This news may have Megyn Kelly questioning her career choice

Megyn Kelly’s career has been in a tailspin since she tangled with Trump and eventually left Fox News.

She had hoped to start over again and recast herself at NBC.


  1. She may would make a good cocktail waitress in LasVegas or a stripper poke may fit nicely between her legs. Serious journlist – naw., television – naw, moved Es – naw, lawyer perhaps she is sleezy enough for that job

  2. I haven’t watch NBC and it’s supporting stations since the network hired Megyn Kelly. Did not care for her one sided opinions when she was on Fox, I surely am not going to listen to what she has to say on a network that doesn’t report the news in it’s entire light. NBC as well as other networks DO NOT have the good of the nation in their journal reporting. Really sad.

  3. I liked her in the beginning at FOX. When her quest for fame took over her personae, she lost her credibility…a has been now! In the footsteps of Connie Chung??

  4. Megan went from being well liked prior to the first presidential debate to being despised for her attacking Presidential Candidate Trump. By trying to be cute Megan succeeded in bringing on her own down fall. No one to blame but herself.

  5. No, I will not be watching her show, life is too short to waste your time watching liberals. It’s like watching CNN, I can literally feel my IQ level draining from my head, every time one of their Talking Heads begin to speak! I have a constant urge to want to throw something at the TV, so I would rather watch something more entertaining, like grass growing.

  6. NO…she did this to herself.. I have no compassion for her and will never ever watch her again…I don’t care if she did a children’s show…I used to really like her…and then she did a 360* turn…and became evil….that did it …and she had a chance to do a turn around while she was still with FOX but she held her ground as a nasty nasty biotch….she’s a has been now….and not to mention your news is totally biased not fair and balanced so no one will be watching YOU at all….

  7. No way I will watch her… She got to big too fast… In fact I can watch Fox at five, get all the news and then avoid the repeats, repeats, repeats on Fox, and all other stations.

  8. what career , she lasted 4 weeks and then they dropped her, reruns bet her every week ,she ended her career when she claimed sexual herasment at fox

  9. I did like to watch her at Fax News, until she decided to do her Trump attack. I am not sure it did any good for her. It is a loss from the possible balanced reporting, when she decided to leave Fox. it is too bad it has to end this way, when she could have become a “REAL REPORTER ” if she would have decide to look at the positive side of Pres. nominee Trump. Sorry to see her taking the WRONG SIDE to try to advance her carrier, it did not work.

    • President Trump (then Mr. Trump) did her the biggest Network favor when he singled her out with his very rude & crude remarks. Before that she was almost tolerable,afterwards her voice changed ( more shrill) her looks changed (more severe) plus she started to believe her own press. Not sorry she left Fox, No I won’t be watching her or any news coming out of NBC (Nothin’But Clinton )Not news..
      No, I won’t watch her


  11. I will never watch the unprofessional hack Rosie O fat arse sidekick megyn kelly!! She spent WEEKS in the BOWELS of Fox working on her debate questions and came out looking like the Ho she really is!! I thought it fittingthat when she had Trump barred from the Republican Commission meeting the following weekend in Geotgia, that the Manager who Barred him for Megyn Kelly was fired!! Shooting the far Turd would have been more appropriate!!

  12. I used to like her but I haven’t watched anything she’s done since the first presidential debate last year. Most people never knew she could be so nasty.
    Kathy Griffin & Megyn have self destructed…and they did it to themselves.

  13. No, would NOT watch the show. I agree with what was stated in article, that a HUGE mistake was made thinking she was a draw for listeners. The more time that goes on, the worse it gets.

    • Kelly is a fuking cry-baby over stuffed BIMBO!!! Maddow eating this broad’s lunch, day-in and day-out! They BOTH need to be fired!

  14. Fox’s audiences are more forgiving when you “balance” your news coverage by interviewing far-left fruitcakes. NBC’s audiences, on the other hand, will tolerate no interviews with anyone who is NOT a far-left fruitcake. Apparently, Megyn Kelly is unaware of the difference in the audiences.

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