Never Trumper Mitt Romney just attacked Christianity in this horrible way

Never Trumper (and U.S. Senate candidate) Mitt Romney just stepped in it big time.

Romney recently lashed out on Twitter attacking a core tenant of the Christian faith.

And by doing so, he exposed his key weakness as a candidate.

Mitt Romney is a man unencumbered by principles.

Throughout his career, he’s flip-flopped on just about every key issue.

In Massachusetts, his signature achievement, RomneyCare had a lot in common with the structure Barack Obama relied on for ObamaCare.

He’s tried to have it both ways on gun rights.

In the 1990s he supported the Brady Bill and a ban on firearms with certain cosmetic features.

And as Governor of Massachusetts, he praised their tough gun laws and even signed a permanent gun ban into law.

But when he began first running for President, he tried to mask his anti-gun past by paying for a lifetime membership in the NRA.

In the latest example of just how unmoored Romney is from any sort of principle, he attacked Southern Baptist Preacher Robert Jeffress as a “religious bigot” on Twitter.

Why? Because Jeffress believes as many Christians do and professed that the path of salvation only runs through faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Jeffress replied:

Rod Dreher at The American Conservative says he looks “forward to Mitt Romney advising the LDS Church to stop sending out missionaries, given that Joseph Smith was wrong to quote God as saying that all non-LDS creeds are ‘an abomination.'”

He goes on to ask, “How can he call Jeffress a religious bigot without also condemning himself and his fellow Mormons by the same logic?”

If Romney were taking stances based on some sort of principles, he couldn’t.

But as we’ve seen above, Never Trumper Mitt Romney doesn’t have the inconvenience most people have of being tied down by principles and rules of logic.

Hopefully Utah will see through Romney’s attempt to make himself relevant again and refuse to send him to the U.S. Senate.

What are your thoughts on Romney’s attack on Robert Jeffress?

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