NBC reporter’s lie about Virginia’s gun rights rally was every American’s worst nightmare

The fake news media is on the warpath.

So-called “journalists” are out to set the stage for a Democrat victory in 2020.

And now this NBC reporter’s lie about Virginia’s gun rights rally was every American’s worst nightmare.

Last year, Democrats finally won full control of state government in Virginia.

And at the top of their wish list is passing new gun control.

Racist governor Ralph Northam proposed every gun-grabber’s dream agenda – so-called “Red Flag” gun confiscation laws, banning and registering so-called “assault weapons,” limiting handgun purchases to one a month, and “high capacity” magazine bans.

This year’s “lobby day” in Virginia – where Second Amendment activists demonstrate to state legislators that they must defend the right to keep and bear arms – took on new meaning.

Tens of thousands of pro-Second Amendment activists descended on the state house in Richmond to protest Northam’s unconstitutional and un-American gun grabs.

Fake News Media “reporters” – who hate the Second Amendment and want to see firearms banned and confiscated – smeared the rally goers as potential domestic terrorists.

In a since deleted tweet, fake news NBC reporter Ben Collins claimed the mass gathering of Americans in support of a fundamental constitutional right was a “white nationalist” rally.

Fake news reporters rooted for violence or someone to get injured or killed so they could play up gun rights supporters as staging the sequel to the tragedy in Charlottesville where a white supremacist killed a young woman when he ran over her with his car.

Instead, the gathering was peaceful, so the fake news tried to invent a menacing spectacle.

Collins’ fellow fake news “reporter” at NBC, Gabe Gutierrez, tweeted out a video of peaceful protestors reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and falsely claimed they were chanting, “we will not comply.”

Gutierrez came to Richmond hoping for violence and mayhem to break out.

The fake news wanted to paint a story of 2020 being a contest between a diverse and multiracial Democrat Party and a grievance-fueled white nationalist movement supporting the President and “archaic” values like the Second Amendment.

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