NFL anthem protesters had a sinking feeling when they saw this number

The chickens are coming home to roost for the NFL and the anthem protesting players.

One number tells the story.

And it’s bad news for the league.

Ratings for the Sunday night football broadcast – the crown jewel of the league’s multi-billion dollar TV package – continue to crater.

The viewership for the week five telecast of the Kansas City Chiefs-Houston Texans game reached a new low.

Breitbart reports:

There’s no real nice way of saying this, but people just don’t seem to care about watching the NFL anymore. On a day that saw a Vice President leave his seat in protest, the ratings for Sunday Night Football once again fell below the number for the previous week.

NBC’s Sunday Night Football earned 10.6/18 in metered market results, that fall constitutes a 3% drop from last week’s numbers. That’s especially bad considering that last week featured a good-but-not-great Seahawks team, and an Andrew Luck-less Indianapolis Colts team, that seemed to be missing 38 starters.

By comparison, last Sunday night’s match-up between an undefeated Chiefs team, and an exciting Texans team playing in a large market, should have done significantly better than the Seahawks-Colts. Such a dynamic might suggest an even more scary trend than the NFL wants to admit.”

Multiple public opinion polls have found that NFL fans cite the anti-American protests as the number one reason they have stopped watching the games.

While the league puts out a brave front in public and denies the rampant America hatred exhibited by their players is hurting the bottom line, their actions tell a different story.

The owners of the Dallas Cowboys and the Miami Dolphins have said their players will stand for the anthem.

Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones went so far to say that anyone who sat for the anthem would be benched.

We will keep you up to date on any further developments in this story.



  1. Like many long time (60 Years) NFL Fans I refuse to support or watch the regular season, playoffs or the fast approaching Super Bowl. I detest the way these players are permitted to disrespect Our Flag, Nation and Military. The fact that they are virtually spitting on the Coffins of those who gave their lives for our country is despicable. I am a veteran and I will not support those Thugs, Slugs and Scuds!!!!!!!

    • I don’t know, I think there are still enough stupid fans that don’t really care about things political and will still go to the games and support them. They have to have football in their lives, like a drug. And how many Black fans will still go to the games? More than likely most of them.

  2. As fans, we pay to watch football. Plain and simple.

    Paid advertisements are a part of the game, as advertisers help to fund the league and its players.

    But, politics have NO PLACE in football.

    I do NOT pay to hear players, managers or the execs, complain, or protest anything outside of football itself!

    I do NOT pay to hear sportscasters complain, protest, or try to justify anything, aside from football itself!

    Do NOT allow politics, in any form, to interfere with the pure entertainment that the game provides!

    Do NOT allow protests, in any form, to interfere with the pure entertainment that the game provides!

    Do NOT allow players, coaches, managers or execs to disrespect our flag, our anthem, our soldiers, our veterans, our men in blue, or this country, in ANY form!

    You have already seen that there are a vast majority of us, patriots, veterans, and every day citizens, who will not stand for this disrespect, and it WILL affect your bottom line!

  3. cut their pay and bench them every time they play their game , at the end of the season remove them for life from the national felons league

    • I like that one ” National Felons League ” I been hoppng it would be the
      “Not For Long” and a new American Football League would come to life. If they just stopped I still would not watch them(NFL) They owe a hugh apology to America for their unappropriateness and disrespect.

  4. Miami leadership i a lyin sack of shit the had players kneeling in Britain Sunday. I reckon if it sounds good it will be ok they don’t really have to enforce it. I don’t really understand the British condoning this behavior either since many of these vets they are disrespecting died to save England from Hitler.

  5. Keep them in the locker room, if possible, otherwise they stay on the bench no matter how it may hurt the team. Then, if possible, fine them enough money to get their attention, then do whatever it takes to get them off the team.

    You cannot allow the tail to wag the dog because your afraid of being called a racist, and oh yea, that what they will say if you rise up against their move to disrespect our flag, our anthem and our Country.


  7. The knee cappers created their own undoing. Some white communist just talked them out of work. IN THE FUTURE BLACK ATHELETES WILL BE EVALUATED ON POLITICAL PERSUASION. NO ONE WANTS A TROUBLE MAKER. WAKE UP STOP BEING USED.

  8. Once again we fail to acknowledge the wrongs about being a minority in our loving country. A country founded on blood, sweat and tears from fellow americans taking away what they already had. Forcing them to live in their society. A society made up from others coming into this country and making rules to fit their own society. No, we we’re not a part of that nor did we have any rights to what they we’re fighting for. This particular society did not care nor respect our so called america. Their teachings were made to force us to learn mostley their truths acknowledging only their beliefs. We live with rules that apply to a certain society made long ago that need to be changed as we have changed. So why is it so hard to admit their way is not and never had been the only way. Everyone should be treated and respected the way they should be treated and respected. It’s really simple if some people didn’t feel more superior than others, which is something I really find hard to comprehend. What will we do if by some chance the real aliens come and take over and declare their rights on all of us?? Just saying::))

  9. I am done with all of Football forever now. Including grade school children who get hurt before their time. to rought a sport anyway. What wrong with just plain old exercise, like when I went to school. Sorry but I am done with NFL for sure and owners. Our Country, God & flag more important then all the money in the world.

  10. Well – people; let us show some understanding for those low-lives; they invested mucho dollars on gold-plated picture frames with Hillary’s portrait that now gather dust in their garages.

  11. When the NFL became the Negro Felony League, I soon developed a dislike for the game. What used to be a game has now become a head hunting debacle. No more finesse. Major fouls now are targeting and taunting. They have taken a great game and and turned it into a street fight. I am done

  12. I hear #7 is WILLING to STAND for the Anthem now if someone will hire him for a team. Make anyone of them who takes a knee or stays in the locker room and this goes for the whole team a fine of $10,000 per person each time and you can not play that game. All funds will be given to groups that help the poor or injured like our service men/women.

  13. Too little too late! The owners thought they would allow their players to be in control and they were. But FIRST NOW the owners care because it is causing them lost revenue. Only money talks to them. Even though they have rules regarding the anthem on the books they disregarded them until the ratings and money came crashing down. WE THE PEOPLE are being suddenly used, but no more. We are backing up the new law that NO city will give taxpayer money to any team to build a stadium. They can do it in their own. It may mean cutting players salaries on their contracts and that would be very appropriate. About time no player gets away with disrespecting the American Flag and Anthem. EVERY country thruout the world has a flag and a song and since so many players do not like the American Flag and Song they can pick a flag they like better and LEAVE AMERICA, the sooner the better, they can give up their citizenship and hope to play football elsewhere and pray another country will pay them, which they won’t, they will demand that they play for free because they were dictated to to play! Good luck jerks! Take your 2 face owners with you!NO APOLOGY NEEDED because we will never accept it! Get off American soil!

  14. they are so dome they do not realize what is it about!!! One stupid player got all of them into this mass!!! I feel sorry for them,but on the other way they should recognize that is wrong period!!!

  15. These demonstration of hating the Anthem and Flagg that I have seen up close is affecting Very Young Children that’s going to grow up hating our country. Thanks you ungratful pieces of crap.

  16. I will NOT watch ANY Pro football until the kneeling has stopped. And kneeling is against NFL Rules and players and teams should be fined and fined so it hurts like a million per game for players and a billion per team. Then double the fines the next week. Money speaks very loudly.

  17. Do the players have a clue what they are protesting? Have any of them articulated a cogent statement on what and why they are protesting and the remedies they propose? Neither have I. Other than being held hostage by easily replaced players, the NFL and the Owners fail to grasp that their bread is buttered by FANS and WE DON’T LIKE THEIR FAILED RESPONSE to the disrespect for our FLAG, OUR Anthem, OUR COUNTRY.

  18. NFL players get penalized for excessive celebration ,unsportsmanlike conduct and taunting another player. They should be penalized 15 yards for each player that takes a knee.

  19. To little to late the horse has left the barn. The truth is that the damage is done nothing the NFL owners and players do will repair the damage they have done.
    It’s going to take a long time to regain the respect of your fans and sponsors. The only ones who are to blame is the NFL LEADERSHIP for their inability to take appropriate action when a second rate QB from San Francisco 49ers took a knee now that this is costing the NFL TEAMS OWNERS BOTTOM LINE

    • The loser leftists always scream “It’s my 1st amendment right”! to protest, to say this or say that. Yeah! well it’s my 2nd amendment “RIGHT” to own any gun I want, so F-uk them!

  20. SCREW YOU, NFL…….

  21. This has become something interesting to watch – the false narrative of BLM vs America. And as above poster said, it is more literally Commie Pigs vs America and the Commie Pigs wanted to probe just how far this stunt would carry. It appears they are getting blasted.

    This “its all about you (meaning me) mindset” that is encrypted into the minds of way too many black athletes is a stench the nation cannot stand for any longer. We need American black people to come back in line – I did not say “be put in their place.” There is no room for black racists anymore than there is for any others.

  22. ban the nfl from tv nobody wants to see them useless bastards disrespect our flag, the net works think by not showing the national anthem on tv it will make it go away ,how wrong they are .to hell with the nfl condesending net works and them useless kneeling bastards F#$@ em all


  24. Too little too late!
    There are other problems with the NFL, BUT this has ended the NFL for all intents and purposes as far as I am concerned!
    Apparently I am not alone!

  25. My family will never watch another football game. These football low life’s need to go to another country! THIS IS AMERICA AND IF YOU CANNOT RESPECT THE BRAVE MEN AND WOMEN WHO FOUGHT AND DIED FOR OUR FREEDOM, GO TO CUBA,NORTH KOREA!! YOU ARE THE SCUM OF THE EARTH!

    • Excellent, Jane, I am in total agreement! They should be asked which country they would rather live in and given a one way ticket!

      Excellent, Jane, I am in total agreement! These anti-American’s should be asked which country they would prefer to live in and then presented with a one way ticket.

  26. This latest NFL debacle is the final straw for me. Have not bothered to watch one minute this season. I’ve also let the major sponsors aware of my displeasure. It will be interesting to see if the NBA does something similar. Remember, they play an 82 game schedule versus just 16 in the NFL, not counting the playoffs. We’ll see the strength of their commitment when it starts to effect paychecks.

    • The NFL thinks it’s bad now, wait and see what happens when almost nobody shows up for the play-offs! Let’s see who has the last laugh! He who laughs last, laughs hardest!

  27. It ain’t nuthin but support for thugs who resist arrest and fight with cops. Sorry, America doesn’t see that as sosha jussus. And America won’t support disrespect for the Flag and the Anthem. You players are kneeling on your own necks.

  28. This NFL protest may have been a bit of a temperature taking by the leftist/communist Establishment. It it were, then they are finding more conservative, patriotic Americans than they ever thought existed. These communists have been waiting for us war babies to die off, so they could take complete control of our government and all the people who live here. After this failed attempt to make all of us accept behavior we find offensive in the name of the 1st Amendment, they may have to rethink their strategy. I’m glad to know there are still so many good people alive and well and willing to disagree with the leftist/communist ideology.

    • I’m finding I’m not the only one who sees this happening. Good to know that I’m not alone. Problem is that we need to act against this takeover that Khrushchev promised.

    • Linda Bryant I believe has hit the nail on the head. This is definitely a leftist/communist inspired protest. And based on all the comments I have read after all such articles, I believe the numbers with respect to ratings are misstated. I believe the numbers are much worse. I have not seen a positive comment about the nfl anywhere.
      Time for a new league, the USFL, and ban all the protestors for life.

      • That is so obvious when one player is fined for having a shirt on that has GOD’S name on it but nothing is done when another player has a Communist Fascist dictator on the front of his shirt.

        • Perfect! I so agree, our patriotism and our American values are being attacked. As a season NFL ticket holder, I am finished with these ingrates,and the team owners.

      • Spot on. Yes indeed, we’ve showed up. They NEVER expected this. Because WE, as a people. Don’t Moab and complain about every single damn thing. Omg. We cane out in droves. And if they feel one minute think we’ll lie down if civil war or the like happens, well their in for a rude awakening.

    • The recent election also seems to be a good temperature gauge on the nation since it had to take huge numbers of democrats and independents to overcome the media lies, massive voter fraud and money that was thrown against Trump and he still won. There must be more us of than we realized who are not so dumbed down to hate our good country.

      • I AGREE with Moshe.PRESIDENT TRUMP is the cause of everyone coming together in the election. if the Demoncrats used their heads instead of having it up their A$$ES they should be more aware that this is AMERICA !! the NFL & AFL is just like the other dumba$$es on the left !! They have no idea of what they did would affect them across the U.S.A. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Linda Bryant… You are exactly correct. It’s the same social experiment and testing of the waters they did with the washroom experiment, allowing creeps and pedophiles to enter women’s washrooms and changerooms for the sake of all those “poor” transgenders and sexually confused individuals. Unbelievable how our society has crumbled. Go Mr. Trump????

  29. not taking action against this kind of behavior.
    in this country, they like making millions, but they refuse to respect our flag and our National Anthem ?
    It makes me sick that they’re getting paid to sit down , or nail down those that do … should have to return to the locker room with no pay !!!!!!! ????

    • Let’s see how they like living on table scraps! Once the NFL implodes, and it will, all those idiots won’t even be able to get a job flipping burgers at a fast food joint!

      • If they like dancing on the field so much, maybe when they lose their Multi-million $ jobs, they can go on Dancing with the stars show for a few pennies.

  30. Jerry Jones made that statement once before and then he knelt down with those bunch of losers prior to the game I’m done with the NFL

  31. Shame on them and on their bosses too for not taking action against this kind of behavior.
    They want to live in this country, they like making millions in this country, but they refuse to respect our flag and our National Anthem ?
    Then they should go live in Cuba, see how beautiful life is there and make their millions there.
    Spoiled brats !

    • I do not want them begging. I do not want to forgive them, I want them to feel what millions of Americans felt, when they lost their jobs without any fault on their part ….
      Screw the NFL …. I want the NFL to lose all the advantages they have with taxes that we, the regular folks don’t have….
      Donw with the NFL….. Nothing is forever…except diamonds

      • The issue is police murdering unarmed citizens, not the NA!!
        UNIVISION (not my favorite station), just reported one more.
        California 10/9/17. There is a tape but the police does not accept it. Wow! When are you going to focus on the real issue? Is not the NA the players respect it as much as you if not more, but the police getting a few weeks of paid vacations for murdering unarmed citizens is not acceptable by most of us.

        • Really?…Looks that you have a little bias against the police… I agree that the police don’t suppose to kill an unarmed citizen…. but what about the number of police officers killed on the line of duty?…
          Looks that for you is not important…until you need one…. I don’t know what kind of experiences you had with the police, but I was stoped by police several times and I keep my hands where he or she can see them, I answered and treated the officer with respect, comply with anything they ask me… and I never had a bad experience. So… when you respect someone, you get respect back…
          Sadly, today…. most people think that they have the right to disrespect anybody and everybody… and one can go by life acting like that… One don’t go far with that kind of attitude.
          I had have worked on the streets of Manhattan for 30 years…and I had seeing my quota of police activity on them. You have not idea how many times I said to my self ” If they do that to me I shoot the mother …er”
          Of course, I’m not a police officer, I don’t have they training, but I don’t have to eat the shit they do day after day after day….everybody have a limit…
          That means that they have a right to shoot, no, they don’t, but if instead of follow simple instructions, with respect, and in a calm way, people react like in the movies or a tv show…well, the results will be accordingly
          By the way, what is your opinion when a police officer get killed?
          Because that is not acceptable by most of us.

        • Is that why these NFL Felon scum act like they are urinating in the end Zone and giving the Black Panther salute???? Nice try but NO CIGAR!!!! Plenty of other ways to protest without disrespect!!! IF you don’t get that then you are beyond hope!!

          • I’m done with the NFL and the NYGiants. Overpaid uneducated morons felons who don’t love this country and don’t appreciate how well off they are. Keep your dumb ass opinions to your selves Don’t bring it to work. Like everyone else does. The Giants won’t even bother to discipline their players e.g. Odell Beckham Why should I see about them. Got better things to do

        • screw you Mendoza, you wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped you in the face.I never seen a police office shoot without a reason.I see thugs everyday breaking the law.Our flag ,National Anthem has nothing to do with police paid vacations killing…it is dishonoring the Military and what they fought for to give us freedom

      • I agree totally. Those few who took a stand against this disrespect should be the only players left. Fire all the rest of them. No severance pay, no more anything for these un-American a-holes.

    • They are going to have to beg forgiveness – all the way from the top – down and especially for each of those creeps who knelt and/or locked arms and stuck a fist into the air. There are other places for their petty protests, not on the field of play.

        • Don’t be so sure…. Most of them have not the brains, or the skills to protect their fortunes…
          I don’t think that they are playing the game, for being the best at the classrooms…So…
          Just look around….See how they are and how behave, the kind of lifestyle they practice and how they expend the money they make…Is a question of time… very short time…

          • Mario there’s a typo in my comment to you. I meant to say BACK TO BASICS. NOT Buddoc (something like that ).

        • Totally agree. EXCEPT last week there were 38 thousand EMPTY seats in one of the stadiums. Now if you can figure that a crappy seat at an NFL game is somewhere around $50 and you times that by the 38,000 empty seats that equals 1.9 million dollars. That doesn’t include food and souvenirs. They may have made some money so far but they’re in for a rude awakening they think if they just get their players to stand during the national anthem and look at the flag that it’s all going to go away no too bad so sad too late they can kiss my butt. I will be very interested what Anheuser-Busch who sponsors in a very large way to the Super Bowl are they going to pull their commercial money I guess we’ll see

          • Mario, you’re right on the money. Yep. It’s too late. Maybe and this is a big maybe, if they go back to baducs, stand, hand over heart ❤️ and respect the very symbol that keeps us all united. The first time I see a fist, or exercising , which was the worst, he should’ve been fired, if just be cool, i may come back.
            Look, you guys made your point. Now let’s go already. Man, what a huge disappointment.

      • If they hate America so much, why are they still here. I wish they would all leave and go back to her native land wherever their ancestors came from. America would be a much better place!

        • Please call Anheiser Busch at 1 800 342 5283. They arethinking of pulling out!! Press 1 for their NFL complaint line!! They are the NFL BIGGEST money and if they pull out the NFL is done!!!

    • That is the only thing that they understand. Hit in their pocket book and watch them squirm. Kaperneack now want to play and will stand for the pledge. I still eill not watch any game that has just one player kneeling off goes my set. I hate disrespect in any form whether it is our anthem or flag or our service personel. They go to war so these whiney millionairs can disrespect what they are dying for.

  32. The all powerful NFL is no longer, what did they think would happen? WE THE PEOPLE got tired of this baby bullshit and disrespecting our flag. So the NFL can keep disrespecting and WE THE PEOPLE will continue our boycott, so good luck to the NFL and their sponsors. It’s time to put these millionaires into the unemployment line.

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