NFL anthem protester just got the worst news of his life

The mainstream media glorified NFL anthem protesters.

Race-baiting defensive end Michael Bennett was elevated to hero status because of his anti-American demonstrations.

But Bennett was stunned when he was hit with this bad news.

Bennett was indicted for an unthinkable crime.

At the Super Bowl in 2017 he was pushing his way onto the field to meet his brother – New England Patriots Tight End Martellus Bennett.

Bennett was rampaging his way through the crowd when he allegedly shoved a 66 year-old paraplegic to the ground.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Newly signed Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Michael Bennett has been indicted by a Harris County grand jury for allegedly assaulting a disabled woman.

According to local Houston news outlet KHOU, Bennett was indicted on Friday for “injuring a 66-year-old paraplegic who was working at NRG Stadium to control access to the field at Super Bowl LI.”

Authorities claim Bennett was a spectator at the game and was cheering on his brother Martellus, then New England Patriots tight end. After the Patriots won, Bennet reportedly tried to storm the field but the victim told him to use a different entrance. He resisted and ultimately pushed the 66-year-old paraplegic, causing “bodily injury.”

The incident reportedly took place on February 5, 2017 and Bennett was charged shortly charged for “intentionally and knowingly, causing bodily injury to a person 65 years or older.” Bennett faces a $10,000 fine and up to 10 years in prison.

Bennett’s lawyer is currently negotiating the terms of his surrender.”

Bennett was one of the Anthem protest ringleaders and the media hailed him as a Man of the Year candidate.

But this isn’t his first brush with the law.

Bennett famously lied about the Las Vegas police racially profiling him during an incident at a Casino.

Camera footage showed Bennett fabricated the racial bias.

Will this incident cause you to boycott the NFL?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. Forget about the fine, that would be pocket change for him to come up with. Ten years should be enough time in prison for what he has done to the lady. The ten years would give him enough time to learn RESPECT, obedience, discipline, integrity and maybe a little HONOR so he could express his thanks for the men and women in the Military and Blue suiters that protect his rights 24/7. it would also deplete some of his millions he has made from football.

    • Totally right, jimkickasswest!!! Jackasses like this need JAIL TIME! They should kiss the ground they walk on! You said everything I was going to say!

    • WAKE UP AMERICANS, You control the NFL, tickets are Outrageous. Think about how much you pay to see Jackasses kneeling on the Field. Common sense says, if you don’t buy expensive tickets, THE COST WILL COME DOWN IN A HURRY. Advertisement is Expensive, if your not watching, the NFL loses Money, they have to give more time to Advertisers and if they don’t make a quota more time has to be given. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, YOU HAVE THE POWER OF THE PURSE, STAY HOME AND SPEND YOUR MONEY ON YOUR KIDS, WATCH COLLEGE, WATCH THE PRICES FALL LIKE A ROCK. WE DON’T NEED THE NFL, THEY NEED YOU TO SPEND YOUR HARD EARNED DOLLARS FOR 5 DOLLAR COKES, 10 BEERS, ARE WE STUPID, YOU CANNOT FIX STUPID. You Hold The Keys, you don’t need them, they have to have you, spending hard earned dollars while they
      Feast on your MONEY.

  2. What else would we expect from someone who got infamous for disrespecting an entire nation thinking they did not have to show respect for rules, laws, or other people. The very attitude that because of something that happened over 150 years ago certain people should be allowed to commit violent horrific acts and not be punished is ludicrous.

    All the anthem protests were about was a few RACISTS who felt certain criminals should have been allowed to commit crimes without fear of being stopped or arrested just because of their race.

    The cases and EVIDENCE were heard and justice as defined by the constitution of this nation was done just because the MEDIA lied to stir up controversy certain individuals feel it was not justice and have been “protesting”(violent) since because they wanted the media lies and the confessed “I just repeated what I was told happened” to get on TV witnesses the media used to be the court evidence instead of people actually present and the actual physical evidence that disproved the MEDIA stories about the incidents.

  3. They should HANG THE BASTARD. I love it they are NEGOTIATING HIS SURRENDER??? Why isn’t he IN JAIL NOW?? Thats whats WRONG with this country. If you have money or are one of the SPECIAL PEOPLE the rules are DIFFERENT. Us normAL FOLKS just get THROWN in the clink and have to prove our innocence.

  4. After their shenanigans last year, I am done with the National Felons League! I’d rather watch a soccer game (interminably boring) than another “professional” football game!

    • The NFK and their minion players, not athletes, have been giving us and our CHILDREN, THEIR middle Finger for sometime now. They are lower than sheep dung and I would rather watch college and my children play football than them.

      • I wish more people turned off the NFL permanently. The NFL can go bankrupt and disappear eliminating all contracts a resurfacing under a much more modest football league to where maybe the best player makes 250k

  5. excuse me but did I read negotiating his surrender? What the hell is that? I/you break a law it is arrest and go to JAIL. Are the police afraid of him? If so swear me in I have no problem with arresting a law breaker.

    • As he isn’t in Harris County, arrangements have to be made to get him there. Hence the surrender terms. My suggestion, get your sorry butt to Texas now before the Texas Rangers arrive at your door at 0dark30 and haul your butt off to jail.


  7. This will be absurd I know, but what if it was another person who pushed the person out of the way, but since you can’t get money from a stone, they decided to pin it on a millionaire, and this player was the closest? I don’t like injustice happening to any one, doesn’t matter the person skin color, but I do know of some handicapped or disabled people who really aren’t handicapped or disabled at all. Who reported this incident in the first place? Can we rely on the mainstream media for any thing true? Just being a ‘devil’s advocate’, meaning is what was reported really the true? I know these players can be very rude, but what if it was just an ‘act’ to get money falsely from a rich guy? Look at all the ‘so-called’ harassed females, many ended up being just ‘actors’ claiming a falsehood to ruin a person’s name. Too much of that stuff is happening way to much lately, actually since Obozo first stole the office of Pres. illegally. Is this player an illegal? How many in the NFL are illegals, and they do have the money to become citizens of the U.S.A., but they prefer not to become citizens, because then you will have to pay taxes. Plus, for an illegal to become a citizen, there are many legal agencies who will help them become citizens for FREE….so the money is no excuse any longer. Just looking at incidents at a different angle. But yes, most of the players are overpaid, spoiled and I stopped watching the NFL when the first protest against our country’s flag and anthem happened. Don’t miss it either.


  9. Already have found much better use of my time. As far as MB goes they should put him in JAIL now and do not let him pass go or collect $ 200.00. The big cheese in charge of the NFL will go and try and keep his SORRY A$& of out jail because it will of course make the NFL look bad.

  10. N…ger injures a disabled person, won’t stand for the flag, he should rot in jail. But because he can afford it, he won’t


    • Because he’s black and has money is what will keep him out of jail. Haven’t watched any football games for awhile now. Waiting for the XFL to start up next year after superbowl. One rule so they say that to play in the XFL you must stand for the national anthem. We’ll see!!!

  11. Just another ignorant, abusive, and overpaid so-called athlete. And I’ve already stopped watching and supporting pro football even before reading this article.

  12. They are simpmy ignorant people whose victimhood was ratcheted all the way to the top by Obama/Holder/Clinton. They need to be educated as to what thd Flag and the
    Anthem stand for.

    And I have as much patience for these Millionaire Kneelers as I do for the racist, anti-Black comments seen in this post. Racism is racism.

    Or, as my Black DI told us one day, “Abe Lincoln made all men free, but Samuel Colt made all men equal.” SSGT Askew, Ft. Ord, CA, 1967.

    No one who ever re eived a folded flag refused to stand for the National Anthem.

    • We have not watched NFL games and never will. My husband loves to watch football but these players are too spoiled to watch.

    • you know I get you hating what the NFL stands for or what they don’t stand for and all that .I feel the same. I can remember when our athletes were wonderful role models for our kids. they get way way too much money and we get way way too little of respectful polite solind role models. they really really set a very poor example of what an American looks like. But I really have to say this .listening to all you with all the filthy words coming out of your mouths and the filthy racist slurs make you worse that them. it seems to me if you have to use a potty mouth then use it sitting on the pot with the door shut. it doesn’t make you more of a man to talk like that. it only pulls you down to their level. and by the way they all aren’t as nasty as you let on. There ARE SOME WONDERFUL SOLID GODLY FAMILY MEN ON THESE TEAMS THAT HAVE THE UNFORTUNATE PLIGHT OF HAVING TO WORK WITH SOME BIMBOES.I WISH WE HAD A BALL CLUB WHERE THEY MADE 5OOK A YEAR AND COULD ONLY PLAY AT THE MOST 4 OR 5 YEARS. THEN MANY MORE WOULD GET A CHANCE AND THEY WOULD STILL HAVE TIME TO SERVE THEIR COUNTRY AND gO BACK TO A REAL JOB. bETTER YET LET NO ONE PlAY UNTIL THEY SERVED AT LEAST 1 THREE YEAR STINT IN SERVICE FOR OUR COUNTRY.

  13. I served 20 years in the Navy and Army with combat time,hardships out at sea, hardships that come with service. Obama should invite them to the comforts of his home. That will put all of them in one place when the country wants to spit on them as they have spit on me, my country my flag. Look how many young people they have influenced to act out badly by doing the same thing. When the NFL failed to take action I stopped watching football.

  14. As long as the NFL keeps supportingthese Felons and their activities America will keep looking elsewhere!! I know that I will NEVER watch the NFL again!!!

    • I miss my husband of 50 years. He died 4 years ago. Now I am thankful that he isn’t here to see what has happened to Pro football. He loved the game along with baseball, basket ball. Actually every sport in season. He would be crushed to see this happening. He was a very patriotic Army veteran.

  15. #1. Bennett needs a relationship with Jesus Christ. This is Avery confused kid and a top Celebrity Useful Idiot for the LEFT. #2. He needs to serve time for assaulting a 66-year old parapalegic. #This shows how far sports athletes have devolved since President Obama’s race-baiting 8 years.

  16. I have a feeling he’ll be back on field soon! He just yells racism and the MEDIA will follow suit! After all anything else would rerquire ACCOUNTABILITY and that flew out the window yeas ago!!

  17. How about he plays for the “Mean Machine” for the next 10 years? Let’s see if a judge has balls enough to put a “celebrity” in jail.


    • How about this he gets to spend time behind bars, these anti American kneelers are very much arrogant and the lot of them need to be knocked off that perch they are on. They claim they are oppressed well then take that monster amount of money they get and give that money to the veterans, those play yard bullies don’t even know what oppression is, it is more like they are privileged, you know black privilege.

    • I would say, that as they won’t stand for the American flag, maybe they should spend their jail time in a Mexican jail for a few years. We could pay Mexico a dollar a day and that would about cover costs. See how well he likes our flag after half his term is served. If he doesn’t, leave him there. If he does, return him to a US jail for the rest of his term.

  18. He should go to jail and not bet special treatment because he is a player. Jail might open his eyes, I hope the law is applied equally as to others who might have done this.

  19. It’s a shame when these creeps have to use the race card, when lying and cheating to get their way when that doesn’t work. He has the morals of a snake and that has been proven by his actions. TOO BAD SO SAD YOU ARE GETTING WHAT YOU DESERVE!!

    • President Obama, Michelle and Holder used the Race Card nonstop. Contrast #Black #Liberals with #Black #Conservatives. No comparison!

      • Precisely. I have too many great upstanding personal friends who just happen to have skins darker than mine to condemn all blacks. Guys like this a++hole just make them look bad also when the creeps pull this kind of garbage.

  20. Sad statement about Bennett’s values clearly reflected in his behavior. Who among us pushes a 65 year old woman to the point of falling? I would be inclined to protect her. Wouldn’t you? I wonder if his ancestors are proud of his assault. I gave up the NFL once the “take a knee” club began after 66 years of Steeler passion. The National Anthem and Old Glory deserve our highest respect mountains above and beyond any pop-culture trendy protest. 30 year Vet proud to be a part of the 1% who serve. I vote to hold Bennett ACCOUNTABLE for his actions. You watch, he will get a small fine and nothing more from a lefty judge ….a sad commentary on today’s values in the USA today.

    • Sadly, you’re probably right. But there is still civil law. She needs to sue this low life for many of his millions. Ya know the NFL will do nothing about it.

  21. I stopped watching football when they started the crap of kneeling instead of honoring our flag, that men and women died for. They can cancel football and any other sport that the players use for protests against our country. God Bless America and Happy Palm Sunday:-)

    • Fully agree! I stopped watching from the beginning and have no intention of watching or going to games again especially in light of current events with the NFL.

    • Speaking of the flag, that flag stands for all of us Americans so these players are not part of our Nation; they are not really Americans. Why don’t they go to another country if they don’t like it here. No, they would never make the money they make here.

  22. No mercy. Screw Bennett’s lawyer. Bennett needs to go to jail. After ten years in prison, he can’t play football. What a scum bag.

    • Jail time needed, at least 20 years with a 20 million dollars to the woman. Put his family out in the street so they can feel the pain. He is a racist POS. Of course all of nfl players think they are Teflon coated.

  23. The owners should take a tuff stand to those individuals that show disrespect to military and our flag and country. I have not watched a game on my home tv for two years now. When I go to some other persons home I may out of respect for their desires, and leave early. This is a disgrace to every American that gave those individuals the opportunity and the freedom to voice their opinion. They should all be fired.

  24. I was a Broncos Fan till that Jackass Kaeperneck decided to disrespect our country. That was the last time I watched a football game. I already had enough of that #@$%) Players that bet their Wives or girlfriends Disrespected the police did whatever they wanted just because they are Million dollar football players. As far as Mister Michael Bennet is concerned he’s just another $#@%^ football player that needs to be fired or taught a lesson about respect. And after 2 years of no football i dont even miss it

    • So what is new? This is just another Musclehead that thinks that he owns the world, or at least has put down a good down-payment. The full 10 years would do him good, and set a good example for the rest of the sports figures that think they are privileged characters that don’t have to answer to anyone! I have seen too many jerks like this one!! I hope the judge throws the book at him!!!

  25. N-otorious

    I would not watch or patronize the league if they sent me free tickets and paraphernalia along with a banded stack of 20’s. (I would keep the cash though and burn everything else) LOL

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