The NFL admitted something about their ratings that no one could believe

The NFL’s tanking ratings has been one of the biggest stories of the year.

Patriotic Americans tuned out after ingrate millionaires decided to spit on the flag and the memories of soldiers who died fighting under the red, white and blue.

But the NFL just admitted something about their ratings that no one could have expected.

In the final week of the NFL season, the league traditionally flexes a game into Sunday night that will determine a playoff spot.

Sunday night is the league’s premiere broadcast and the NFL and it’s broadcast partners are eager to showcase the most meaningful matchup of week 17 in that time slot.

Not this year.

After a year of declining ratings due in large part to the player’s toxic anti-American politics, the league is throwing in the towel on the final Sunday night broadcast of the season.

For the first time, in the current TV broadcast arrangement, the league did not have a Sunday night game.

The league is trying to hide behind the fact that the telecast would be on New Year’s Eve.

But the truth of the matter is that in a season where low ratings have been a front and center storyline the league could not afford to absorb another body blow.

The Baltimore Ravens sent a letter to fans blaming poor attendance on backlash to the protests so a low rated Sunday Night season finale would be another pile on of bad publicity surrounding the protests.

Have you watched less football this year because of the America-hating players?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. For disrespecting the USA they deserve the brain damage they get .if they are really serious why don’t they walk off the field and
    Say keep your millions

  2. I absolutely REFUSE to watch OR attend another NFL game UNLESS and UNTIL each and every overpaid, entitled athlete on every single NFL team stands for the National Anthem at the beginning of each game — and UNLESS and UNTIL each NFL team owner and the current President of the NFL collectively grow some “balls” and business “smarts” by writing this requirement into each athlete’s contract, and thereafter FIRE the first athlete who does not comply.

  3. Although I have watched a few minutes of a few games, I have not watched a single one from beginning to end. Since the protests and the NFL administrations support of them, I cannot stand to watch them.

    • Biggest “shit waste of time ever for anybody”. I don’t watch any of the crap and
      never miss anything. If players who like to kneel were actually intelligent patriotic citizens, I would occasionally watch them. Sorry, but they are not worth watching. It’s to bad for them and very good for me.

    • Well, NASCAR starts in about a month, and eventually baseball. Being a gear head, I hope NASCAR don’t take advantage of the situation and charge more for the seats. I also wonder how many of the nfl players have been to Mt Rushmore. Oh, that’s too patriotic for most of them. How about a Civil War site?? Yeah, blacks get picked on by the cops, it’s a easy tag. Unless there is MLK “character” involved. Even as a white kid, I got the conversation about authority.

  4. I can’t believe that there are still people that would spend money to see these pieces of slim in person. It is a shame that like in any situation, a few disgrace the rest.
    As for me, I proudly served for my Country. I understand that it is a right to protest, but disrespecting the Anthem and the Flag is not a Protest. So said, I found other ways to fill my Sunday afternoons. Maybe when the Leaders of the Leagues start pending more than they bring in on Sunday, things will change, until then, I hope it will not be too late for the Sport.!!

  5. The last sporting event that I’ve watched was Game 7 of the 2016 WS. The behavior and attitudes of the players in ALL sports has gotten to be too much. The nba is not much better than the nfl. It is a pretty good bet that some team will draft the shoplifter.

    • Houston 600 volunteer fathers for Dad’s Day at school News
      600 volunteer mentors show up for ‘Breakfast With Dads Day’ at middle school. I hope that NFL players saw this news story. Big deal kneel, how does that send a positive message to anybody? The next generation needs to know positive role models exist. How about showing kids a straight path to avoid getting involved with breaking the law.

    • I am a Korean Veteran and was a fan all my adult years,Am 87 yrs. now .
      I have not watched a game since the refusal to stand that (Krapernick)
      They do not want Stonewall Jacksons stature to stand after what he did for
      the Country, It’s O.K. for Slimeballs to kneal before Old Glory and the
      National Anthem some being Dope Addics and Fellons

  6. Played football in High school and a year at college, and coached JV and then Varsity offense and defensive line 3 years, but have not watched a game all this year as I love my Country and our Vets more than Football. If you really want to Kick the owners and players between the LEGS DO NOT WATCH THE SUPER BOWL!!!!!

  7. I have not watched a football game since the Raiders left Oakland the first time. These people don’t care about the fans as well as the nation. Let them pay for their own stadiums.

  8. I too have not watched the NFL this year, and after what the thug from Alabama said about our President I want watch college . Will Saban have the guts to kick this scum off his team

  9. No fans left!!! In the years to come the NFL will loose more millions of fans and dollars!if these football players can’t stand for our flag or our national anthem we will find other things to do.we will find football players from rodeos and truck drivers!the NFL will go bankrupt!


  10. I have not watched a game since Kapernick took a knee. I do not plan to watch another game ever, my family feels the same way. That’s three households that are down. 49ers was my team but I won’t watch them again or any other team either. That includes the super bowl. Their disrespect is unacceptable.

  11. If you are a professional athlete who has worked at their sport. During the season and off season to stay sharp. To stay physically ready. To have it all thrown in the toilet by dullurds, who millions of $$$have been invested. Whether just their abuse of drugs/booze. Beating up their partnners. Bar fights. Kids all over the country. Walking thru the games because they may be “ticked” off because their feelings “might” be hurt. Or this pathetic display of spitting on the flag. Everyone of these kneelers have a different reason/excuse. What it is .. is just what the bully does in school. In a bar. Etc. Attention. Don’t knock that chip off my shoulder. You will regret it. And if they really cared , they would be examples for the youth. NOt make it cool to commit a crime. Instead of the fancy car… booze… etc spend it on a school and show these kids what a MAN really does.

  12. And now the college players are following suit. What disrespectful attitudes of the Alabama team.
    A bunch of thugs just like the nfl. The freshman running back who called out to our POTUS, up yours and he needs to be kicked off the team. NO MORE ‘TIDE’ FOR ME. Lets see if Saban will do anything about these punks actions..

  13. I totally disagree with the overpaid folks who are paid ridiculous money to play a game. They do have the right to express their opinions and I totally disagree with their opinion.
    So, no more NFL for me!

  14. Agree with all comments. Millionaire players are there because of our systems. Not perfect systems but better than any previous. NFL owners could take control simply by issuing a mandate but not have the fortitude. Very disappointing. I turned off NFL too.

  15. I will not turn the NFL back on or purchase any NFL clothing or memorabilia, until these ultra rich arrogant athletes knock of their bullshirt. It is absolutely unacceptable behavior and will be tolerated. If these idiots don’t get a grasp on their disrespectful behavior, they will continue to lose money and their viewing audience. These so-called professional athletes, alot if them with seriuos criminal records are looked upon by kids as role models and it is totally shameful on the NFL players parts.

    • Youre a hero alright! Thanks for your service to our country. I tried to join the service when I was young but they wouldn’t accept me due to hearing loss I was born with.

  16. I used to watch the NFL, couldn’t wait to watch it after I got in from church. But I don’t watch the NFL anymore because I too am a Combat veteran and it disgusting to watch these so called role models disrespect our flag that my brothers and sisters have given their to defend

  17. I am a vet and as soon as they decided they were going to “take a knee” was the last time I watched the game. I will not even watch the superbowl. and my team is playing do to these high paid punks learn that this country is the most amazing place for the freedom which they do not deserve. They make millions of dollars and then treat the men and women who fought for them. Every one of them that take a knee should be fired the nation stands for them but they cant stand for the nation..

    • I took a knee, prayed. These silly miscreants , silly children with racist , thug style ideologies , are not worthy to prostrate themselves at my feet , nor untie the thongs of my sandals.
      They have my permission to go to Saudi Arabia, ride to the top floor of that really tall hotel in Dubai, and jump.

    • coaches have no balls!! they not gonna fire them. they would keep paying them to play to nobody till the $$ runs out or their probation is up

    • I stopped watching the NFL for 2 reasons. 1. Kneeling for our countries flag,the country that made them millionaires and our Veterans that fought and died and spilled blood so these players had the freedom to PLAY A GAME, showcasing their talent and again becoming Millionaires. 2. I listen to political BS ALL week, by Sunday I’m sick of it. I used to turn on the game, snacks in hand, jersey on ready to relax and chill. NOT TO SENSE A POLITICAL PROTEST.

  18. Nfl is dead to me for past 1 1/2 years. Hope Vince McMahon gets his new league going. Roger Goodell can then go commish flag football.

    • Even with another league many will never return. They let the disrespect to the fans and country far too long and it won’t be easily forgotten. IMO, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of idjiots.

    • Goodell shouldn’t have had his contract renewed for his poor handling of this situation. Renewing his contract adds to the problem.

  19. I hope the NFL loses so much money that they cannot survive. I’m Okay with High School Football! The NFL is full of overpaid jerks who should just catch, throw, and kick balls and leave their political views in the locker room.

    • I agree 100%! I too am tired of the NFL’s politicizing. If players want to make political statements they should do so on their own time and the news media should be required to charge them for advertising time on tv or space in a newspaper, just as they charge other entities placing political adds.

    • Can anyone else go to their workplace and demonstrate their left wing liberal ….or right wing for that matter….views on company time. The fans pay to be entertained ..not to be subjected to crybaby, thumb sucking 250-350 pound baby millionaires.

  20. This is a disgusting spit on any and ALL veterans. I have been a die-hard van of the NFL for many many years but this gets to me. These “babies” are paid millions of dollars to play a game and for Roger Goodell to allow this to continue is disgraceful! I am done with watching NFL games. I love my country .and cannot sit idly by and con-down this disrespect to our country!

  21. We al know that the NFL’s rating are in the tank. We know there are a lot of empty seats in the stadiums – that’s not where there real money is. What has happened to the price of those 30 second commercial spots during the televised games – The advertisers would seem to me to be in the drivers seat – demanding much lower prices to advertise with them which hurts the NFL and the networks providing the games on tv. What also were the numbers from the holiday sales of all things NFL from jerseys to shot glasses – I’ll bet they were pretty bad as well.

    • Exactly, it never fails to surprise me at how little the average NFL player understands how much TV revenue effects their pay check. The NFL has experienced an unbroken run of higher and higher salary caps due to increasing TV rights revenue, and that is about to change. The current contracts start to expire in 2021, I believe,
      and the numbers on the new contracts will for the first time decline. Resulting in a lower salary cap, cut veteran players making big $$ and a decline in franchise values. If I owned an NFL franchise my team would already be on the market.

  22. The real problem is the OVER PAID babies showing their asses by refusing to pay tribute to the real American Hero’s you know the ones that are putting their ass on the line protecting the American way of life so these problem child’s can make their million’s of dollar’s and their so called fame. The big thing that ticks me off are the OPEN RACIST on these NFL teams, I would state this fact that if a white player said the same kind of CRAP number 72 on the Seahawks says in the open he would be slammed dunked by every RACE Baitor out there and they would demand blood from this white player and it would be the sporting news front page bold type. Now what happens to the black player that does the same thing NOTHING at all. The NFL screwed up by letting EVERY TEAM in the league be over 50% black. I have waited for this kind of crap to happen in every sport at every level from peewee to pro and little things start to happen like EA Sports games college level football, every new season a new game came out UNTIL these College level player’s demanded a big fee to use their likeness in the game. There is always people out there wanting to make a dime. These people would sell a disk or program adding every stat, color and likeness of their team and sell them on different venue’s for a couple of bucks. The school gets cheated out along with the people that really want the game to be as realistic as possible. These players in college want money and the people that developed the game from the start can’t pay every player a sallary he thinks he’s worth. Now all the gamers loose out because no game company is going to pay these ego players what they think their worth so the gamers and people that want a season of any sport can’t touch the price it would cost the game people to make it happen. The 2012 season was the last year we had a college football game and it has been six long years since we played a good game. Now the pro football teams are done we will not see a good pro level football game and yes it’s very sad. Everyone has become a looser since 2012. I still have my 2012 college game and I’ll still play it and keep the old PS3 up and running!!!

  23. In this outstanding example of “Stupid is as Stupid does” the idea that you can crap in your nest and someone will clean it up for you is based in pure collective ignorance…Never have so few been so frigging witless and naive about the public’s allegiance to the support of American value and just unlearned about the contracts they signed to uphold the dignity of the sport they played…This applies to the NFL organization as a whole and the lack of character and due diligence they displayed, the total lack of character and integrity they showed in their obligations to uphold their own agreements…it was a act of intentional cowardice that all other biz models should endeavor to avoid…..

    • All Lives Matter!!!!not just blacks,,,,I am Lakota ( Sempre-Fi),,what about us, Latinos,Asians, Germans,Irish, Italians etc,etc,etc we ALL MATTER that’s what makes the USA GREAT,,,,why is it Our Fault for uneducated, disrespectful MILLIONAIRES racially terrible behavior,,,,how many taking a knee have served ” OUR” Country,,,How many “BLACK” elite hall of Famers or super bowlers have “KILLED” AMERICANS,,,RAPED AND BEAT WOMAN,,,The cover-ups are endless and the national felony league continues to turn a ” blind disrespectful eye”,,,I have lost friends defending “OUR” Flag,,,,I had 49er season tickets for 39 years,,,Montana signed helmet,,,Rice football autographed,, Ronnie’s #42 signed jersey,,, Young’s signed Football,,,and,,,a piece of the end zone from Clark’s “THE CATCH”,,,2 YEARS AGO,,,kap took knee,,,BURNT his jersey in the street on video,,, when OWNERSHIP ALLOWED TO CONTINUE,,,GAVE UP SEASON TICKETS 11 ROWS BEHIND NINER BENCH ON 43 YD LINE,,,NO more ” national felony league”,,,no more ant-American,,,Ya Ta Heh, ( peace be with us),,, Gary “2” Feathers

      • I agree with you wholeheartedly Gary. I am half Native American. My Mother was 1/2 Choctaw and 1/2 Cherokee. I also loved football and my husband said that I knew as much about it as a lot of men he knows. However, my family has served in every conflict to this very day and generation. The flagrant disrespect for our military, flag and anthem was just too much for me. I haven’t watched a game since that numbskull took the knee the first time and the NFL started their campaign to backup these ungrateful millionaires. The NFL has died in our home and I don’t know if I could trust them if they did a turnaround today and say that they will respect the things I hold so dear. They would bring it only for the ratings and the money it would bring them. Let them go out and get a real job like most hard working Americans. Peace to you brother.

    • ths public’s allegiance to support american values was previewed in the 2016 presidential election…too bad the dopey nfl players and godell never picked up on that. no nfl in my house this season, no super bowl and maybe never. college football is great.

  24. The NFL abandoned White athletes who are connected to family, America, and playing for the fans – and replaced the league with a demographic who are connected to hoes and money, and hoes and money. The black demographic’s culture of dysfunction is now firmly rooted in a once wonderfully uniting American past-time. We all cheer for our special teams, share old rivalries, compete for the top-spot either from the stands or our living-rooms… but, WE were ONE force, there for ONE UNITED REASON – the love of football – we loved to despise our opposition, and it brought us together. The league made a choice, and their biggest fans, all of us, were NOT it. The NFL chose to hand it all over to a dysfunctional culture, because the blackman is a superior athlete, didn’t matter what was in his heart – did they really believe a demographic who cannot figure-out how to create a self-sustaining society in their own neighborhoods, would be capable of sustaining a league? The resulting destruction and decrepit finality of the NFL is now before us, as we watch in horror as it crumbles and dies. When will the Whiteman learn, to stop giving away everything he built, to those who will burn it to the ground?

    • To add: The NBA is next on the chopping-block.
      Surprised it lasted this long, the White owners must still be enforcing “rules”, or they just hide all the shenanigans better than the NFL does.
      But, give it time – within 10years they will be a smoldering fire as well.
      The last games I watched were the early 90’s Celtics. . . before it turned dark.

      • The NBA has been nothing but thugs for a long while. Don’t watch the NBA either. It nothing to do with dark or not…It has to do with character.

  25. I too have quit watching the NFL and agree with most of what has been said but for me their is a bigger issue that hasn’t been addressed here. That issue is the number of people who are still watching NFL. It will always cost a principled person something to stand for what is right. For us it has been the game we love. My question to those who are still watching is what issue will it take for you to be principled enough to stand for what is right. It appears that there isn’t enough principled people to kill the NFL or it would have crumbled by now. I think that is what Goddell is counting on.

  26. I saw where Goodell said the league was down…1%. J need him to do my taxes!!! What posible numbers could he be seeing that says the NFL is only down 1%.

  27. Doesn’t NFL stand for NO FANS LEFT????? Screw those over paid, under educated, disrespectful ASSHOLES!!!! They are ALL women beating, dog fighting THUGS!!!! I can not remember the last game I watched and will NEVER watch another one… That National Anthem and Flag represent the TRUE HEROES of our Country… May God BLESS our Military!!!!! The NFL can go straight to HELL and take that worthless asshole Roger Goddell with them…

  28. After a while Goodwill and Salvation Army dumpsters and county landfills will be full of unsellable NFL memorabilia, jerseys etc and the NFL will be a distant memory. Good luck and Goodell riddance NFL. We the people are done watching.

    • DONE with NFL. Haven’t watched a game. Don’t care what they do. Dropped from a $200 football pool I’ve been in for years. Stopped hanging in bars with the game on. I am over the bullshit hatetred that has hit America BLM is a hate group. Take down all statues. I remember hate words as a kid. I don’t hate…. Blacks for race riots in the 70s. How about Japs n Germans? Hate all of them for WW2. I have friends of all colors. May 2018 show more love and less stupidity.

  29. This is what happens when “Entertainment” Is all owned By Criminals who think They Rule Everything including”The Peoples Government” They All sold their souls and are all slaves to a very few Evil greedy entities. They made a mistake under estimating The Real Rulers of our Planet We The People who indeed are AWAKE and Taking back Every ounce of our POWER BACK!

    • That’s really a good one but becoming so true. If these spoiled players had to put on a Military uniform,we surely would be in a world of hurt. All my ball is now college football & Alabama Crimson Tide, my team.ROLL TIDE ROLL !!!

      • Another team full of punks. One yelling ” F ” Trump . Another punching a coach. A bunch of spoiled blacks with a chip on their shoulders.


  31. Each team of NFL should be made into a military squadron and placed on the front lines of our hottest battle for one year. At the end of that year I would be willing to watch football again. To make this “adventure for cowards” really worth while, their only income should be the military check!!!

  32. The NFL is dead to me! Which is too bad, because with this Generation Z (anyone under 18 years old) is being taught Soccer in School and that American Football is bad, because of the issue with concussions. The older generation is the NFL’s target audience and they allowed a bunch of Thugs to ruin the League while being aided and abetted by Goodell’s lack of leadership. As the number of young people wanting to play the sport begins to dwindle, the game will eventually die out and become a part of America’s history! These protest only put their fate on the fast-track.

    • Well said. Personally, I can’t wait for those over paid, under educated, “entertainers” to MEET “Reality”! And, I’m NOT talking “reality shows” on TV-> THEY have NOTHING to do with reality.

  33. It’s a sorry bunch that claim to be real men and football players while bringing such disrespect to our country and all our men and women in the services. I’m 85 this past Dec. 26th and have loved football all my life…..I will never watch another NFL game as long as I live and neither will my family…over 56 people….NFL you lose, thousands just like me have made the same statement…not watching NFL football ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I have watched the NFL the least amount of time this year due to the anti-flag, anti-American and anti-veterans football players who are paid to play the game, not protest on company time. Screw all of them! I won’t watch the playoffs or the super bowl again.

    • NFL & it’s players are LOSING at memorabilia/souvenir sales & all the extras that go into attending a game: Parking, beer sales, food sales, stuff to keep the kids happy, etc. Could’t happen to a “nicer guy”.

      • All lives “MATTER”!!!!! NOT just “BLACKS”,,,,,I am “Lakota”,,,what about Latinos,Asians, Germans,Italians,Irish etc,etc,etc,why is it “Our” Fault that a bunch on uneducated MILLIONAIRE THUGS can’t straighten out their own racial problems,,,,how many “Hall of Famers” with Super Bowl rings have KILLED people with “GUNS”, RAPED and BEAT Woman,,,the list of cover ups is tooooo long to list,,,,black lives matter,,, BULLSHIT,,,ALL LIVES MATTER,,,,Had Season tickets to 49ers for 40 years,,,, Montana’s autographed Helmet, Jerry’s autographed football, Ronnie’s signed #42 jersey,,, Young’s signed Football,,,,BURNT KAPS JERSEY LAST YEAR,,, GAVE SEASON TICKETS UP,,,QUIT “ALL” national “felony” league…

    • I am with Norm on this. My NFL days are over, I do not respect anyone who disrespects my Country, my Flag & my National Anthem. We lost too many lives to have this kind of hate for our Country go unpunished. They brought it all on themselves & the owners & commissioner allowed it to happen. I believe they will live to regret the day they did not put this down in the beginning. They have no Backbone.

  34. The problem is that when the NFL does officially die, we will have a LOT more crime on the streets because a lot of these people can’t do anything else.

  35. The days of John Riggins and Joe Theisman, and a huge number of REAL football classics are over, FOR GOOD!!! The league is made up of 70% black overpaid thugs who complain about DISCRIMINATION!!! NEVER AGAIN will I watch any of them!!!

    • Right on. Watching a football game was rooting for your “team”. There was team spirit. Now it is like rooting for a bunch of overpaid thugs that only represent themselves and not your city. Done with the NFL for good.

  36. I hope the NFL goes bust, I stopped watching the NFL, I only watched college, but here is the deal, those college players are going to stop getting million dollar deals because of the assholes that tanked the NFL

  37. I have had numerous comrades die in combat fighting for what the Anthem and the Flag stand for and I will NOT watch NFL football ever again. Besides – NCAA football seems to have more action to it and is less predictable. I am a retired E-7 from the military and am very proud to have served my country and the Flag.

    • Thanks for your service John. I am a retired Master
      Sargent and very proud of my country flag and anthem.
      It was a priceless to serve and these spoiled punks should enlist an find out what it is to sacrifice for your country. This country has been very good to them and maybe they need to do some payback.

    • @ Mr William Surratt , Sir – you are absolutely correct in your definition of NCAA ball , it really is better and less whining . Thank you for your service Mr Surratt . (funny , a Payne and a Surratt communicating for the first time probably since the 1860’s lol)


  39. An ardent fan for decades, I no longer watch NFL telecasts or attend live games. My favorite team SF 49ers started the problem by not throwing Kaeperneck out the second he started disrespecting his country and the flag. Now he can’t get a job cleaning toilets which exactly where the NFL finds itself along with the a$$ known as Goodall and all the spineless owners who allow this crap. I am ashamed of the 49ers and the NFL. No super bowl this year. No NFL again until the crap stops and Goodall is sent to Hades!

  40. Haven’t watched a game all year. I can honestly say, living in the Cleveland area, I haven’t missed a thing!! As long as any team is allowed to disgrace themselves by kneeling during the Anthem, I will continue to not watch. The NFL has rules for everything. They had better get a handle on this before it’s to late to fix.

    • Indeed, mike, “nor support any sponsors or merchandise.” The commercials during a time-out cost sponsors hundreds of thousands/minute($$) but if nobody buys things these commercials will prove ineffective and a loss of $$. The sponsors will then pull out when their contracts expire. This lack of $$ will cripple the NFL owners/union. It’ll show in lower contract salaries…..

  41. I feel bad for the guys that are in college now, because this is going to effect how much they will be able to make. I understand that there are occasions when police officers get carried away, but there are many that don’t do what they are told and that is why things go down the way they do. If professional football players feel the cops are out to get them, what are they doing that they shouldn’t be doing?

  42. We gave up our “football package” when Kapernick first started his nonsense! We no longer watch football at all. What’s really stupid is…he could have had a platform for his complaints on just about any talk show if he had tried! Any of the star football OR basketball players can do that! I’m not sorry for any of them. They’re getting what they deserve!!

  43. Shortly there will be a plethora of luxury vehicles, boats and other motorized objects at VERY discounted prices, due to the lack of these millionaires not receiving money because it has dried up. Their contracts will be nothing but souvenirs of a time long gone. The good news, fast food joints will have a huge work force to choose from. So Sad!!!

    • That’s hilarious.. true but still hilarious.. I haven’t watched a game in 2 years. I’ll watch it again when American citizens play it..

    • That’s hilarious.. true but still hilarious.. I haven’t watched a game in 2 years. I’ll watch it again when American citizens play it.. hey I saved a bunch of money cancelling my nfl package..

  44. Count me as a ” No NFL convert “. I haven’t watched NFL Football since the kneeling started last year. It only got worse this year so I am finished with the NFL

  45. The NFL (National Fascist League) will go broke. These felons, thugs, women batterers will need to find a real job very soon. Patriotic Americans have had enough of this disrespect of our country, flag, and the men and women that fought and died to keep our country free. I will never watch another NFL game again, I’m done. The people who continue to watch the NFL should be ashamed of themselves for supporting a bunch of Fascist pigs that disrespect our country. If your one of these people I hope you rot in hell.

  46. They got out of the business of entertainment and moved to politics. Bad move, now they are losing their fan base. The good news the base is moving to other sports. NBA I hear is doing real good. Add me to the no more NFL group.

  47. I have not watched a single down of NFL football this season and will not including the Super Bowl. They are nothing but a bunch of thugs and whining crybabies. They ought to switch places with our military people for one week in the enemy zones. They then would learn what real fear feels like. I love our military people and our country but not those racist bums
    in the NFL. Goodall is a total worthless piece of cow crap.

  48. I have not watched a single down of NFL football this season and will not including the Super Bowl. They are nothing but a bunch of thugs and whining crybabies. They ought to switch places with our military people for one week in the enemy zones. They then would learn what real fear feels like. I love our military people and our country but not those racist bums
    in the NFL. Goodall is a total worthless piece of cow crap.

  49. We have refused to watch anything Relatedto the NFL are Sad to see the commissioner keeps his job as he is a failure and an embarrassment for not standing up for our flag and anthem! He is by association anti patriotic.

  50. I love NFL (not as near as much as MLB!), but get my football jones with college. I guess if the protesting and kneeling stops I might watch again. These players might have a reason but not when and how they do it. Any of them that wants to make a statement will get all the press and microphones they want with a press conference. Just play the game you are paid very well to play.



  53. I haven’t watched a single game or even a part of a game in the past two years, and I don’t miss it one little bit. Screw the NFL. They are a bunch of losers.

  54. No NFL for me this year. First time in 50 years. Have watched Len Dawson, Bart Starr, Broadway Joe, Roger Stauback, and many more. Thanks for the memories guys. Won’t be back.

    • I have not watched an NFL game since they started to kneel, and now that the season is almost over,I will not watch another NFL game at all. I hope that the
      owners go broke and that that gutless wonder goodfornothing goodall ends up in the homeless food lines’

    • Are you saying that instead of the NFL being more than 50% black, it would have to be 65% white? There would be far fewer excessive celebration penalties and other stupid penalties that just show an absence of self-control.

  55. Have not watched nfl in almost 2 seasons and have no intention of returning unless the players and Goodall apologize
    To those customers that they have offended by by disrespecting our national anthem,our flag and the many men and woman that have fought and served this countru

    • It’s way too late for any meaningful apology. The apology should had taken place following K taking a knee last season with zero tolerance thereafter. Far as I’m concerned the NFL can go under and be nothing more than a distant memory.

  56. I played football in High School and College and was a die hard fan of the NFL. But I love my Country and respect our Veterans more. So I no longer watch any NFL games. I switched to College games and they have way more action anyway, and are very unpredictable right up to the end of the game as it should be.

    • Greed, stupidity and lack of discipline are our enemy folks … stupidity can be excused as genetic problem … not greed … ESPN’s pitch fueled NFL’s greed with Monday and Thursday games that a lot of Americans cannot watch … Add lack of player discipline the team problem and you find fossils like me wishing for coaches like Minnesota’s Bud Grant. Even though my team was the Packers,his teams were all American in every way …

      Greed, stupidity and lack of discipline are our enemy … stupidity can be excused as genetic problem … not greed … ESPN’s pitch fueled NFL’s greed with Monday and Thursday games that a lot of Americans cannot watch … Add lack of player discipline the team problem and you find fossils like me wishing for coaches like Minnesota’s Bud Grant. Even though my team was the Packers, Grant’s teams were All American in every way.

  57. Wealthy men that claim they have a cause. With the billions that they command,collectively, and with the media that loves them, promote the cause through that media. Don’t impose your politics on people that may not care,but just want to relax and watch football. I watch college ball and NBA. The empty stadium should tell them what the people feel. They just keep doing it..flipping the bird to the fans..I will not watch them again!

  58. Watching football is entertainment , not politicizing current events that been propagated and encouraged by the Nama administration. Our weak president obama sold this country down the drain by dividing it. This hopefully is the end of the insanity by owners and players. This is 17 straight weeks that I and family have not watched NFL or gone to games. The streak will continue until owners and Roger apologize to the public. Hope NFL goes out of business. A lesson needs to be learned that you cannot tell your customers to go and F themselves. F the NFL and their behavior of hiding behind overpaid snowflakes and owners that cover up domestic violence.

    • Good Lord, how is this Obama’s fault?

      Nobody gave 2 shits until Trump started whining. The funny thing is, he tried so hard to be an NFL owner, they said no. Trump’s issue has nothing to do with patriotism, his feelings are hurt and wants revenge.


      • Axel, you sound childish. Nothing to do with patriotism? What these NFL losers are doing is extremely offensive. I bet that they realize their mistake but in order to save their face, they had to continue their sh-t, hoping that they can make the difference. Unfortunately, that is not going to happen. Had Obama still the president today, he would further diminish the safety of all the police officers. Why? He is a LIBERAL, or should I say … Ebola president. He had achieved nothing for America in the last eight years.

        Freedom is not free.

      • Eight years of your obamanable, sent this country to the craphouse and now a REAL President Trump is trying to clean out the cesspool of all Obamanable odor. The NFL has the same smell as the messiah of the Left.

      • Axel, you are WRONG, as Obama has a lot to do with this, as he’s brought about more segregation and hate with all he did when in Office…this is just about the only thing he did do during the whole 8 yrs. he was in Office….. If you disagree, then take a GOOD look around you, it shows everywhere you look….. Kaepernick had no cause and there is no cause for what he started…’s all FAKE, made up False Claims brought about due to Obamas obsession of hatred to the U.S.A. If you think you can PROVE otherwise, I’d like to hear it, but I want absolute PROOF, not some Rumors or Scuttlebutt…..

  59. They’re saying the anthem doesn’t mean the same thing to them as it does you.

    People bitch about BLM, and bitch about protesting. So what would be okay with you? Write a letter to their congressman?

    • Yeah, the Anthem doest mean the same to them, as it does to the rest of us!
      They should go live elsewhere then.
      They should NOT be able to exploit this country for their greedy selves without at least showing some decent respect!

  60. Honestly the NFL has went to hell in a hand basket. They might as well be playing flag football. I quit watching way before the stupid protest. There’s worse things than getting hurt, especially when they make the money they do. If you don’t want to get hurt don’t play. Plus they need a dress code… look like a bunch of girls with the long hair. And now they think they are being mis-treated. Act accordingly and you will be treated with respect. In my opinion the just lack professionalism.

  61. I have not watched the games of what used to be a nice Sunday afternoon and evening for my family. The disrespect to our flag and our men in blue was just too much!The flag has nothing to do with their complanints.Rodger Giselle is a disgusting human being who has no balls. He should of been let go for his disrespect to our flag!!

    • I haven’t watched in 2 years. Probably won’t watch again. Those that refuse to stand for our flag and National Anthem do not deserve to be playing football. They should be fired, and players who didn’t make the cut should be put in there place. I am sure there are plenty of football players that would love a chance to play, even if they played for a lot less money, just because they love to play the game.

  62. If discrimination in the US is so bad, why do we not see a mass exodus to African countries? I am sure the millionaire NFL players would be more than happy to help their people move to a better country. Is it possible that they can’t come up with one that is better than the good, ole USA?

  63. Do not Watch NFL . If and Whin they give proper respect to our country I will be Back. They can Protest on their on time. People make as much as they make don’t have a complant comeing . Bunch of CRY babys .

  64. I stopped watching the nfl after the second week of disrespecting our American Flag, the Veterans and our fallen brothers and sisters who served this great country. We will never watch another football game in my house again!

  65. Done with the stupid overpaid players along with the idiot Rodger Goodell. Should have fired him along with all the unpatriotic players. Will not watch another game.

  66. Have not watched an NFL game since the protests against the flag and anthem began. I want to watch a football game and escape from the political nonsense of everyday TV. The NFL has turned this into another political event I do not care to watch. Good bye!!

    • Bingo! The N – egro F – inancial L – argess, haven’t watched for years, ever since they became a propagandist tool for the Muslim-Marxist jihadist back in 2008; it is a sad commentary about the sheeple that the “Stadiums of Worship” aren’t EMPTY! The fools keep paying the salaries of the over-paid, tattooed, dope smoking, steroid abusing, women beating un-American thugs – pathetic!


    • I don’t either..that includes all award shows. As far as NFL games: I would rather watch re-runs of catheter commercials.

    • So you’re thinking the AFL players won’t protest? Why not just gix why they’re protesting?

      Everyone on this site wants to bitch about them protesting, but nobody wants to talk about working with players to become a better country.

      • I’m all for fixing the problems they bring up. Compared to pretty much every other country there’s nothing. Oppression of women and minorities isn’t even close. People act like it’s plaguing the country when it isn’t. Sure there’s racism but not even close to what it was before. How do you fix something that African Americans won’t acknowledge exists. Black on black crime? Blacks here getting pissed about Blacks from other countries going to college here. They bust their asses to get into this country legally. They leave everything behind to get here. The ones born here think they are owed. They’re already here and no one owes them anything. When Blacks from every other country on the planet are saying the ones here in America are just crybabies using the color of their skin to serve whatever purpose fits the moment I have no sympathy. They’re not being sold to anyone. They’re not slaves and never have been. Their ancestors were and that’s a huge difference. Other countries still buy Blacks and still use them as slaves. Today, yesterday, a hundred years ago and tomorrow. It never stopped. Slavery, racism, oppression, rights, education, segregation and a lot more has only gotten better in this country. Compared to other countries these things don’t exist unless someone or some people need them to.

        • I have gone over to NASCAR on Sundays.Fast cars, good racing, always a fun afternoon. Fans all stand for the national anthem,sometimes a fly over by the air force jets. Always a good show with NO political ax to grind. NFL, as far as I’m concerned is a lost cause. I won’t waste my time with them anymore.

        • One of the first slave owners was a black man and their liberator a white man. Freedom of any degree is not free; our totally integrated military have paid for it with their blood and lives. And yes, the main slave owner is our US government.

    • Patti you are correct. I bet they drop the Thursday night games next season too. The players will not be kneeling because the owners have promised millions to their “social justice causes” a.k.a Black lives matters and all thinks Soros. So the American sports fan who continues to support the NFL will be giving money to bring down America.

    • Well, they better keep taking money from Soros, because they’ve gotten their last dollar from me, and apparently from a lot more Americans. So long NFL, it was nice knowing you before you made football a racist thing, I’m sick and tired of the black people making everything about race, even our last President, Obama was a racist. I would have thought that if a black man ever made it to our highest office in America, he would be a decent person, but I should have known better, of course he was an illegitimate President, so I guess i was expecting too much.

  67. I have given up NFL completely after they’ve shown there true colors. Just a bunch of anti-American, inconsiderate, spoiled millionaire ball players. They deserve what they get.

  68. WE have not watched an NFL game here at home since Colin first took a knee and the NFL’s head ‘Idiot’ said THAT was OK. Now, at home, we’ve signed up for Amazon Prime and watch a swell movie instead of an NFL game. The bottom line, believe me, is that we do NOT miss the NFL, imagine ?!?!?!

  69. So the NFL will not telecast the big game of the season on Sunday. Music to my ears. Politics does not belong in professional or amateur sporting events. I am not amused by these shameless grandstanding prime-donas. If they want to make a political statement, I am sure the media would gladly give them air time on their networks. Politics has ruined The Oscars, The Emmy’s and the Miss America Pageant. Now money and politics is taking its toll on Sports.

    I haven’t gone to a professional sporting event in years. If I want to watch them, I prefer to do it in the comforts of my home. At home I can turn them off or not turn them on at all. I don’t have to pay those outrageous prices for tickets along with the hot dogs, popcorn and drinks.

    • I think it’s funny, they’re having to sell tickets for &10.00 a pop, and still can’t sell them enough to fill the stadium, way to go America, hit them where it hurts, in the pocket book, they’re losing money in each and every venue, ticket sales, concessions, and sports memorabilia. There is no where to go but down and hopefully out.

  70. Normally my wife and I watch football during the season, but we did not watch this year. When Michael Bennett said playing in the NFL was like being a slave, I realized we were graduating our kids from college and all they were learning was how to carry a football. They are learning nothing about the rest of the world. The NFL should be shut down, our kids should receive an education in college.

    • ~ The NFL and there Pantyhose Thugs can suck my “Toe Jam” I have had it with these Radical Vermin lowlife babies and the Greed and Ego and NFL until You get Your Nursery School kids see you The NFL gets CONTROL of them the babies and You are going to the poor house and go out of business ……I will never support , buy or go to another game or spend one penny till you grow some balls and get control of these ego fools. ~

  71. I have not watched since the protests began, and neither has anyone in my family. We have always been big nfl fans till now. And our teams are doing great this season (Rams/Eagles), but still not watching. Sports announcers putting their heads in the sand trying to say other reasons for low ratings.

  72. There was a four person table discussion on this issue on ESPN earlier this week. The one minority on the panel couldn’t understand why the military was upset. He claimed this had nothing to do with the military or the flag. I suspect he was never in the military nor anyone from his family. The disrespect for our country and our military is unbelievable especially when there objective is to gain more respect for members of the black community. What are they thinking!!

    • What were they thinking? Most of them don’t know how to think. You forget most of these ungrateful. Selfish a–holes have a bunch of phony degrees from colleges that shuffled them through college so they could play football. A huge PR scam by the NFL

    • The protest is not about the military, in fact it was a veteran that told Colin to kneel. Most of the military people I know understand what the protest is about, and realize that’s the freedom they fought for..,the constitution protects it.

      • When they choose the very moment that the anthem is played, and stop when it is over, it is all about patriotism the flag, the military, the country, it is disrespectful and ires patriots.. Now that we know how they feel about the ocuntry, no amount of standing will make me look at them again.

        • They’re saying the anthem doesn’t mean the same thing to them as it does you.

          People bitch about BLM, and bitch about protesting. So what would be okay with you? Write a letter to their congressman?

          • The national anthem should mean everything to everyone who lives in this country. The anthem is about those who fought and died for our freedom. Read the story about Francis Scot Key writing the lyrics of the anthem while the British bombarded our troops, who gave their lives to hold up our flag at all cost. They would not let our flag fall. Those patriots are the true heroes in this country, not the NFL players and owners who choose to disrespect those lives, our flag, and the national anthem. They should protest during the coin toss or the kickoff, not during the national anthem.

            Black lives are not the only lives that matter. All lives matter. Why don’t they protest the abuse of women and children too? That is a huge problem in this country, but they do not address those issues in their protests.

      • What a bunch of BS, quit making up LIES and tell the TRUTH…..
        There is NOT any Vetern or Military man/woman that would ever have told anyone to do kneeling, sitting or otherwise during Our National Anthem for Our Flag, Country, etc….. If there ever was, then they were Dishonorable Discharged and would NOT be a Veteran…..
        Sounds to me like you are some Communist along with SORO’s Crap…… Go hide under that rock you came from and stay there…..

  73. The Ravens (my former team) played the Jaguars in London on Week-3. They knelt for the anthem. Didn’t watch that game (week-3) and haven’t watched since. I hope the league folds and I mean BIG TIME!!! Every bit of this was fabricated and uncalled for. Now they WILL pay dearly for their ignorance and hatred!!!

    • The NFL was used by the elites as only one of many ways to push the wedge in further in this country.
      It’s going just as planned – divide and conquer. One good to come from this is for those of us who have been glued to the TV watching these morons are waking up and realizing that there is much more at stake in losing our freedoms and sovereignty as a nation.

  74. haven’t watched a game, attended a game or bought anything NFL/black thugs matter for going on 2 years.

    Don’t miss, and don’t care to patronize those that insult me.

    College is fine, H.S. is fine, overpaid, ingrates, I ignore and have found I have more time, more money and more fun when I am not investing time into anything related to them

    • So true as I have not and will not support these overpaid ingrates I hope it goes down all together since they are allowing this to be going on shame on you

  75. What they fail to see and or admit is that it is not the Country , Flag, or Those who defend both that is wrong with this country it is people with their own agenda and selfish motives. So in stead of protesting that which is good stick with what is wrong. Leave my flag, eagle, liberties, and those that stand in defence of same regardless of Party, race , religion, or gender. You attack the base that is good and i and many others will attack your paycheck. It is the only thing that is listened to by those spoiled wannabe heroes.

    • Why would they protest something good? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a protest?

      They don’t have their own agenda, it’s unequal treatment and oppression of ALL black people, not just the one protesting.

  76. The NFL reminds me SO much of the Democrat party in their whole attitude. They seem to have lost all focus on what’s important for not only themselves, but the football team spirit in their FANS they depend so heavily on to make a living! They can’t see they’re shooting themselves in the foot. Like the Liberal influence in our schools… dumbing down the kids to think like them… they will be surprised when someday the nation is in a total chaos when these “kids” are running the show, and they’ll wonder what happened to our great country. And they’ll blame Republicans. They don’t see the big picture.

    • I disagree, the players now need the fans to stand with them. The players are trying to say that the treatment of some in this country isn’t the same as others and needs to be fixed.

      What people on this site don’t realize is that sports can bring the country together, but it won’t always fit in every single person’s viewpoint.

      It’s easy to follow a player or a team, when they’re winning and quiet. Now when the going gets tough and people need to look past their own prejudices, they quit. You don’t have to agree why they’re protesting, but you should listen.

      • Hard to, “stand with them” when they are not standing!
        And, in this case, they have used Sports to further divide this country, not bring it together.
        Lastly, we obviously HAVE listened, but they have not listened to our answer. Why would any true American “stand” with someone who is disrespecting our Flag, our National Anthem, and most importantly, those who serve and and have fought and died to protect this country?
        They picked the wrong time, the wrong venue, and the wrong way, James and Jonathan. This debacle is proof. They even picked Genuflection, a sign of worship and respect, to carry out their “protest” during the National Anthem.

        gerund or present participle: genuflecting
        lower one’s body briefly by bending one knee to the ground, typically in worship or as a sign of respect.”

        Think about that. They must be dumber than a box of rocks, and you are more than welcomed to go “stand with them”.

  77. I like the idea of starting a new league as long as none of the NFL players are eligible and reasonable salary caps are made so that this doesn’t happen again. They could easily start a new roster from all the college players and they would already have a following watching their favorite college players move on and up. HIT THE RESET BUTTON!

    • There is some great players that contribute to community and show respect. The owners are despicable so they all can go. Maybe create a league where their salaries are tired to each game. Their salaries cut in half or two thirds in one game? Momma will tell them to grow up.

    • You’ll get the same athletes out of college, and will still protest inequalities. The country needs to fix the inequities, that’s the problem…not the league.

      • Jonathan, I have a brother-in-law who argues with people just for the sake of arguing not to solve a problem or come to an agreement about something. Here is the kicker though he’s a conservative. He just loves playing the devils advocate is all. I guess that’s ok but I just don’t have much to discuss with him even though we are both conservative. As for the players they have just chosen the wrong venue to air their greviences. Problem is they have offended so many reasonable folks. In other words what they have done speaks so loudly that what they say is unheard. Happy New Year.

  78. I have quit watching the crying whining, POS NFL players. I do not see me ever going back. The players are disgraceful, but the management is pathetic. Maybe it is good to let football go. People are realizing how much better it is to find alternatives.

  79. Who cares? NFL players do not care as they keep protesting..I do not care, I’ve found other avenues of pleasure. Sounds like we both are content)):

  80. I stopped watching and Sunday night was my favorite. College football does me good. The NFL has permanently lost my support as soldiers ultimate sacrifice is dear to me and displayed through our Flag and Anthem.

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