Newt Gingrich just made this terrifying prediction

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich made a prediction that may chill you to the bone.

Appearing on Fox News, Gingrich told host Sean Hannity that Congressional Republicans needed to move beyond the impasse over ObamaCare and improve the economy.


  1. I trust that President Donald Trump will do exactly what he said he will do. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. America, please wake up and quit being lulled to to sleep by the lies spread by the ignorant left media.

  2. I believe President Trump readily accepts Newt’s advice, however, he CANNOT accomplish everything alone and the GOP needs to get their heads OUT of the dark holes they have them implanted in and DO WHAT WE ELECTED THEM TO DO!

  3. We need to get rid of the RINOs in the Republican party as they will be the death of the movement if we don’t.. RINO means Republican In Name Only in other words, they are democrats who wear the disguise of Republicans, because they are too chicken to be associated with the democrats but they are democrats all the same..

  4. YES! Our President, needs HELP, in getting his programs passed! Doggone it-Repub’s, YOU were elected, to promote OUR agenda! DO IT!

  5. Gary – 0bama was NOT elected twice. Perhaps the first time he was…BUT NOT the second time.
    Soros funded both of his elections and we know how the Democrats love to participate in voter-fraud.
    There’s no way that clown 0bama was elected twice! Everyone was sick of him after one term!

  6. i do agree, he is always right and if only president trump would take his advice, things may get better. add to that indict, gay muslim obama for his crimes corruptions of trying to obstruct president trump,for treason sedition

  7. Paul Ryan & Priebus are causing GOP to loose the House. There will be a severe uproar against GOP and their arrogant, greedy refusal to support the president the citizens of US legally elected to protect them from RINO’s and progressive GOP who actually are socialisy.

  8. Gary I like the way you stated it. “…that’s what happens when you elect a Muslim socialist American hating narcissistic clown…”. I am appalled that we have voters in this country who are so uninformed as to cast votes for an amateur, foreign student (born outside the USA) for the Presidency who is a bona fide lier–lied on application form to get law license, got caught and was denied license to practice law–then took Presidential Oath swearing to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States”. He violated the Oath by giving aid (cash) to an enemy of the USA and comfort (surrounded himself with staff members belonging to a cult having an agenda to overthrow anything and anyone not adhering to its tenets.

  9. Move on to other things, get the wall built, tax reforms and economic growth. Let Obomacare blow up in the Dems faces, yes people will get hurt but that’s what happens when you elect a Muslim socialist American hating narcissistic clown, did I leave anything out, oh yea never had a real job in his life. And voted him in twice how stupid could we be.

  10. I believe repealing Obamacare is much more important than tax reform. What the Republicans are proposing for tax reform is not real reform. We will still be stuck with income taxes. Even if income taxes are simplified and even cut, the Congress will recreate the same problems of tax shelters special treatment of favored groups that now plague the system. One of the basic problems is defining what is income for purposes of these taxes, leading politicians to constantly tinker with the definition to benefit special interests. The answer is the “Fair Tax”, a proposed sales tax to replace the income tax and eliminate its many problems, requiring for the first time that everyone, including the rich, pay his fair share. The Fair Tax would be the means to really encourage a major improvement in the economy. Of course, the same establishment Republicans that are responsible for Obamacare not having been repealed don’t want the Fair Tax, because they don’t want our citizens to see how much they really pay in taxes, and that would become apparent with the Fair Tax.


  12. American’s can get rid of Obamacare pronto by having government employees … the help (Representatives and Congressmen) placed on Obamacare. Why should America’s sovereign citizens have worse healthcare than their elected employees, and have to pay for it ?

    Because these elected employees spend most of their time getting reelected, perhaps like President Donald Trump, they should be honory employees and donate their salaries on making America Great Again .

  13. Trump was elected to undue all of Obama’s efforts to take America down by using low-info democraps and ill-legal aliens. Barack was the first black president but, he was also the first two-term president without GDP increases greater than 2.6 percent growth in his two terms.

  14. While the liberal leaders walk in locked goose step with their weeb followers, the Republican old guard establishment, squanders away owning both houses. McConnell and Reid, are the ghosts who are the pretend friends of the President, while stabbing him in the back. The Establishment Guard is protecting their elected jobs and status and the hell with the country and what President Trump is trying to accomplish. You have to wonder why we have a ghost democrat party within the Republican Party with the likes of McCain,McConnell,Reid, Corker, Graham, and the rest of the back room pretenders. These are the people that have nothing to lose by re-electing the Pelosi idiot circle, because they know they can go back and blame the broken promises, by placing the blame on the Conservatives and President Trump. McCain is the sneak thief, who created the Russian Dossier on Trump, so we know the enemy lives within our ranks and we do nothing about the Judas. Newt is right on point, we will gain back the likes of a cancer called Pelosi and Chuck U. Shummer.

  15. I believe that it would be better to allow Obamacare to continue so it will self-destruct! It will be painful, but it will speak volumes to everyone, just how bad this thing is, and the blame sets solely on obama and the democrats who have defended it so violently! It is a train wreck, but those cocky democrats will be destroyed by it!

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