NBC spilled the beans on Megyn Kelly’s future and it wasn’t what anyone was expecting

Megyn Kelly has struggled since jumping ship to NBC news.

Her shows have been failures and plagued by backstage drama.

With her career on the ropes, Kelly got the worst news of her life when NBC quietly made this announcement.

Megyn Kelly debuted on NBC to much fanfare with a Sunday night news magazine show last summer.

It bombed in the ratings and was yanked from the schedule after only eight episodes when it had been originally scheduled for ten.

Now that football and the Winter Olympics are over, observers were wondering if her show would return to the schedule.

NBC didn’t cancel it, but they demoted Kelly to part-time performer.

The network quietly put out a press release saying her show will only appear “periodically.

Fox News reports:

“Megyn Kelly’s Sunday night newsmagazine on NBC was originally billed as a weekly program, but has been demoted to a program that will air “periodically,” according to a press release sent Tuesday by the network.

“Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly” had an eight-episode run in the summer of 2017 to kick off Kelly’s tour at the Peacock Network before her 9 a.m. ET daily show premiered in the fall. “Sunday Night” struggled to gain an audience, averaging 3.7 million total viewers during its initial eight-week run. The show typically lost to 7 p.m. broadcast competition such as “60 Minutes” and “America’s Funniest Home Videos…

… NBC News sent a press release touting Kelly’s upcoming hour-long primetime special with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday and media watchdogs were quick to notice a sentence at the end of the release.

“This special marks the return of the weekend primetime newsmagazines Kelly will anchor periodically this spring and summer until football season,” the release stated, adding that it is “dependent on Kelly’s schedule with her weekday morning program.”

NBC is trying to minimize their professional and financial embarrassment by demoting her program to periodic airings instead of outright cancellation.

She was paid tens of millions of dollars to add star power to NBC and now she is little more than a utility player for the network.


  1. I gave up on Kelly when the debates were on and she throws out the zinger to then candidate Donald J Trump about Rosie Odonnel.
    Rather then Trump turning into a joke “only Rosie ODonnel”, he should have said something like “we are in a war, our country is NOT secure, their are terrorists all around the world and you are asking me that? Get REAL, Next question that has meaning please!!”

  2. I would suggest that you get the opinion of her first husband also along with your own and put them together as well as remembering that she acted the same as LIARWOOD stars in keeping secrets for 10 years because only the fame mattered to her. And then came along some interest from another media outlet and she spoke out against a FOX boss and started to go against Trump because it was either going to get her big bucks and a new home or she would have to stay at FOX just to have a job. She was showing her true colors and butted heads with Hannity also. But remember that she kept her mouth shut for advancement, selfish I would say. Do NOT sing her praises until you know all there is to know.

  3. Megan Kelly has been on the right side of every story since her debut on FX. Here’ hoping there are enough cool heads at FOX, who can keep their hands to themselves, that would rehire her in an evening prime news or opinion slot.

    One door closes and another one opens.

  4. After her attacks on MY president, I don’t care to see her on television ever again! What an airhead!

  5. M Kelly is a sham. So glad she is being exposed. Haven’t watched her once since she insulted Donald Trump during campaign. She is a phony baloney NO TALENT

  6. The only thing she has going for is a pretty face. I could barely stand listening to her when I used to watch tv.

  7. I never really watched her anyhow. Expecially after she jumped on Donald J Trump when he was in the debates, and made up the big to do that involved Rosie Odonnel.
    That is all she thinks about is SEX.
    Maybe she should change careers and go to a chicken ranch in Nevada!!

  8. Looks like networks and viewers are finally waking up to how obnoxious Megyn Kelly is and why she can’t capture an audience. Can’s wait to see her axed as she deserves.

  9. Most could not recognize their own party as being communist now. The only thing they blow is their noses. Gun powder is hard to come by any longer.

  10. The day Kelly attacked Donald Trump, during the first debate it was the beginning of the end of her career. She allowed her perceived popularity at Fox go to her head and she found out it was not real popularity it was Fox and Bill O’Reilly that made her. Not her self.

    Some lessons come hard to some people. She may be one of those people.

  11. Ever since she went after Trump and she thought she was the darling of the USA media, she changed her appearance. She wears the Michael JACKSON makeup on her face, and got the Max Headroom hairstyle. It all went to her head.

  12. Isn’t it AMAZING what money can(attempt)to buy? By that I mean not necessarily personal leanings but rather, greed. Quite a shame actually, because she did look better on FOX, just sayin’, of course.

  13. I bet $5 you wouldn’t recognize her if her hair was the color of her roots, and her face was scrubbed of all makeup! She is a skinny brunette with no figure or personality. Only a little better looking the Micheal Obama, aka “Michelle”.
    I wouldn’t buy her a burger! Let alone waste an hour watching her run her mouth on television.
    I sure would NOT trade my dog for her!

  14. Her attacks on our President were unprofessional and proved that she got to where she was by things other than journalism!! I bet she brings a pole and stillettos to EVERY interview!!!

  15. She was the one who spent MONRHS in the Bowels of FOX to think up questions for the Debate and ended up being 5yr old mentality attacks on Trump!!

  16. I’m sick and tired of all of these star wannabes who peddle their own flesh is their desperate climb up the stardom ladder [ many don’t make it anyway] and then come screaming back at us about the sexual abuse that they have supposedly experienced. They’re nothing more than a bunch of phonies grasping for some time before the media in the hope of re-energizing their flagging careers or trying to create careers that they never had in the first place. they chose to prostitute themselves at the time and they need to learn to live with the outcome. Don’t come to the rest of us now looking for undeserved sympathy.

  17. Another good looking blonde who used her assets to get where she is. Her bad attitude and poor behavior have cost her. If it wasn’t for Trump no one would ever have heard of her.

  18. Megyn Kelly will be appearing five nights a week at NBC. They’ve installed a pole in the Green Room.

  19. She and Maxine should both join the magician’s league and join hands and make they-selves disappear,(FOREVER), and take Hilleerie and Obama-ding-a-ling and her husband Michael with them. Bye yall and don’t you all come back hear!?????

  20. Never saw any of her NBC shows except she was with FOX news. Her downfall is somewhat interesting. She was once way on the top of the news world, but … pfffft! Too bad.

  21. As for this Megyn Kelly, when she first started her “new career” she appeared on the Howard Stern show and all they talked about and he asks this one, “did you every think about being a stripper”?, he makes comments about her “breasts” refers to them as “nice set of racks you got there”. all she does is giggle. Why hasn’t she bought charges up against him? now some twenty or thirty years later. She actually bashed Donald Trump on air and questioned his making a comment about “grabbing women’s pu*****”. I’m against any of that crap, but these “BIG-MOUTH LIBERAL” TV Hosts, movie stars, if you want to call them “star”.. are all full of sh**. They were all “climbing the latter to success” all of them. Why were most of those “poor” girls showing up in the now known “sex offenders” hotel rooms?
    Hopefully, the link below can be opened, this is the interview with Howard Stern and Megyn Kelly.

  22. PBS…. constantly asking for donations. The sad thing is, is that they do have some good programs on, but then they sneak in some heavy liberal SH**. That is the reason I won’t give them a dime. I shut the LIBERAL SHu** OFF.

  23. why is she getting millions…. why is any of them getting paid like this…. most of them are nothing but sh** programs.

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