A new report just revealed a disturbing problem at the TSA

The Transportation Security Administration was created in the aftermath of 9/11 to provide for aviation security.

Security measures were put in place, which involved invasive screening procedures and delays at many of our nations’ airports.

But a new report indicates there’s something terribly wrong within the agency.

Many Americans have put up with the TSA, for now, despite an initial uproar over the so-called “enhanced patdowns” and x-ray scanners (which were later replaced by millimeter wave scanners) in late-2010, early 2011.

But recent undercover tests by the Department of Homeland Security showed the “screeners, their equipment, or their procedures failed more than half the time.”

ABC reports:

When ABC News asked the source if the failure rate was 80 percent, the response was, “You are in the ballpark.”

In a public hearing after a private classified briefing to the House Committee on Homeland Security, members of Congress called the failures by the Transportation Security Administration disturbing.

Rep. Mike Rogers went as far as to tell TSA Administrator David Pekoske, “This agency that you run is broken badly, and it needs your attention.”
Inspectors “identified vulnerabilities with TSA’s screener performance, screening equipment and associated procedures,” according to a statement from the Department of Homeland Security.

The statement added that the findings remain classified but that eight recommendations have been made to the TSA to improve checkpoint security. It is not clear what those recommendations are.

The news of the failure comes two years after ABC News reported that secret teams from the DHS found that the TSA failed 95 percent of the time to stop inspectors from smuggling weapons or explosive materials through screening.

So what’s it all for?

If the agency is an utter failure at protecting our aviation security, should they continue to receive tens of billions in federal funds each year for nothing?

Will Americans continue to “tolerate” their invasive screening procedures when they come to realize it’s more security theater than actual security?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!



  1. In 2005 my mother was flying to Florida for vacation was wearing a dress and had one of the TSA people ask her to unzip her knee surgery scars to prove she didn’t have any weapons in there. She even had a card stating she had titanium knee implants that would set metal detectors off. I had to stand there and laugh to myself at their stupidity. Luckily a friend of ours who is a supervisor came up and took care of this.

  2. Anyone noticed how deficient government is in preventing terrorist acts ?! And punishing the terrorists captured ?! Metal detectors are important in finding lost treasure. One would think that they are useful in finding metal on airline passengers also.

  3. TSA is not a professional organization – it is a unionized outfit ruled by union goons in charge of all personnel policies and procedures. They concentrate their “efforts” on elderly widows and let pass young jihadists with their large carry-on packets .


  5. Hey, maybe Harvey Weinstein & friends could get a job at the TSA. And Just to make sure were safe, – how about anal cavity searches?????

  6. I think a bunch of these people at TSA need to be jailed for what they have done to people. Illegal searches that cross the line with their “jobs”. Some seem to intimate about their searches and should be fired and also thrown in jail for their groping instead of pat down searches.

  7. TSA is a joke, Chertoff became the director after he left the bush administration he had the contract for all the X-ray machine and they were not clear for safety,
    Chertoff took advantage of mega panic in 9-11 he made trailers loads of money
    and for the passengers, their safety was in danger.

    • Government should not be in charge of anything. We the tax payers get screwed paying for incompetency. Education and Healthcare are great examples of government failure. Not to mention we could save hundreds of billion dollars sending depts back to the States where they belong. The governors should be taking care of the people in their state. We sure wouid get rid of democratic governors if education and healthcare were in their lap where it belongs. Big government is a life line for Dems and RINOs. TSA needs to be in the private sector. 80% failure rate is typical for the federal government.

  8. The last time I dealt with TSA was 5 years ago. They were obese, rude, and mouthy. I watched them manhandle and yank elderly people out of wheel chairs. They struck me as people who couldn’t hold down a job at McDonalds or Walmart, if it were not for government made for work jobs like TSA agents.

  9. Don’t blame the front line. They are only following the rules that are put in place by clueless, incompetent, inexperienced, overpaid and overstaffed management in Washington, D.C.

    • Trump needs to send education healthcare and yes airport security back to the States. The private sector can do a much better job at security. Beauracrats cannot protect us , teach us or heal us. Screw them.

  10. We are all intelligent enough to know it would be tremendously more effective and less expensive to hire profilers and drug/bomb-sniffing dogs in place of this current gang of thieves. The Israilis have done this for years, successfully – -can you even remember a time when they had any on-air/in-air risks, or events? I cannot.

  11. Airports and flights were JUST as safe for Americans BEFORE metal detectors even, let alone TSA, as they are today. At least you could get on a plane without being molested, back then. And you could show up at the airport an hour before flight time and make your flight.

    • A few years ago I flew from an almost empty airport (except dozens of TSA people standing around talking to one another) in Buffalo, New York. I had a medical letter stating, “… carrying needles and insulin.” The person checking tickets said, “The letter is not necessary”. While being groped, another TSA MORON opened my medical case, dropped and broke my meter. They had NO right to take the meter out of the case and should have told me they dropped it. This left me unable to check my sugar level. Diabetic meters are critical! It can alert a serious drop in sugar to immediately medicate before a stoke or heart attack happens. Diabetic meters are needed to save lives!

  12. The TSA is staffed by goons, whose only sense of power is pulling over grannies to confiscate their nail clippers. I wish someone would start a petition to the White House to completely do away with TSA. Give airport security to a company who can prove they can find a genuine security threat without groping those of us who are obviously law-abiding Americans. The REAL problem is that the people who SHOULD be examined closely will yell Racism, or Discrimination. This scares the goons, so that explains why they let nervous looking olive-skinned men with briefcases walk right through. I saw it happen: they stopped the next man wearing a western plaid shirt with jeans and boots, and the obvious white upper forehead of a farmer who wears a hat while working outside.

    • There equipment must be better then you think. I left a silver dollar in the bottom of my checked suitcase , and they found and stole it. Maybe they are just scaning for things of value they can steal. Make the guys that scan the luggage ride on the plane. They might do a better job is they knew their ass was on the line

  13. I travel at least once a year and goes through this elaborate pat down although I inform the Screener of my knee replacement although I detest the entire body contact I comply every time and now to read this I feel violated yet is Taxpayers money being used for this Wishy Washy service ?

  14. When will you people wake up! Vote everyone running for congress out and put people in that follow the Constitution and vow to pass a bill that whoever runs is thrown out of office if they run on one thing or another, then backtrack on that item. Enough of their phones promises. The need to be voted out after two terms anyway and get a real job like the rest of us. Look how much we could save on perks and phoney pensions. People get the kind of leadership they allow!

    • Well, the primary reason for having the useless lifers in office is because of useful idiots allowing them to be elected. That’s the problem Trump addressed in his Primary and campaign. He got America to wake up and stop being so complacent. He got people to vote who either never voted or voted party line. Unfortunately there remains the dumbed down useful idiots who support the Democraps. When they outnumber us, which includes the Muslim population…we will be doomed. The margin is very tight today which makes every vote important…especially when confronted with voter fraud utilized by the Democraps.

      • If these bottom feeders in Washington would only let our President do his job, this country would be a wonderful place to live in. The bottom feeders are afraid of losing their cushey jobs which they will lose once Mr. Trump can finally start draining the swamp.

    • My point. Constitution does not give up power to the federal government. Getting the swamp drained is only part of the problem. We need to eliminate all the depts in Washington that belong in the states. Start with Education and Healthcare. Then every year send another back. We have a constitution but it’s not being abused by. So do we really have a constitution? The left and the RINOs don’t think so.

  15. I really think they should be hiring people with a brain. I just went through the TSA a week ago and theres more people walking around doing nothing then there is working. As far as having inspections and people aren’t catching weappns and explosives somenody must go from top to bottom.

  16. The TSA In whole is a joke at our expense. I fly a lot in one year more then most in a lffe time.
    One day while leaving out of PHL. I was pulled aside and told to stand behind my carry on which was pulled
    off the line. The TSA officer opened up my bag and pulled out a jar of Skippy chunky peanut butter. I asked what is the problem, reply you can’t creamy items I said then it is not a problem because it is chunky. I told him to look the seal has not been open. He replied it could be an explosive cream. I said open it and I will eat some. His reply was ” it might be eatable explosive.” at that I told him if you need peanut butter that bad at home keep it?
    Another great one was the same stand behind my carry on while he pulled everything out trying to find a little pair of scissors used to cut sa babies nails, they were about 2 an half inches shaped like a stork. I asked the officer WHY ” would he want them? He replied they could be used as a weapon.”” Trying not to make things worse I said they were my dead daughters and that they couldn’t hurt a flea. But he insisted I could not have them. And I said nor could he. The officer at this called his boss,who came. The officer replied to his boss when asked why, he said they could kill someone. The boss looked at me what did I want to do? I said I wanted to get on the plane, with them. Both said no.
    I said you would have a hard time useing them as a weapon. I then asked the boss could I see his pen, he handed it to me without hesitation.. I took it and said to him thank you for the weapon, with this I could kill both of you before either of you could get out your guns. At that I handed back the pen. The boss said how about we mail it to your house?
    I had an envelop he got me a stamp and the mail box was near by. GOOD luck with the TSA.

  17. Americans are treated like terrorist, while extreme vetting of foreigners into our country is not allowed!!! Why is that? And by the way, people coming into America from foreign countries do not go through full body scanners!!

    • Even though TSA was put in place by GWB…no accolades to him…the wasteful operation was crippled/made even more ineffective by none other than BHO…forget what he did to the rest of the country. Yet there are those BOOBS who protested Trumps election yesterday who if they had their mentality increased 2X still would be near ZERO.

    • While our enemies are being welcomed to the US, our friends are routinely rejected by our Embassy’s. The Filipino wives of US expats are routinely rejected for a visitor of business visa. They are not even given a transit visa to pass though a US airport on their way to a friendly county that welcomes them. The standard rejection notice they are given. They have no compelling reason to go home after their visit. This even applies to Ladies who have substantial business interests in our country. This applies to the daughters of WW 2 war heroes.
      INVITE YOUR ENEMIES AND REJECT YOUR FRIENDS. EVEN THE WIVES OF US CITIZENS. What flavor of madness has our country descended to?

  18. My daughter used to work for the TSA, and she would try to test it herself, and was able to break it 80% of the time. Her complaint reports went to naught, and she finally left in disgust.

  19. Since I never travel by plane, my opinion doesn’t really count for much, but if I WERE a frequent traveler, I would really object! All they need for security other than a wand would be trained dogs to sniff out anything illegal or dangerous, like bomb materials, etc. But as far as them “inadvertently” letting some of the bad guys in and STILL getting our money, I would say “You’re fired!” After all, they have a job to do and they neglected to do it… you don’t keep someone on the payroll that will endanger the lives of other. That ain’t some simple “oops!”, ya know.

    • I am a retired FAA Inspector –originally airport security was the responsibility of
      the airport and the airlines. The FAA would review, approve and monitor there security
      programs. We need to return to this program

    • I travel frequently and opt out of full body scanners always. People coming into America don’t go through full body scanners!!! I watch in disgust as all the sheeple give their rights away and walk through that machine!!!

  20. Security should be the carriers’ responsibility – first and foremost, it’s their equipment and their insurance companies that are being targeted. Arm the crews and there will be no hijackings. Oh yeah, forget the grandmothers in wheel chairs…

    • In ALL the years that TSA has been in effect I do not recall of them ever catching
      one terrorist. Looks like one big waste of money. Beside which the terrorists are
      here already.

  21. TSA was never intended to actually provide safety. It was intended to (i) accustom Americans to taking government orders and (ii) make us understand that the government considers us vassals rather than independent citizens.

  22. The TSA is a government run operation. Who could possibly be surprised to learn that it is bureaucratic, sloppy, inefficient and VERY EXPENSIVE! Can you name any function of government that is run any differently? I’ll wait!


      • The IRS and Social Security were turning around until Obama took office. Then they became the bastards they used to be. prior to Obama, I had some very positive experiences with both agencies. They have become Liberal hacks. These agencies take their orders from the top.

  23. An expensive, worthless agency staffed largely with marginally competent fools who frequently abuse their random search discretionary authority in the name of political correctness rather than than assessing realistic risk potential associated with the travelers they select for demeaming patdowns and carryon luggage up-ending. Clowns implementing an insane procesd devised by even bigger clowns, all funded by victimized zed taxpayers!!

  24. Another perfect example of the Swamp. Wasteful spending with nothing in return. Somebody’s pocket being filled with our tax dollars.
    As for TSA…they have to be right 100% of the time whereas terrorists need to be right only once. That’s horrible odds. And who is in charge of handling such a problem? You know the answer…

  25. This is hardly news. In a test a couple years ago, it FAILED 97% of the tests. Until the most effective tool (profiling) is activated, it’s all show and completely useless.

  26. millimeter wave scanners, LOL.Do some research on that term. It is nothing but microwaves that we all know and have come to love. Unfortunately some of us do not want to put our bodies in modified microwave ovens and after doing research on the subject learned of eye damage to rabbits from this exposure and explains what happened to my eye in Europe. Not to mention what a circus the TSA truly has become and the fact that I remember GWB saying that this was all temporary until we could figure out something better back in 2001. The best solution is background screening and passenger awareness since that has been the thing that has stopped any further attempts since 9/11. The problem is you cannot filter out microbes using a colander and that is what they are trying to do. Just like any other government program, it is all run with money and that is what everyone in the TSA or involved with the TSA has become. A big fat pig ready for slaughter.

  27. The TSA has been a joke from the start. From being completely useless to being personally invasive. This department looks like a scene from Airplane where the terrorists walk through with bombs and weapons and the nuns get searched.

  28. I’m sure every reader, including me, is disgusted by this news. To say nothing of the fact that it emboldens our enemies, who are constantly looking for ways to kill us. Once again, thanks for nothing TSA. Another thanks for nothing to our stellar government, whom we’re all indebted to for protecting our safety.

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