Newt Gingrich asked one question about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that caused one major meltdown

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez finds herself in the middle of another mess.

This one is of her own making.

And Newt Gingrich asked one question about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that caused one major meltdown.

Ocasio-Cortez attempted to make herself the star and central victim of the January 6 riot at the Capitol by telling a story on social media about her supposedly near death experience during the riot.

In her telling, Ocasio-Cortez hid in her office bathroom when she thought a rioter broke into her office looking to kill her.

When she found out it was a Capitol policeman, she said she did not trust the man to protect her because he was white.

As it turned out, Ocasio-Cortez was in the Cannon House Office Building and not the Capitol, so there were no rioters near her office.

South Carolina Congresswoman Nancy Mace called Ocasio-Cortez out for her falsehoods, which led to a social media back and forth between the two.

On Fox News, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich wondered if Ocasio-Cortez had a hallucination.

“The fact is that if it’s true – and this should be a matter of fact, not opinion – if it’s true that she was in the Cannon office building and if it’s true as Nancy Mace says that there were no problems in that corridor, you have to ask, ‘Was this something happening in AOC’s mind?’” Gingrich wondered.

Gingrich pointed to the fact that Nancy Mace is a moderate Republican and no partisan bomb thrower so she wouldn’t engage in this fight just to score points.

“I think you have to ask yourself why would Nancy Mace stand up unless she thought she was telling the truth?” Gingrich noted. “She didn’t have to be in the middle of this fight. I think The word she used was right. She was disgusted by the dishonesty of AOC and AOC’s whole story is patently foolish.”

Critics contend Ocasio-Cortez made this video to distract from the fact that Republicans demanded Congress censure her for false claims about Ted Cruz that could incite violence.

Instead, Ocasio-Cortez made everything worse.

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