NFL anthem kneelers will be running for cover after this poll was released

The big lie about the media tells about the NFL anthem protests is that they represent American values.

That is the very definition of fake news.

The media’s fib was exposed when one brand new poll sent anti-American NFL players running for cover.

Donald Trump won the election in part because Americans were sick of political correctness.

Liberals had divided up Americans into hyphenated groups and fought to ban words that “triggered” members of so called marginalized groups.

Americas have had enough.

And no organization is feeling the backlash harder than the NFL.

A Fox News poll found 46 percent of Americans thought businesses and politicians made decisions based on political correctness.

That same poll found the NFL with a record low approval rating.

Breitbart reports:

Also, 46 percent of respondents found that business leaders and politicians often make bad decisions based on political correctness. Another 34 percent allowed that it occurs “sometimes” while only 15 percent said it “hardly ever” happens.

The poll was particularly worrisome for the National Football League which got sacked by a low favorability rating.

The poll, taken a few weeks after the NFL’s recent announcement of new rules to curb player protests during the playing of the national anthem, found that pro football is still losing ground with Americans. Only 42 percent viewed the league favorably. That is down from the 46 percent seen in last year’s poll and way down from the 64 percent result found in 2013.

The NFL tried to be politically correct and allowed anti-American players to display how much they hate this country and its military.

While it may have appeased left-wing sports journalists, real Americans have turned their backs.


  1. I feel that most Americans agree with what these “kneelers” are protesting about. The problem that most Americans have is when and how it is done. I have debated this with many youth and found that they think the National Anthem represents our government, which is incorrect, it represents the people. Our youth are no longer taught what our flag and National Anthem represents. There are laws against disrespecting these but are not enforced. Failure to enforce these laws send our youth the wrong message. It is a shame when imigrants are more patriotic than our youth. Bring our old style education back!!!

    • I disagree, don’t even think that. They don’t obey the law Obama made them believe they are entitled to break the law, example being Hillary Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton and others, there causing their own grief.

      They are ungrateful, then others are a liability that has followed a non-culture and parentless Christmas childhood.

      I no longer follow the NFL or NBA (grandstanders on the verge of being WWF entertainment).

    • I disagree that most americans agree with which the kneelers are protesting. If you don’t break the law and obey the police you won’t have any problems. When blacks are arrested or in some cases shot by the police it is not because they are black, but because they broke the law or challenged the police. Whites are shot by the police, but that doesn’t make news. I’m sorry, but I have problems sympathizing with someone claiming social injustice when they are making millions of dollars a year. Grow up and man up, obey the law and you won’t have any problems.

      • I do not agree with the racial aspect of their protest. All races have been harrassed and mistreated by police. I have been harrased being in the wrong part of town. I had legitimate reasons for being there and nothing illegal. My son was arrested recently and was beat and kicked by the police and did not show any disrespect or resistance. Corruption is a very serious issue on all levels.

  2. The US Baseball organization remember struck for 200+ days because they wanted 3-5 million a year to play (a few years ago) & the American public said we only make 30k to 50k a year and we are the ones who purchase your game tickets. The American Baseball league has never recovered and never will. The American fans went on to soccor and never looked back. Go to your KNEE then go to bankruptcy. I have watched my last football game last year and beings I pay and cancelled the TV bill no one else watches football I this house. (Kneel on you dumb ass) we don’t need you!!!

  3. You take a knee, your FIRED!!! Says it all doesn’t it? May be to little, to late!!! I will not watch football again.


  4. Lets just close down the NFL. For all the coaches and players that turned against the anthem, they can also do time serving community at GETMO. My what I would give to be a fly on the wall. I think that all football will continue to suffer as they should and their money can go away as easy as it was given. That is the only thing that they want. Lets us give them the BOOT once and for all.


      • I quit watching, discussing or look at anything to do with the NFL. I hate whiners and they have no reason to fo so. They support those who feel they are entitled to break the law, those who follow in Hillary’s footsteps and all those who supported her breaking the law.

  5. The kneelers are too stupid to figure out that what they are doing is hurting their cause rather than helping it. Angering people to bring attention to a cause is the worse possible thing you can do to get people on board for your desired outcome.

  6. If the evil liberal demoncrat Nazi’s party traitors to America continue to go unpunished! They’ll continue their treasonous ways! Enough is enough with this Deep State BS! Drain the rat infested swamp, ASAP! President Trump!

    • I totally agree. No More Mr. Nice Guy! It is long past the time for “The Donald” to take off the gloves and start kicking some ass!! Let the President know that America has his back! ….”WHATEVER IT TAKES” ….FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA. IRS, Congress, Senate, LIbtard Judges. I for one have had more than enough of this PC, Libtard, RINO, Demoncrap BS!!!


  7. It always amazed me that people would pay the kind of money to watch the NFL or any pro sport for that matter. At least in college sports you see a real game and the money it generates actually helps the schools. Andy Griffith had it right in his act “What it was was Football” when he got pushed through the gate and said they were watching a bunch of convicts running around kicking and throwing this dried up old pumpkin. He wasn’t far from the truth.

    • College ball is no more a “real game” than pro ball! The amount of money being pumped into college so called “sports” is in the hundreds of millions every year.
      Where do you think these self-entitled idiots get their attitude developed???
      No, college sports, especially football and basketball, are just lower level Professional sports venues! 🙁
      Neither one is worth watching any longer.

      • The darkies that come out of college to the NFL are indoctrinated by communist asshole professors. If taught to hate America, they will along with white snowflakes

        • I quit watching, discussing or look at anything to do with the NFL. I hate whiners and they have no reason to fo so. They support those who feel they are entitled to break the law, those who follow in Hillary’s footsteps and all those who supported her breaking the law.

  8. First you have to know who you are talking to and how F_ _ _ _ _ _ STUPID most of these people are that we are paying to play a game. Most of these players don’t give a DAM about anything other than themselves.Also when D_ _ _ H_ _ _ opened his mouth it was a way for him to” PREACH WHAT MOST BLACK PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY FEEL HATE WHITE’S THIS IS TOTAL BULLSHIT IS JUST TOTAL RACISM NOTHING ELSE ” They HATE OUR GUTS and that’s okay with me welcome to my world because I HATE THEM. Most are” DUMB STUPID PIECES OF SHIT” and if we haven’t been carrying on our backs all of our lives where would they be today. This was just a platform for them to show the real them and how they really feel and act.Also playing the RACE CARD to get a job back in the NFL even though he’s a F_ _ _ _ _ _ _ BUMP QUARTERBACK PERIOD That’s the real truth.I would also like to know what he knows about being ” really black” he grew up in a white family and went to one of the BEST UNIVERSITY’S in the country he was never around those kind of people. Plus who paid his TUITION was it a FREE RIDE OR AGAIN DID THE WHITE MAN PAY FOR IT.Look I’m a WHITE GUY and I’m totally fed-up with their BULLSHIT and when do we take a final stand and say enough is enough. I’m willing to give them REPARATIONS on one condition that they surrender your PASSPORT,DRIVERS LICENSE OR WHATEVER WE NEED BECAUSE THIS IS A ONE-WAY TICKET to wherever you want to go and NO COMING BACK NO MATTER WHAT OR SHUT THE F_ _ _ UP OR TAKE THE DEAL.This is finally our chance to WIN BACK OUR COUNTRY and not have to deal with all the BULLSHIT that we have dealt with all these F_ _ _ _ _ _ YEARS it will be like “living in heaven and don’t have to put up with them and their

    • Your 99% right. If they were 1/2 as smart as they think they are they would know something about this country’s history. . the are the first to throw out the race card every time. they fail to know or understand that every salve had a JOB, Learned a trade, had a roof over their head and food on their table. mouth off to the plantation owner or refused to do the job , Punishment. They just didn’t get fired like today.. What do we have today?The NFL ashats kneelers can cry and moan and blame all they want. They demonstrate how stupid they are every time they open their mouths. This country is a benevolent based country and we paid them millions of dollars to PLAY football. Foot fall hasn’t been fun to watch since Gayle Sayers and Walter Peyton left it. Too many Prima Donas now.

  9. The NFL does not have a place in my home since they have allowed a player to kneel or stay in the dressing room or in anyway show how much the player hates America. Every player will be on the field and standing right hand on his heart head bared before I watch or attend an NFL game period. MAGA

  10. the sounds like the only thing Howard K. ever fought for was a second serving of cake. If someone had done this kneeling shit when I played high school and college ball they would have been in a fist fight or been hit with a helmet, or been hammered so hard in practice they would have left the team.

  11. Start with a false premise and nothing will make sense. Most of those kneeling players spend lots of their own money doing good in the communities they grew up in or in the cities where they play. They don’t hate the country, they are exercising their first amendment rights to protest against things that are happening to Blacks around the country. Things like a pro basketball player being tazed instead of being talked to about how he parked his car. A judge being harassed for walking in a white neighborhood which is where he also happens to live. A Black girl having the police called on her for sleeping on a couch at a dorm where it turns out she actually lives. The Black men who were kicked out of Starbucks waiting for their associate for a business meeting.

    Our military fought wars to protect that first amendment. If they wanted to disrespect the flag they would have turned their back on the flag. They didn’t. They didn’t burn the flag. How many times have you been at a urinal when they play the anthem? Do you have underwear made in material that resembles the flag? When you watch a game of anything at home, do you stand at attention when they play the anthem or do you just sit on your ass or go get snacks.

    The only reason you parrot this disrespect theory is because of what Fearless Leader says and you don’t have the smarts to think for yourself. Well, no one will kneel at football games anymore because the owners don’t have the balls to do something that might not be politically correct. In the words of Fearless Leader – – SAD

    • Bullshit….they are nothing more than premadonnas at this point because they made the cut. Now they are above all of what you say they do for their communities. If they do so much for their communities, then it should be advertised individually as to what they do. Let’s see what they give back….bunch of crap..! Our bullshit education system 1st taught them they have been screwed….what? Being screwed is not now a multi-million dollar professional sports contract, is it? Congrats to all of them for working so hard to get there, but don’t put it back in the white guys’ faces for not doing the same….THIS is America people. Get used to it, or you have a right to leave. Just see what it’s like outside our borders…go see for yourselves…

    • you are full of it as a conasdedc eleaphant you need to quit watching mass media and get out in the real world get off your but and go walk down in a black neigaborhood at night or some in the daylight and see if you make it out in one pice

    • Right, community involvement that got a $100 million injection from the NFL at the expense of… anyone? Bueller? The Susan G. Komen breast cancer awareness program and the Salute to Service program. The owners didn’t fork over any new money in the blackmail scheme, they merely took it away from those worthy causes. I don’t doubt that some of them of very involved, but let’s not romanticize a simple blackmail scheme.

  12. If i were a team owner, I would fire them all and start over, this P/C Crap is B/S and needs to stop. Hope they all drop out of service.

  13. I tell ya Wayne I’m a Veitnam vet and I wish you flag burning son of a birches would all go to hell if you don’t like this country then get the hell out I will be glad to pay your fare just let me know where to send the ticket

    • I’m moving to Hawaii to escape this madness. Please send a check for $1700.95 for first class fare to Occupant 8956 Matterhorn Street El Paso, Texas 79905
      Thanks so much and I’ll send photos of my new residence and life here in this strange country.

      • You live in a total laa laa world if you think hawaii is so great!
        While the pictures are nice, it is the most repressive state in the union! Why you ask, it is one of the most liberal states and it hates the 2nd Amendment, has incredibly high taxes and that is just the start of the list!
        If you really want to go there to live, then you certainly do not belong in a state like Texas!!

    • Your assuming all the players connect with Africa which is wrong. And many of the players when asked have no hatred for the country or its military. This article in and of itself is FAKE NEWS. The feelings about the majority of the NFL players kneeling during the anthem started when the President attacked and questioned their love for their country and the flag otherwise the real instigator in all of this was Colin Kaepernick himself and he himself admitted this was not about flag and country. In conclusion, it’s ‘where’ and NOT “were”.

      • Wrong, Anthony! I tuned out before the election pertty much as soon as Crybaby Colin Kaepernick started acting like he was some kind of gift to the world. With all they are gifted with and the amount of money that they make from using their God-given skills, you would think that they could find a more appropriate way to express their unhappiness with their lot in life!

      • Your analogy is confusing, but the entire 49er organization as well as the Golden State group are a bunch of dumb assholes who see no news but CNN at the airport. Oh, and Mr 23 in Cleveland can buy a ticket to DC to have our President tell him he’s got a wrong message for the NBA and the world.

        • I don’t watch the NBA because they are grandstanders by acting like they are mortally wounded or injured when they get foweled then as soon as they get the call from the referee they are miraculously well and able to play. This is not WWF.

    • Yes, are they Americans or Africans- their choice. I hate hyphenated Americans! We should ALL just be AMERICANS- on ONE team- USA (like the Olympics)
      Skin color should not make a difference- but, attitude DOES!

  14. No one is addressing…how will these protest..effect the NFL’s T.V. ratings
    AND the the T.V. contracts that come up for renewal in 2021…
    Do these protestors realize their salaries may be effected..
    AND…..protestors will see less $$

  15. If my children were still young I would certainly NOT Allow them to watch the NFL. It has become something Very indecent and Hateful. They represent Police haters, Rapists, wife beaters Drug abusers and Criminals of all forms.

  16. I stopped watching pro football when the Eagles embraced that dog murdering son of a bitch, vick. The teams are riddled with such trash, anti American, over paid, criminal woman beaters and rapists, not the role model I want for my kids!

  17. NFL, never more!!! We know what they think about this our country, the dirty anti-American trash needs to go back to the shitholes of their origin and take all their supporters with them. MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  18. If the NFL does not wise up to the fact they owe the fans for everything, not he players union, the NFL will be closing shop…and they had better remove Goodell and his flower children from any decision making…….How do those who have so much to lose act like total imbecils?????

  19. Everyone you talk to says they are fed up with everything that’s going on in this country and how the left a.k.a. communist in government or putting people against one another with lies and deceit telling one side to the sides doing this to them and the other side is doing this to them, but when people talk to one another not of this is going on. This is the kind of stuff that is done and communist countries the key people put it against one another so they can continue on with your immoral and illegal and unconstitutional communist agenda.

  20. Won’t ever go back to the national felons league….or the natural born assholes league…. that means you labron and the other idiot curry. Don’t want you in the White House or anywhere else excepte maybe down range and the gun range.

    • The NFL is a Caputic serpents arm of snake infected colon , mud snake personalities /parasites of evil instigated by left wing zealots of kneeling demonic anti American democrats !!!
      Joseph St.Clair

  21. team sports depend on the team Kneelers are not team players. I would not want one on my team coaches want a great team not individual.

  22. I am STILL sick of it, and will not be watching NFL till they issue an apology to the American people for their disrespect to the flag.

    • Watching the Nfl again, will be like telling cancer, I feel better and then it strikes you again with the same Crap. They are gone forever, rid of like the dog crap on the lawn, pitched into the trash, where it belongs. That is Crapperneck cleaned up.

    • You will not find one football payer that took his knee to say he took his knee in disrespect to the flag. He took his knee to bring attention to the police brutality this country has experienced. That flag stands for freedom of expression. People used that flag when they burned it to shorten that ridiculous Vietnam war. If you would notice when you saw those players taking a knee they all had their helmets off in respect to that flag. It is just you bigots that want to point your finger at them and falsely accuse them of disrespecting the flag.

      • Do it outside work place talk to police and politicans. You would loose you job for disruption at work Social justice is a looser on company time.

      • Wayne if people act like hood rats , that’s how they will be treated. Look at whom does the most crimes. In reality, black people would like to be white.

      • Find another way to express your opinion. To American football fans, this is directly against our flag because they are doing it while our nations anthem to the flag is being honored.

      • wayne I’d like to see you pull this CRAP on your boss. How long do you think you would have your job. If they want to protest they need to do it ON THEIR OWN TIME not the bosses or the fans.

      • Total crap! Go ahead and watch something that means more to you than your country!quite a few like you still left in this country but some wake up every day!

      • I’m speaking as a Veteran of this great country and for all of those who gave their lives defending it. If YOU as a ball player who makes millions playing a game, in the only country where this is even possible, can’t honor those who gave their lives and our flag, then get the hell out of our country and try to see how much you can make elsewhere. And while you are there, try to do the same to that countries flag and see how long you last.

      • And how many of these whiny, overpaid, underachieving babies can say they have been abused by the police? They should be protesting POLICE STATIONS where the “abuse” has taken place, not against the American Flag and national anthem at a football game. They have not only disrespected the flag, but everything America stands for. They are a disgrace to the American people.

  23. Well me family & lots of friends are finished watching NFL no more. There HISTORY. We’re not spending our time or money on this B.S. If we wanted to go to a circus we’d go. Stupid cry baby’s. You all cry all the way to the bank please. You just can’t spit in American people faces. There more proud tha that.

  24. Screw the over entitled nfl players and their anti-America agenda. All of them can suck it. If they had half a brain in their heads’ they’d realize they have their primo job because of how amazing the US is. The US is amazing, and FREE because of the men and women who have fought for ALL of our freedom over the last 200+ years. It’s amazing because a bunch of retards can go out on a field and make more money than God and definitely more money than they’re worth playing a game. So screw all of those pathetic imbeciles. I will NOT watch them ever again. I hate hollyweirdo’s and the over entitled sports players who think we care wtf they think. Because we don’t and we NEVER will.

  25. These guys want to talk about dictatorships and concentration camps ?? Our last president built over 700 FEMA camps all across the country If you can still find any photo’s of them you will very quickly realize that they were not build to house pandemic victims Guard towers at each of the corners, Barbed wire pointed in not out and 4 body plastic caskets stacked outside the fence These are the real death camps that the NWO planned to use on us O’Vomit did all that he did by EO rather than going through congress like he should have That makes him the dictator not Mr. Trump You lefties should get your heads out of where the sun can’t bother them

  26. As a Vietnam vet, I turned the NFL off on the first knee down.
    I will not watch nor support, in any way, professional, college, high school, or any other sport where the National Anthem and/Flag are disrespected.

    • I quit watching any sportball BS when most of the players were black.
      Call me racist if you want, I just don’t have anything in common or any use for blacks.

      • HEy everyone, take notice of Ms. Hyphenated last name’s comment. This is where liberals go when they don’t have a leg to stand on! Or a coherent response. The go to the hatred button!

        • I did. She can’t spell correctly, and she tells US to learn proper English. I doubt she graduated from high school Grammar class, as Spelling is usually part of that class. I think the word “womb” is spelled “W-O-M-B”, not “W-O-U-N-D” as that is what she indicated.
          Coming from an English Grammar teacher, from the 1970’s.

  27. I stopped watching the NFL games when those overpaid idiots who play in the NFL decided to disrespect our flag and our police and military ! The league’s solution is why I won’t watch it this coming season !

    • Oh no, too sad…NOT!!! If they don’t like our Flag, our country and what it stands for, they can get their little passports out and get the ‘you know what’ out of our country…and don’t let the door hit you in your arrogant ass! P.S. Hopefully they will take Fake News and Hollyweird with them…

  28. If you players don’t like America then go elseware I am sure you would love the opportunities that you would find in other countries and the protection our great America provides for you and the opertunity to make the kind of money you are making. so get the he’ll out of our country and don’t come back cor we are proud of what America provides for us and we are proud Americans

    • Exactly! I refuse to support these overpaid prima donnas who bad mouth the country that gave them the opportunity to BE overpaid prima donnas! There is no other country that would provide them those opportunities. There is no Berlin Wall wit armed guards keeping their sorry butts here! GO!!

  29. And last time I looked, “left-wing sports journalists” don’t pay for tickets. Patriotic Americans do (or at least they used to). I know that I have not watched an NFL Game or gone to one since they started this nonsense, and even if they all started standing tall and placing their hand over their heart, I still won’t go to another one!

    • DL… you, I haven’t watched or been to a game in over 2 years! If I ever watch pro football again, it will the XFL



    • I haven either. What is hard for me is that my mother and I spent many beautiful hours watching football together…very precious memories. Now, I can’t even respect our time together because I refuse to give any credence to their communist, or any other ‘ist’ you want to call it, behavior. For me those times are gone but thank goodness I still have the Wheel of Fortune & Jeopardy that we also watched together.

  30. I did not watch one game last year. I will do the same this year. For me staying in the lockeroom, is the same as turning your back on this great country. Which is represented by our Glorious Flag. My father was a veteran of
    WW11, Korea, and Vietnam. Both My grandfathers served in WW1. My Great Great Grand father did not come
    Home from the Civil War dying in 1863, leaving three orphans and a widow, in New Hampshire. To say nothing of those who served in the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. I am going to need a public apology.

    • I have not watched one game since the assholes did what they did. They Shit on AMERICA and now Im shitting on them…. Never Again youmloser liberal assholes thinking your better than America and President Trump!!! I will NEVER watch you again!!!!

        • For me, they can apologize until the cows come home but it will not make up for their absolutely disgraceful acts on the field of “entertainment”! Wrong venue! And Kapershit with cop pigs* on his socks and players actually supported that? How low of an IQ and self esteem can these wussies have? Guess it’s herd mentality ~ follow the lead moron!!!

    • Likewise. As much as I love football, I don’t t miss ithe NFL at all. Get plenty of football with the college games on Saturday.

  31. The nfl and other businesses should stay out of political correctness. Also stay out of the lies from the mainstream media and libs/left and some dems. Politicians…SHUT YOUR PIE HOLES and do what is right/rite…etc……..For The People and AMERICA the Beautiful.

  32. Most of them have never given anything for their country. Most of what they have is because of real americans. They talk their cause,but do nothing to make things better. They want someone else to do it for them. All they do is play a ball game and bitch. I will never go to another stupid game of the NFL. Lets all see what type of real work they can do in the real world.

    • I agree Raymond, 9 out of 10 go AWOL if they had to trade uniforms!! We need more people to stop watching and attending games but in today’s society it’ll never happen. As far as the nfl I’m with you 100%!!

    • Looks like some {black players] in football have joined the ranks of the anti-American agendas of democrats and democrats disguised as republicans, liberal, snowflakes and their anti-American tool the so-called medias and the people of Hate Hollywood! The more they do this the more True Americans love President TRUMP! True Americans are so tired of the corrupt anti-American agendas of democrats , rinos, liberals, football and especially the medias and their sponsors! yahoo and facebook suck big time for their anti-American agendas and it is too bad I must be on it to comment their anti-American crap!

    • One of them just showed us what he could do outside! He was just arrested for raping 4 elderly women-the oldest 81!!!They need to string him up-and I won’t say by what-think it’s understood! Sick!!!

  33. Football is a very violent game.
    Some payers are brain dead, money hungry, disrespectful of the wonderful country we live in.
    God bless USA!
    May we always celebrate our flag and anthem!
    God bless our president for all his effort to make America great again.

  34. when the first knee dropped i turned of nfl have not turned it back on and refuse to let anyone watch it in my home.. never again until they fire everyone of the ungrateful spoiled brats that play for the nfl.. college too.

  35. I will never watch the NFL, NBA or any other sport that are playing a game of politics. My Dad gave me advice years ago that’s served me well. Never talk politics or religion in business and that is just what the NFL has done. It has not benefited anyone just caused unrest. The NFL kneeling protest has failed! When you buy a ticket your not paying to watch protest you paid to see a game to take you away from the daily grind.

  36. I am both a veteran and an ex-jock. Owned Seahawks season tickets for 12 years and my ten veteran friends and I all dropped them due to this mess. Perhaps the drop in revenues will cause a consequential drop in incomes for these protesters. They have the right to protest outside their jobs, not while on the field.

    The NFL will never get us back.

    • Thanks Gary. I’ve been on a waiting list for several years now and bought an allotment of season tickets for half price for my family and some close friends. Go Seahawks! SBLII!

  37. Maybe, just maybe these idiotic ignoramus’s should stay in the locker room at home instead of filling the stadiums and in essence,telling these knuckle dragging circus animals,that it is ok to shit on our flag and us veterans!! The loser shitballs that pay for tickets see the circus animals piss on MY flag are the root cause of this epidemic!! See how long the owners put up with this shit when ticket sales goes in the shitter and can’t sell any $13 beers!! EAT SHIT AND DIE

  38. if you feel that way than go somewhere else to live you nut case .you know nothing about this country .boo9b.OLD VET

    • Since America does not count for much, and rank and file Americans’ point of view is to be ignored, let’s have the media news reporters, and their managers, and producers, as well as their CEO’s make up the monetary difference for the NFL losses. All of their income, for time spent doing anything related to the NFL, and their players, needs to go to the NFL. That should make a tiny dent in their losses for causing all of us insignificant people to turn them off.

  39. I am not supportive of anyone living in America that does not Believe in America or support America’s Values. Pack you bags and Get the He__ out. Quit bad mouth the Best Country in the World. The NFL has nothing to do with it. It is Every human being that tries to change our Values. We don’t want YOU or any of your disrespect antics.

  40. No more NFL for me….I’d rather watch the Hallmark Channel and those “chick flick’s” with my wife. It’s way better than watching these spoiled, entitled, millionaire, un-American’s, protest and pout! It makes me sick!

  41. Will not watch the NFL this season. None of their spoiled
    multi-millionaires get it … yet. 🤦‍♂️

    Their idea of staying in the locker room rather than standing to the national anthem solve nothing! Typical liberal attitude that spit on our sacred constitution.


  42. Keep your leftist supporters and appease them if you will, but NEVER claim those anti-American haters are representing American values! That’s a BLATANT LIE: they’re KNEELING to anti-American “values” that are no values at all, to start with, and out of hate for everyone who’s stood for that flag and what it represents: the REPUBLIC! The very people they “protest” are those who stand for American values: police, military, and patriots who value what our Founders valued!

    • I see nothing wrong with the kneeling, it is more respectful than standing. We live in America , not in some doctoral Country.
      I hate to see someone burn our flag, but they have the right to do it!!!People like Pence and Trump are so wrong for our Country!

      • If President Trump makes you unhappy then you must be a Democrat and someone who praised Obama as he tore this country apart and ruined our reputation with our allies for eight years, while President Trump is trying to make this country great again.

        • bone spurs is trying to become this countries first dictator and all you jock straps are so blind that you cannot see what is happening. He is making bone spurs great threat first dictator and you cannot or will not see it. Well when you are marched of to one of his concentration camps, it will be too late to be shocked.

          • You have an amazing (if not delusional) imagination. When any party or president owns the media, FBI, etc., they are the ones that will create a dictatorship. That is not what Trump is. He is not a politician – which is a big plus. Those that fit the description are selling this country for votes and the power that brings them. They do not care about the country. His agenda is what got him elected – because these are things that needed to be done – and he is doing them. Not only that, but his agenda is already working. I have never seen so many shallow people that have not thought out the Democratic’s platform and what it is doing to this country. Apparently too many people are swallowing the propaganda and not realizing what it was and is leading to down the line. Some things sound good on the surface but further analysis shows that they are actually very bad for our country. They are counting on the lack of understanding of the people to get and sustain power. Some of it is illegal. And the best way for them to cover up is to continue making up garbage about their opponent – some of which is exactly what they themselves are doing. No matter what Trump is doing, he is now the president. He was voted into this position and we all need to let him do his work instead of bombarding him with all these insults and insinuations and trying to occupy his time to prevent him from doing what needs to be done. No-one that I know that voted for Trump gave 2 hoots for Russia or Hillary. I do not believe that any Russians voted. If you think that Hillary’s agenda was good and you voted for her – OK. That is what makes or country great. Once the president is elected, your thoughts should be on how to help make things better (more jobs, better economy, more control over the flood of illegal immigrants, fixing unfair trade agreements, reducing a war risk). I don’t care how much you wanted Hillary to win, it is time to get over it and start supporting our country.
            This idea of concentration camps and dictatorship is so far from reality, someone has fed you a line – and I have a bridge to sell you.

      • President Trump and Vice President Pence are the only thing right with our Country. Ask anyone who served in the military if kneeling is more respectful than standing.

      • Dorothy…………kneeling is for praying to God……standing is for repecting our flag……………if you do not know the difference,……YOU ARE NOT GOOD FOR OUR COUNTRY…………..

      • It depends on why you are kneeling. I have no problem with kneeling in prayer. But disrespecting the anthem, the flag, the country, and the American people who fought and died so these people could make millions for playing football is awful. I was in the Air Force during the Korean war, (1951-1955) and I was overseas away from my family for 14 months. I don’t appreciate anybody that shows disrespect for the flag or this country. I will never watch another NFL game, I don’t care what they do. Even if they are made to stand, they have already shown everybody how the really feel.

      • No, it’s people like you that are bringing shame to this Country. Your so called right and those of the flag burners need to leave this Country and try to spread your disrespect in another Country….but then I can’t think of another Country in the world that would allow such disrespect for their Flag and the Values our Veterans fought to preserve. This Constitution was written in blood and for people like you to warp the true meaning of the Constitution and to think disrespecting this Country by burning our Flag and throwing a fist in the air is your so called right NEED TO LEAVE. You spit on the rights others gave their lives to defend.

      • I think you should get out. I don’t wish you harm but if you need the police for help I hope they are busy helping a real American. You truly disgust me.

      • People like you are what is wrong with America.nut jobs.President Trump is the best thing that has happened to this country in over a hundred years.

      • Dorothy…you are right, they have every right. I’m a Marine 1973-83 and that’s what I enlisted for. We as citizens also have the right to turn our backs and close our wallets to these idiots. If you think that President Trump and Vice President Pence are wrong for our country, I also think you have the right to voice your opinion. My opinion is that pig eared pos obeyme was the worst President EVER and anyone that voted for him is/are the most self righteous morons to ever waste air. We are taking our country back… idiots should hightail it to Canada or some other pussyfoot country. It’s not going to get better for you losers!!

  43. In total agreement, the Liberals have divided the American people by giving support to foreigners and marginalizing the Americans, supporting those who do not respect the glorious National Anthem and our Flag.

  44. I watched the NFL in the past. But no more. When the first one keeled the coach or the owner should have told him back to the locker room. Your not getting paid for today’s game and if you try it again your FIRED !!! Would have nipped it in the bud.

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