Never Trumper Mitt Romney just attacked Christianity in this horrible way

Never Trumper (and U.S. Senate candidate) Mitt Romney just stepped in it big time.

Romney recently lashed out on Twitter attacking a core tenant of the Christian faith.

And by doing so, he exposed his key weakness as a candidate.

Mitt Romney is a man unencumbered by principles.

Throughout his career, he’s flip-flopped on just about every key issue.

In Massachusetts, his signature achievement, RomneyCare had a lot in common with the structure Barack Obama relied on for ObamaCare.

He’s tried to have it both ways on gun rights.

In the 1990s he supported the Brady Bill and a ban on firearms with certain cosmetic features.

And as Governor of Massachusetts, he praised their tough gun laws and even signed a permanent gun ban into law.

But when he began first running for President, he tried to mask his anti-gun past by paying for a lifetime membership in the NRA.

In the latest example of just how unmoored Romney is from any sort of principle, he attacked Southern Baptist Preacher Robert Jeffress as a “religious bigot” on Twitter.

Why? Because Jeffress believes as many Christians do and professed that the path of salvation only runs through faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Jeffress replied:

Rod Dreher at The American Conservative says he looks “forward to Mitt Romney advising the LDS Church to stop sending out missionaries, given that Joseph Smith was wrong to quote God as saying that all non-LDS creeds are ‘an abomination.'”

He goes on to ask, “How can he call Jeffress a religious bigot without also condemning himself and his fellow Mormons by the same logic?”

If Romney were taking stances based on some sort of principles, he couldn’t.

But as we’ve seen above, Never Trumper Mitt Romney doesn’t have the inconvenience most people have of being tied down by principles and rules of logic.

Hopefully Utah will see through Romney’s attempt to make himself relevant again and refuse to send him to the U.S. Senate.

What are your thoughts on Romney’s attack on Robert Jeffress?

Let us know in the comments below.


    • Romney is old news and has always been a fraud. His criticism of Dr. Jeffries is proof positive that even though he professes to be a Christian via Mormonism; he clearly knows “NOTHING” about Christianity.

      He brings nothing to the table!!

    • I hope so because he should not run for a sit in our real world. He needs to go to school because as a politician he sucks big time. He just can’t get it. His so out of it because he never won the Presidency and Trump did. Romney was never cut out to be a politician.

    • Mitt Romney is a fraud too the Christian Faith Based religion , his Mormon religion is about Masonic influences and rituals of initiation based upon the York Rite that does not Ascribe too Christ , Albert Pike a southern Confederate general and 33rd degree Mason , rewrote the intiations , !!! Upon his pikes death they discovered he was a confederate racist , where in his pikes own writings , he wrote , Jews , African Americans and Catholics were inferior , !!!
      And Romney a Mormon mason threw the election over too the abomination and Romney worked for the Bush Cartell and WE know what they were about with poppy daddy bush as his Clinton offspring !!!
      Joseph St.Clair

      • Just because you don’t understand the atonement doesn’t make Mormonism wrong. If you did understand the atonement of Jesus Christ you wouldn’t be attacking Romney by disparaging his faith.

        • Although a Baptist I’ll not judge your religion, but do know many belonging to the Mormon church. The LDS is an offshoot of the Mormon church and they don’t recognize the LDS church as they view them as a cult themselves. In any case it’s clear that Romney sold his soul long ago. He fell to earthly desires and is no different than every other false prophet wandering our world now.

        • Excuse me but Mitt is the one who started attacking one’s faith. But that aside this is just one more reason for Utah voters to send him packing to yet another state that he thinks might buy into his line of crap. He is not an honorable man much less a politician. He’s the exact definition of a SWAMPER.

        • U don’t know all about the Mormon religion. Trust me. I lived by Mormons before there is a lot people don’t know. They don’t really go by the Bible . I went to their classes. They use the Bible to hide what the really believe in. They couldn’t quote scripture to me and answer any questions about the Bible. Their fake. There is a lot more. I won’t say!!’

  1. I started reading the Bible when I was 12 years old and have read the Bible every day and I am 75 years old. I have read the entire Bible many, many times and it saddens me to see so many people talking about something they know nothing about. All of you could do yourself a favor by reading the Bible from beginning to end. Not just once but many times. 99% of what has been said about the Bible here is false.

    • Dock, I also have read the Bible beginning to end (I should have said studies) 4 times and am 80 and starting over it again. It saddens me so to see how ignorant people are of what it does say and just as important as to what it doesn’t say. In my humble opinion, they better get their spiritual lives in order because we are very very close as you well know and they only get one chance at this so they won’t have to go thru the tribulation which is going to be absolutely awful. If you really think about it, tribulation that is, it is just exactly (first 3.5 years) what all liberals want. If you want to escape, all you have to do is really believe 1st Corinthians 15, verses 1 thru 4. Nothing else. As Les Feldick says, faith plus nothing.

      • I really don’t understand what either one of you has said. It seems you clarified nothing. To be fair, I’m 61 and have read and studied God’s word over 40 times through. And I still know nothing. But, Jesus Christ said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man comes to the Father but through me”. I am NOT Baptist, but Mr. Jeffries is absolutely right on this point. He also said, “if you come any other way, you are a robber and theif”. And you’ll more than likely be kicked out.

        • You can’t be kicked out as you wouldn’t be able to get in. Through Jesus Christ is the ONLY WAY IN. A robber or thief would never be let in unless they have repented and Accepted Jesus Christ! A free gift to all who accepts!

    • Romney didn’t say anything of the kind. He objected to Jeffress on pretty sound grounds. Jeffress attacked his religion. The point the article tries to make is that Jeffress and Romney disagree where there is no disagreement. Romney pointed out the bigotry of Jeffress and the fake news make it into something it is not.

      • We may not like Mitt Romney for his political actions.
        But to just speak against THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints you are totally wrong.
        Try reading a BIBLE.
        **Jesus Christ.**
        SO JUST BCUZ YOU CAN TELL LIES. **DONT TELL THEM ABOUT **THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST.** The so called Mormon church is The Church of Jesus Christ. So dont say that they dont believe in Jesus Christ.
        You totally flipped.

      • The fake news, Bryan is sites like this where conspiracy theories and religious beliefs dominate. Just think how compatible we all would be if there were no religions to divide everyone.

  2. MAY be JUST may be MITT Romney should be TERM LIMITED before he ges Elected….Does the SEnate need another IDIT in that bunch of PIMPS?

  3. This whole thing is OBSURD ! There is only ONE God, the Creator. God is not RELIGIOUS. He is NOT identified as a member of ANY of the thousands of religions. God is the CREATOR and he CREATED us for HIS pleasure (Rev 4:11)..he is NOT accountable to us or any of the foolishness we have created. Our genealogy goes back to Adam and if you look at a genealogy chart you will see that Adam’s and Noah’s lives almost overlapped….so original information as recorded in the BIBLE (not Book of Mormons etc.) and as compiled by Moses, was very accurate since their brains functions then were very superior to ours now. God spelled out his purpose of creating us (Rev 4:11) and wants us to be a family, have a RELATIONSHIP with him…never RELIGION ! BUT God gave us a choice (God the son – “Jesus” or Satan) .. those who chose him according to his revelation, read especially Eph chapter 2, will go to heaven to be with Him. If you reject his way, the other door is open to you (John 8:44-45)… the choice is yours. God is a loving God and will NEVER force you to be in Heaven with him for eternity if you don’t not want him, living your few years here on earth in accordance with his wishes. Robert Jeffress is right. By the way, he being a Baptist does not give him Salvation or get him to Heaven either – it is ONLY by his faith and believe in the death (payment for our sins), burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, resulting in his “justification” in the eyes of the Father, that assures him “…to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord”. I implore all of you to grow up and open your eyes before it is too late and your wishes are granted, to spend eternity with your father the devil in an eternal hell !

    • You explained it very very well for people who have never known the truth and since we are in the end times, one better get their spiritual house in order. Now, with that said, it doesn’t matter if Romney is whatever his beliefs are, that should not keep him from holding office, just like Obama was a Muslim and Hillary was a Satan worshiper attending the Covens meetings monthly I personally don’t think he would make a good senator and he chose his fate when he damned Pres Trump and now he wants to be a Republican Senator, I don’t think so.

      • True Believer, Romney was a liar and a major flip flop. As the governor of Ma. all he did was spend money in a wasteful manner. He has no place saying anything against Jeffress. Romney believes having multiple wives is ok yet the Bible says ” 1 man 1 woman. Romney can not be trusted for anything specially his word.

      • Preach it brother. You did a fantastic job. I give God the credit for putting the words in your mouth. I’m speaking to Roland Paul.

    • It is true that no particular Church holds a monopoly on the truth. However, there is a church (I won’t mention) with a slogan I sincerely appreciate: “What the Bible speaks, we speak. When and where the Bible is silent, we also speak; but apologetically.

    • You said God would never force you, that’s what Mormon’s call Free Agency. I fully believe in the Bible as long as it was translated correctly. With so many different translations, I wonder if any of it was lost. All I know is God said have Faith!!!!

  4. What a lot of nonsense and bigotry! I am a bible believing christian and I am not too fond of Mitt Romney however his statement was in regard to a bigoted comment by the Rev. Jeffries and not an attack on any other religion, certainly not an attack on Christianity! I think Jeffries was a poor choice to represent the U.S. at such an event and I quite agree with Romney in that regard even though it is my hope that he will not be the next senator from Utah.

    • I think Rev. Jeffress was an excellent choice to pray the dedicatory prayer over the new Embassy in Jerusalem. He is a man of God and holds to the Scripture without rancor or anger. Mormonism is not Chritianity, and certainly Islam is the wild eyed, deomon inspired religion founded by the pedophile Mohammad. Political and religious correctness is the curse of modern America. Sir, you are wrong. Jesus was hated by the religious leaders of His day, and He said to His followers, “They have hated Me, and they will hate you!” For what will they hate you? For knowing and believing the truth of the fact that there is no other name on earth given among men whereby we must be saved. Jesus said, there is only one way to the FAther, and that is by Me. If you reject that, that is your riviledge, but Dr. Jefress is right. There is no other way to be saved but through Christ. That is the solid core foundation of the Message of Christ. Not a lot of the misguided “Social betterment” that is prated on about in the majority of so-called Christian cirlces today.

      • They were opening an embassy, not holding a debate on what is required for salvation. The Rev. is welcome to his opinion. To try to turn the opening of an embassy into a soap box to lambaste others beliefs is wildly inappropriate. Don’t forget this was our embassy to Israel. There are a great many Jews there. Starting off by insulting them is hardly the best way to make friends or even make a good impression. Don’t forget, your Savior was a Jew! Some day, the Jews will realize that He was indeed the promised Messiah. They will come to that realization through love, not confrontation.

        You claim to be a Christian. A spirit of dissension and confrontation is hardly Christ-like.

        Having worked very closely with Baptists (my assistant was the wife of a Baptist minister) Mormons, (my boss was a Mormon), Catholics, (I hired a Catholic lady to be over quality control)and others whose religious preferences I don’t even know, I see no reason to be confrontational. We are friends. We love and respect each other. We are also more likely to disagree on political matters than the fine points of religious doctrine. While I consider them all to be good Christians based upon how they treat other people, the ONLY one who is in a position of authority to say who is or is not a Christian is JESUS CHRIST, not Jeffries and certainly not you.

        • A.T. was right and you sir should learn the difference between posting what the Bible says and what A.T said. Just for your information all are not Christians though they may treat people with respect. Remember satin was respectful of Jesus on the mount and was told to go away. Obama was respectful but hated Christians and the faith, followed the Koran and tried to tear down my country. Respect can come in sheep’s clothing, beware.

    • Will,
      Do you truly believe you’re a Christian if you disagree that Jesus is ‘the way, the truth, and the light?’Scripture says Jesus told the Apostles this from his own mouth. To me there’s no ambiguity on this issue. Romney is a decent man and has flip-flopped on things before. I don’t persecute others and frankly they can believe and worship as they choose–so Romney shouldn’t be judging others.

      • That’s the point isn’t it? Jeffries shouldn’t be judging others, certainly not confronting them at the opening of an embassy! This is a United States embassy, not a Baptist embassy. I won’t argue with you on Romney’s flip-flops but I agree with his statement regarding the inappropriateness of Jeffries remarks (whether or not there is any validity to them at all and even though I suspect that I would agree with him with regard to Islam).

      • You said God would never force you, that’s what Mormon’s call Free Agency. I fully believe in the Bible as long as it was translated correctly. With so many different translations, I wonder if any of it was lost. All I know is God said have Faith!!!!

        • On the translations. I wish I could remember where you could go to read this, but anyway the jist on the scribes who did the translations, is that Hebrew and Greek are numeric languages which means every line had a significant number that the translator could check after the translation to make sure they didn’t leave anything out or add something that didn’t belong. You can read a number of the translations is a little book called a diaglott which has the original Greek text and then the English translation.

    • What bigoted comment Wallace peck? The fact that he said Christ alone is the way to heaven! If your a bible believing Christian you best line up with the Word of God! Christ said I am the way the truth and the life, no man can come to the Father except by me! Theirs only way to heaven and that’s through Jesus Christ period! Any other way , you are a thief! You can’t be a bible believing christen and yet not believe it! Jeffries comment was not bigoted but merely factual according to the Word of God! In the beginning was the word and the word was God and the word was made flesh( Jesus Christ ) doesn’t matter what church you go to, but it does matter what you believe or who you believe in, simply no Jesus no heaven period!

    • I disagree! As I believe Islam is a belief from hell! Mormonism I believe they have some wacked out beliefs and are wrong on many many things, now these are my opinions and I am not judging any person. As far as Romney goes he has lost all credibility. As for the Jews, they are God’s chosen people but will they have to accept Jesus Christ like the rest of us? I believe so.

    • Mitt Romney is a Mormon and that religion is a CULT. Joseph Smith was a mere man; nothing else. Any religion that does not deify Jesus Christ is a false religion.

      • I doubt that you will ever find a Latter-day Saint that claims that Joseph Smith was anything but a man. He has not been deified. They worship Jesus Christ and try to follow his teachings.

      • Sweet Miss Millie,
        By definition all Churches are “cults”. But some people use “cult” to define other Churches as somehow of the devil or something weird. By that definition all religions are weird – to somebody somewhere. It may surprise you, but “Mormons” (members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) believe that Jesus is a God. Yes, I know – I am a member of that Church. And to counter your first point – Joseph Smith was a man, a mortal man like the rest of us. All Mormons believe that. They do not worship him. He had faults and failings like anybody else. I have never heard of any Mormon on the planet ever worshipping Joseph Smith. They would laugh at the mere suggestion that a Mormon would even think of such a thing.

  5. Mitt Romney is a “Never Trumper” and should not be voted for any Republican office not even a Senator. He is a Traitor and user and nobody should trust a Traitor. Romney is also a liar and will side with any bodies agenda to get elected then do what he wants to do after election. Americans vote for somebody you can trust, not Mitt Romney.

  6. Some say GOD speaks to us today–so Very True, however, NOT through any Prophet. GOD doesn’t speak through Prophets anymore, that’s why HE sent HIS Son; the Ancient Prophets were the forerunners, the pointers to our Lord and Savior JESUS. When JESUS came to us, there was NO longer any need for any Prophet { of the likes of Moses and such }. That’s the one caveat of Joseph Smith that shows he was hoisted upon his own petard; not to mention the multitude of prophecies he uttered that miserably were FALSE! As well as the FALSE Doctrines he espoused: Baptism for the Dead, Blood Oathes, Polygamy, Marriage for Eternity, Temple Ceremonies [ that have nothing to do with the ancient Temples–like Solomon’s Temple ( that had animal sacrifices ) ], the Priesthoods ( Aaronic and Melchezidek–the latter was reserved SOLELY for JESUS ), etc. So sad, that the now 18+ million membership of the LDS Church, of which 95% are True, Devout Christians in their hearts–have been SO Blatantly Deceived by the hierarchy of the Church–beginning with the Biggest and most Profound Con Man of all time: Joseph Smith, who I’m certain will have an accounting to give in the next Life! ! Mitt Romney doesn’t have a leg to Stand on when he Blasts other Religions, and he certainly doesn’t deserve to have the U. S. Senate seat! ! !

    • “Joseph Smith, who I’m certain will have an accounting to give in the next Life!”
      I suspect he already has. I am more concerned about the accounting I will have to give and it may be that you would do well to think about the accounting you will have to give. Have you been judgmental of others worthiness before God. Does “judge not that ye may not be judged” ring any bells?

      • Brother, does “judge the tree but the fruit it bears” ring bells. It’s all God’s word. We must follow all or nothing. Both my verse and yours have distinct meanings.

      • True, we aren’t to judge others but we ARE to let them know the truth. It is just as important to know what the Bible doesn’t say as to what it does say. If one is interested in the truth and the way for non Jews, you can either read Acts thru Philemon or do a verse by verse study at The reason you have to go there because many stations in the USA don’t carry his 1/2 hour program called Through the bible with Les Feldick. If you really want to have your apatite whetted, start with Genesis 1 1, go thru Excedus, then jump to Acts thru Philemon because time is getting very short before the rapture which is there in Paul’s epistles translated caught up. The German Bible calls it rapture. Anyway have a good time in your research. It is well worth the time.

    • Well said my friend. Mr. Romney is wasting his energy, mouth and money. As president Trump said,” Obama and Hillary could be easily defeated in previous elections but Romney flip out, he disappeared” Romney not the right guy for the senate. Frankly speaking, if he will be lucky to win this coming senate election, surely he will be another McCain in the making.

  7. Wow, bring up religion and hell breaks loose. That is why the Democratic/Communist Party will eventually fail. I respect both Religions as a Christian but I could never respect Romney, he is not a man.Can not be trusted, a malcontent, sore loser, vicious, revengeful and the biggest PHONY Politics ever encountered.

  8. Maybe Mitt Romney and Dr. Robert Jeffress are both wrong. Consider salvation’s pathway is only through Christ on the cross. Instead of a partial verse Mat 28:19 (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) the complete verse includes all nations (all humans) ON the foot of the cross. Otherwise there is no connection between earth and heaven that is designed by the first verse in the Bible.

  9. Mr Romney is right on about Jeffress He is a bigot trashing other religions. If anybody ever looked closely at the Jewish, and LDS religions you will find that they beleive in Jesus Christ and that Jesus Christ is the very center of their religion. Also if you new anything about religion the Jewish and LDS religions no more so than anyother that the path back to heavenly Father is thru Jesus Christ and him alone. Do your research first before you put down any other religion. As Jeffress has put down the Jewish, LDS, and Islam religions. If in fact he did say those things that Romney said he did Jeffress is indeed a religios bigot. The Jews, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint are everybit Christian as any other supposed Christian religion.

    • I don’t care for Romney and we certainly don’t need another RINO in the Senate. But I read what he said and it does not look to me as though he was bashing Jeffress’s religion but the man himself as a bigot. And it does appear that Jeffress did make some bigoted statements. Not saying that he was entirely wrong but he should refrain from being too judging and so should Romney.

  10. “If Salt has lost it’s Savor….”
    Romney needs to hush…
    Jesus taught “I Am the Way, trying to get to Heaven ANY other way, makes one a Thief and a Robber…”
    The Christian Bible is not “Broad Minded” towards other Faiths…

    • Jesus taught (1) I am, (2) the way (3) the truth and (4) the life with the cross, through the cross with his words on the cross. He tried to show us this formula when he died on he cross and then arose from the grave. There was day1, day2, day3 and he arose with afterlife as the resulting 4th step.

  11. Milk toast Mitty. he was paid to take a dive against obama. He’s such a fake. Man has no credibility and the fact he says what he says shows him to be a fool.
    He’s a typical politician.

  12. Mormons do believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God they are Christians, Fact look up the word Denomination it means to divide!! So whatever Religion you are each has it’s own interpretation of the Bible and that is what divides. I take the Bible seriously Do NOT steal means just that!!! There is no adding unless!! I am Christian read the Bible and attend No church as I have not found 1 that teaches THE Bible as it is written!!!

    • You are sooooo right. Since you are interested, I don’t know where you live to be able to tell you on what channel you can receive Through the Bible with Les Feldick however with that said, you can go to and start from the beginning of vs by vs however, since at the moment time is of the essence, start with the series But God it will take you through the teachings of Paul which are for the Gentile. It is just as important to know what is not in the Bible as to what is there. Only Paul’s teachings are for the gentile which is from Acts where he gets converted by Jesus thru Philemon’s. All the other verses are for our learning but are Jew only. Have fun, it is wonderful.

    • I love it when the two young Mormons come to my door. I offer them something to drink, and make them comfortable. Then, I set up our discussion. I tell them to put away their Book of Mormon; and our discussion will focus only on Biblical Scripture and Faith. They usually pack up and leave within about five minutes.

      • Why not just try common sense? That is something that is excluded in the teachings of religion. They rely on myth and superstition with ample brain washing about their interpretation of a god and nice books like the bible and koran.

  13. Mitt Romney needs to take a long walk, off into the sunset, with Hillary, Bernie, Nancy, Chucky, the whole 9th Circuit, and the state of California.

    • And don’t forget Maxine Waters. Even though they are not from California, Mitt Romney, John Kerry, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, the Libtard Media and a number of other Democrats along with certain Rhino Republicans should be on this list as well.

    • People that have a certain belief also act on that belief. If they don’t act on it, it is doubtful that they would convince anyone else you truly believe what you say you believe in. A person’s belief system is influential in everything they do in life including politics if that’s one’s interest. You say you don’t want political and religious beliefs combined. The only way to do that is to vote on a candidate that is willing to give up his or her beliefs for personal gain. What else will they give up. Moral and ethical character does not come from politics.


  14. Mitt Romney was a horrible Presidential candidate and would be a horrible Senator. Utah, please do NOT vote for Mitt Romney!

  15. There are a lot of good and not so good things about Mitt Romney, but this article doesn’t address any of them. Christians attacking other Christians regarding the details of faith is neither seemly nor proper. As Paul told us in Romans, when Christians differ on how to best praise the lord, what is the problem? Both are trying their best to praise the Lord.

    • Well said. It sounds more like the diatribes from progressive aetheists, who are offended by Christianity & Judaism- Never hear much from those “folks” on Islam, though.

      • Well Nancy, as a devout atheist who thinks you and others (Jews, Muslims, Mormons…) have all been brainwashed to believe the myth and superstition of your respective religions, Islam is every bit as bad. Zeus was the Jesus of a different time period. And there have been plenty of other “supreme” beings.

    • Attn: Green Flash – Fortunately, you do not define what Christianity is, God does. It is defined through doctrine. Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me”. If the Mormon’s say Jesus is the spirit brother of Lucifer and Christian doctrine says Jesus is the second person of the Trinity who created the universe and everything in it, there is worship of a different God. Mormon’s disqualify themselves as Christian’s by denying essential Christian doctrine.

      • Exactly, Bob Fox. A famous Mormon quote: “As man now is, God once was; as God now is, man may become.” This can only be attained by being a good Mormon, according to its founder Joseph Smith Jr.

  16. if he is elected he will push his faith on us not what Christians want. This man flip flops to much on issues, and what he does, I say don’t endorse or vote for him.

    • IF he is elected (by no means certain) he will be a very junior member of the Senate, ONE OUT OF ONE HUNDRED. As a non-mainstrean Republican, he won’t have a lot of influence in the Republican caucus, either. He won’t be ABLE to “push his faith on us” even if he WANTED to, and remember, the Mormons are a BRANCH of Christianity, anyway.
      Anyone who doesn’t live or vote in Utah needn’t have ANY concerns, as Romney won’t even be on a ballot outside of that state. He would also have to win a primary against another Republican, Mike Kennedy, who outpolled him by a narrow margin at the Republican State Convention. It’s hard to say whether Romney will even WIN the primary, but if he DOES, his opponent in one of the REDDEST STATES in the country will be a VERY blue Democrat, a woman named Jenny Wilson. I cannot IMAGINE any Trump supporter or other good Republican letting HER take a solidly Republican state away from the GOP just because they’re UNNECESSARILY AFRAID OF ROMNEY. It’s MUCH more important to have that seat REMAIN REPUBLICAN than for ANY of us to think the candidate is wonderful. IT COULD MEAN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CONTROL OF THE SENATE AND BEING IN THE MINORITY. You wouldn’t be THAT much of an IDIOT, would you?

    • I say ..shut the hell up ROMNEY!!! No one is listening to you!! You’re a has been, washed up, two faced POS!! No one in their right mind will ever vote for you! You showed your true ESTABLISHMENT/RINO colors during the 2016 election. Now go home you miserable waste of a human being.

  17. I’m a republican and I wouldn’t vote for him. I saw how weak and disappointing he was during his run for president. I voted for him then, but never again. He’ll be part of the establishment I’m sure. I would rather vote independent.

    • Mitt Romney Exposes himself for what he is, a lying hypocritic. Romney is so stuck on his self that nothing or nobody else matters. He has proven in the past that he can’t be trusted and nothing will change in the future.

    • I didn’t vote for Romney. I voted for Ron Paul, as a write-in Candidate. My conscience is clear. I also voted for Ross Perot, and Patrick Buchanan, since I always liked real Americans as my Candidates for Office.

  18. Re: Headline….that’s Christian “tenet” not “tenant”. Stupid is as stupid does. This does NOT enhance your believability. I dislike Mitt but I abhor ignorance.

  19. I’m pleased Romney’s true colors have been exposed. There was a time I might have voted for him. I consider myself a true Judean-Christian who fervently believes all prayers to our Heavenly Father arrive through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. That’s no contradiction in terms because Jesus came to earth via a Jewish mother and the Holy Spirit. The bible clearly states that the Jews are God’s chosen people. It wasn’t the Jewish populace who crucified Jesus . . . it was their high religious priests egged on by an unruly mob prodded on by Temple security guards. Incidentally, I’m a Lutheran Protestant.

    • I also consider myself a true Christian that believes in praying to Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Saviour of the world and none else. I was there in Massachussetts when Mitt Romney was a governor. He did a fantastic job in office, cleaning house with a Democratic legislature and balancing a huge deficit into a positive bank account. To be sure he was a moderate on gun control, but not an extremist on gun control. And yes, the Jews are God’s chosen people. Trump is a wonderful president, but I get tired of people disparaging Mitt Romney. It’s true that Mitt and Donald are at odds – which is too bad. But Mitt is a great guy as well as Donald. And to be clear – I’m a Mormon as well and not ashamed of being a Mormon one bit! I love all of my Christian brothers and think we should all just get along!

      • Robert Jeffress says “you can’t be saved by being a Jew,“ and “Mormonism is a heresy from the pit of hell.” He’s said the same about Islam. Such a religious bigot should not be giving the prayer that opens the United States Embassy in Jerusalem.If Robert Jeffress made the statement about Jews, Mormons and Islam he is a bigot and Romney is right. I see Jeffress gave a response that had no retraction to his original statement concerning Jews, Mormons and Islam. Jeffress needs to comment whether he made the statement or not he chose to go another direction without standing behind his original statement. Look like he has chosen judgement over being a disciple of Christ. Sorry if there is no retraction then may he continue in his journey of hippocracy at his own risk

        • It’s not passing judgment if you’re reading it directly from scripture. The Bible says, no, Jesus said: “No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14.6 Doesn’t matter what religion you claim, without acknowledging Christ and what he did, you and your soul are lost. Good works don’t earn you favor with God, either, as some denominations claim. Again: “No one comes to the Father except by me.” Jesus

          • Maybe Mitt Dumney thinks God is a bigot, but I don’t hear God apologising. I checked just before my response and my Bible HAS NOT changed.

      • Romney is not perfect by any means and I wish he got along with Trump much better than he does, but I agree he is a good man and we need to keep Utah red so Trump can get some things done. The real name of the Morman church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Christian all the way.

  20. It is a very simple answer. If you don’t accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior! Acknowledging he is the only forgiveness for your sin, leading to salvation. If you don’t believe this, you belong to a cult! Sorry.

  21. We don’t need Romney in the Senate. First Michigan was his home state. Then Massachusetts. Now Utah. He isn’t in it for what he can do for Utah. He is in it for what Utah can do for him. The Republican Establishment prefers someone like Romney because he is pretty much a game player that will do as he’s told to do by those in control.

    It only takes a little research to learn about Mitt Romney. Any Michigander that can remember when his old man was Governor of Michigan will tell you that Mitt is a chip off the old flip flopper block. His old man campaigned on the promise to encourage more business to come to Michigan. That was after he moved the American Motors plant from Michigan to Wisconsin.

    I wonder if the Utah voters know that Romney supports ANTIFA. He says he only supports the part of ANTIFA that is against racism and bigotry. That is like saying there were good Nazis and bad Nazis. There were no good Nazis and there were no bad Nazis. There were only Nazis. There is no good ANTIFA and there is no bad ANTIFA. There is only ANTIFA.

  22. Romney must NOT be sent to the senate!!!!!!! He is never Trumper. I would not vote for him, as he slamed President Trump many times.
    He also gave “The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints” a black eye.
    Mormons do not act that way, if they are living true to there faith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The church is named after Jesus Christ, this should tell any adult thinker one thing!! We follow Jesus Christ closer than most!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. I might of missed it. But I have not heard of Israel being offended. Mitt is kind of a non-event, trying like killery to be important. Mitt be better off keeping his mouth shut.

  24. Deep State is everywhere!!! The liberal demoncrat Nazi’s party at work here!!!!!!!!!!!!Don’t forget the RINOs (Ryan, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc..,) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp ASAP, President Trump!

  25. This Mormon so-called religion is a cult just the same as Islam is a cult and yes they both think Jesus Christ is just a profit. Well, I have news for Mitt Romney sins he does not believe that Jesus Christ as his saviour and is the son of God and that he died on the cross so that our sins would be forgiven so our Christian soles will go to Heaven. Mitt Romney and all of these Mormons are going to Purgatory or Hell. But I leave that up to God Jesus.

    • It is sad and so obvious you have never read the Bible, if so you do not understand it. You might check facts before putting mouth in gear. So sorry for you.

    • Dan Mount you are so full of bull. You don’t know anything about the Mormon church. We love Our Savior,Jesus Christ. Our whole church is based on Jesus. Before you start calling other religions bad you should know what you are talking about.

    • It is quite evident you know nothing about Mormons. Jesus Christ is the head of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He is not a Prophet he is the Son of God sent to pay for the sins of all men he is our savior he is our redeemer he through the Atonement made it possible to return to the Kingdom of God. This belief is taught to over 16 million Mormons through out the world. Don;t take my word for it find out for yourself.

    • Dan Mount sure doesn’t know what he is talking about. Mitt Romney and the Mormons believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and that he died for us on the cross so that we can live again. Mormons believe that there is good in all churches and they don’t put down others such as Dan Mount does.

      • Our 11th article of faith 11 We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may.

    • Members of the Church of Jesus Christ or Latter-day Saints (Mormons) believe that in and thru Jesus Christ man can be saved and there is no other way, save thru repentance and accepting Jesus Christ as your savior thru baptism.

    • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) teach that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that he is the Savior and Redeemer of the world. That because of the Atonement and Resurrection all may return to Heavenly father through Christ.

    • He may lose that before he’s done. While I’m Baptist, I’ve known many belonging to the Mormon church practically forever. If he tries to stop them from sending out missionaries, he’ll dig a deeper hole than he can climb out of. I don’t agree with their teachings but do know any obedient child of God no matter what religion, puts God and His will before everything else. We know humans are flat out stupid, including myself. I saw fire spewing from his mouth just looking at his picture above. He’s not the Godly man he’s claimed to be. He just sold his soul for politics and now we’ll get to watch him go down, down, down.

      • Mitt Romney served a full two year mission for his Church. He has no intentions while in office of converting anyone to the Mormon Faith. He has no intentions to stop any missionary efforts of the Church. Please check his records while serving as Governor of Massachusetts you won’t find any evidence of Romney taking a position of converting the citizens of that state to his religion.

    • Mike Baumgartner, First of all there is no such thing as a Mormon Church, the world gave that nick name because of the Book of Mormon which any true Christian should know is the Stick of Joseph Ezekiel 37:15-22 The Lord commanded to come forth in the latter days, it was not a suggestion. The Lord revealed to the Prophet what to name His Church, namely The Church or Jesus Christ of latter day saints. How do men obtain Divine authority. How did Jesus get Divine authority. First of all Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever”. Jesus was made an High Priest by His Father in Heaven, see Hebrews 5:5-6,10. Hebrews 6:20. If there is no true prophet on the earth, there can be no true Church. Amos 3:7 Surely the Lord God will do nothing but he revealeth his secrets unto his servants the prophets. I have searched the scriptures for 57 years along with fervent prayer for understanding, I recommend it as per John 5:39.

      • Do you believe everything the Baptist teach? How about the Lutheran. the Pentecost, The Methodists, Or the Catholics? Do you attack them because they don’t believe everything that you do? If their teachings differ from what you believe do you label them lies and false?

  26. mitt romney would make a good toilet cleaner and his morman religion is sending him to hell you can only go to heaven if you ask JESUS to save your soul. read romans ch 9

  27. The last time I cked Chirst is not impressed by the denomination you call your own….but he is very concerned abt the condition of your heart…. in John 14:6 Thmas and Phillip are question Christ since he told them/disciples that he was going to prepare a place for them and would return to get them…they questioned farther and then HE said…. I am the way, the truth and the life and NO one comes unto the Father but by ME … that is pretty clear for all of us… so then the question becomes … when HE returns …. will HE know you, will HE know me? So we had better have our ducks all in a row…Bible duz not say anything abt denomination….you folks, we do not get to make the rules …. the rule book is the Bible and I did not write it….in my opinion for what its worth … seems to me HIS return is getting closer and closer so we all ought to take a good look at ourselves and ask the question …. are we ready to meet HIM? Think it over without throwing a lot of dirt around at each other…….

    • Very well said. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Asay Saints. As the name of our Church states – we believe and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. We believe in the Bible as far as it is translated correctly. Jesus is the only way. He is the light and life. No one enters the kingdom of God but by Him. He is the Savior and Redeemer. I must work on myself and my own actions, have faith in Him and He is the only way.

    • The Bible actually does say something about denominations in Revelation. It says all will be punished for the ‘mine’s better than yours’ carp. That’s why Jesus didn’t like organized religion either. Bottom line no matter what religion we choose, the important factor is accepting Jesus Christ as our only Savior. I have a funny feeling God is looking down on Romney and He sure isn’t smiling right now.

      • Jesus did not like organized religion? Then why did he organize His own Church. Ephesians 2:19-21 and Ephesians 4:11-14 Matthew 16:18 etc. etc. etc. His Church will be the same today as it was then, Hebrews 13:8 He is perfect and therefore never changes.

  28. The truth can be inconvenient to non believers. The Holy Bible is God’s word. I will take God’s word over John Smiths( a human). Do not believe in false Gods. One of the 10 commandments ) Gods commandments not John Smiths. So I would say to Mitt. You make the choice. God’s word or satans word.

  29. Someone once said, “Stupid is as stupid does”. In Romney’s case stupid is what Stupid says. He wouldn’t know how to fight his way out of a wet paper bag! Being and staying a Mormon will consign his soul to hell, unfortunately. I am sure a lot of them are nice, friendly people but being nice and friendly does NOT admit one into heaven. Jesus is the ONLY way to heaven, and faith unlocks the door–faith in Jesus Christ (Acts 4:12)

    • Great. Then conduct yourself as Jesus Christ did. Park your intolerance and superiority. Christ descended beneath all, try his works to do. Christ came to save, not condemn. Careful now.

  30. We live in Utah with the Mormons but we are not Mormon. Mitt Romney is not like the friends of ours. The Mormon friends of ours are very kind, considerate, giving and caring and would do anything for you. We have had the opportunity to meet Dr. Mike Kennedy and his wife, Katrina, who are also Mormons. The Kennedys are truly wonderful people and we would be proud of him as our U. S. Senator from Utah. Pray that the Trump hater, Mitt Romney, does not get to be our U. S. Senator. We are embarrassed and ashamed of Mitt Romney.

  31. I agree with Romney. This article States that Romney trashed Christianity. Well for all intents and purposes Robert Jeffress trashed Judaism and other faiths. I realize his Evangelical faith has taught him that only those who believe as he does will enter the kingdom of God. Well I have a little news flash for him…. He is not God. He has no right to decide for God who will enter God’s Kingdom..I’m Catholic. I was born Catholic and I’ll die Catholic but I will not trash another religion such as Judaism or Buddhism or Hinduism. Christianity takes many of its beliefs and tenants from Judaism. The Ten Commandments came from the Jewish faith. Aren’t the Ten Commandments something every faith can live by? There may be different beliefs and faiths but there is only one God no matter how he is worshipped. I believe God welcomes into his kingdom all good people no matter what their faith. I believe he will even welcome Robert Jeffress. Thank you

    • Robert Jeffress didn’t say it, Jesus did in John 14:6 in the Bible. “Jesus answered, I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through me.” So when Robert Jeffress says being a Jew won’t get your saved all he saying is that biology is not what saves you. Faith in Jesus is the way to heaven. And if you study Mormonism, the advocate for more than One Way.

    • I was brought up Catholic. Christianity is the way to salvation. It’s referenced in the Bible many times . We will be saved through God’s grace, not be anything we do or deserve. I am no longer Catholic because the Catholic Church believes we are saved through works which is farthest from the truth. Jesus himself has told us that the only way we see the Father is through Him. Mormonism is a sect. It is not Christianity and pastor Jeffries is just telling it like it is. Rather you are Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Morman or anybuther religion who does not believe in God as one the Father, the son and the Holy Spirit is walking on sand not solid ground. Yes many Norman’s do good things but doing good things and being nice to others is not the prerequisite to heaven. If you believe the Bible than you will see Pastor Jeffries to be correct and Mitt Romney to be absolutely wrong. I pray that Mitt finds Christ in his lifetime. There is but true God. He is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As John 3:16 says there is only one way to the Father.

      • If Romney wins the primaries I will vote for the democrat, so I agree that he isn’t in tune. However we do believe that God, the son, and the Holy Ghost as one. We do read the Bible and we are Christians.

        • Then don’t vote for a democrat no matter what!
          They lie and kill innocent babies by supporting abortion.
          The Father Son and Holy Spirit are the one true God.

      • James 2:14-26 New King James Version (NKJV)
        Faith Without Works Is Dead
        14 What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can faith save him? 15 If a brother or sister is naked and destitute of daily food, 16 and one of you says to them, “Depart in peace, be warmed and filled,” but you do not give them the things which are needed for the body, what does it profit? 17 Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.

        18 But someone will say, “You have faith, and I have works.” Show me your faith without [a]your works, and I will show you my faith by [b]my works. 19 You believe that there is one God. You do well. Even the demons believe—and tremble! 20 But do you want to know, O foolish man, that faith without works is [c]dead? 21 Was not Abraham our father justified by works when he offered Isaac his son on the altar? 22 Do you see that faith was working together with his works, and by works faith was made [d]perfect? 23 And the Scripture was fulfilled which says, “Abraham believed God, and it was [e]accounted to him for righteousness.” And he was called the friend of God. 24 You see then that a man is justified by works, and not by faith only.

        This from the Bible, seems to prove you are making false claims about faith and works. You should consult the Bible and not repeat false teachings, spread to
        distract and confuse Christ’s followers

    • I think one thing is missing in all this banter….. God is not impressed by which denomination you come from ….. the issue or bottom line is based on John 14:6 where Christ sez to Phillip and Thomas …. I am the way, the truth, and the life …. no one comes to the Father but by me….. that is very plain simple language which cannot be construed to anybody liking … if you have a problem with that I suggest you talk to God abt it since he makes the rules for all of us which are contained in the Bible….its all there ….. death, burial, resurrection …. nothing more nothing less… just remember, we do NOT get to set the rules….. HE does and the game plan is called the Bible…. now, if you don’t believe that, then you will have to deal with Christ …. we all will meet him someday face to face…. the question will be…. does HE recognize you… does HE recognize me…. so we had better have our ducks in a row so to speak b/4 that time comes … no turning back at that point….. Spider

    • I appreciate your comment. As an active Mormon laden with sin and working to overcome my faults I have a serious problem with Romney’s grandstanding the way he does on various issues as if he represents the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. News flash, he does not! Jeffress’s comment should have concerned all Christians. He showed a serious lack of knowledge and temperance. Likewise Romney’s comments should have never passed his lips. He hasn’t done anything to educate people relative to our belief and faith in Christ. We supported Romney with our vote and money, never again. Mitt Romney’s professed religion does not in fact teach people to act and think or speak the way he does.

  32. Romney needs to go away just like HILLARY needs too. But both have a desire to prove they belong in the WHITE HOUSE even as we voters have REJECTED both.

  33. I am a Mormon and Mitt disappointed me when he cane out like he did against Trump. So I wouldn’t vote for him. But as far as the comment on the preacher he is right and a lot of conservatives agreed with him at the time. It was the comment he made when Romney was running

  34. I think the voters will turn out for Dr Kennedy. He is a good conservative candidate that will back up our president in getting the border wall finally built as it should have already been done.

  35. Mitt Romney is a wishy washy, whichever the wind blows politician. He could not even stand up to that fake Obama when he was confronted at a debate. I think he was afraid to be called a racist. But on the other hand, he would certainly be an obstructionist, like McCain, to our president. Please, people of Utah, do not vote for this man.

    • It seems too late… Romney or a Dem follower of Schumer quite difficult choice and certainly not a vote for President Trump pick of Supreme Court next time around…. sad situation…. but have to have a Republican vote….

  36. RINO Mitt Romney is a TRUE out and out phony who will do whatever it takes to get elected so he can screw over the USA and make more money for himself!!! TRUE Mormons are great God Loving, very respectful and caring people of which Romney IS NOT one of them!! Look what he did to Massachusetts with his health care plan which was Obamacare in disguise as well as other laws!!! Why did he run for Governor in Massachusetts if he’s a legal resident of Utah?? Look how he undercut Trump but not the DemocRATs during the last presidential election!! This RINO Romney guy is a New World Order guy and a true Judas so he’s is only in the Utah Senate race for himself!!! He and McCain and a number of other RINO’s are peas in a pod which need to be fed to the Islamic hogs of the world!!! I wouldn’t be surprised if George “Nazi” Soros and the DNC weren’t funding his campaign in some manner to keep the Conservatives from winning elections!!!

  37. Please people trash the man all you want but his religion , unless you have done your research you need to be QUIET about any religion. What ever happened to JUDE NOT LEST YOU BE JUDGED (not a quote but real close.) Your God is your JUDGE no man.

  38. I was shocked by the negative comments coming from everyone. Mormons are Christians and are good folks. Mormons have been persecuted for too many years and it continues. What a shame. The accusation was bigotry….. the comments confirmed that.

    • The Bible says,” a double-minded man is unstable in ALL his ways.” Mitt needs the Lord! He needs to humble himself, forgive and put others first and himself last.Enough of my judgement, I’ll just pray for him. He can’t stop that . Old man, Dave.

      • Latter-day Saints do no vote in lock step. Their church leaders to not endorse any candidate or support any political party. Members are encouraged to be responsible citizens. They are to study the issues, carefully consider the candidates and vote their conscience. So fortunately Romney does not have a lock on Utah.

    • Simple faith in what Jesus did at the cross is the ONLY path to eternal life. The Mormons have a lot of beliefs that are contrary to the Bible. My brother has been a Mormon for 50 years and we go back and forth regarding the simple faith. There is an entire collection of sermons by their forefathers which contain beliefs that they try to hide.

      • Ragman is a good name for you. If what you say is true perhaps you should listen to what your brother actually says rather working on your counter points. As to hidden doctrine; it does not exist.

  39. Well, that proverbial stuff will likely hit the fan on high, but both OT and NT tell us that adding to or taking from the Word of God is not acceptable in Yhwh God’s eyes: that would include the “Book of Mormon” which adds to the Bible, and erroneously at that. There are many beliefs held by Mormons that are not only NOT found in the Bible, but are actually anti-Biblical. So it’s no more a path to Jesus than is Islam or Hinduism, and if the path doesn’t take you to Jesus as presented in the Bible alone, then it doesn’t take you to Heaven. Jews are at least on that path; some have already succeeded and found Him. Those are frequently called “completed” or “Messianic” Jews. The FACT is Jesus Himself lived and died as a JEW! He fulfilled hundreds of prophecies in Jewish scriptures relating to the Messiah, and is poised to fulfill the rest of them, almost certainly in the near future. And 1 of those is that Jews WILL come to their Messiah, and weep bitterly for having failed to recognize Him when He walked among them 2,000 years ago. For Jeffress to say that being a Jew won’t save any isn’t bigotry; being a Jew and $5 will get you a cup of coffee, like anyone else; BUT being a practicing Jew means you DO have some acquaintance with the Father Who sent His Son and MAY make you better prepared to recognize and accept Him when He returns; and that would be the only advantage. It won’t save them anymore than anyone else, unless they repent and turn to Jesus, same as any other sinner must do. Identifying those who either don’t follow the pattern set for us to acquire Salvation, or reject the path provided in 1 way or another, isn’t bigotry either; it’s simply stating a fact. Bigotry is “hatred”, telling a truth isn’t hatred, it’s actually an act of LOVE, with a view to turning others to the right path to the desired end. But leftists have SO DISTORTED our language, for so long, that we no longer communicate on any level, including this one. Is it HATE to tell someone he’s running headlong toward a cliff that is hundreds of feet to the bottom, and there he’s going to land on jagged rocks and a pit of lava, and to instead seek to alter his course? IF that’s “hate”, then telling a sinner what the end of his present behavior is going to be is also hate. For Romney to so label Jeffress publicly is the real hate.


    • If what you say is true we should even have a Bible. God has a right to add scripture anytime he wants. He still speaks to his prophets today. When the scripture you are referring to were made there wasn’t even a bible. Latter Day Saints believe and pratice more of the Bible than any other religion and all their doctrine can be proved by the bible. We were made in God and Christs image we look the same as they do and they look the same as us.

      • Some folks prefer to believe in a GOD limited by a certain time and geography. Then they are on their own to make it up and shake it up as they go. If you ask the right questions sincere folks come up with the answers. Christ asked the right questions.

    • Sandra, Please Please Please, if you intend to give information about Mormon beliefs you should at least take the time know what that facts are sister.

  40. mormanism is a cult! Sorry Romney, only one way and that is Jesus Christ
    no matter what your upbringing has been. Really sad!

  41. Mitt Romney is unfit to hold the office of U. S. Senate; as far as Mormonism is concerned, I whole–heartedly agree with the previous poster when he said that the LDS flock are True, Devout, and Good Christians. The only negative caviat is that Joseph Smith, who claimed to be GOD’S only True Prophet and sanctioned mouthpiece–was hoisted upon his own pitard when he declared that if just one prophecy uttered by a so–called prophet failed to come to pass, then he was NO Prophet and the message as Well as the Church–was false! Smith proclaimed many bogus prophecies that failed! ! ! Smith was NO Prophet and the 10+ Million LDS people have been sorely duped; Smith will truly answer for that in the next Life I’m sure!

      • I’m with Marlene, Robert, & anyone that believes and knows MITT is DOG DUNG.
        That man is riding his horse awful high considering barely anyone likes him, except his mama.
        He has some major gall & it aligns perfectly with the Dem party.
        Look up RINO in the dictionary. His face & Bio is what you’ll see. (Its also there for dog dung)

  42. The central belief of Christianity is that all men are sinners and that none can approach God and “heaven” unless they believe that God sent his Son to take their sins upon Himself. Mere men cannot know the future so it is impossible to say who is NOT going to heaven, be they God’s chosen people, the Jews,or Muslims, Hindus, Buddists, Mormons, atheists or whatever. As long as they still live, God may find a way to change their hearts.


  44. Mitsy Paws never fails to let ppl down. I can’t stand him.
    God, please don’t elect him into office, Utah!!

  45. We all have religious differences, but if you like Trump MAGA agenda, then stick with it! As American citizens, we must remove massive illegal alien problem.
    We must protect our 2nd Amendment.
    We must end our wealth distribution. (Trade deficits)
    We must stop perverts from entering girls/women restrooms.
    We must fight non-gender nonsense that started preaching in elementary schools.
    We need common sense approaches for economic growth. People should work, not living on useless welfare.

    Etc, etc.

    Trump 2020!

    • You made a good point and I’ll add to it. The only thing left from obama now is his transgender bathrooms. Yee Haw!!!
      If I go to a gay bar I can expect a man with lipstick, wig, & high heels to come in. But dang it, if a man comes in the public restroom while i’m using Target’s or the Mall’s RR…I totally consider that an ASSAULT!! No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it.

      Transgender bathrooms need to be ended just like Mitt needs to KICK DIRT..
      Trump 20/20

    • Man from Gray: You made the most sense. I am a Trump Conservative and also a Mormon. I love my Christian faith and love God and his Son Jesus Christ. I pray every morning and night for the world. It is hard for me to believe that Muslium’s are a child of God, but I grit my teeth and bare it. I’ll never argue with anyone about religion and seldom politics. I would never say another religion was wrong or bad. God is the only one that knows when Jesus comes again. Not even Christ knows that yet. I have a feeling it’s not too long in coming.

  46. I thought he lost the primary to another really great republican. Utah will not vote for him because you cannot be a Senator living in Mass. representing Utah. What does he know about what Utah needs. I did vote for him because I was picking the lesser of 2 evils. When one does not take a stand for something, they will fall for anything is his mantra.

    • He came in second to State Rep. Mike Kennedy at the State Convention in April, but the two will go head-to-head in a primary on June 26.

    • True Believer: Mitt Romney does live in Utah and has for awhile now. Unfortunately, Utah will probably vote for Mitt Romney because most of Utah is Mormor and Romney is Mormon, so they will vote for him.

      • I think you are wrong about that, hopefully. There fewer Mormons in Utah than you would think. I think Idaho has more. California has a lot also. I voted for Mitt the first go around, but he has stuck his foot in his mouth too many times. I, being a CA citizen can’t vote for him, and I wouldn’t anyway. I’m hoping my LDS brothers and sisters won’t either.

      • As a matter of interest most Latter-day Saints do not vote based on religious affiliations. Nor does the church leadership make any endorsements.
        For the record: Romney would be a poor choice.

  47. Generally speaking, Mormons are great people with generally high moral standards. Unfortunately, they are also sheople who will follow the recommendation of Orrin Hatch and church leadership who are endorsing Romney, the supposedly anointed one. He has the name recognition and his father was well liked in Utah. Utahans do not understand that Mittens is a carpet bagger who has liberal eastern values and has only resided in Utah for a few years during the 2002 Olympics (that he really had little to do with saving) and just recently declared residency.
    He will be a huge obstructionist to President Trump in getting things done to keep making America Great.

    • Did you not read the post just above yours? The people of Utah did not vote for Romney they voted for Kennedy. and just for your enlightenment the Church Leaders did not endorse any candidate. Please remember always that it is better to REMAIN SILENT and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and REMOVE ALL DOUBT.


      • It is a very simple answer. If you don’t accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior! Acknowledging he is the only forgiveness for your sin, leading to salvation. If you don’t believe this, you belong to a cult! Sorry.

    • The leaders of the LDS Church will never endorse a candidate or preach from the pulpit. Most of you sure have silly ideas about Mormonism. Don’t read the books to get your negative answers, but read our books by our authors and learn the truth. You will be surprised.

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