The NFL anthem protests are about to take an awful turn for the worse

If you are fed up with the anti-American NFL protests, there is bad news coming your way.

The NFL is on the verge of a “solution.”

And the protests are about to take a disgusting turn for the worse.

Rather than own up their problem, NFL owners are trying to sweep it under the rug.

The league could vote in the offseason to institute a rule mandating that no team take the field until the anthem has been played.

The Washington Post reports:

“Some NFL owners believe there is a strong possibility they will enact an offseason change to the league’s national anthem policy if players’ protests during the anthem persist through the end of this season, reverting to a previous approach of keeping players in the locker room while the anthem is played, according to several people familiar with the league’s inner workings.

“I think that if players are still kneeling at the end of the year, then it could very well happen,” said one person familiar with the owners’ deliberations on anthem-related issues.

That person said it was “too early to tell” for certain if the change to the anthem policy will be made by owners and the league. The person was “not sure” if a formal vote of the owners would be required to enact such a change but said, “I think most owners would support it, particularly if players continue to kneel this season.”

This would only further infuriate fans who would see the move as an act of cowardice.

Instead of doing what is right – putting in place a rule like the NBA has which states players must stand during the anthem – the owners are going to cave into the whims of American hating athletes.

It is an admission they have no control over their sport and they have thrown in the towel on trying to market the game to patriotic Americans.

Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t matter what the NFL tries to do. I threw them into the crap can a long time ago, and flushed them.

  2. I won’t watch football anymore, and keeping them in the locker room doesn’t fix the problem. The owners need to be a boss. What the players do on this issue in their off time is their business. They are totally disrespectful to the flag and our military. I have thought for a long time that the media makes to much of a big deal about some of the good players, and that makes them think that they are God, but with a bad attitude. Their attitude is what gets them in trouble with the cops, another case of NO respect.

    • Until the NFL makes it mandatory like the NBA does, for ALL players to stand for the national anthem,I won’t be watching anymore games,as far as I’m concerned they are traitors!

  3. I say send them to another country for the rest of their sorry lives and let them see just how much freedom they think they don’t have here in the USA…and send the “Commish” too…!!!

  4. By the way….all this disrespect to our flag, our national anthem and our country is being done by 99.9% black players
    Is there anything they don’t protest????

    • Why don’t they protest their THUG way of life? Maybe then the innocent people in the inner cities would have a better life.

  5. During my lifetime I have seen the start of the AFL which lasted and the World Football League which did not, but I think now is the time for another league to come in and get a good start. There is and always will be a market for people who want to watch pro football. As far as I’m concerned the name of that league does not have to be the NFL. I will never watch another NFL game again, I hope they go out of business. Now is the perfect time for another league to swoop in and take advantage of Roger Goodel’s stupidity and steal a football league. I think the mood of the county is right for it to be successful at this point of time..

  6. Well then We The People can easily put a spin on that one. NO PLAYERS ON FIELD SPELLS OWNERS DISRESPECT AMERICA ERGO NO PEOPLE INN THE STANDS. Since their action would make them (players) appear better than those who fund the sport it is only fitting that those funds dry up. Since Congress has been served with an ultimatum too quit funding stadiums it would pretty much end the treason. Do not support these In American protesters, their owners or their sponsors. They would be better served moving to another country.

    • I think you are right. Putting them underground or making them stand, still the same. They are so disrespectful. It galls me to think my tax money has been spent for their benefit in any way. They make me sick.

  7. Cowards! All of them. NO respect for country or the American dream, which I would think most of these players have achieved. Apparently they have forgotten what it was like to be a ‘normal’ person making a lower wage- back before they were so “important”!! Good riddance . I am done with the NFL. Haven’t watched a game since this disrespect for our flag/military and country started. Haven’t missed it either !

    • Wouldn’t bother me if they stayed in the locker forever. Why play at all? Show us some REAL protest, quit playing all together!!!

  8. 9 X out of 10 players are not AMERICAS and yet we pay for their salaries for watching the games, going to the games AND ETC. WHAT A SAID WORLD WHEN WE HAVE NO AMERICANS STANDING FOR OUR FREEDOM GAME OVER! FOREVER! GOOD BYE NFL AND ALL SPORTS NO AMERICANS! NO SPORTS

  9. Football was one of my favorite sports, but this year I stopped all NFL game watching because I was felt disrespected by these millionaire players who don’t care about their fans. Who the hell wants to watch something when crap is thrown in your face by a bunch of dumb athletes who hate your ass. Better I spend my time with something worthwhile like taking my dog for a walk. When the stupid SObs are all fired; thats when I’ll return to watching the NFL again.


    • My husband said he still wouldn’t watch any games, no matter what the idiots did,
      even if they apologized, but we all know it would be a cold day in h*ll before they would apologize, besides they really wouldn’t mean it if they did.

    • At this point I don’t care if they stay in their bus till the anthem is played, I watched No Fans Left for ENTERTAINMENT not a civics or political lesson. All this BS on the players behalf, is only assuring that there concerns which looking at the facts is faulty, will not be delt with by the people that the players say are responsible for oppression. #NOSTANDNOWATCH.

  11. Get it straight, I feel very sorry for the ‘innocent’ people that have lost their lives over the mistakes that our police make, but I have feelings whatsoever for the criminals that get done in, The bottom line is as it should be,, eff with the bull and get the horn. Plus as many of the above mentioned, put your money into the ghetto and keep your mouths shut. If you don’t want to be treated like N!Gers then don’t act like them. PS Down with the kneegers!
    So, be thankful or leave like some major assholes have promised but the pricks/cunts are still here.
    I love America even though I have not been blessed with disgusting entertainer bucks,, I say stand for The Flag and all that it represents.

  12. Let them keep protesting, next year and the year after, the NFL will be gone anyway. It has lost fans even before these misguided acts of so-called protests. They just want attention to get more American money millions. They are only doing this to just benefit themselves. That’s what Hollywood is all about, Symbolism over Substance. The NFL will go on the wayside as people do realize they are overpaid anyway for how short the season is. With the controversies of ‘dancing in the end zone’ and questionable calls by the refs, etc., the NFL has lost fans even before this, and now the concussion issues causing more brain related illnesses, one day the NFL will be deemed too dangerous for health and not be allowed to continue anyway. Once the season is over, YEAH and I don’t watch it anyway, then something else will replace this in yet another non-American actions. If those who own these teams don’t start to step-up and support their country, America in this case, then all sports will go down and people can watch them on their play stations or some other AI (artificial intelligence) object and not even have real sports any longer, let the robots run everything, robots don’t complain, they are only ‘programmed’. If they do complain, then just unplug them. Problem solved, and it is cheaper to have robots than humans anyway. Besides, football, primarily in the NFL is not fair comparison, look at the much better players that didn’t get picked because they, lately, are non-minority. So the NFL is a racist organization, and do they have any females playing? No, so they aren’t only racist but bigots and anti-women too. Another reason not to watch the NFL and PROTEST THEM instead.

  13. It’s time for team owners and sponsors to take a stand. Do you support our flag. our military, and the rest of the public service responders, along with the consumers, who have raised their voice. Or a feeble now forgotten “cause”, being used, instead of working for their resolution? I served my 26 years with pride with my fellow brothers in arms, and we are pissed.. Sponsors your sales are bound to be taking a turn, act or it could become a dive that the shareholders won’t like. Hockey and what the Europeans call football, looking better every week! God Bless America

  14. This only confirms that the NFL DOES HAVE National Anthem policy of some kind. If that’s the case, then the Commissioner needs to apply it. The one(s) that I see that don’t have a pair of balls, are the administrators and Commissioners in the corporate offices of the NFL and of the owners/teams. I believe that the NFL has gone as far as possible to shove their so call rules and regulations up the butts of the fans that no one what is and what isn’t rules or policy.
    Why should you and I pay for their stadiums and complexes with our tax money when the owners say they are poor when they give multimillion contracts?
    The so called Super Bowl is just around the corner, why can’t the fans see all of the half time programs? I know, so the commentators, being paid big dollars, can say things that most of the fans already know, even if they don’t go to the games. In all the years of the Super Bowls, I have been able to see a little bit of the Half Time shows, but had to listen to crap spoken by millionaire ex-players, ex-coaches, and now, women commentators.
    I was watching an exciting college football game recently, when all of a sudden they switched to a commentator talking with a player’s family about nothing, and in the meantime missed some big plays. This has also happened in professional football also. Why?

    • While small businesses have hard time surviving paying high taxes place of business expenses, while we taxpayers are furnishing these unpatriotic thugs free domain.
      Most people cannot afford the tickets to these racist juvenile games. The very unequal ratio of whites to blacks in comparison to the population is way out of balance, the people of this country should be calling for equal opportunity and quotas on these ball teams. This is reverse discrimination
      Fire these thugs and their owners .

  15. Let the owners show just how stupid they are! The contempt for our country the players showed will pale to the disrespect of not having those players on that damned field because the owners don’t know how to tell these overpaid babies how to act! Stupid is as stupid does, to coin a phrase from Forrest Gump!

  16. NFL owners have shown nothing but contempt for the ones that help them make their millions and now they want to do it again by keeping those worthless pieces of crap in the locker room until after the Anthem. They are not any better then the scumbag players. Instead of showing disrespect for their country and the flag, the players should try taking a little time and some of the millions they make (thanks to this country) to actually help their people themselves. Maybe start in Chicago and the black on black crime. That has nothing to do with police brutality. Maybe they should get together with the different police departments and discuss how things could change. If they are sincere about this then do it the right way, that’s not by pissing everyone off by showing disrespect for our country and the flag. It doesn’t matter what you say about why you are doing it. We stand for the Anthem and the Flag to show respect for all the men and women that have served and given their lives for this country in the past and present. If these disrespectful assholes cared for this country they would know this.

    • The players that are being disrespectful are black and they are trying to make a point, and the owners, by letting them not take the field until after the National Anthem is played is cowering to the black players and doesn’t prove a damd thing. So if the owners want to let these black players rule the roost, then that is letting the black players win. So if that’s the way these owners want to cower down to these black players, then all that is going to do is finish driving the nails in the coffin (so to speak) and the patriotic fans are not going to except that stance either. So as far as I am concerned, the NFL is dead and they might as well lock the doors of the stadiums, or be willing to pay these millionaires players to play to a reduced crowd of fans, and if they do that, in following seasons they won’t be able to pay the players these million dollar contracts. And that’s fine with me because I won’t be there to watch these losers play their stupid games anyway.

      • The problem is with the owners too. They don’t want to lose the money even if they don’t agree with these black players. They feel if they bench or suspend the players, they will lose money.
        Roger Goodell thinks his contract should be renewed for 50M? The way he’s handled this issue, he should be fired.

        • Jerry Jones was right. Goodell needs to go. But at this point, I really don’t care. If these stupid owners want to kill the NFL, then so be it. They have already allowed the inmates to run the prison, so what the heck.

        • Agree owners are turning there back on the paying fans hope they lose there ass if they are scared of the mostly blacks then let them kiss there butts, and hoppingly they will show these disgusting layers in some other country not in the USA.

          • Will some of you ignorant people out “there” please learn the difference between “THEIR” and “THERE”! What school did you go to? Down with the NFL!

  17. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. If the NFL players want to complain about police brutality then lets post those players police records. If they complain about societies treatment of minorities then lets post all the special programs that minorities get that non-minorities do not get but pay for. I say every time a player protest we post some his misdeeds with the law and the judicial process.
    Seriously, every time a player does any form of a protest during a game we post any and all of his or their illegal activity. It’s called criminal record.
    They claim “Freedom of Speech”, I respond with “Freedom of the Press” via public records.

  18. Massive fines with all money being donated to disabled veterans and their families, and no more financing new stadiums with public funds, and stop all the idiotic celebrations after every successful play. Goodell should be fired immediately for complete incompetence,and for having the unbelievable gall to demand a $50 MILLION contract. He has basically presided over the self destruction of the NFL, which has become so arrogant as to think we cannot live without them. It’s long past time for a Life Lesson In Reality.

  19. we quit watching them this year the college games are just fine for us. If they hide in the locker rooms next year we will continue to not watch the NFL, and anything connected to them.

  20. I keep telling everyone DO WATCH THE SUPER BOWL this year if you really want to screw the NFL and the kneeling rich Brats as they will loose Millions in ratings. All it takes is for us to tune them out.

  21. Their goal is the same as the liberal agenda, divide the country. Racial equality and freedom is the goal of our constitution but it is an organic process. Look how far we have come in the last 50 years and they want to inflame healing wounds. Anyone who looks up to jocks and actors for moral compass is lost anyway. If you believe in something then go to the inner city and actually help. Brainless scumbags. And by the way there are plenty of poor white and brown people that are abused and marginalized by the system every day and the biggest murderer of black people is black people, WTF?. Screw the nfl and screw big government. Drop their asses off in somalia.

    • I hope enough people do not watch that these idiots have to use good common sense and change their rules, but I think they are such dyed-in-the-wool nut jobs that they would not know common sense if it bit them where they sit down.

  22. The football players are the ones that are going to get hurt, right in the paycheck, and it is their own fault. The only way you protest is off of the field, but then you need to quit doing stupid things that cause cops to be after you, not that you all do the wrong things, but look at Chicago. The biggest majority of cops don’t want to hurt anyone, but when you thing your above the law it causes problems.

    • The thing is, that whole idea is too logical. It makes too much sense to take that approach, but remember one important detail first… these guys are nothing more than brainless, racist, overpaid crybabies. They don’t understand common sense. Any more barbaric in their low-brow existence and they would carry clubs around and wear bear skins.

      • You are right, they are stupid because they think because of who they are, their actions will have an impact and the public will see things their way.

  23. IF they don’t show up for the National Anthem, then they should’t show up for the game, NOR their paycheck either‼️‼️
    NO PLAY……..NO PAY‼️‼️‼️‼️

    • There is already a rule on their book… that they “stand for the National Anthem!!!” So what is the purpose of making another rule which they will break?? They are idiots… and you cannot expect rational thoughts and results from that kind of mentality!! So just fire those who do not want to comply.. I think that they would understand… at least given a bit of time when they are NOT receeiving those unecessarily large paychecks… for their chosen course of professional studies
      of “PLAYGROUND!!” (or recess!!! so let ’em go… they are not even playing fair for playground!!!

    • I agree, these millionaires have is pretty sweet in this country. They can’t even show respect for the Nation that has given them that life. Or for the people who have sacrificed to keep them safe. They don’t deserve a paycheck or any respect from the people of this country

    • you said it right. No play no pay. I will build a new house instead of giving them money for a new stadium or nice paychecks.I am sick of this crap.

  24. Anytime you work for somebody, when you’re on their dime, they do not allow any kind of political activism! These muscle browned, no brain idiots, over paid ,are no different!

  25. If they want to save the game they should change their contracts over the winter stating if they don’t respect the country that gave them opportunity and freedom, they will be fired on the spot and contract is null & void !!!!

  26. I thought the NFL rulebook had the rule that coaches and players were to stand during the Anthem and Flag raising or did they take it out? Goodell ought to get some fortitude and not act like a pansy.

  27. Stay in the locker room until Anthem is over? Cowardice is correct. I thought that Pittsburg, Seattle and Tennessee were cowards. And don’t forget that Oakland wanted to stay in locker room but would have suffered penalties.
    If they put an absence rule in place, it is proof that ‘the inmates run the prison’ literally, except they are not incarcerated – ATT.

  28. I can’t even say what i really think!!! But I will never again support anything to do with the NFL!!! I am all for them leaving this great country and take most of Hollywood with you. They are all so immoral and preach to us how we should think and live. BYE BYE to bad rubbish!!! GOD BLESS our military, police and our great President!!!

    • If they think keeping players off the field until the Anthem is over is the right solution, they’re more ignorant than I already thought. If they think what they’ve already faced is bad, let them pull a stunt that’s certain to backfire. Fans will finally know how unimportant they’ve always been and continue to be, and when learning that reality, will keep their money in their pockets to recreate in a way they can find peace with their choices. Let the NFL do their thing, but this idea will be the final nail in their coffin’s. They’ll finally be done, no money to pay these ignorant, self serving and way over priced player’s, no money to keep their stadiums running sufficiently and all of those things they looked to us to foot the bill for. Good riddance to an organization that no longer stands for the good of the country. Instead they’ve chosen to support criminals and deviants. Bye bye, they’ll not be missed.

  29. I lived in Taiwan as an expatriate for 8 years following the Vietnam War. As they once did in America, they played the National Anthem just before the main feature would be shown. Everyone would stand and honor their Anthem in song. I soon learned the words and joined in with them. It was the right thing to do, even though I was not a Chinese citizen.

    • You are a gracious and admirable man. I bet that you wouldn’t kneel. Thank you for your service to our country during a time when it wasn’t popular and you didn’t get the recognition you deserved. You represent America very well.

  30. I haven’t watched or gone to a Game since they started kneeling. I also have sent e mails to all the beer companies and when my wife brought home Pepsi max with the NFL logo on the can back they were taken back and exchanged for Coke that didn’t have any logo’s I don’t buy anything from any company that advertises on NFL games.

  31. Start a new league and forget about the old league. If any players is disrespectful he gone let him play somewhere else

  32. A great way to keep fans (such as me) away from the game completely. Owners have a cowardace way of handling their spoiled millionaires who have nothing if they don’t have football. They can’t seem to realize the fans are who finance their elitist lives.

  33. They don’t give a damn about our Flag, national anthem, or our military( past or present). Anything they say or do now will be because all of them ,from the top down, will be afraid of losing their game playing and all the millions of dollars they are getting. I say FORGET the NFL, the players and the sponsors exist and move on to better things and better people.

    • Right on, Harry. Other black problems are not yet in the public eye. I saw a picture , in Reader’s Digest of an on field ceremony, at a Baltimore Orioles game, where the black players did not respect the anthem, but others did. Time the blacks quit making everything about race, and worked harder at being better Americans..

    • They will ALL be part of the problem- The KKKKKKKKK (Klueless Kowardly Krazy Kolin Kapaernick Kommie Kriminal Knuckle-dragging Kneelers)

  34. It’s obvious the owners don’t have ANY control over their players. The inmates are running the prison, lawless thugs, disgusting people anti American traitors. Fire them and hire pro American players that can actually play the game. Was my favorite sport, now it’s the most disgusting sport all because of anti American players, coaches and owners and of course the disguting commissioner. Shame on them all. Start showing the national anthem on t.v. again, ignore the players, they are just trash, the Flag matters..

  35. The owners are loosing money, the stations are loosing money and the sponsors are loosing money. Cut the Players money in HALF (every ones, not just kneelers (peer pressure). See if their principles are as strong as their greed.

  36. They have violated a very high tenet I believe in. Any change they make or will make will only be for money. My belief is for my Country, Flag and fellow Veterans. I am gone for good. Marine Bob. Semper Fi.

    • Me too. I was addicted. I went through treatment and now have recovered. I no longer will watch any NFL games and will never watch that league again. I can no longer support or contribute to players with whom I don’t respect no matter how much God given talent they have.

    • I have been saying this since the beginning. Why don’t the players get a good lawyer and pool their money together and make some commercials explaining their complaints. Then show them during every game all season. This way you can explain all your protests without disrespecting the FLAG. Who knows maybe the TV stations will run the adds for free ,as a public service add . Then it won’t cost the players hardly any money. Why hasn’t this idea ever been mentioned?

  37. The NFL are a pack of boneheads who will slowly but surely kiss their paychecks goodbye. They surely do deserve their fate. Roger Gooddog deserves most of the blame because he could have stopped it cold. He is a loser along with all the stupid players.

  38. I’m totaly againest the nfl players protesting the national athemn, maybe it would be best if they kept these cry babies in the locker room, that way we won’t have to witness their stupidity and disrespect. But, they won’t like staying in the locker room as they want people to see how disrespectful they are, they all think they are cute, but in reality, they are just thugs being over paid.

  39. Sponsors need to follow suit with Papa Johns. This will be catastrophic for the NFL thus the owners and players. If they stay in locker room the fans should flee even more. This is not a solution. It is giving in to the commissioner the owners and scumbag players. Hit them where it hurts. If attendance goes then sponsors go, TV coverage goes. NFL goes bye bye. Alleluia! Let them all get other jobs. The owners would have billion dollar losses and their teams worthless. Couldn’t make me happier.

  40. It is already over for me. Thanks have not seen 1 play. If the owner is caving on this it will prove they are nothing but Dupes. Right now in my eyes they are not owners. They are puppets. I hope they lose everything along and the players too

  41. I am already done. Have not seen a play this year. If the owners cave it would show they are nothing more than
    Dupes. The are not owners. They are puppets. Hope they lose everything’ and the players as well.

  42. I cannot believe the owners are standing for this. The fans have spoken and I never have seen a player buy a ticket to come and stand for the anthem. When there is no league they will beg us all to come back. They should remember what happened to baseball some years ago. I have never cared for Jerry Jones but he is taking the right stand and he wants godell gone which would be the first move that should be handled. Good luck you protestors you started it the fans will finish it.

  43. I say if you want to disrespect the anthem and our great country for which it stands then move to another country and see if you can make millions of dollars playing a sport there. You bunch of spoiled prime donnas.

  44. This just means that the league is going to go back to what they did before 2005. That’s when they started to take money from the federal government to have the players out there to show support for the armed services as a way to get people wanting to enlist. I’m not sure what the real connection was but that was the stated purpose. I guess it has now outlived its purpose.

  45. If the owners vote to hold the team off the field I AM DONE WITH THE NFL. I’am sick of hearing about the sick headed football players. If they want to continue kneeing FIRE ALL OF THEM.

      • It’s not about rights or the Constitution.
        It’s all about M O N E Y ! Take away their money; and we fix the problem. They can protest all they want; but I have zero obligation to support them or their protest financially.

        • Of course it’s all about the money. That’s why they were on the field in the first place. Take the money away and have them do it like they did before they were getting the money. That ends the whole thing.

          If you are pissed at the NFL now, were you pissed back in 2004 when they never came out of the anthem? Don’t like it, don’t watch. If and when you start to miss it, you will come back – – – or not. They will be successful without you.

          • The NFL may well survive without him, but the real question is can it survive without millions of “hims” buying tickets, NFL gear, watching NFL games, and supporting sponsors?

        • At this rate, it seems where the ate heading may be a Negro Flunky League and a new league for patriotic American players of all races. If I could, I would start the new league myself because I love football. But I do watch more college now and less NFL.

  46. to hell with he nfl if they can not come out and stand for the national anthem and our flag let them stay in yhe locker room and die,after all this bullshit they killed the nfl. we should dis ban the nfl and start a new league with true americans not spoiled assholes

  47. How about the fans just saying goodbye to the NFL entirely? If there aren’t any fans in the stands then no one even has to play the game. BS owners and players won’t have to stay in the locker room at all! I haven’t watched a game at all this season and have missed nothing.

  48. No more football for me only on Saturdays and College. you disrespect our flag and anthem and disrespecting our country get the hell out. Shame on you when we need more love in this world and less hate. God Bless America.

    • Absolutely wrong-headed. The NFL will drive the final nail in their coffin if they keep the players in the locker room until after the anthem. The correct thing would be to make the ungrateful bast**ds who would take a knee stay in the locker room and the REAL Americans would join the rest of us in standing with our right hand over our heart during the anthem. How is that for truth, reality and common sense?

  49.’ve gone from really bad to much worse on your solution idea…
    Boxed in NFL made the biggest mistake by allowing this in the first place. You are losing fans and next will be your sponsors. These men should be proud to stand. Maybe too many of them have CTE already.

  50. Making rules to avoid the situation has never helped anyone or anything. Those players who continue this action should be fined and should’ve been fined from the beginning. Players are always getting fined for unsportmans like conduct their action of kneeling can be considered as such, although it carries a deeper insult to everyone. Simple solutions for stupid decisions, why does everything have to get so coplicated?!

    • The nfl management had become a bunch of jerks if the players do not respect the flag they do not r spect the country, but they do not hesitate to take the good old Yankee dollar. They are a bunch of overpaid babies who could not get s job in the real world and really have to struggle at making a decent living. It is time the nfl stood up to these malcontents and took a stand

    • They are traitors and should be fired for participating in un-American activity. It’s not OK to exhibit un-American behavior under the guise of “free speech”, what blatant bullcrap.

  51. Who is ignorant people in this world and the ones needing are very ignorant and disrespectful. If the owners and coaches wanted to stop this from happening they would do it in a second. But this shows how unpatriotic the coaches and owners are. You don’t stand for our Anthem and our country there’s the door don’t let it hit you in the A on the way out. God Bless America. Goodell needs a new job for not standing up for our country.

    • They are still showing disrespect by not coming on to the field during the National Anthem. I’m done with the NFL. They don’t get it.

  52. What a bunch of cowards. If that rule is adopted keeping the players off the field until after the National Anthem is played, then all football fans need to go home. The empty stadiums will force all advertisers to quit and the NFL will have to shut down. If the Communist bosses don’t like that, then they need to pack up and move to another country. We are Americans and we will live our lives the way we want to without some bully telling us we’re stupid.

  53. I think they should call basketball _____ Blackball. they are 99 percent black. tell me were is the diversity in this . i grew up watching white and blacks playing. now they own and coach is this fair HELL NO. some great players come out of college and play better the money these players makes . well it is sick. no one person is worth the money they make !!!!!! it makes me sick. i am not a racist but they are making people to being that i no longer watch BLACK BALL MILLIONERS

  54. At this point, it makes NO DIFFERANCE to me what they do. The way I see it, the players have shown us which side of America they are on; and its not on the patriots side. In no other country in the world would they be able to make as much money as they do here, and clearly, they do not appreciate the opportunity. So no matter what they do, they have shown us “who they are”; and quite frankly, I dont like who they are at all. So I will literally never watch another NFL game for as long as I live.

  55. Haven’t watched a single NFL game this year and can live without it indefinitely.

    Screw these millionaire wannabe politicians.

    College football has become our replacement entertainment.

    • Peter – the Vikings Lions game was a great matchup. I’m sorry you missed it, but I’m even sorrier that Detroit lost.

      The NFL players are not making anti-american protests. If you think about it, they are very pro-american, and strongly support our core american values of freedom, equality and justice for all. Don’t let yourself be brainwashed by the RWM.


      • It’s not brainwashing. And it isn’t the so called RWM telling anyone how to feel. That’s what the LWM does. People have watched this and made up their own minds. The players reasons for kneeling change every week so that even THEY don’t know why they are kneeling anymore. The idea that they feel they can force us to watch their ridiculous “protest” is preposterous! Go kneel somewhere else. They have a perfect right to protest, no one has said they don’t, just not at work! Why can’t YOU understand THAT? They are kneeling to half empty stadiums, do you think they get it, or care?


    • I been helping my son learn more about football and helping him practice. Now with the players and owners doing this I won’t allow him to sign up for it. Instead I been helping him more with baseball, basketball, and some soccer. These players have lost all respect. I wish they would let go of all the players that is causing this trouble and bring in new players that will respect this country and be a true inspiration to the kids, showing the respect to our country and military like they deserve.

      • Yes, that is a line that must not be crossed; exhibiting un-American behavior under the false pretense that it is “free speech”.

  57. When I first heard of the NFL’s potental “solution” of playing ostrich I laughed because I thought they could not be serious. Now that I see they are not kidding, I am shocked that they would view this stage 2 disrespect of our flag, country, service personnel and fans as a legitimate solution. If this happens I will finally be totally done with any respect for, and support of the NFL. I believe this would be the last straw for many others as well. Ultimately the ball is in the fan’s court.

  58. I think that they have NO CLASS or BALLS to stand up to these high paid children. Well WE the PEOPLE which I am one know how to teach them a MAJOR lesson. I for one will have NOTHING to do with them OR the Organization’s that pay them. They had a problem and would not take care of it the correct and legal way by taking it to court. So they figured if they pissed on our Anthem and flag that they could do it their way and FORGET the LEGAL way.

    So WE the PEOPLE need to stand side by side like we do for our President and our country and show them how WRONG they are and this will come out of THEIR pockets. IF, they will not change their ways is will show all of us that they are NOT true Americans and can get the HELL out of OUR country. And that will solve the problem.

    Do YOU agree with me?

  59. May Gods Will Continue to Be Done in Due Time !! The prison rolls will continue to grow as time goes on! Just Watch and Pray for Gods Will to Be Done!AMEN!!!!

    • Anyone and that includes all football players who have a problem with this country causing them to disrespect our anthem can simply leave this country and find one that suits them. I am done with NFL whether they stay in the locker room or not.

  60. Well, just stay in the locker room. Better yet don’t even come to the stadium. Go find you a job where they will let you act like you’re acting here in the NFL. Yeah, good luck with that.

  61. The only way I will every watch NFL again is if they are all fired and bared from coming back. And we know who all of you disrespectful aholes are so you can’t hide.

  62. Just watch college football where they really do play for the fun and excitement of the sport, not push their political views. The NFL owners are cowards and I wonder how many of them served in the military. Roger Goodell is gutless and should be shown the door. I and many of my friends have turned them off and don’t miss them at all.

  63. No biggie to me because I haven’t even been tempted to watch a game that starts off with something which I find irritating. It’s akin to not watching the late night shows either who
    are essentially forcing unfunny opinions on me when I tune in for entertainment – not politics !
    There is already too much crap in the world and then to heap more on the audience is both
    arrogant and offensive. Demonstrate off the field, and if I to buy a ticket to see this I would be
    more than furious !

  64. I will bet that HALF of these uneducated LOONS do not even know the reasons why there is all this BS going on , and if they had spent more time doing their school work while in their colleges they might be better Americans !! But , knowing the ultra liberal higher education teacher paranoia , it is doubtful !!!


  66. I say take away any and all federal funds as they do not deserve them. The players have been given a chance in AMERICA, they could not get in any other country and as payback they disrespect the flag, our Military, our LEO’S, and thier fans and family by acting like total assholes, I have lost all respect for them and Goodell should be fired not given a raise as he has let these whiners get away with this crap, I for one will not watch any pro, college or high school that does this crap!!

  67. Have been LOVING College Football, so don’t miss the NFL. It will be interesting to see what happens for Superbowl. Never watched for the game, just commercials, but you don’t have to watch for that since they post them PRIOR to the game. Never liked the half-time entertainment. So thankful I will be able to make other plans. Agree with so many of you and comments made. God bless America!

  68. I’ve lost all interest in he NFL and now get my football fix by following the collegiate games that are more exciting and unpredictable. The college players are still playing the game for the love of the game and not multi-million dollar contracts. There have been problems with the actions of the players outside of the game before this that have made following it questionable. Now there is NO reason at all…..

  69. The anti-american asswipe, million dollar crybabies should stay in the club house where they belong. As long as they play the national anthem before the game I don’t care where the players are.

  70. I agree the NFL should not keep anti americans in the locker room during the National Anthem. This is American and also how they are getting paid for disrespecting the Flag and Country.

    • the only thing lower than the players who continue to disrespect the flag and
      anthum is called whale manur and thats at the very bottom of ocean. that goes for the owners who continue to play politiics with us fans who are fed up with all of you.

  71. For me I’m sick of reading, hearing, commenting, on this subject. They’re a few quarterbacks I really like, but they have ruined the game for me. It really doesn’t matter what the owners do now because the players have shown their true colors. They are just disrespectful and have hate in their hearts for this country. I Thank God everyday we have President Trump working everyday for us. May God keep him safe and strong and without a doubt the players don’t like that…..Remember God is Stronger

  72. The NFL just sealed their fate! They still have some fans that watch because they had already joined into fantasy football but are no longer going to play after this year unless this problem was resolved in a positive manner. This is not the positive manner they had in mind. You all have let Goodell and overpaid felons ruin it all. Everyone wants Goodell out but now no one cares because they are no longer interested in the game.

  73. how could they do this, won’t that be stifling the right of the players to their free speech, or is it the company setting policy that protects the brand,

    Which means that they could have demanded players stand and not harm the brand

    But it really doesn’t matter, for those still watching and attending and supporting this join the 7,000,000,000+ people that ignore this on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays.

    • I WATCHED the NFL for ENTERTAINMENT. I don’t want a civics lesson or political statements. Play the GAME and do your protesting OFF the job. As it stands right now, the NFL league and players have PO’ed over half the country. Not good for what they really care about THE BOTTOM LINE, which by the way is about to drop out.

    • I’m in the don’t watch any more crowd. Use to watch every game when it came on now I watch maye college if they aren’t alsao kneeling. I watch reruns of movies or just go play on the computer. Turn it off all together.

    • Free speech is the lame-dick excuse they use for exhibiting un-American behavior. Sure they have a Constitutional right to free speech, but when that is used to exhibit un-American behavior, a sacred line has been crossed that is not acceptable behavior for a patriotic American, therefore no REAL American would even contemplate kneeling during the National Anthem, much less actually do it. Truth and reality, plain and simple. Capish?

  74. Why in the world would they think this would make this situation better by hiding the poor “oppressed” multi millionaire crybabies in the locker room?!?! Until after the anthem! Seriously?!? Who’s bright idea was this!? This will only alienate even more People! Who is running this business?! You will not have any fans left if you continue down this road! As it stands now I think it is too late to make any kind of amends! NFL=No Fans Left guess they don’t need the fans or their money anymore they have already found other things to do to replace you anyway because this disgusting thing has gone on for so long if you don’t stand for our flag or country then we are done with you and any sponsors that support this behavior!

  75. It does not matter if the diaper gets soiled from the front or the back, it still needs to be replaced. It is the same for the NFL.

  76. There is a process for protesting and tearing down you country’s bedrock values is not the way. The fans also have a way of protesting; just don’t watch the games. Simple solution. The news media should stop fanning this fire too. Where is their patriotism?


    • Amen!! I find players actions disgusting & have stopped watching games. Just do us all and leave America. See how your life will be elsewhere.

  78. They are actually thinking about keeping the players in the locker rooms until the anthem is played? Is this another attempt at coddling?… or is it what they deem to be a solution to the problem? I don’t think it’s a good solution, if that’s what they’re thinking. The PROBLEM isn’t as much them not standing for the anthem, it’s their whole ATTITUDE!! That’s what needs fixin’!! Maybe a season sitting on the bench at half salary might clear their heads a little?

  79. DISGUSTING OVERPAID ANTI-AMERICAN MORONS…. They need to wake up and face the fact that their so-called protests are doing nothing but causing their fans to totally lose respect for them.. they have accomplished NOTHING… The people don’t see what they are protesting…what they see is a huge disrespect of this country, our flag and national anthem, of our military and huge disrespect for the fans who came to watch them play a game… They want to protest, TAKE IT OUTSIDE THE STADIUM… inside the stadium they need to respect this country and it’s flag and their fans… Inside the stadium is NOT the place for their so-called protests….
    Cops are not the problem … if they think it is.. DON’T call them when they got a problem…. Lets see how well you do when your fans have mostly deserted you over your garbage… There is a time and place for your protests.. INSIDE THE STADIUM IS NOT THE PLACE!!! INSIDE THE STADIUM YOU ARE THERE TO DO YOUR JOB.. YOUR JOB IS PLAYING A GAME FOR YOUR FANS!!!

    • I am in complete agreement with BKaur – I couldn’t have said it all better!!!I’m not a big NFL fan, but I do see it as disrespect for everything our flag and anthem stand for!

  80. Until they show respect for our flag, country, and veterans, they have lost me as a fan. This is the country that has allowed these men to become millionaires and they feel they have to disrespect it and every veteran who has served, been injured, lost limbs or died, and those who are still serving. These true heroes have sacrificed much more than any one of these crybabies have or ever will. Their acts of protest have done nothing to correct the problem they are protesting. They have actually separated the country more. They need to find another time and another way to correct the issue. However, most of these protesters probably will not use their time to protest. They would rather use their fans’ time. It will be interesting to see their reactions when the current NFL collective bargaining agreement ends in 2020 and causes them to lose bargaining power, which will cause their salary increases to regress due to loss of TV, ticket, and merchandise revenue. Possibly then they will realize the true outcome of their actions. Or they may not, since their lack of forethought shows they are not capable of this type of forward thinking.

  81. I never cared for sports of any kind and this makes me so happy because now we don’t even turn it on in our house any more !!!
    You stand and put your hand on your heart….or get the hell out !
    Follow the rules or get out !!
    You want to protest go out on the street !
    There is a time and place for everything….this is not the place of time for kneeling !

  82. I can’t stand idiots who disrespect this country but have the freedom to make obscene $$$$$$. Get rid of NFL and make this country great again. Those blacks don’t see how lucky they are to be living in America. If they want everything to lean on the black side, then go to Africa where you’ll be happy in all black.

  83. It doesn’t matter what they do to try and sweep it under the so called rug. No matter what they do, myself and many others are done with the NFL and any of their sponsor’s as well. Goodell missed his chance to step up and be a leader when this first started but was nothing but a lame idiot. So long NFL, try all you want but you are washed up.

  84. When these overpaid crybabies grow up and start acting like American citizens then I will start watching the NFL again, until then, no more NFL! Enough is enough already!

  85. Damage is done. Perhaps the NFL will be the poster child of not mixing politics and sports onto the field. Kaspernick, the puppet of the DNC and pig socks, injected into the 2016 Presidential race, wrong. Black-on-black killing far outnumbers blacks killed by cops. Inner-city education systems failing their citizens needs correction and would help alleviate the violence of black-on-black. Education, not a knee of disrespect towards the Flag and the blood given for freedom is my belief for a solution. The root cause is not cops.

  86. I’m done with the nfl. I haven’t watched a game in 2 years, and will not watch it anymore. It’s an American sport that is played by un-americans making millions of dollars to disrespect our country. They will not make 1 red cent off of me. I cancelled my nfl package and the ESPN channels on my tv’s. It doesn’t matter if they hide in the locker room or not the damage is done as far as I’m concerned.

  87. I think they stand behind because they afair of black players the blackplayer married white woman so way are they yell black pwer this shit was in the 60.70 let go show your player who boss dont be a big pussies nfl this way l dont watch football any more

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