Never Trump Senator just got the bad news that his career is over

Never Trump Republicans spent the last three years plotting Donald Trump’s demise.

But now the shoe is on the other foot.

And this Never Trump Republican Senator just got the bad news that his career is over.

Nebraska’s Ben Sasse has been one of the most vocal Trump critics in the Republican Party.

Sasse never misses an opportunity to showboat for the liberal media and slam Trump.

The Nebraska Republican is also fond of attacking Donald Trump’s “America First” agenda and supporting endless war and globalist trade agreements that shaft American workers to the benefit of cheap foreign labor.

But the chickens are coming home to roost and Sasse could face a pro-Trump primary challenger.

The Hill reports:

Conservative Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.), a frequent critic of President Trump who said he could not support him during the 2016 cycle, is at risk of a significant primary challenge in 2020, according to GOP sources.

A Nebraska Republican official told The Hill there are Republicans interested in running for Sasse’s seat, while a senior Republican aide predicted that Sasse will see a primary challenge.

Sasse has yet to officially announce if he is running for reelection. The senator plans to have a conversation with his wife, Melissa, this summer about whether he will seek a second term.

Never Trump Republicans like Jeff Flake and Bob Corker retired rather than face the prospect of a pro-Trump primary challenger defeating them.

Sasse will soon face the same decision.

Republican voters see the Democrats waging total war and resistance against President Trump.

They don’t want elected officials they voted into office stabbing their President in the back.

That’s why Never Trump Republicans have such short careers.

And Ben Sasse could be the next disloyal Never Trumper sent into early retirement.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. What a sissy!! He can not make his own mind, if he will Run on 2020, he has to ASK his wife?? Another one.! I had heard of another one, too Saying ,” I had take my daughter to the voting booth, make sure he did not voted for Trump. No thank You. Do not run! You might get a candy treat!!

  2. We finally have a good president and yet the Dems and the Never Trumpers are falling all over themselves trying to put him down. They are traitors to Liberty and the USA~!

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  4. If he is against Pres.Trump he should go but he was the only one in Congress to come out against the baby killing. He very loudly said they should not be in Congress with that attitude and I agree. I hope and pray this mess with these idiots being against the best Pres. we have had will be resolved because it’s really bad now as Chase Bank has closed two people’s accounts because they are for Trump,this is not what America is supposed to be.Maybe people should just close their accounts with Chase before they get anyone else,I wouldn’t think they would like to lose all their business.

  5. The 2020 Campaign clearly illustrates the Democrats want to change the United States to an ENTITLE NATION…and candidates for the presidency like Warren, Harris, Booker, Buttigieg, Delancy, Gabbard, Gillibrand and Klobuchar all mock the words of President Kennedy by changing his famous quote to now mean…”Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country can do for you.” In this ugly generation of the ENTITLED we now see all of them pushing for FREE Healthcare, FREE Education, FREE Housing, FREE Income guarantee, FREE Welfare and FREE Food stamps… Kennedy is rolling over in his grave! Sasse is an ASS!

  6. How nice.
    The Trumpbots are after Sen. Sasse because he refuses to goose step to Donnie Deferment’s tune.
    Oh, the horror that someone from his own Party should dare question the word of the Dear Leader.

    • Hey old dog molester. I saw on the MSNBC ,not fox, the majority of commiecrats want the Virginia governor to stay in office. If he was a republican , they would be calling for his head and balls. You assholes show every day how deplorable and two faced you are. So stick your comments about President Trump up your commie ass. By the way, we are organizing across this country to crush you bastards. We have had enough of you leftist dick heads.

      • A typical Tyree answer. 1st response from YOU is the “threat” of violence. FYI stats show a 50/50 split on the Va. governor. Remember Dan, that “Mexico” will pay for Trumps wall…..Guess if that happens WE are ALL Mexicans because that sure as hell will never happen. Someday Trump will “rot and burn” in hell because he is the 2nd coming of the “devil”!!!!!! How dare ANYONE say something negative about the “dictator”

        • Hey you phony, fake Dan Tyree! You are totally a Democrat yellow bellied coward shown when you used Dan’s name as your name on your reply to the real Dan! What’s the matter, are you too afraid to use your own name?
          I am 99% sure I know who you are, you liberal lying sewer rat, come on out in the sunshine and be big enough to let the world see who you are!
          Your biggest problem is the Republicans won in 2016, no matter what Republican won the Whitehouse, you would hate him/her. It just so happens DJT is a streetfighter and shows zero tolerance to your kind, you can’t control him and what he does, and he has caused your little pea brain to explode into a withered pile of dog manure! You are too pathetic for any of us to bother with, you creep!

          • Real M…..This is my “real” name. Sure this name is common in this country. So you may want to offer an apology but I’m sure YOU, like Trump could NEVER apologize to anyone. That would be below your standards.

          • PHONY FAKE Dan Tyree, That’s your real name, my butt! I don’t owe you an apology but, you owe all of us for one for pretending to be the real Dan Tyree, he is a red blooded true American conservative patriot, and you are a low down dirty troll! No, an apology is not below my standards but, you are far below my standards! In fact, you don’t deserve another minute of my time………………

          • Real M, wouldn’t expect anything different from you. I guess according to you, there is only “one” person in the world with the name Dan Tyree???? I guess from your posts, you don’t have a real name???? Unless of course your name is Real!!!!!!

          • Phony Fake Dan Tyree, How perceptive of you, and yes, my name is “Real M” and you are so clever to have figured it out all by yourself. You do any other tricks? Get lost liberal troll!

    • Hey old dog, I’ll bet your from the free love, drug loving Woodstock hippy generation! Those drugs could have messed up your brain. It sure messed up your kids!

      • Real M in case that other Dan is related, even distant, I disown any kinship True, Tyrees are all across America. Defended from early Virginia people. Some of my close kin are dims, but are moderate or a little right of center. . But what’s in a name? I differed with my dad and mom on some things.

  7. There’s not much worse than a phony RINO, and Sasse is a total creep. I do not believe the good people of Nebraska will send this duplicitous delusional RINO back to the Senate. Dear Lord, I certainly hope not!

  8. I realize that many people, including some Republicans detest Trump’s “in-your-face style and brashness, including some crude behavior.

    But a “normal” Republican would have lost the last Presidential election.

    We needed a “street fighter” to win. I personally believe that in a real manner, God put Trump in the White House.

    This also proves God has a unique sense of humor.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

    • I agree with you Sanjosemike, well said! He is the only one who could stand up to the demon party!! It makes me feel that God hasn’t given up on us yet!

  9. who the hell are the Senators who think their crap doesn’t stink or who think we will nominate a Rhino? And are like the Democrats who think they know best for everybody even it makes no sense>

  10. Sasse is no more a Republican than Hillary or Obama. Sasse is a worthless DemocRAT and let’s face it, he’d even have a hard job to keep his job. Let him run and let a good man win for your state. Sasse sucks.

  11. It is all right not to like President Trump’s personality, his tweets, and what he says but, we must support his policies and agenda! Why, because they are working!
    The Democrats stand together, no matter what, to push forward their agenda. Republicans MUST do this also and it is our responsibility to VOTE, Republicans in Congress MUST work and stand together to do this! It is the only way we will ever win and continue to MAGA!

    • Harpistjill, We, as Republicans walk a fine line. We must be sure we are not shooting ourselves in the foot because we don’t like something a member of Congress says or they criticize President Trump from time to time. We are working to get things done for the good of our country and we need to keep our personal feelings out of it. The “important thing” is the voting record. If they vote to forward President Trump’s agenda we must be able to put aside our personal likes and dislikes to get the Republican agenda completed. We are literally attempting to save America and “I” don’t matter in the big picture. So, any member of Congress who is voting for our agenda, whether I like him/her or not, I WILL VOTE FOR THEM!
      NOTE: I don’t know enough about Senator Sasse to have an opinion, if he was my Senator I would be looking to see his voting record, my comment is in general.

  12. I disagree. Ben Sasse has criticized Trump’s style, but he has supported him on policy. He voted for Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, and he spoke eloquently about abortion and the Governor of Virginia’s statements supporting infantacide. Sasse is conservative, an intellectual, capable of articulating issues much clearer than Trump can. We need men and women like Sasse in the Senate. I support Trump’s policies too, but I don’t always like the way he articulates his position on many topics. If Trump supporters keep attacking those who disagree with his style we will lose in 2020. Trump doesn’t need enemies and he doesn’t have a mandate at this time, especially since he lost the House. The party should focus on the “enemy” Democrats, regain control of the House, and move on before eating our own.

    • nazario gonzales, You made some good points in comment. I am not educated on Seantor Sasse’s voting record but if he supports DJT’s policies, he would be acceptable to me. That is what we should all be concerned with. I have never known anyone I am 100% in agreement with 100% of the time, have you?
      We must put personality dislikes aside and promote President Trump’s agenda, that is of upmost importance. The Democrats are better than we are at doing this and that is why they whip our butts so often. They have mastered the art of working together and so must we!
      We should all make it our priority to know how our district’s members of Congress are voting!

  13. Like I said before, all liberal Republicans should register themselves as Democrat. They are not supposed to be with us. Screw then. Glad that Trump exposed their true color. That explained the years of do-nothings on illegal immigration that have been rolling for more than 30 years.

    Time for the wall.

    • agree:) anyone, against a man like Mr Trump deserve justice. ….. Cuomo, the evil govern of New York and in favor of infanticide wants to run for President…!! wont happen:) CUOMO, DONT LET THE DOOR HIT YOU ON YOUR WAY OUT JUST LIKE IT DID CROOKED HILLARY…

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