The NFL Commissioner let the cat out of the bag on Colin Kaepernick’s fate

Colin Kaepernick destroyed the NFL’s image when he ignited a rash of anti-American national anthem protests.

All season long, spoiled players and left-wing fans have been clamoring for the America-hating quarterback to be signed by a team.

In a recent interview, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell came right out and revealed Kaepernick’s fate.

Liberal players and fans have been complaining all season that Colin Kaepernick is being blackballed from the league due to being the leader of the national anthem protest movement.

These complaints ignore his deteriorating play as well as his initial salary demands.

Simply put, Kaepernick was likely to be a backup, but was not willing to settle for backup money.

He was, however, on the verge of being signed by the Baltimore Ravens but his girlfriend tweeted out a racist attack on the team’s owner and Ray Lewis, one of the franchise’s most famous former players.

Commissioner Goodell appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box where he was asked if Kaepernick was being blackballed by the NFL.

He flatly denied the charge.

Breitbart reports:

“Monday on CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell shot down the notion that free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick is the victim of a blackballing by owners around the NFL due to his polarizing National Anthem protests.

Goodell said that Kaepernick “is always welcome” to be a part of player’s coalition meetings.

“We’ve always invited Colin to come over,” stated Goodell. “He’s welcome to come over and meet at any point and time. We had an open door on that. There were some meeting set up with the player’s coalition, and they were invited by the player’s coalition.”

Goodell explained he believes there are a number of factors on why teams have yet to sign Kaepernick, but he does not agree with people like LeBron James that he has been blackballed.”

“Each and every club’s got to make those decisions,” he said. “They make those decisions based on a lot of factors that are best for their football team. And when they do that, that’s what’s in the best interest.”

If Kaepernick was still an elite level quarterback – as he was in 2012 when he led the San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl – he would still be in the NFL.

But no team is going to absorb to the controversy and wrath of their fan base to sign a middling player.

Do you agree?

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  1. What he really needs is a haircut both financially which he has done a fine job of by alienating pretty much everyone and for real how do the doo fit in his helmet?

  2. …and if Lebron James doesn’t close his pie hole, when he needs to exit Cleveland again, and he will, no one will take him because he is a lit up racist!

  3. In a game where there are many very good quarterbacks, Colin Kaepernick ISN’T one of them. At best he is mediocre and certainly does not have the character and leadership skills to be an NFL team’s “field general”. I will not miss him if he never plays again.

  4. No coach, whether it is Pee Wee football, Jr High football, High School or College football wants a head case that brings far to much drama for their team. That is apparently what Kappy brings with him. That and a declining ability at QB. QB Tim Tebow was/is a far better QB than Kap in every aspect. Tim Tebow was kneeling to thank God for a good play. There is a big difference between Tebow and Kap but the same was done to Tebow. Here’s a huge difference, though… Tebow never disrespected ANYONE! Not one person but he, too, was never going to play football again. Tebow’s high moral fiber was just to much for team owners to bare. Unlike Kap, Tebow was “THE” “complete package”.

  5. Best thing for him to purchase a piece of land in the south and grow cotton , he has diluted the quality of the game to the point fans stopped going. You can’t blame the fans it is there money and is better spent on the family as his actions do not lead to a good family outing

    • AMEN!!! I have not watched all season and I will never watch the NFL games again. They are so anti-American, anti-police, and anti-conservative, I wonder why they still have people watching. Oh wait, its because they are stupid liberals with no morals or integrity.

  6. Why does this site never allow me to post, I hardly ever do it anyway but when I do no matter the subject it says I have already said that even when I never said anything.

  7. Kaepernick is a loser. LeBron is stupid for sticking his 2 cents into something like this as he has no say anyway! Goodell should have been terminated by the NFL for subpar perfermance and a wishy washy handling of a very sensitive nature.Football is a national pastime sport and no place for this crap!

  8. All this talk about Kaepernick who is a has been, but the Real problem is with GOODELL…. His new Contract at which should never been given and his complete lack of Leadership, along with being to Stupid to solve things long ago, makes him unworthy of him to be the Commissioner…. Goodell is the MAIN problem here and needs to be rid of, otherwise you can surely see the NFL being buried in that GRAVE that is already Dug and waiting to be filled…

  9. I’m a veteran who loves America. Therefore, I don’t intend to ever watch or buy anything connected to the NFL for the rest of my life. I hope all of Americas veterans will do the same!


    • I’m a Korean Veteran and I say anyone who turns his back on the country and flag is
      a scumbag.
      He turned his back on the family that adopted him and gave him the chance of a lifetime,Goodell is no better.
      I saw people eating out of Garbage Cans behind the mess hall in Korea, Kapernuts
      needs to find a garbage can for Goodell and himself.
      I hope that any team Adopting C.K.will go down the tube with an empty Stadium.

      • I hope all of the NFL goes down the tube, if they don’t respect the USA then they don’t deserve the respect of America. I’ve said before, I feel sorry for the players that are not kneeling, but yet they are being punished by the black players that don’t respect our veterans, but it is too late to correct the wrong that the NFL has done to our Nation, they could have nipped this in the bud if they had gotten a handle on this kneeling when it first started, but no, they thought that they were so big and powerful that the fans would back down and start attending the games again, I know there are some attendees that apparently don’t respect our country, so let them support the NFL by themselves, but I for one will never again support the NFL, and I believe there are a lot veterans just like me that are through watching the disrespectful kneelers. And it definitely must be hurting the revenue, when they have to drop the cost of a seat at the game down to $10.00 per seat. I guarantee that will not pay the revenue for maintaining the cost of those stadiums much less pay these millionaire players their future contracts, so goodbye NFL it was good while it lasted, but your future is in the toilet.

    • I agree completely the respect our flag and country comes frist there are other ways to protest any wrongs. mpstof the players act like spoiled children with no respect for others. All of us veterans should reject pro football.

  10. What is an NFL. or a Kaninicker or whatever? I quit watching football a long time ago because of their low life players. Is the NFL still around?

  11. ATTIUTUDE IS WHAT CAUSED HIS DOWNFALL. He was changed by his desire to be with that muslim converter. He could regain his proper character by telling her to go to a muslim country and leave him alone.

  12. His Mom knew when he was born and named him Colon because he should have came out the other hole. He’s a taker, he never gave anything for his right to free expression and speech, only disrespected the people who sacrificed for his rights!!!!!

  13. Kaepernick is a soiled brat. He has divided the nation again (segregation). Black, Asian, Hispanic, White, etc… We were working well together. Now some Blacks want preferential treatment. BET TV-Black Entertainment Television or UNITED NEGRO FUND, SPECIAL BLACK GRANTS FOR SCHOOLS, ETC… What would happen if there was the WHITE ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION Or UNITED ASIAN FUND. There are very qualified kids getting over looked for colleges but because the schools have a quota to meet for Blacks being admitted. Talk about reverse discrimination.
    My Brother is a Police Detective and what people are saying about police is a disgrace. He puts his life on the line daily and this is how KaeperDick treats him? I am sorry, he is an ass and all his little followers are worse. KaeperDick had one job, play a game and get paid millions. OH SO TOUGH. Then he drags politics and fake social issues into football, a game, and he thinks he is God and all should listen and bow before him. NOT HAPPENING. We saw him for what he is, an idiot that spits in the face of our soldiers, our police and our nation.

    • In NYC they tell the Police to take two steps and look up, they throw bricks, cats, dogs, and anything they can get their hands on off buildings at Cops,Firefighters, Construction workers, and anyone. Don’t see then on the front page of the news !!!!


  14. It’s all by design. The left has made it clear that football needs to go away. America has fundamentally changed just like our past president said he was going to do. God family a day at church After dinner watch some smash mouth football which is a thing of the past.

  15. Kaespernick has a total disregard for the sport of Football, his fellow players, the NFL, and the fans across this great Nation that provide him with an occupation, an enormous salary, and … unfortunately, the platform to spout his utterly stupid and anti-American rhetoric. My HUGH disappointment … that neither the NFL nor the TV Networks did anything to disavow his totally un-American and inappropriate statements.

  16. Kaperdick is a smart guy. But, smart people make some very stupid moves in life. It’s sometimes the result of their ego getting the best of them and in other cases, it comes down to UN-justified expectations. In Kaperdick’s case it ends up being both… Now is the time that he will learn something that he was never taught prior to this. He will now learn the lesson, that there are consequences for all that we do in life…. No one on the planet is insulated from that simple fact. The hard part for Kaperdick, is that he must now live with those consequences….. A lesson that he will learn a little too late….

  17. He is a has been not worth anything to any NFL team. Even more, he is a jerk of the first order who disrespects his country and people who have put their lives on the line to defend us. Just go away and hide.

  18. Interesting that he hasn’t had any offers (public offers) from the Canadian Football League. But maybe with his declining performance last year they all figure he couldn’t handle getting the ball that extra 10 yards down the field!


  19. Caper prick = equals dumb ass mulatto. He’s wondering why nobody wants him on the team laughing my blank off. I wouldn’t use the dumb dude to wipe my butt… But it looks like somebody already has. He’s brought this on all by his self now let him deal with it… hopefully maybe start a league with people like him in Africa????

  20. As a disabled Vietnam vet, I have been sickened by the antics of the NFL’s whining and non-winning nit wits whose limited talents may make them millions as a commodity. However, if they had to work for a living as most do and for far less return than those who guarantee their right to be as insipid and ungrateful as possible to those who provided them the freedom to advance to whatever their limited skills may take them in any given athletic milieu, and who wear different uniforms and EARN everything they get in harm’s way; they might show some respect but DO NOT. If they are so unhappy, let them surrender citizenship and leave the country and DO NOT LET THE DOOR HIT THEM ON THEIR WORTHLESS BACKSIDES AS THEY EXIT! We do NOT need these freaks, they DO need us in order to survive their own iniquity and utterly disrespectful attitudes toward the symbols of the country and armed forces that have blessed them with the freedoms and choices they ABUSE They DISGUST me. They are nearly as bad as the pols in BOTH parties who cannot do a damned thing right for any of us. Time for a change both in the NFL and both Houses of Congress and the SJC; N’est ce pas? Perhaps THEN, we can get the deficit reduced and other things addressed they refuse to do while fighting the President: AND EACH OTHER! How would YOU like to work only 124 days a year and vote yourselves raises for your own incompetence?, AS CONGRESS HAS DONE FOR DECADES!?

    • BRAVO Nikita63. I support your bullet points 100%
      (While they may not actually be ‘bullet’ points as scholars may point out) I consider them valued as such.
      Again, BRAVO Nikita63!!!8

    • Caper prick = equals dumb ass mulatto. He’s wondering why nobody wants him on the team laughing my blank off. I wouldn’t use the dumb dude to wipe my butt… But it looks like somebody already has. He’s brought this on all by his self now let him deal with it… hopefully maybe start a league with people like him in Africa????

    • Nikita63 Thank you so much for your service and I am sorry you were wounded. I hope the VA is treating you with the value you deserve. As for your remarks about the NFL I agree totally. Thank you for printing the words I was thinking!

  21. Pro football has been dead to me for the past 2 years. College is much more exciting. Need to start a new pro league with guys that just want to play ball. Screw the NFL.

  22. If no NFL owner wants to sign Tim Tebow,due to the supposed “media circus” it would cause, wouldn’t Crapernuts’signing be of the same caliber…or worse?

  23. I do not support their form of protest but support their right to protest however they should have chosen a different venue there is personal pride in our flag for most American and many men and women of all colors died for our flag

  24. …isn’t it so odd the one that started this whole mess is out of a job…He can thank his girlfriend for that…NFL still crying who’s sorry now….

  25. I figured that the NFL should make him the new commissioner with new rules where the players can do anything they want to and the owners will be exiled forever and no one by liberals will be allowed to go to the games. All TV channels will be turned off except for those carrying NFL games and any
    one not watching will be fined the first time, and put into a prison with wall-sized images of “saint”
    Colin ! Let the inmates run the nut house – just don’t make me have to watch or care !

  26. In no way imaginable is this guy worth anyway near the band width, time, space and or energy he has garnered, which raises the following question, at least to me.WHY??

  27. Any any NFL players who takes a knee or wait in their locker rooms should be sent to the military service. They’ll be on their knees praying to God for forgiveness.

    • What the NFL needs to do is close down all of the teams and start over with a clean slate of new players that believe in what America stands for and shows there respect for this country and the people that gave so much for them to be over paid ball players. They currant list of players are more like a bunch of spoiled brats on a school yard play ground that think they can demand that every one play by their rules because they are rich. They could really do a lot to help the people in this country instead of their stupid protest and blowing all that money on self indulgence and buying their friends.

    • Staying in the Locker Room. That is a sellout. Are they too good to pay allegiance to our Flag and Country? If so let them go to another country.

    • No, that wouldn’t “solve” anything; it would just allow them “to have their way”! It is NOT the “right way”- – anyone who is not for US, is against US and should not be allowed to remain on US soil. Yes, I speak “directly to” kaepernick AND his “muslim” girl friend”- – who is to say he has not “converted to islam”? No one and from the sound and “smell” of it, I would say he has.

    • COPPERNECK is a HASBEEN and if ANY TEAM signs him, they will be signing a FORMER top player. It is NOT up to the player to determine how useful he is to a team, but the team owners and managers to take a “RISK” on a “FORMER” asset, that can no longer cut the mustard! GET A LIFE, COPPERNECK, and GET REAL!!!!!

    • Yeah, he should play…….in North Korea!! Anybody who complains, shows no respect to our flag, our National Anthem, all authority ( Police officers ), while making thousands of dollars, DOES NOT deserve ANYTHING!!! Who does this idiot think he is? If it were me, he’d be off the field and NO TEAM would hire him! Don’t like it here? GET OUT!

  28. He ultimately did the sports taboo by bringing the politics into the sports arena. Now we see anger & strife everywhere. At least these spoiled multimillionaires show us their profound lack of understanding the ultimate sacrifices our fallen soldiers and police officers died to protect our freedom. We all have to thank the liberal colleges for this mess. Sad.

    • Let the marines draft him for what he is worth and sell him to the enemy for what he thinks he is worth
      Bring back anthems it’s a shame we are doing this keeping the babies in the locker room REALLY GROWN MEN GROWN RICH MEN THAT DONT CARE FOR THE COUNTRY OR THOSE THAT LOST LIVES DEFENDING THE COUNTRY

  29. He causes strife and division in our country …He has a lot of hatred in his shows how much he hates people by the people and organizations he’s associated with and wanting to kill others

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