Newt Gingrich explained the one sneaky move Joe Biden just made by promoting Kamala Harris

Out of nowhere Joe Biden announced a promotion for Kamala Harris.

But there’s more going on than meets the eye.

And Newt Gingrich explained the one politically-savvy move Joe Biden just made by promoting Kamala Harris.

Joe Biden announced that Kamala Harris would now be in charge of managing the crisis at the southern border.

For weeks, the Biden administration pretended that the number of illegal aliens surging the border – some members of Congress expect that number to reach 1 million by the summer – was not a crisis.

Biden finally bowed to reality and acknowledged there was a disaster at the border by putting someone in charge.

On Fox News, Newt Gingrich explained the sneaky reasoning behind Biden appointing Harris to “manage” the border crisis.

Gingrich informed Fox viewers that Biden tapped Harris to oversee the border crisis because that way when Biden holds his first news conference he can deflect any questions on the border to Harris.

“It is very clever of Biden, on the eve of the press conference, to turn it over to her [Vice President Kamala Harris], so with every question tomorrow about the border, he can say, ‘That is Vice President Harris’ job and you need to talk to her about it, next question’,” Gingrich explained. “In that sense, he ducks all responsibility for what is not a crisis, but a disaster. It is getting worse.”

The border is the biggest problem facing the Biden administration.

Joe Biden caused this crisis by rolling back Donald Trump’s immigration policies and communicating a message that the border was open.

Biden is trying to dodge accountability for those decisions by shifting the responsibility to Kamala Harris.

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