NBC just threw Megyn Kelly under the bus with this action

Megyn Kelly is the highest paid network anchor at NBC News.

But with her dismal ratings and gaffe prone interviews, many believe her star power is fading.

If there was still any question of that, NBC’s latest action should remove all doubt.

Fox News is reporting Megyn Kelly won’t be traveling with her fellow NBC colleagues to South Korea for the Olympics.

Fox News writes:

The Olympics is a command performance for any high-profile star or executive at the Peacock Network, which has paid nearly $1 billion to broadcast the 2018 Pyeongchang Games in the United States. While it’s unclear if Kelly made the decision to stay home herself, it’s unusual nonetheless.

NBC traditionally sends its entire panoply of news stars to the games, and true to form, both the “Today” show and “Nightly News” will broadcast live from Pyeongchang for the duration of the games, focusing their news programs almost entirely on games coverage. NBC executives, as well as head honchos from parent company Comcast, also travel to the games to hobnob, attend receptions and watch sporting events.

Fox News has confirmed, however, that Kelly, who makes about $23 million a year, will not join her fellow stars in South Korea. Instead, her troubled 9 a.m. hour of “Today” will broadcast Olympics coverage from its usual studio in New York’s Rockefeller Center, according to TVNewser.

This is incredibly embarrassing for Megyn,” said one NBC News insider. “Anybody who’s anybody at NBC goes to the Olympics.”


While it is possible she made the decision, the report continues:

“It is odd that NBC News would leave its highest-paid host at home. Megyn’s ratings are improving a bit as the show has focused on the sexual harassment issue, but she could still use the kind of exposure and interviews you only get when physically at the Olympics,” The Hill media columnist Joe Concha told Fox News.

Megyn Kelly’s had a rough time transitioning from Fox News to NBC.

Is this just another sign the end is near for Kelly’s career?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


  1. I thought we were finished w/ Megyn ‘what’s her face’ on
    the ‘Rip -Tide’ ___

    > Headliner 0ld & getting ‘mold’ renewedright.com

  2. I used to like Megan on Fox news until she covered the debates & showed what a jackass she was. I was glad to see her leave Fox & go to NBC. I knew she wouldn’t do well as she is too full of herself but how can you blame her, she is the highest paid newscaster at NBC?

  3. I used to like her….when she was normal….now making 23 mil a year….she’s made the complete transition to total libtard….shep smithtard is next.

  4. I am simply fed-up with these self important, over paid news readers.
    Didn’t we learn anything from our adolescent adoration of Walter Cronkite with his artificial gravitas?
    Collective we Americans are slow learners. We voted Obama a second term in spite of his world tour blaming America for all the worlds problems.

  5. Stephen Leonhard. She represents all that is wrong with “Celebrity” news readers.I thought the public had ‘smartened up’ after the disaster of celebrating Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather.
    Lets just have someone with a pleasant voice simply read the news to us without editorializing!

  6. Stephen Leonhard. She represents all that is wrong with “Celebrity” news readers.I thought the public had ‘smartened up’ after the disaster of celebrating Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather.
    Lets just have someone with a pleasant voice simply read the news to us without editorializing!

  7. I liked her on Fox but now I see the true side of her , what’s that ? I am for me and do not care who I hurt to get what I want I will go as low as I must


  9. Rite … remember her make-up i’m sorry int’view w/djt ? slobbering & sickening – “let’s talk about >us< " = wow , her
    hormones ran amuck that night on Nat.Tv. 0u.

  10. Yep – N0 0N-location during W.0lympics – aw gee …uh, buh-bye__
    > she 0nly has 1 recipe for a “Cooking Channel” =
    ‘Cooking her own goose’ …

  11. She ‘cooked her goose’ in 2016 w/ >1st question in Presidential Debate… & then she ‘cut her Hair’ &&& then she is on her way to ‘nowheresville’ …

  12. I hope she stays with NBC. She hasn’t helped it’s ratings that much, if at all, and it’s costing them through the nose. NBC believed that they pulled a coupe picking up this shrew and now they are assessing their wisdom . . . and shopping for a new anchor sow to fill her ample seat.

  13. I misse the old Meg. She was really good at it but her true colors spewing out of her ass was an eye opener. Shame that she’s not a believer of conservative values.

  14. She might be able to get a job at the Mustang Ranch in Nevada if she can keep her mouth shut ….. at least most of time.

  15. This is a woman in her 40s who’s hit the wall, had her cake and ate it too, and is resting on her laurels. It’s time to gracefully go away Ms. wall victim! I disconnected my cable after her baited and disrespectful interview of Trump. You can have RINO Fox with its Trollope wall victim women far too old for their tight mini-skirts and plunging tops, and their mangina white knights who enable this, then harass these attention whores. As my late father used to say “what goes around comes around” and “an apple does not fall far from the tree”.

  16. The only damage that could occur if Megan Kelly left the broadcasting business would be her ego. She would not be missed. There is nothing fun, interesting or creative about her shows. Let it go, Kelly. See ‘Ya., or not.

  17. Megyn Kelly gives off such a pissy attitude about everything. Thank God she is no longer on FOX, now I don’t have to see or hear her.

  18. I wouldn’t ever put my reputation on the line for her.What the HELL does she do to earn 23 million a yr?Seriously I can go on TV and lie and harrass people and put a damper on their reputation.Rediculous.

  19. It doesn’t make any difference to me. I couldn’t care less about her. Why is that liberal teleprompter reader even IN the news, much less allowed to report it? Whatever she does, wherever she goes, she has that liberal attitude that is an ugly mark on her permanent record, and I couldn’t care less. Who cares??

  20. Fake News NBC thought it pulled a major coup when it won the likes of Megyn Kelly from fair and balanced Fox News. On the flip…not only were her demands met but, quite obviously, she pulled a coup of her own…an ironclad contract with zero ‘outs’…and an income worthy of the best lawyers waving fine-tooth combs to keep NBC honest. Why ELSE would NBC keep her paltry ratings around? SO…the ‘psychology’ is…continue to meet the contract clauses BUT…throw in subtle hints of not being all that welcome…like, no active ON-location during the Winter Olympics. If Megyn has any shred of moxie, self-respect, and self-preservation, she’ll heed those hints. And decide all by her pretty little self that, ummm, NBC isn’t the ‘fit’ she thought it was and “Settle for More” elsewhere. Maybe even the Cooking Channel from her kitchen when her kids are home! Bon appetit!

  21. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.
    Must be a slow news day. Kelly has enough money to retire and travel the world at her leisure for the next 50 years….now….what were you saying about poor Megyn ??

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