NFL anthem protesters had a sinking feeling when they saw this number

The chickens are coming home to roost for the NFL and the anthem protesting players.

One number tells the story.

And it’s bad news for the league.

Ratings for the Sunday night football broadcast – the crown jewel of the league’s multi-billion dollar TV package – continue to crater.

The viewership for the week five telecast of the Kansas City Chiefs-Houston Texans game reached a new low.

Breitbart reports:

There’s no real nice way of saying this, but people just don’t seem to care about watching the NFL anymore. On a day that saw a Vice President leave his seat in protest, the ratings for Sunday Night Football once again fell below the number for the previous week.

NBC’s Sunday Night Football earned 10.6/18 in metered market results, that fall constitutes a 3% drop from last week’s numbers. That’s especially bad considering that last week featured a good-but-not-great Seahawks team, and an Andrew Luck-less Indianapolis Colts team, that seemed to be missing 38 starters.

By comparison, last Sunday night’s match-up between an undefeated Chiefs team, and an exciting Texans team playing in a large market, should have done significantly better than the Seahawks-Colts. Such a dynamic might suggest an even more scary trend than the NFL wants to admit.”

Multiple public opinion polls have found that NFL fans cite the anti-American protests as the number one reason they have stopped watching the games.

While the league puts out a brave front in public and denies the rampant America hatred exhibited by their players is hurting the bottom line, their actions tell a different story.

The owners of the Dallas Cowboys and the Miami Dolphins have said their players will stand for the anthem.

Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones went so far to say that anyone who sat for the anthem would be benched.

We will keep you up to date on any further developments in this story.