaps you should use your gift for words to make this a better place to live. I suspect you are not old enough but if you do not like the peoples choice of an “elected President” run for office and then do it your way.

  48. How about if we all collectively pray for diane. She will go to Hell on the road she’s traveling but maybe if we all pray for her she will see the Light of God through the pond scum she sees everything in now.

  49. People in this country need to get a voice of their own a mind of their own instead of the fake media and the liberals telling you any thing. The media needs to be shut down completely since they are having a hard time reporting the news that it’s supposed to be.

  50. you are too kind. There needs to be a stronger word. Scumbags is a compliment.
    Liberalism is a disease. Poor people only have 2 brain cells.

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