Newt Gingrich had one tough truth for Kamala Harris that is going to destroy the Democrats

Kamala Harris has stepped in it once again.

The gaffe-prone politician continues to dig a deep hole for the Biden administration.

And now Newt Gingrich had one tough truth for Kamala Harris that is going to destroy the Democrats.

Kamala Harris created more headaches for Democrats in an interview with BET where Harris once again attacked voter ID laws.

Democrats are trying to pass legislation to have the federal government takeover elections in all 50 states to make permanent fraud-prone voting practices implemented in 2020.

Harris was asked if supporting a national voter ID law was a compromise she would support if it would help pass this Democrat Party wish list item.

Harris responded that rural voters were so backwards that they didn’t have access to Kinkos as her reasoning to oppose voter ID.

Appearing on “Fox and Friends” former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich slammed Harris for setting the Democrats up for a massive political defeat by opposing voter ID laws – which polls show 80 percent of the American people support.

“I think this is a dead loser for the Democrats,” Gingrich stated. “I think they are trapped into it. I have noticed a lot of other Democrats other than the president and vice president have been getting away from the issue. You have a number of Democrats now saying, ‘Oh, I have always been in favor of being able to identify who the voters are.’ And … if they want to go down this road, as you said, I mean, Harris — I don’t know quite how to say this right — Harris looks like a fool more than a vice president about half the time. And I can’t wait for her comments on Cuba if she knows where the island even is.”

As Renewed Right noted previously, close watchers of Congress suggest Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer would likely strip any voter ID provision after their bill clears the Senate filibuster, with Schumer betting none of the Democrat Caucus will dare vote against the power grab once he does.

That fishiness aside, Gingrich also mocked Harris’ claim that rural voters couldn’t navigate photocopying their picture IDs by wondering when the last time Harris actually saw the inside of an office supply store or Xeroxed anything.

“By the way, you know, and I know, she hasn’t been in an office supply store in her life. She had staff, so she wouldn’t have any idea where office supply stores are. And I would love to know the last time she Xeroxed something personally or if she even knows what a Xerox machine is,” Gingrich added.

Kamala Harris is not a gifted or skilled politician.

And every interview makes her deficiencies more apparent.

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