NFL anthem protester crossed the line with this unforgivable action

The NFL’s nightmare season is culminating with this Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Games have been marred by anti-American protests during the national anthem.

And in the run up to the big game, one anthem protester crossed a line with this unforgiveable action.

The Philadelphia Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins is one of the ringleaders of the America-hating protest movement that has alienated fans and tanked ratings.

During the playing of the Star Spangled Banner, he holds up a fist in a racist black power gesture.

And he is continuing his controversial behavior at the Super Bowl.

Jenkins is giving away the two tickets players are allotted to a convicted murderer.

Breitbart reports:

“The Eagles strong safety told the media that he read about convicted murderer Kempis Songster who was getting out of prison and decided to reward the killer with Super Bowl tickets, CBS Sports reported.

“A few weeks ago, I saw an article come across my text that he was getting out, and I wanted to do something special for him,” Jenkins told the New York Daily News on Jan. 25. “I knew I wanted to do something to celebrate him coming home because I understood he really dedicated himself to a life of service and he’s trying to repay what he’s taken from society. I know he has some great ideas and we’re trying to accomplish the same thing when we talk about reform and healing our communities.”

Jenkins added that instead of giving the tickets to someone who is sick or “well deserving,” he gave the tickets to the murderer to encourage people to “think outside the box” and to “listen and hear from one another…

… Kempis Songster, who was convicted of murder as a teenager, was released from maximum-security prison early after a recent Supreme Court decision that mandatory life sentences for minors are unconstitutional. The felon was handed a life sentence in 1988 for murdering another teenager during an argument in a Philadelphia crack house, but thanks to the SCOTUS decision he served only 30 years of that sentence.”

There is no mention by the so-called “social activist” of the family that was torn apart by a convicted murderer.

Instead, Jenkins is rewarding a murderer in the name of “staying woke.”

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