A new scandal ensnares another top Fox News Anchor

Another top Fox News anchor just got some bad news.

After being repeatedly targeted by left-wing social justice warriors, Fox News has lost one top anchor after another this year.


  1. It seems that if you’re a white conservative male on FOX, the liberals will find a way to seek you out, and try to have you taken off the air — even for a little while. This is such a dirty, underhanded thing to do, and to have women set these people up, is disgusting!! Your turn will be coming, and our Party doesn’t forget. We might not do the same thing, but you will find out how some people will retaliate. I for one, will pray for those sorry souls that sit back and laugh about things like that. God has plans for people like you, that is worse than anyting a person on our side of the aisle can think up. When Ashley Judd said she was a “nasty woman,” she didn’t lie. The whole lot of you are!! You should have just left the Country, and saved us all the heartache!!

  2. The gradual destruction of Fox is progressing apace. It started by replacement of the founder by his two “progressive” sons; then accusations of sexual misconduct ensued – and these are impossible to counter – resulting in firing of successive conservative commentators. Final aim is for Fox to join the far-left MSM.

  3. Oh ye of little faith. What difference does it make? Christ told the multitudes let the one among you who is without sin cast the first stone. People are so fickle. They believe anything said by anyone they don’t know and desert those needing their support the most. Stop being so gullible.

  4. Fox News has lost its backbone! They are helping the left kill any conservative in the entertainment field without a hearing. So much for fair and balanced.

  5. The Huffington Post is a known fake news organization dedicated to disrupt and deceive. They tell lies willy nilly to hurt decent people and should be ignored as CNN for being against the people.

  6. This is BS. I will expand my discussions with family and friends, boycott this channel, the truth is Trump won,all these other whinny cry babies go pound sand, its a shame Fox News is going to give up its reputation for reporting the Truth.

  7. It’s just another attempt by the leftist and the lame street media to sway FoxNews into their leftist ways. After all a recent poll shows that FoxNews is currently reporting 52% negatively against President Trump. We need to stand up to these lefties and and stand behind out last hope.

  8. If Fox news continues down the road it is headed. It will be the same as cnn, msnbc and the rest of those useless networks. Makes me sick. The only channel I used to watch. Trump is our president and should be treated as such. If those folks yawl have are so smart, why don’t they run for President.

    • The Murdoch’s are all liberals. Once they got rid of the founder of Fox News, they could concentrate on dumping all the people that he hired. They are well on their way to converting Fox News into another CNN! Maybe they’ll rehire Megan Kelly after the dust settles, eh?

  9. So……………they go after anyone on FOX to get them fired so people will stop watching FOX. WELL, this is insane I don’t believe that Eric did any of this but if he did, so what…………..20 years ago he was a kid and none of these women complained until now…..SOUND SUSPICIOUS??? Where do they find these people??? Hiding with all this info for many many years until now and probably want their 5 seconds of fame and glory. TOO BAD AND SO VERY VERY SAD!!!


    • The rabid left-wing “media” have no time to devote to current news! They are all too busy “researching” for some sort of negative innuendo from days gone by about anyone who isn’t a card carrying member of the CPUSA, as they are.

  10. I once loved Fox News, but now you don’t know if your favorite program will be there tomorrow. I find it extremely hard to believe that all of those accused of sexual harassment are guilty. I smell rats! Feeling sorry for a bunch of people. I miss the old Fox News! K.H.

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  12. I like all those fired just because they have gonads. I’m tired of the prissy-wussy faces that call themselves men but are likely deficient in the basket.

    • For some strange reason the Murdock kids are throwing away their future inheritance. The only thing I can say, liberals were always known for their lack of common sense. It’s a real shame they’re so stupid.

  13. Doesn/t it bother anyone else but me that all of these sexual allegations are of Republicans or newscasters which defend Republicans? I believe they are all said just to keep causing problems and the only thing I can for real is the facts of all the treason and people getting rich by stealing from our Government. It is time to fight fire with fire and get rid of all these and doing it now instead of telling us you have proof which I believe you do but we need to see results.

  14. Crock of C**p. If this really offended any one it would have been reported when it happened. “Years ago” Huf. Post let’s report on the story and do it right. As in how many years ago? It’s not alarming enough yet. How about real news?????

  15. I don’t believe one word of that B.S! Fox doesn’t stand by their own people anymore. It’s time for O’Reilly, Hannity, Eric Bolling, and Tucker Carlson, and anyone else who want s to follow … to all join together and create a new network, and drive Fox News right out of business!

  16. Sounds like fox needs to grow some ba!!s! They crumble every time there is any allegations made. Or maybe that’s what they want.

    • Well said! It amazed me how they fold so easily.r I loved watching O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, Megyn Kelly, Cashin’ In and Eric Bolling. I watch his show “The Specialists” because he was on it. I cannot stand Ebony and Kat, so if Eric does not come back; I will only have outnumbered, The Five, and Jesse Watters World and Journal Editorial Report that I still watch.

  17. The Murdoch’s are a family of leftists! The conservative founder of the Fox News Network had to be purged along with every conservative personality he hired in preparation to making the Fox Network into yet another liberal propaganda network! In collusion with the Huffington Post, the Washington Post, the New York Times and the rest of the gossip media, they are well on their way to making the Fox Network a rubber stamp version of CNN!

    • I, for one, am so sick and tired of all these commie news outlets looking for anything to dig into just to keep their own communist agenda hidden. I actually could care less what any of these ‘news’ people have done in their past life. I want them to report honest information….NOT the communist propaganda machine that all these other outlets are turning into. I find all this information rather suspicious that it’s just NOW coming out. I would be money that none of this is true….just the commies trying to take down ANY news outlet that may actually tell the TRUTH…..what a novel idea that would be. I get most of the my news from FOX and the rest from websites that I trust to be honest. I NEVER, EVER, EVER, WATCH EVEN ONE MINUTE OF ANY NEWS ON ABC, CBS OR NBC OR ANY OF THEIR AFFILIATES….PERIOD. Have NOT since the November election and plan to never watch them….never!!!! Hope they lose more viewers and in turn sponsors that support the dysfunction outlets that they are.

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