Newt Gingrich made a surprising prediction about Donald Trump’s political future

The Senate failed to convict Donald Trump for a second time.

That opens the door to Donald Trump to stage a 2024 White House comeback.

And Newt Gingrich made a surprising prediction about Donald Trump’s political future.

On John Catsimatidis’ New York City radio show, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich stated that establishment Republicans like Mitch McConnell who want to expel Trump from the GOP are fighting a losing battle as Donald Trump remains the most popular Republican in the party.

“[W]hat’s very striking is that President Trump still has such enormous reach in the party that nobody can fight him,” Gingrich explained to Catsimatidis.

“I mean, you can complain about him. You can criticize him. But McConnell can’t possibly fight Trump. He doesn’t have a big enough base. And it’s also a reminder that there is sort of an establishment insider party that sits around at cocktail parties in Washington. And then there’s this huge country outside of Washington. And that country in 2015, by about two to one, did not like the Republican leadership in the Congress, and that was the forerunner of us ending up with Trump as the presidential nominee,” Gingrich continued.

Gingrich compared McConnell pledging to fight Trump-backed candidates in Senate primaries to how House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy courted President Trump’s support ahead of the 2022 midterms.

“I think . . . [Kevin] McCarthy has been much smarter as the House Republican leader to recognize his ability to get the extra seats rests almost entirely on working with Trump – not picking a fight with him,” Gingrich added.

Polls show Gingrich and McCarthy are correct in that Trump is the leader of the GOP and that Republicans cannot win in 2022 without Trump’s voters.

If Mitch McConnell got his way, and the GOP exiled Donald Trump, it would destroy the Republican Party.

Polls show that 46% of Republicans would leave the party for a new Trump political party if Trump chooses to start a new movement.

Republicans have a strong chance to win back Congressional majorities in 2022.

But they cannot win if establishment Republicans like Mitch McConnell continue to try and divide the GOP by trying to cancel Donald Trump.

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