NBC may be regretting their contract with Megyn Kelly

Football fans aren’t likely the only ones excited for fall.

With dismal ratings this summer — losing out to America’s Funniest Home Videos repeatedly — “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly” really was nothing short of a disaster.


  1. I like Kelly, warts and all. I’m right wing as you can get, but I like her spunk. Tells it like she sees it and lets the chips fall where they may! Don’t take any prisoners Ms. Kelly,full speed ahead and dam the torpedoes.

  2. Once she started going after Trump the decline was fast. She always belonged with fake news because of her elitist attitude and liberal bias. I am glad they the 9 PM time slot went to Tucker. He will take on liberals fiercely instead of sucking up to them .

  3. Can we all give a collective “Aw-w-w-w-w-w-w”? You wanted her. Next time be careful what you wish for!

  4. No one will watch this woman, as she is loathed by both the liberals and the conservatives. She is motivated by money and her perceived personality! Now that the Country has “seen” her oerssinality, she is done forever! Good riddance to the fallen primadona!!!!

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