The New York City terrorist cast a spotlight on this dangerous immigration policy

Most Americans had never heard of the Diversity Visa Lottery program.

Then an Uzbekistani terrorist, who immigrated under the program, killed 8 people with a truck in New York City.

His actions exposed this dangerous program and the government is just now beginning to uncover frightening abuses of the program.

The Department of Justice just discovered four Somali immigrants who lied about being a family and managed to defraud the program back in 2000.

The Washington Times reports:

The government says one woman, Fosia Abdi Adan, won the lottery in 2000 and then brought in two other people as her husband and children, using a fake marriage certificate.

The prosecutions come a week after the Diversity Lottery was in the news as the immigration program used by the suspect in last week’s terrorist truck attack in New York City.

“The current immigration system is easily abused by fraudsters and nefarious actors, and that’s certainly true of the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program,” said Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Mr. Sessions said the fraud alleged in the case of Ms. Adan meant three other people were also admitted to the U.S. as part of chain migration — an issue where President Trump has been eager to impose new restrictions.

The visa lottery doles out about 50,000 visas a year based on pure chance. Designed in 1990, the program was intended to give immigrants from countries that didn’t have a large population a means of entry.

How many other potentially dangerous actors have abused or defrauded the program in its nearly three decade existence?

Why did it take a terrorist act for Americans to know such a risky program even exists?

President Trump denounced the program after the NYC terror attack.

He later called on Congress to terminate the program.

What are your thoughts on the dangerous Diversity Visa Lottery program?

Do you think the government is likely to uncover even more cases of abuse?

Let us know in the comments below!




  2. This was obama working hard to bring in his Terrorists Friends in with little or No Vetting no telling how many Hundreds of Thousands he has placed in eight years probably Millions he did his job well the Bilderbergs must be Proud. Well at least we know that he did have one Job that he excelled at.

      • The last 4 or 5 administration have been nothing but traitor Bushes, Clintons, and Obama. There could have been more of if Hillary or another got in the white house God Bless our President Donald Trump for letting the public know about all the corruption within the last???? administrations.

        • There have only been two Presidents since the got away with the Murder of Jack, Ronald Reagan ( they tried only two months in) and now Donald Trump all others were Bilderberg Puppets So we have been Ruled by Bankers for 44 of 53 Years because of them we had the Vietnam War Oops “Conflict” or the Korean War Ooops again “Police Action” only Congress can declare War these were CIA Wars !! HW Bush 41 ran the CIA Team in Dealey Plaza. Oswald was telling the Truth when he said he was a Patsy. He never fired a Shot in Dealey Plaza !!

  3. I have always been under he impression that only US citizens (by birth or naturalization) had all the rights granted by our great constitution. In all my 94 years I have witnessed may crazy things, but it still amazes me how our congress agrees to such things as the lottery program which ends up giving UN-citizens our citizen’s rights! And how dumb are the people in Maryland who allow non-citizens to vote on rules or laws that effect us citizens? We know that many of the non-citizens we have in the USA came here to “avoid oppression” in their former country, but soon after getting here, they want to change our laws to some of those the just left! Lets let Trump do his “thing” on immigration and quit trying to be “politically correct>”

    • There’s a long, long list of Democrats responsible for this idiocy called “political correctness” and every one of them has their heads buried so far up their butts, the only thing that comes out of their mouths is crap. We’re not talking about rational human beings, y’all. Cite some examples anyone? How about the NFL for starters… then we can progress to transgender friendly restrooms and locker rooms in our public schools. You don’t even need a good imagination to think of more examples.

  4. And then you have Governor Andrew Cuomo calling it a “lone wolf” attack, adding that there was no evidence so far that there had been a wider plot.
    Why does he not understand that there are more than 1000 individual terrorist cells in the US that the FBI knows about and more than double that if you include those they don’t know about.
    This is not a lone wolf situation. Yes, they may individually do their attacks but the overall is a cohesive effort put forth by the teachings of radical Jihadi Islamists. If the signal is given, they may all attack at once, or over a very short period of time, all over the country.
    Hopefully the FBI is able to identify the rest of them and take decisive action before more innocent lives are taken by these pieces of cow dung!

  5. All foreign illegal parasites admitted under the illegal Diversity Visa Lottery Program must be deported for the safety of American citizens!!

  6. Diversity Immigrant Visa Program . . . this is what the Democrat IDIOTS have done to America! This was done under Bill Clinton’s Presidency! G. W. Bush was voted into office November of 2000, so he wasn’t there yet . . . but it’s mind-boggling that this crap got past the Bush Presidency after 9/11 ! ! !

  7. Several towns/cities in state of Maryland allow illegal aliens to vote at local level politics. This will be inevitably a political spillover across the nation. It also reflects the open border agenda in the future. We need to end it immediately to protect our national sovereignty.

    The idea of Obama visa lottery program is one of many hidden policies that unfortunately slipped thru the conservative citizen radar. Time to drain the swamp!

  8. Fraud and abuse is the way the system was set up to work. That is why the Deme. are behind it so hard it’s an easy way for them to build a voting base. If they really cared about the USA they would be the first in line to blow it up. Good luck with that happening.

  9. All these PC programs that have been put in place to help Democrats get elected need to go, no more lotteries, no more but she’s my second wife, no more nothing except 100% vetting, period the end.

  10. Vet
    The path to ridding DC of RINO’s. Notice the surprised voices from the Cork and Flake when they chose not to seek re-election. The DC bunch has no idea we are even out here except for tax collections. We are on our own for justice. An Article V Convention is The way to restore Constitutional govt
    Of the people
    By the people
    For the people.
    Activists unite!!.

  11. this is congress and ryans doing >>cost last year 148 billion dollars and will go higher with no jobs which builds hate and discontent >> we care for them while our seniors ,who by the way built this country and our blood keeps it free while a***wipes like ryan & mCconnell can’t get HEALTHCARE DONE AS THEY NEED THE MONEY TO SUPPORT IMMIGRANTS WHO WISH TO LIVE ON WELFARE AND CHANGE OUR COUNTRY AND ITS VALUES rYAN IS A TAKER ,LIKE CUT VETERANS PENSIONS ,NO HEALTHCARE AS WE WHO BUILT THIS COUNTRY AREN’T GOOD ENOUGH TO SHARE THE ONE CONGRESS GAVE THEMSELFS AFTER OPTING OUT OF THAT obamanation THEY CALLED OBAMACARE UNREAD JUST SIGNED TO SCREW THE PEOPLE

  12. Oh, sure… let in ONLY a few? Seriously, what are the odds of a Muslim being involved in a terrorist strike against the U.S.? Or ANY other country, for that matter? The percentages of Muzzies doing harm to us FAR outweigh the percentages of American citizens suddenly going ballistic. Here’s something: Add only 3 M&M’s laced with cyanide and throw them in a bowl of 1,000 M&M’s, and stir them around really good. The odds are against getting even one of them, so why not let your child grab a handful?

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