New York City’s Mayor just dropped this bombshell on the city’s Jewish community

New York City has the highest COVID death rate per capita of any major U.S. city due to the early inaction of Mayor DeBlasio.

And under his watch, Jews in the city have come under increasing violent attacks.

And now, New York’s mayor just dropped this bombshell on the city’s Jewish community.

Unfortunately, the Jewish community in New York City has come under increasingly violent and deadly attacks by thugs out roaming the streets in the once proud city.

The response of the Mayor has been to release even more violent criminals onto the streets, ordering the police to stand down and let the violence go unchecked.

Now, Mayor DeBlasio has decided just allowing violence against Jews wasn’t enough. He decided to go and personally break up a Jewish funeral for prominent Orthodox Rabbi Chaim Mertz.

The funeral, which took place Tuesday in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn drew a large crowd. At one point, there were hundreds of Orthodox Jews gathered in the streets to mourn the Rabbi.

DeBlasio, already known for his anti-Jewish tactics showed up in person to disband the mourners.

According to a news report in the liberal New York Times, the mayor directed police to break up the crowd and send them home under threat of arrest.

But that wasn’t enough for Mayor DeBlasio.

He then took to Twitter to condemn the city’s Jews: “Something absolutely unacceptable happened in Williamsburg tonight: a large funeral gathering in the middle of this pandemic,” he said.

“When I heard, I went there myself to ensure the crowd was dispersed. And what I saw WILL NOT be tolerated so long as we are fighting the Coronavirus.”

But that still wasn’t enough. In rhetoric reminiscent of Nazi Germany, DeBlasio singled out the Jewish community and threatened mass arrests of Jews in New York.

“My message to the Jewish community, and all communities, is this simple: the time for warnings has passed. I have instructed the NYPD to proceed immediately to summons or even arrest those who gather in large groups.”

The Mayor immediately faced backlash from all sides.

“This has to be a joke,” said New York City Councilman Chaim Deutsch. “Did the Mayor of NYC really just single out one specific ethnic community (a community that has been the target of increasing hate crimes in HIS city) as being noncompliant?? Has he been to a park lately? (What am I saying – of course he has!)”

That was just the start.

The Mayor faced a hailstorm of criticism from the Right and the Left. Especially given his failure to contain the coronavirus at the outset.

It was DeBlasio of course who, in the early stages of the disease urged New Yorkers to go out to eat, see a show or a movie.

After the first case of the coronavirus was announced in New York City, at a time when more than 80,000 people worldwide had confirmed cases of the virus, and President Trump had already issued travel warnings, DeBlasio said this:

“Since I’m encouraging New Yorkers to go on with your lives + get out on the town despite Coronavirus, I thought I would offer some suggestions,” de Blasio tweeted on March 2. “Here’s the first: thru Thurs 3/5 go see The Traitor [at Lincoln Center]. If The Wire was a true story + set in Italy, it would be this film.”

It seems a lot has changed since then, not the least of which is DeBlasio, who, like some dictators before him, has decided to single out the Jewish population as the scapegoat for his failures.

Let’s all hope it doesn’t go any further.

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  1. The people in NYC voted this commie DeBastardo into office so they are reaping that which they sowed. The sorry thing is that the Jews voted in the majority for this thug.

  2. The AMERICAN HOLOCAUST:ABORTION‼️ 62+MILLION KIDS/BABIES PUT TO DEATH BY DEMON-CRATS AND THEIR SUPPORTERS…Mom’s kill own kids/babies, leftovers are experimented on.WW2 NAZI GERMANY? NO, THE U.S.A.2020. TRUMP IS AGAINST ABORTIONS.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🌍🗺️🌐🌏🌎🍀🍀🍀🍀

  3. My n.y town they should take out Di Blasio and Cuomo from New York and never let them in again suspend there both salary

  4. Please note: every state, county or city that is being run by “dictatorship” rules is headed by a Democrat. How can their supporters not see this?!!! The one benefit of this pandemic is that the true colors of the Democrats are now showing.

  5. I haven’t seen this much hatred for a religious sect in years. New Yorkers elected DeBlasio perhaps they didn’t know how deep his prejudice runs but now they do. Let’s see what the election results are to decide just where the New ayorkers themselves stand.

  6. Well New Yorkers, you brought all this on yourselves. You thought after two successful Mayor’s, one a successful businessman Democrat & one tough reasonable Republican, you thought a Progressive Liberal Democrat w/ no real experience would work. That was your reasoning, let’s put this guy in & we’ll be diverse & have equality everywhere? All you got was a tyrant, self-ingratiating hypocritical doorknob of a Fool. Now the city is up to your ankles in filth, needles & progressive liberal insanity(referring to the ‘no bail’ law as well as others). What are you going to do New Yorkers? Be Patriots or be sheep?

  7. DeBlabio aka Wilhelm is showing his Nazi roots with his attacks on the Jewish people. He is in bed with the Muslims whom he fed at the expense of the people of New York City.
    I hope that the Jewish community will vote out ever DemocRat for their antisemitism.
    The DemocRats say the Jewish community has their backs but we should beware of the knife they are preparing for the Jewish people.

  8. The Nazis told the Jews not to worry. The Democrats tell the Jews they have their backs. Is there a masochist gene in this population?

  9. Vasu, I owned a number of horses and as most other horse owners gave them a better life and care than those Mustangs I got from the Feds. Even got burros.
    Get your head to the front of your body instead of talking out of the rear.

  10. Vasu,
    NYC carriage horses are treated better than NY union construction workers. Better work conditions, better health care and lots of time off.
    Why not use your bleeding heart for the good of all of Humanity and that will trickle down your your precious animals. Namasté

  11. Hasidics and Orthodox don’t assimilate. Why is that ok? I say reevaluate NPO cults and their associated government handouts. As a taxpayer, I’m tired of seeing all these fake religious protections! Pay for your own religion, cult or mythology. My body is my temple and a rock, my altar.

  12. The scumbag mayor blamed all Jews, which is WRONG! Only a small percentage of the Jewish Community was at the rabbi’s funeral and to use a broad paintbrush to blame the whole Jewish community is bigotry! We need to rebuke this mayor!

  13. WHAT IS WRONG WITH DOING WHAT’S RIGHT? Give me a better option to control spread in an INFESTED city
    “My message to the Jewish community, and all communities, is this simple: the time for warnings has passed. I have instructed the NYPD to proceed immediately to summons or even arrest those who gather in large groups.”

  14. Hitler would be proud of this Bastard. Demoncrats look at what you have to look forward to. When they take everything you got be happy

  15. The Jews are part of the ‘chosen’ people whether anyone likes it or not. It’s about getting used to it including the blundering idiot everyone calls the Mayor of New York.

  16. Vasu, I can understand the reasoning of you and DeBlasio for that would include you and his effort to protect your fellow rats in the sewers of New York City.

  17. Hajji take your Net Neutrality and shove it wear the sun doesn’t shine. That’s part of the problem with this country now, left wing media lap dogs stating any lies they can get away with. Oh yeah and retards like you believe it, Mr. Book Writer…Not.

  18. Friends of Animals reported on Bill de Blasio in 2014:

    “…New York City will have its first mayor to pledge to create a humane city for animals — starting with banning horse-drawn carriages… Our mayor understands that animal rights is more than just a special interest: It is an essential component of social justice.

    “In a rousing and inspiring speech to animal advocates, Mayor de Blasio said: ‘Your time has come. Whether you’ve been fighting for animal rights and a more humane society, or if you’ve been fighting for social and economic justice… allow me to say… I am honored to be a part of your movement. I am honored to stand shoulder to shoulder with you in common cause.’

    “His outspoken stance on animal rights issues, and his firm promise to get carriage horses off the streets and into sanctuaries, made the candidate shine among animal advocates… His campaign brandished itself as progressive winning him a landslide victory with more than 73 percent of the vote. Mayor de Blasio also credits his two teenage children, both vegetarians and animal rights supporters, for advancing his thinking on the issues.”

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

  19. Communists have never liked religion or Jews and religious Jews are a real problem for them. I don’t know why someone would expect behavior otherwise from this clown. Unless they really don’t understand what he is.

  20. There are 2 Jewish republicans in Congress and over 30 Jewish democrats there. Jews are no part of rhe GOP.

  21. De Blasio! Is that an Italian name for a Nazi monster? Hasn’t he heard of the holocaust or is this just his stupid way of tring to remind us about it? Does he know that he is a Nazi in disguise or maybe he thinks hs coments are amusing in some way! Personally, I believe he needs to be removed. The man is a menace to society at large. New Yorkers remove this man from public office. If you don’t you will be blamed for not doing your job in removing him.


  23. We have a PLETHORA of COMMON SENSE Comments appearing to address this story. This one points out how we must RE ESTABLISH A CORRECT FOUNDATION:
    Wayne Craft
    May 3, 2020 at 9:26 am

    I am afraid that what we are experiencing is the on going problem of power in the hands of the few who in reality do not have a clue as to what common sense is. It is getting to the point, where we the people ‘WE the People’, have to carefully and intelligently elect people who realize that We the People are the government of the United States, who do not need someone or some politicians to lead us down their paths, but,do indeed work for us! If in truth De Blasio made such an appearance he needs to have his office “cleaned out” post haste and be sent off for “the house” in his car. WE THE PEOPLE Do NOT Need ANTI JEW, ANTI BLACK ANTI LATINO ANTI ORIENTAL HATE Manifested by ANYONE. This is a Nation founded for FREEDOM and SOVEREIGNTY Under GOD. IF You Don’t Like It Get packing and LEAVE.

  24. DeBlasio has proven to be an ignorant demagogue who is clueless and full of lies. He is a bigot. Should be removed before he does any more damage.

  25. Gun Moll, it appears your own governor, Cuomo, doesn’t see Trump as you do. In fact it was the government of New York that placed its people in harms way to begin with by not replenishing its medical supplies after the Swine Flu epidemic and then had to beg the feds to get it to them when disaster hit.
    And, Trump closed down travel from China even though the democrats attacked him for doing so. As I see it this disaster would have been more infectious if Trump had gone along with the democrats who preferred to sit on their butts even when the proposal for the Care program was coming up for a vote.

  26. Gun Moll. I agree with you Completely. I myself am a Proud New Yorker. DiBlasio hasn’t done anything for N.Y., especially, Staten Island. We’ve always been the Forgotten Borough. DiBlasio never comes, but demands that certain things be done here. Stay Safe New York.

  27. She gets a stolen gun every now and then Dan, when she’s turning tricks or selling crack on the street corner. She’s just like the other sewage rat we encountered yesterday…

  28. Gun moll in New York you sheeple aren’t allowed to have guns unless you kiss the right ass

  29. They need to get his nasty attitude problem out of office. He doesn’t tell nobody what to or not do. We the people tell him what to do or not do.

  30. I am a New Yorker who doesn’t like DeBlasio one bit. The ignorants are painting him as an anti-Semite. He is anti-corona virus. And to accuse him of dragging his heels is laughable. Trump denied the pandemic since the very start and is now trying to deflect blame. No surprise there. He is the weakest leader in the history of our country. And those of you who are corona-death deniers? Get up off your fat lazy redneck asses, there’s more to life than watching propaganda. You have neither the brains nor the balls to make it in NY. We will beat Corona. And when it’s done, we, the truly powerful, we New Yorkers, will remember how you leeching Trump cultists did nothing during this time.

  31. Susieq. I resent that Comment about DeBlasio being German & hating Jews. I don’t know what nationality he is(which shouldn’t matter). You’re now insulting All German people & saying they hate Jews. Not True. I’m German & Definitely DON’T HATE Jews. As a matter of fact, I have many Jewish Friends. Be careful who you insult. Hatred is a Horrible thing.

  32. Besides Mayor DeBlasio, their was one other person that comes to mind who also used the jews as a means to show his power. I believe his name was Adolph something. Oh “Hitler”

  33. It is up to the the decent people in NYC to act now to recall their mayor as well as any other elected official that believes as he does. His actions are repugnant to every true American.

    President Trump and those in the Senate and house who are diligently working toward getting this country and our economy through this Covid mess need to enact legislation to prevent relief money’s that are distributed to be used EXCLUSIVELY to combat Covid or to rebuild the economy. Any money used for other purposes is unconscionable! That includes using these funds to shore up state retirement plans or for any other purpose other than to fight Covid or to bolster the economy.

  34. Sounds like Nazi Germany 1936. These demorats need to be stopped. How in the world can anyone with more than 2 brain cells support these people??
    WAKE UP AMERICA………………..

  35. DeBlasio should be impeached and prosecuted and in prisioned. AG Barr should arrest DeBlasio now. It is well known that DeBlasio is a totally out of control idiot and bigot. Racist fool.

  36. It blows my mind how dumb are NYC voters to have elected this jerk in the first place.

  37. Pelosi and her ilk should all be tried and jailed for their “selected” punishment on people who are equal the eyes of God. She is the devil. Wait until she dies. Her fate cannot be good because she counts herself as religious but all her acts in life are for her selected stupid comrads. She will pay the ultimate price for the horror she has caused to America and its people and the money she spent on her booze billed to the American people. God bless President Trump and the democrats who could see through the antics of this eveil woman and her ilk. They will prevail for their hard work and diligence to save AMERICA! God bless the USA!

  38. I am afraid that what we are experiencing is the on going problem of power in the hands of the few who in reality do not have a clue as to what common sense is. It is getting to the point, where we the people ‘WE the People’, have to carefully and intelligently elect people who realize that We the People are the government of the United States, who do not need someone or some politicians to lead us down their paths, but,do indeed work for us!

  39. Coming from DeBlasio his nasty comments in all Jewish communities us because he really is German and hates Jews. To be Mayor, you have yo not shoe your hatred to anyone group but DeBlasio had no tact.

  40. The US has less than 4.5% of the worlds population, but has 33.8% of confirmed cases and 27.5% of deaths reported worldwide.

    What is really scary is slightly over 2% of the US population has been tested, The 2% is way behind many countries. We’re basically testing people that show symptoms, so we really have no idea how many have COVID-19 that are bot showing symptoms.

  41. Liz who dying in the hospital? You sound like a LIBERAL DEMONCRAT! Why don’t you stop for a minute and research things? There is NOT one MEDIA who can prove anything! People died everyday but it NOT FROM THE CORONAVIRUS ONLY! Some people were ALREADY ON THEIR LAST BREATHE. BUT DO YOU HEAR THE TRUTH? NOPE! The media claim it was due to the coronavirus! THAT IS THE WEAPON THESE DEMOCRAT ARE USING TO TEST IF THEY CAN CONTROL THE PEOPLE! Some are successful and other not! Science and data can not tell you anything about the virus! Just as it can’t tell you about CLIMATE CHANGE! JUST A BUNCH OF COWARD WHO LOOKING FOR MILLION OF DOLLARS! REMEMBER AL GORE? BIGGEST LIAR OF ALL! NOBODY, NOT EVEN THE DEMOCRAT CONTROL MEDIA INVESTIGATE HIM! WHO CAN AFFORD TO BUY SIX MILLION DOLLARS MANSION? WITHOUT LYING?

  42. I’ll give it to you Hajji, your persistent like a begging peasant. I would like to hear a little more about your animal rights concerns. Being you have greater concerns for them and the Liberal’s in this country and whatever else bullsh_t you can come up with.

  43. “Anti-semitism is rampant in the Democratic Party” ?! That’s news to me! In 1985, when I asked a friend in college, Diane, if she was Democrat or Republican, she answered, “Democrat. Jews are always Democrats!” My friend John Antypas, a moderate Republican said lightheartedly in response. “I’m half-Jewish. Does that make me half a Democrat?” Considering how far to the right the Republican Party has veered, John might be correct. Political observers have been saying since the rise of the “Tea Party” that Ronald Reagan couldn’t even be elected as a Republican nowadays. In past decades, abortion was dismissed by liberals as a “Catholic” issue, a “conservative Christian” issue. Now that pro-lifers have some political power, they’re dismissing animal rights as a “Jewish” issue. Same bigotry. Different religious label.

  44. Affirmative Dan, see what’s happening in Michigan??? When you put your faith, energy or activism into electing Communist, no matter what Domestic policy you support, you’re also putting your weight behind a crackdown on Civil Liberties. You still have people dedicated to the principles which made my(our)country FREE!!!

  45. DeBlasio is evil. The Jewish people is God’s chosen people. The muslims are evil.

  46. All commiecrats should be banned from being involved with the corona virus or making any decisions concerning the pandemic. They are too stupid to lead, and are not part of the solution. They are part of the problem.

  47. At this point, if millions of Americans stormed Capital Hill and pulled Pelosi out into the streets and ripped her to pieces with their bare hands then did the same with Schumer, I’d make a Utube video.

  48. Jolio Jackwagon. What is it you think you know about President Trump’s actions with COVID-19?

    He didn’t immediately close down America when the virus appeared elsewhere because there were zero reported cases. Only a Democrat would shutdown an economy based on nothing. That was about the first part of February(sane person correct if I am wrong). There was one reported case in Florida about mid-February. Again, not reason to halt everything and run to bomb shelters. He banned travel from China and Democrats went to pieces, calling it racist and xenophobic.
    Who held up a bill passing that would help Americans in trouble by stuffing it with 36 million to JFK Center for Performing Arts? House Dems. Who went on vacation and in her absence, a bipartisan deal was hammered out,was passed to Senate, but upon her return, had Dems back off the deal and said she was going to draft her own bill which resulted in more delay for aid to us? Nancy Pelosi. Who has been, and vows to, fill every bill with non-related spending that has to get through to help us and the economy stay afloat? Democrats. If you’re going to play stupid games, you’re going to win stupid prizes.

  49. Diane Logan that’s the purpose of being armed. The self defense laws in my state mentions defense of self and others.

  50. Mr. Richard Ksenich, No one in NYC, unless favored by the city, can even carry a weapon for protection as can many of us in other states who, once vetted, can carry even concealed. I carry and if a Jew was threatened I would make an effort to protect him/her or anyone else.

  51. julio, what inaction?? If not for Pres. Trump, this would be much worse. Be very thankful that Hillary is not president

  52. Scott27, You are a filthy person for having added your sexual deviance to this topic.

  53. Most COVID 19 recorded deaths are from other causes. The states are inflating the numbers hoping to get more federal assistance. It all about the money.
    Illinois is hoping to use some COVID relief money to bailout their unfunded pension system. 10 billion out of 41 billion.

  54. Liz, so many people dying??? MOST people recover. Our state has started to open back up today. Our governor has the common sense to be much more concerned about the economy than the virus. We should be using Sweden as a model of what to do

  55. I was born and raised in Bklyn, N.Y. and never once did I or anyone of my Christian friends have a problem with any of our Jewish neighbors. In fact we played with both Christians and Jews and even shared at times holiday fare with all. Who are these thugs that would pick on and abuse people who have shared so much in that city.
    I do hope the Jews have now learned a lesson. DeBlasio is a communist who is no different than those tyrants that condemned so many during the time of Hitler. Vote him out and do it without hesitation.

  56. Anti-Semitism is rampant in the Democrat party. It started in Nancy Pelosi’s Democrat controlled congress. There were no repercussions – not one of the 35 Jewish Democrats in that congress stood up for themselves or for the Hebrew religion. Now it is rampant in Democrat controlled NY & NYC. NYC has been a very Jewish city for decades. I guess now they would rather the Jew’s all leave? Yet the Jew’s continue to vote Democrat so I guess their fate is in their own hands. Where have we heard or seen the likes of this before?

  57. It’s clear democrats intend to use this virus to win the November election.
    No doubt about it.

  58. It is time for the Jewish community in New York City to arm themselves as quickly as possible. It is quite obvious the Democrats and the Democratic mayor are acting like Nazi’s. This cancer needs to be cut out of American Society and the sooner the better. The Jewish people need the full support of America and Americans.
    The reason for the Second Amendment is more important than ever. Even the Liberals are arming up.

  59. DiBlasio was wrong singling out one group of people, but Seriously, what part of social distancing don’t they understand. Others have lost Loved ones & funerals are limiting to Only 10 people(family) to attend. The rules of social distancing right now are so important with the Crisis we are in the Middle of. Everyone(no matter what group of people)show some respect for others for a change. We all want to go out & about with Our Lives, but right now we can’t take that chance with so many people dying & still in the Hospitals with this Deadly Virus.

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