The NFL hit rock bottom when they saw one number

NFL executives, team owners and players are in a panic.

They are scrambling to judge how badly the anti-American anthem protests are killing the league’s bottom line.

But a look at one number struck terror in their hearts.

2015 was the last season all players stood for the playing of the Star Spangled Banner.

In 2016, Colin Kaepernick began his protest and was joined by a handful of other America-hating millionaires.

But this year the protest spread like a plague.

And fans are fleeing the league.

Ratings are down 19.7 percent from 2015.

The Sporting News reports:

“The NFL’s once-golden network TV numbers continue to drop.

NFL games averaged 15.1 million viewers through Week 7, according to Nielsen data obtained by Sporting News. That’s down 5.1 percent from 15.87 million viewers during the same period last season and off 18.7 percent from 18.35 million viewers during the same period in 2015.

Viewership numbers are lagging for a variety of reasons, not least the ongoing protests during the national anthem that former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick began in 2016. Fans are still angry about Kaepernick’s continued unemployment as well as what’s seen as the growing politicization of the NFL.

In addition, President Donald Trump continues to attack the league for not forcing all players to stand during the anthem. Commissioner Roger Goodell and player reps met last week to seek a way forward, but there wasn’t much progress, and players continue to protest.”

Every public opinion poll shows the fans list the protests as the top reason they are no longer watching football each week.

But the owners incorrectly bet that fans would stomach the players anti-American – and sometimes racist – protests because their attachment to football was stronger than their attachment to their country.

Have you stopped watching the NFL because of the anthem protests?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. Just plain true ignorance by Goodell & company. Just so blinded. Why support anybody that uses his ignorance rather than intelligent thought. Nike what a joke just makes it worse. People just watch the new league or better yet the future GO FIFA. awesome display of universal respect for their countries. We have these so called athletes in the NFL Not really, just their for $$$$ not the love of the sport or the country. The sport does not need them there are many waiting to fill the ranks with respect to our country.

  2. A real fine Example these NFL players are showing, these so called Protesters are officially effecting our youths in High Schools and they do not have the support of the Referees who do the Refereeing for the games….. These Referees are walking out whenever a any of the students kneel for the Anthem….. It’s a PRIME Example of the WRONG in which these players in the NFL has shown them…and it also shows there incompetence of just being a follower with no cause…..instead of being a leader…… POOR SPORTS MAN with no sense of Pride…..
    Thanks a lot you Lousy no good for nothing NFL players for Ruining our youths the WRONG paths….. Keep it up, soon you won’t have anymore NFL and your paycheck will be gone…. HA, HA, HA !!!! Whine all you want once you have no more NFL…..
    Awwww too Bad ! Go cry someplace else and start setting the PROPER EXAMPLES to ALL of our youths…..

  3. Ford motor company has announced that the F-150 is the official truck of the NFL. Also according to the Detroit Free Pres Lions owner (Martha Ford) promised to donate money to whatever cause players chose if they did not kneel for the national anthem. We have purchased Fords for years but after this news we will no longer buy any Ford vehicles.

  4. Quit suckin pacifier and did no miss it a bit. Have quit going to and watching nfl game and have not missed them one bit. Try it and you will see that I am right. You wiil see that the only ones that will miss the nfl are the players, owners, equipment makers and people who still suck pacifiers.


  6. keep up the great work to all that are not watching NFL. We the people if we stick together to the end of this disgraceful protest will have shown the players the owners the coaches that they made a enormous mistake to doubt our resolve.
    if we continue we will have made a difference.

  7. I’m appalled at these spoiled crybaby millionaires. They’re playing a game, not fighting a war, or building something lasting! One comment I was taught, a hundred years from now what difference will it make. If the answer is none it’s not important! With football it’s not a hundred years from now, but next week what difference will it make? The answer is NONE!!! That tells how important it really is!!!

  8. I think they all should be fired! Take away all of their property and money,then take away their citizenship and deport them! I spent 22 years defending the Flag and Country. I bet the Government, that could not kill me,and they tried 7 times, and didn’t get the job done.

  9. We are the voice of America . Always ready to defend the price of freedom with our lives .. let the NFL players protest by taking a knee .. that is their right .. But our voices stand louder than theirs .. We will never KNEEL to anyone who does not have the decency to respect our flag ……….. Brave men a women have died to defend its colors . I think its the NFL players who soon will become payers in this fight……………

    • How about this.. the trained zoo animals.. and I use “trained” loosely..are a disgrace!!The only imbeciles that still watch this crap are betting on them.. much like horses and dogs at a race track! Animals are animsls!!!!

  10. Overpaid, coddled cry babies and the NFL exercising their right to ignore remembrance of and homage to all those who sacrificed, sometimes their lives, during the playing of our national anthem veiled as their 1st. Amendment Right? If not for football, we probably would never have heard of them. Checkmate – I haven’t watched a single game, not even a news station recap and will not until they show what I and millions of others consider proper respect for our country and flag.

    • I am with you 100%. Not only has my family quit watching the “game”, but all of our neighbors and friends have also. Those Overpaid crybabies who kneel and show disrespect to the country that has given them much more than they EVER deserve, they need to go somewhere else to live. As it is, they are no better off now than they were. They are still slaves!!! Slaves to $$$, slaves to a game, slaves to a BIG HOUSE, slaves to a ridiculous priced car (who really cares what kind of car they drive?????) it gets you from one place to another, slaves who bought into the notion that somehow the ability to run, throw and catch makes them better. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! WRONG!!!!!!!! It makes them slaves like the arena in Rome! Shall we actually put wild animals in cages under the locker rooms (oops, that wouldn’t work – the players are the animals!!!).

  11. Good job Jerry Jones. Don’t put up with their crybaby crap! Enough is enough. Bob McNair if your players protest today as they’re claiming CUT EVERYONE OF THEM IMMEDIATELY. It’s the only way they’re going to learn. They’ve gotten used to being so pampered, & accommodated to they believe they can do whatever they want. Making a stink over being told the Inmates don’t run the Prison. It’s a figure of speech you God damn Crybabies, GROW UP ALREADY. If you really want to make a stand, difference? You do it like Jed York & the 49ers are doing now!!! You meet with people in your community. Mayors,Police Chief,City Council,etc… You’re famous (supposed to be ROLE MODELS) NOT the RACISTS you’re coming off as. You are going about it all wrong, disrespecting the Flag,Country,Vets, & current military personnel. Keep doing what you’re & there won’t be an NFL. And what will you dipshits do then? Without your fancy clothes,cars,girls that are with you for the fame & money. You’ll be right back in the hoods you came From! It was never a big deal when black guys were killing white cops! And there are a lot more cases of this instance. A couple black people get shot & STOP THE PRESSES oh my god did you see that.Just like Micheal Bennett in Vegas,hiding behind a dumpster,if you didn’t do anything wrong why run & hide? It just screams guilty. And then the cops were racist,& roughed up the big baby,& threaten to sue Vegas P.D. Until a counter claim was made,& 1 if not more cops were black,and another minority. So he dropped suit. Get real you big baby,someone looks at you wrong and you fly off the handle.ESPN is just as bad,all the black announcers have to talk about it,bla,bla,bla. I never thought I would say this but I’m done with ESPN, especially Michael & Jamel. Can’t stand that Bitch. They need to SHUT THE HELL UP & let it go from T.V. Do like they did with fans that would run on the field! Quit showing them with their Crybaby, Racist,rants & it will end quicker. They love seeing their ugly faces on T.V. it helps them get girls. Don’t get me started on Ezekiel Elliot’s punk ass,beating up that Hot white girlfriend. He needs his arms & legs broken. Only a REAL PUNK hits a woman. The Courts need to stay out of theses cases making it O.K. for Cheaters (Brady) women beaters Elliot,Rice,& the L.B. the 49ers had a couple years ago,Ray Rice,etc.. let Goodell do his job,only way Thugs learn is the hard way. The judges must’ve been fans of the teams Brady & Elliot play for. Stay out of it. Owner’s Cut all Players who protest period IT’S TIME TO SHOW THEM THEY DON’T RUN THE LEAGUE, only play in it.

  12. It’s come full circle on them. I never cared for espn coverage, and when we the fans now have the boots on their necks. Gone will be Sunday football, all those over paid juveniles delinquents will have to get real jobs. It’s going to affect the collage footballers as well, with no more NFL those collage athletes will need to understand, after collage there won’t be million dollar deals to play a game. The actions of one man, who was starting to lose his edge, will have brought down the NFL, ESPN. We just don’t put up with these clowns disregarding our flag, our country, our anthem. They will have to get real jobs, because we won’t put up with these millionaire having a tandram because he does not get it his way any longer. They are trying to use the same extortion that Rangel and Jackson, pay us or we will protest. Well go right ahead and protest, because you clearly did not think this through, with out fans your nothing!

  13. I’m watching & waiting for NFL & their “elite” players to go broke! (NOT watching their games, & YES have U ever seen so many ads for NFL football, when it’s NOT time for the Super Bowl?) THEN, WE can have a party!

  14. Even better news when their corporate sponsors continue dropping them; fan money has dried up, sponsorship money is beginning to dry up and soon, there won’t be enough $$ to even give them a paycheck. Have to wonder if any of them know how to “flip burgers”? Won’t that be a come-down for the hot shots.

  15. I have been a cardinals season ticket holder for 22 years and I am glad the cardinals have not knelt during the anthem. However, I agree with most of the other posts I read and I am done with the nfl. I am sick of their pointless, misguided and misinformed protest. I haven’t watched a snap. I have gladly switched to Saturday football and the ncaa! Keep politics out of football! I pay to be entertained! You are paid to entertain me!

  16. Read it and weep, guys. I’m through with the NFL. It is NCAA and NHL for me and mine. You killed the goose that
    laid the golden egg.

  17. Every male in my family are major football enthusiasts. Not even one of us are watching the NFL now. That’s about nine households. We left the NFL for NCAA football and MLB. And I’m not even commenting on friends. Country before sports.

  18. I thought the NFL was patriotic, the National Anthem protests proved me wrong! I am a retired Army Master sergeant, I do not tolerate disrespecting our flag and National Anthem. Since the NFL players, owners and commissioner all refuse to respect and honor our national anthem, and flag, I refuse to respect them and watch their games.

  19. Bye Bye NFL till you are capable of not disrespecting our flag. The best thing that has come out of all of this is finding as each week goes by missing watching the NFL has become less and less.

  20. Maybe they can start a new league where these self righteous legends in their own minds can all play while on their knees, and call it the Anti American league or AAL.

  21. I won’t watch at all anymore. Where do these players get off with these protests? Do they not realize that they are disrespecting the very people (our veterans) that gave them the right to protest? Let them play ball in some other country and see if they got the same kind of money or what would happen to them protesting that country’s flag. I was at a restaurant the other night and asked that the tv channel be changed due to football being played. Told them I would leave otherwise. They told me to leave until 7 other tables around us told them they were leaving also. Channel changed then.

  22. Like reverend Jackson said these players don’t realize they are being paid by white people to entertain white people how many blacks do you see in the stands? If it wasn’t for white people they would still be on the ghettos they came out of

  23. Do not watch anymore a big bonus for me is the only time i drink is when i watch football so goes football so goes the beer that supports this B.S and these crybabies. Everybody is racist if you do not agree with them on there knee or holding a fist in the air. Stand them in a line and hand them a book and see how many can even read but they make millions and call everybody racist because we will not follow there bull is not life great and of course the MSM helps build the fire bigger

  24. The NFL is not yhe right place, it’s a business with rulesregulations and consequences. Take it to the streets or areas where they believe there is inequality, etc and do something about it. Use their millions of dollars to prove to these areas that they care. They want anyone other thsn tbemselves to pay forthis and it’s ashame. Protest outside the stadium where it’s needed and their cause would show through media coversge what they are actually protesting but not contributing to.

  25. Tbere will be no more NFL in This house. Those bunch of millionaire pussy footed players think they can disrespect USA and continue yo have a following. Go scratch Crap with the chickens for all I care. Grow some gonads!!! Also not patronizing your sponsors…

  26. I will continue not to watch the NFL as long as Rodger Goodell is the Commissioner and these ass hats continue to disrespect our Country! I wished that we could deport every player who kneels during the National Anthem to North Korea, so that they can see firsthand what a oppressed population looks like! After that experience, I bet they would not even think about kneeling again and be thankful of all the opportunities that this Great Nation provides for them.

  27. I served 20 years in the Army
    I fought in Vietnam under the American flag. I will start watching the NFL again when I, my country,and flag are shown respect.

  28. I stopped when the eagles hired a dog murdering son of a bitch and never went back, the NATIONAL FOLLOWERS LEAGUE is riddled with criminals such as that dog murdering coward and woman beating pussies. One thing for sure that tax exempt status should be withdrawn immediately, ludicrous beyond absurdity!

  29. I quit watching the NFL due to disrespect they have for our great country. Let these overpaid ( so called ) athletes go to another country and and make their living.

  30. I use to watch NFL games almost religiously. Kept tabs on who was winning and predicted who was going to the Super Bowl etc. Now I make it a point to change channels whenever a game comes on or even if there are some commentaries beginning. Don’t even want to here about anything even related. America First and patriotism next to Godllyness.

  31. Once a devout follower of the NFL and all of it’s games every week, I now have turned off my radio and TV. I’m from MA and have even stopped following the Patriots. They have disrespected my flag and the owners have gone along with them. Have fun without us fans.

  32. Only football I watch now days is little league – high school – college. That’s IT. now to change the subject I watch golf – ice hockey – nascar.

  33. As a Combat Veteran, my Patiotism and love of country far outweighs the NFL and their players disrespect for our anthem and the country that allows them to get paid MILLIONS for playing a GAME. No NFL for me until they get their heads screwed on right. There are plenty of venues for them to protest other than during our National Anthem.

  34. My whole family is done with the NFL! We decided to have a PATRIOTIC DAY on super bowl Sunday. NO FOOTBALL just friends, food and flags!!!????????

  35. It makes me sick to see these over paid morons thinking we would put up with there disrespect to our country .I will never!!! watch them ever .I have another sport I like more now the UFC .I hope the nfl dies the owners suck and so do the player who protest on my dime .

  36. I just watched the World Series and not one black disrespected the Flag.
    They stood with hand over heart, showing respect for the Flag and country.
    There are better ways to protest that the way the NFL players are doing it


  38. I am feeling pride because of all of you who have taken the time to speak up.
    We as citizens never mind fans seemed to think that we had/have no power to stop the evisceration of our country,”Americas’s game” so,no one did for a very long time.I am inspired by all of you as finally those who betray this country,each of us,those who have fought and died so these morons could become rich and famous have been mocked,degraded and NOTHING was done.

    I am encouraged that there are so many who would come here and show some unity for a game that once defined us and prepared us to compete,to excel,to work together,to take pride but now offers Nothing but dis-respect,greed,incompetence,narcissism as what America is all about and it MUST END. It starts Here!!

  39. I can’t go protest while I’m at work so neither should they but even larger than that is that football was the place where liberals and conservatives could come together and pull for the same team!!! NO POLITICS IN FOOTBALL … I WILL NEVER WATCH ANOTHER GAME OR BUY ANY FOOTBALL JERSEYS ETC!!!

  40. I’m a war veteran and won’t watch this country disrespected, Minorities have a better chance here than any other place in this world !!!

  41. I have been a lifelong football fan of the NFL. I have been completely turned off by the protests of these entitled millionaires and have not watched a game since the protests began. I will never return as a fan. And because of the political activism of some of the stars of the NBA, I am not far from declaring them dead also.

  42. I have been a very long time fan of NFL until the disrespect of our country, i have lost 4 family members to war fighting for our freedom and that flag, for these idiots to go to London and stand and sing God Save The Queen then kneel during our National Anthem is pathetic, they have forgotten how our men and women fought for our freedoms, if there protesting against police brutality then why are they not protesting and taking a knee in front of the police stations? but instead they kneel during National Anthem when these men and women have not done anything to them except allow there freedoms and to be able to play on the field and make the amount of money they make. they work for us WE DO NOT LIKE IT the ANTI-American bullshit has to stop, i say FIRE there asses and stop Blaming TRUMP for there pathetic self . TRUMP did nothing to any of them except call them out about how disrespectful they are and yes i agree with him 100% they assholes should be FIRED for being anti-American. if they don’t like the UNITED STATES MOVE to another country and be happy there i will NOT watch NFL ever again in fact i ripped the license tag off of my vehicle that supported NFL never again, it will NOT be watched on any TV i have in my home, i have burned every piece of memorabilia ,Jerseys etc i refuse to support any ANTI-AMERICAN. see how that feels in your pockets with all of us PROTESTING AGAINST YOUR STUPIDITY !!!!

  43. The next step is removing and changing the US flag because they say it stood for Racism and genocide.
    These folks are boiling a frog here.
    Where the Confederate battle flag is today they will have the Nations flag tomorrow.
    When they are done it will be a rainbow Crescent or simple a red black and green rag.
    What happens today will determine what flag our grandchildren pledge allegiance to.
    Ban football, ban the NFL and put these rich racist traitors out of work.
    I don’t watch I cleaned my TV of all their channels.

  44. Nothing but negativism has been accomplished by the players kneeling during the national anthem. Best way to stop cop abuse is STOP COMMITTING CRIME. What are the cops to do when seeing a robbery regardless of color?

  45. if these players would all go back to there own hood, and educate the young blacks, to go to school, stop joining gangs, their would not possibly having cops to havw altercations with these hoodlums? these cops are not at the school campuses shooting students. they just found out black power is non existent. i will never watch these graham crackers ever again.i blame the owners for the disrespecting of the fans, who are the taxpayers. the hood and gangs can’t even spell football, racism. black power. they are all INGRATES

  46. We the people are the NFL, not the players, owners, advertiser’s, commissioner Roger
    the American traitor. I joined our great Military, 6 years, during the Vietnam disaster
    and defended these ungrateful idiots, millionaires, right to freedom of expression,
    but “We the People” have all the power, not the millionaires/billionaires. I will never
    watch them again no matter what they do, because they “all” have shown us what’s
    in their hearts; they hate this country. The NFL will not stop until we force them to. The
    only solution is to shut them down by turning them off forever, stop going to games, stop
    buying NLF stuff and finally stop buyingfrom companies that continue to advertise with them.
    These people hate us and this country; stop it now or it will spread
    like wildfire.
    From a God loving, America loving, US Army Veteran.

  47. I had actually been Dismayed over the last several Years, with the numbers of Players having So Many Arrests, Most of Which were Spousal Battery, And then the Car Wrecks and Even Players Killing through Car wrecks, under the Influence of Alcohol, Drugs, Or Both ! Then The absolute Hatful Acting in the End Zones They call,,,,,,,,,,,,, Well,, whatever they call their dances,, or in some cases, ‘Peeing on The opposition to whatever they oppose’ . Their complete Disrespect for Law Enforcment, (yes there are occasional wrong doings) And thinking they are above anyone because of their money and their self belief in Status. There are absolutely some Great Men in Football, However, their Actions are Not the Ones we All see because these men Are Team Players and are Not looking for all The Glory for themselves. The List Goes On .
    But when you consider the Percentages of Football Players doing Stupid things, and, They Get wealthy for doing these things, It’s Disgraceful in My Opinion. I also Will Not Ever believe, That the ‘Football-Event-On-The-Field’, For The Public’s Entertainment,! is NOT the place to start Politicizing ANYTHING. Plugging for Sponsor’s is one thing. But When you start trying to support” one, or another”, in matters that have Nothing to do with football, then that Literally, is CONTROVERSIAL,AND DIVISIVE !, Then you are No Longer performing a Sport for The Public’s Entertainment. If I’m going to support a Politician I will Donate to them, But “I will Not Pay to Watch”, or attend, a Sport, and it turn out to be a Political Source ! That means in Opposition OR Support of Any Politic’s.
    This is Supposed to Be ‘Sport for Entertainment’ and they All get Wealthy as the Public Wants to See the Greatest Play their respective Sport,, Not to have this outside Stuff Crammed down our Throats that we have to deal with daily in life and in the News. We go only to see the Best perform in that Sport.

  48. The players are exaggerating the numbers of shootings by police. More white people are killed by police. When the Michael Brown hands up situation was proved to be false then president Obama and attorney general Holder (no lover of law enforcement) had this investigated to see if they could find something on the officer they could not. If these players are saying this is about police shootings and they really want to do something about it they should give up playing football and go into law enforcement. I guarantee not one of these spoiled brats will do that. If they did they would see the explosive situations police are called into and maybe just maybe they would have a deeper respect for those called to serve and protect. There was a black minister who thought that the police were overly aggressive while dealing with people. He agreed to be put in a simulated police call with actors playing parts. The simulation was they were dispatched to a domestic argument where the minister was giving to the perpetrator commands to stop approaching him agressively but the perp kept advancing on the minister. The minister emptied the gun (with blanks) in the perp. After this mock simulation the minister had a new Outlook on what officers are often called into.

  49. I’m done with the National Felons Leaque.Was a huge Steelers fan until they pulled that stunt in the locker room. Now I read books.So long NFL.

  50. Steelers fan since the 70’s. Stick a fork in them….I’m done watching. My respect went the day they stayed in the tunnel then pressured the only guy who had any guts to stand tall.
    DONE,DONE,DONE!!!! I hope our protest on Veterans weekend makes their heads spin and they realize just who is paying their millionaire lifestyle.

  51. Those players should spend some time in Russia and see what happens when they just say or do anything against their country or leaders. A good dose of Russia style punishment….

  52. We stand together while they kneel…I like that picture, but not the timing. Stand for the flag, kneel to pray.

    Well said, brothers and sisters!

  53. I was an avid NFL Football fan – stopped watching because of the Anthem protest/kneeling! Will NEVER watch again! These men are overpaid, unappreciative brats! I will stick with College Football.

  54. To me, the game is a total bore. The players are mostly dishonorable thugs with Bentleys. I see the Panthers here in my hometown of Spartanburg SC and they are not at all impressive.I would think their salary cap should be no more than $100K.

  55. Send tough guy millionaire football players to war zone for 90 days and bring back our 18 and 19 military leaders see how that works out for the babies ????

  56. Between the incompetent Roger Goodall and the stupid and ungrateful players I will no longer watch football. Football is not as important to me as respect for this country, law enforcement, the Military and the American flag. The flag represents all that those ungrateful idiots have accomplished and if it were not for the flag, most of these idiots would be doing common labor making the minimal wage.

  57. My family has been an American Football Fan for years. Take American out of football and what have you left? A bunch of ungrateful felons. I just read an article on how many felonies the NFL football players have for each team. It was astounding. They belong in prison. After a burglary and rape, one player said, “Yeah, and all I got for punishment was a slap on the hands.” Another had committed so many horrible crimes and he said, ” Goodell got me out of prison.”

  58. I have given up football for the season. And I love Football. A great American past time. But the people who hate America and what it stands for are ruining the game. The owners have allowed it, so be it. I am free from watching over paid thugs ruin this wonderful game. There are many more fun things to do than back these heathens.

  59. What angers me also is that our taxes support the NFL. I don’t know why as it seems that they make enough money to sustain themselves. They are nothing more than traitors.

  60. I was a huge Steelers fan, but no longer watch any football..a bunch of over paid spoiled men disrespecting our country…

  61. I was a Steeler season ticket holder for over 2 decades. Stopped watching the day they stayed in the tunnel in Chicago and AV stood alone to honor the flag and anthem.

    These so called social justice warriors are just plain wrong. The owners, league and players will suffer the consequences of these misplaced actions. I’ll not spend another dime on anything nfl oriented. I hope millions more do the same.

    I hope these delusional millionaires are hit fully in their wallets. They may be mature physically but are mentally and emotionally challenged when it comes to business acumen and the realities of American society. Not just the society of the hood.

    I’ll back our police, firemen and military personnel while I ignore the kneeling fools and their misplaced hate.

    Actions have consequences. I trust America will teach that to these kneeling fools.

  62. You couldn’t pay me to watch these ungrateful anti Americans. I wouldn’t watch nfl until they apologize to the American people.

  63. I am happy to see Americans standing up for America. We all know there are problems to solve but obviously this is not the way. I agree with the person that suggested these “players” work on the black against black crime. In our home we have decided not to watch any NFL games. I would love to have a list of sponsors as I would not support them either. We have the greatest country in the world and history and we should honor her.

  64. NFL, no longer welcomed in this military home….hope they go under as they disrespect our men and women, who risk all for our country.

  65. I used to be a huge Tennessee Titans fan, and prior to that Houston Oilers. I have not watched a single minute of NFL football since the traitor Kapernick started his crap. We need to rename the NFL to the NTL (national thugs league). It is hard to see anyone making millions per year as oppressed. And as far as other folks supposedly treated unfairly by the police, just remember there were far more police beaten it killed by thugs than the other way around. As for me and my house we will watch college ball until these thugs start respecting our flag and country.

  66. Done for good. Watched since the early 60’s and was avid fan. Don’t need them. Just a bunch of spoiled rich jerks playing a game. Probably couldn’t survive in a regular job

  67. Anybody that lives in America should respect OUR Flag when the National Anthem is played, even if they don’t understand what the meaning is . It is a respect thing !!!
    Any TRUE American knows that the flag is a symbol of FREEDOM and WILL be treated with respect which is standing, remove head cover, hand over heart , for civilians, that is AMERICAN !!!

  68. I have not watched an NFL game since 2015 and probably never will again. These overpaid brats will never get a minute of my time again. They are doing more to promote racism than call attention. At least we know all those kneeling are truly racist and anti-American.

  69. These players are rich in Money and Ignorance, but poor in Mind and Life. Part of me laughs at them, but I should be feeling sad or crying for them.

  70. I was also an avid Steelers fan , but not anymore. I haven’t watched a pro game since last year and will NEVER watch another one . I love college football and will continue to watch them unless they start this anti America protest at which time it will be history as well .

  71. THERE WILL BE “NO”, “NOT ANY”, “NOT ONE MOMENT” of watching NFL by this former Military man, who was shot four times and survived. Take this to the bank! They can get sc*&wed!!!

  72. Yes I did stop watching football and I stop going to the games I went 2 a yr,I’m taking one step further,I will protest the sponsors also I hope many follow

  73. I’ve tried to watch my favorite team but simply couldn’t watch anymore. Too much attitude! As for the black power salute following the anthem, it is just dividing us again adding insult to injury. They are protesting the wrong thing. Instead of disrespecting a few bad cops, they should be after their own black on black crime that is spreading fast. I seem to feel like it has trickled down to college and soon high school and so on. Too bad that what I fought for and others had die for especially the one that died in my arms is to no avail :o(

    • The one that die in your arms and all the other heroes, are in my thoughts with the greatest respect and I’m so thankful for theis sacrifices!! That is the reason l don’t care to watch any of those completely ungrateful, ignorant, disrespectful, Milliners!!! It is a shame to compare the money they make for playing a game, all the perks the get from our taxes! To insults the Country. And our Heroes that they don’t even get ,not even a fraction, of this Imbeciles disgusting good for nothingness , police haters( only criminals hate the police) Beasts make ! I’m sickened by all of them.. for me NFL is dead.

  74. I am 72 and a Navy Vet. I will never watch another pro football game again until you clean out the thugs you have in the league. They are disgusting and unpatriotic. I would think these are also the police haters because they have been caught doing things wrong in life and hold the police responsible instead of their own ill conceived actions of beating women, drugs, assaults, shootings and knifings. I think you need to clean out the bad apples while you still have a barrel to put them in.

    • Besides the NFL violence against women, on an individual basis to be fair, but no protest, and the Chicago travesty of black-on-black killings a travesty, I believe those players protesting whatever ought to focus 100% in getting education back into the inner cities. Trump and school choice is trying, how about joining in something far more relevant NFL and baby players?

  75. I think the players have a right to protest. But i think they should take it one step further if they honestly believe in their protest. Quit letting us see your talent, walk off the field and dont play for the people who have surpressed you.

  76. I’m taking a knee on the NFL. Stopped watching. Haven’t missed it at all. A bunch of spoiled brats. They’re being used by liberals and they’re not smart enough to realize. NFL will collapse if they continue this nonsense. I guess then those players will have to get a real job.

    • I agree with you RP. The liberals have been using these idiots for years now and no matter how many receive a free college education, they’ll never be smart enough to realize it. At one time, I loved the NFL and couldn’t wait for Sundays, so I could watch pro-football all day long. I started losing interest a few years back, because of these overpaid cry babies. This latest show of disrespect for the greatest country in the world and show of racism is the last straw. I am a 20 yr veteran of the USAF and I will love this country and appreciate it, until the day I die. The only problem I can see with all these overpaid brats having to get a real job, is the crime rate rising, with all these punks back in their element. Guess I’ll just have to deal with it. I’m locked and loaded. God Bless the USA!

  77. I will not have a problem working with a positive attitude concerning our Nation, my post has canceled So called N F L ?

    • I’m done watching NFL football because of the disrespect for the national anthem. I love football so I will follow college football and other sports. I also will not watch networks that no longer show the playing of the national anthem in pro football. NOT the answer. Same goes for advertisers. Let’s get serious!

      • Right on, Bobbi. The networks don’t show the playing of the anthem anymore because they don’t want millions of viewers changing the channel all at once!

  78. No football God nd country here. Spoiled brats who receive millions for playing to the public should respect the flag that gave them the chance to play in the first place.protests should be on your time not on your company time

  79. I blame the owners for ever starting to give million,s to any player. Salary,s should be caped at half million. Let,s see how many player,s can even hold down a job.

  80. I remember attending many Patriots games when they did not even have a stadium and have been an avid fan over the years but did not sign up for the NFL package this year and do not even watch the free to view games any more.


    • Thank you for your service! I think we should start sending all drop outs and high school graduates for several weeks of boot camp when they either stop going to school or graduate. These people don’t have a clue as to what it means to live in our Country and not have to go to WAR. A lot of Vietnam people didn’t have a choice as the draft was still going.

    • Semper Fi, Dave. You said it all. Parris Island straightened me out more than seventy years ago. That’s what these babies need.

    • I suggest all the NFL babies go fight our wars…perhaps then they will respect this country and our flag…better still ship them all off the a 3rd world country and see how those poor folks live..then compare what they have. Spoiled brats one and all…very more NFL in the future and I’m glad.

      • I don’t think they are fit to fight for me and mine. They would just run the other way. Now if they stand up it will by because of their pocket books. Like we are paying them to stand. Well, NFL you are gone from my life forever.

      • Who would trust them to have their back, not me, that is for sure. Vietnam vet and I enlisted 1967, 3 years army and 8 years air force.

        • Thankyou for your Service, I to am a Vietnam Vet ( NAVY ) and I was there same time you were….Although I did not stay in for more than my initial enlistment…. Thanks for your comment…..

  82. I would add that ALL of the players are guilty – if you stand there and watch it without doing something about it – you are no better.

  83. With Christmas just around the corner – wait until they see the drop in sales of all things NFL this season. The advertisers are in the drivers seat now – those who stay with the NFL will not be paying those record numbers for a 30 second spot this Super Bowl either. I wonder if there will be empty seats too. When the losses are tallied how many of these “kneelers” will be looking for work or taking huge pay cuts if allowed to stay?

    • Mike,
      I was thinking about Christmas myself. Each year my family buys each other gifts related to the NFL whether it be jerseys, calendars, clothing, Etc that will definitely not be happening this year!!!

  84. I am done with the players that disgust me and NFL will certainly suffer…Don’t forget the 19% drop in viewers did NOT include those fans that have already paid for their season tickets that will not renew for next year!!!

    The NFL should “ORDER ALL PLAYERS TO STAND”!!! They can do what ever they want when they attend a game!! But when your making MILLIONS and your working and representing the NFL YOU WILL STAND FOR THE FLAG!!!!!!
    All players can do what ever they want when not representing the NFL!! But when your on our dime, you will stand for the wounded warriors!! AND QUIT PRETENDING YOUR OPPRESSED!!!

    • I no longer watch a bunch of disrespecting players ! I have been a KC Chiefs fan for most of 50 years-I canNOT stand to look at Marcus Peters anymore-if coaches will not make the paid players stand I do not need to watch!

    • The protest these faggots are protesting doesn’t exist! The fact is that every young person in the US gets a free high school education. If you choose to drop out of school to sell use and distribute drugs and hang out with your “Bros” You have no skills to sell! Of course these people will face so called discrimination, I damn well wont hire you! Have the nerve to come in to my place of business and ask for a job wearing baggy pants that hang half way down your ass baggy shirts gold teeth and chains hats on sideways make you look too stupid to know which way is supposed to be the front of that hat! I don’t own a circus, I don’t hire circus looking clowns! Commit crimes because you don’t want to work for a living (You know the way most white men have to blacks are NOT owed anything! That debt was paid for when thousands of white men fought and died to set you free!) You have several warrants out for you, you refuse to obey the police when they give you ORDERS rush at them, exhibit a gun or something that might be a gun, run from them and have drugs and drug paraphernalia in the car you stole and are caught driving you deserve to be shot!!! THUG!! Nothing here to protest! Pretty simple solution to all the oppression problems! Stay in school, learn a skill get a job, marry and support YOUR OWN CHILDREN! Move out of the ghetto dissociate your self from all gangs earn respect and support yourself! Thousands of black people have done so and they don’t face the discrimination you and your gang banging bros do! Very few whites are racist to decent black people, racism seems to be predominately a black thing!

      • Right on Daniel. You’re all over the top of this matter. Unfortunately, the poor idiots will not be able to understand it, because they cannot think for themselves.

  85. Kaepernick and his ilk have ruing the game for me. I’m no longer an NFL fan. Surely there are better things to do on Sundays than watch a bunch of spoiled rich brats make fun of America. The owners should have nipped this in the bud – stand and salute the flag during the playing of the anthem. Since they did not, they’re the losers. Goodbye to all of you.

  86. I stopped watching in 2016 and will not watch it anymore. I’ve been a Steelers fan since the 60’s I was on the Steelers nation not anymore.

    • You and me both brother! I spent 32 years in the military. I am infuriated everytime I see one of these misguided under-led football players direspecting our country! The only good thing coming out of all of this is seeing the bottomline drop; that means a good portion of Americans care about the erosion of morals in our great nation.

  87. I love pro football but I will not watch it again until the players stop disrespecting our flag & the National Anthem! You respect it by standing up, facing the flag & putting your hand over your heart! If they want to protest they should do it on their own time. Not while they are working on the job. You stand for our flag & anthem you kneel before our God!

    • I feel that they are being very unAmerican. They say it is racial but if you look at the players the ratio of Black versis white is equal if not more blacks than whites.

        • You will see the same raised fist on all the Fidel Castro Communist posters and on posters for communists everywhere. Black Power and Black Lives Matter do it too. Capitalist need to their own symbol. For my part the middle finger seems to have a mind of it’s own.

          • These people who cry racism and inequality care nothing about their people or the violence in their
            communities, which I am sure none of them live in. Also, they care little that their people are being slaughtered by the millions at the hands of planned parenthood and other abortion mills. Why don’t they protest planned parenthood, and encourage their community not to abort their children. Why, they do not care

  88. If your numbers are correct attendance is down less this year than last year and the national anthem issue wasn’t as bad last year so it appears NFL fans are still supporting the game and the protest will probably continue

    • People are weak…they must have their jollies before anything else like country; probably family and anything else. Personally I can’t stand to sit and cheer someone who hates my country because if you hate my country then you also hate me. The feeling is mutual I can assure them.

    • Not so. Both years loss is around 19% net and dropping. You make it sound like the 15% that stopped watching the NFL last year are watching it this year

      • I agree with you that the total percentage of NFL fans not attending is 20% from 2016 and 2017 my point is there are only 5% of NFL fans new this year not showing up for the games. As you can see from today’s games I think one team almost everyone protested . NFL management doesn’t appear to put a policy in place to stop to protest the only owner so far is Jerry Jones has enough common sense to C this is Harding the game incredibl. In my opinion it will take a reduction of about 30% of the fans before NFL management and owners will take this seriously it maybe too late.

  89. Well, even though my vote wouldn’t really count because I never watched very much football anyway even BEFORE the protests, I still would refuse to watch them anymore even if I was a fan. I’m glad their numbers are dropping, and I hope they’ll drop even lower every week until those rich, spoiled, anti-American African Americans learn what a privilege it is to even be here in the first place.

    • I think the attitude of these mental midgets is enough of a reason to “turn off” this game but anyone who has been around long enough,who remembers the game when at least most of the players were role models for their kids,when the “quality” of the games was exciting,competitive,interesting,played by men who took pride in themselves,the game,the riches and notoriety they could never get anywhere else “appreciated it,were grateful,had some respect,discipline,gratitude they could play a game and make a living. Most of all,we had discipline,rules,ethics,a code of conduct for the game,those who taught us,coached us,the fans who cheered,supported us and,if we broke the rules,dis-respected the game,this country,those who paid us,taught us,gave us the opportunity we were benched,not allowed to play,punished,cut,the loss of which has made America the composte heap it is today!The State Of The Union” Today!

      • Last I read at least a third of these thugs belong in Prison. YES I have stopped watching NFL won;t start again until they show respect to this country

          • How about this.. the trained zoo animals.. and I use “trained” loosely..are a disgrace!!The only imbeciles that still watch this crap are betting on them.. much like horses and dogs at a race track! Animals are animsls!!!!

        • I will never start watching the NFL again unless the whole organization is replaced. I can not root for people that I don’t respect. The Seahawks were special in my mind. Now I find that they are no different than any other team. I lost respect for them when they don’t respect the fans or our country.

          • Did you know the chicken hawks burned the American Flag in their locker room? The post was taken down while I was trying to share the picture

        • Agreed until they come out with a sincere apology, ALL OF THEM, I’m done. Watch out for the tricky advertising they will come out with, it will be family oriented. but not aimed towards the people who stand and died for the Red White And Blue…

          • Glen Bower~ I guess you have noticed that they are currently trying to set this fake protest onto President Trump. The President was correct back in September, when he stated that Goodell and the NFL owners and coaches are scared of the players. Goodell will lose his contract over this. He’s proven he can’t lead. A real leader would have nipped this the week Kaeprick high-jacked the game. I find it humorous that Kaeprick is now calling out the very NFL that supported his stupid antics from the beginning. It’s kinda like having to pay damages to the crook that stole your TV for having him arrested.

          • I remember when the players played because the LOVED the game! Some like Johnny Unitas, Joe Namath, Len Dawson – the GREAT ONES – didn’t make exorbitant salaries, they played for 25,000.00/30,000.00 a year. I know because I worked for one of the teams at that time! These self-entitled pukes need a yank by the short hairs and to be put back in their places! I will NEVER go back to watching this disgusting, self serving waste of time!!!! AND DON’T USE MY TAX DOLLARS TO FUND THEIR STADIUMS!!!!!!

    • Yes I have stopped watching The NFL football and I am done Forever . We lost Family members Fighting for our Freedoms and Our Flag. The total disrespect for taking knees sickens me . I always in the past watched as many NFL games as I could but I am finished with the NFL forever.

        • Actually, I think they DO get it… finally. But they’ve backed themselves into a corner, and the only way they can stay in the game is to defend themselves against the onslaught of ridicule, anger and disgust we, the public, feel and that they’re undoubtedly hearing about. Probably every single day. I think they already know the consequences of losing THIS battle, so they’re still stubbornly clinging to those old, stupid racist claims. It’s the only thing they have now.

      • Exactly! High school football is very good. College is excellent. But these anti-Americans will NEVER be watched in my house again!

      • James, I agree with you, I loved football, and watched it my whole life and I’m 84, but I quit watching it this year, I don’t even miss it really, although I did have favorite teams I kept up with, but not now, I’m not watching it at all.

    • Honoring the National Anthem and the flag of our country are an honor…..if these spoiled brats can’t respect the people who have given their lives so they can play a sport in peace and security….they need to leave and go play in the country of their choice !!

      • The feeling I get when listening to our anthem is unforgettable if these players and owners don’t have it they never will two things winning and money seem to be their only motivation the NFL should hand out free t-shirts at games to their fans that say I’m an NFL fan and love disrespecting my country because that’s what their doing

    • The more attendance and TV ratings fall, the happier I am. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and protest non-violently, but not kneel during the national anthem. That’s beyond disgusting and an affront to the country, especially those heroic military personnel who served and died for it. Every “kneeler” should be ashamed of themselves for being such a disgrace.

    • Ahhh, I don’t call these potential bench warmers African Americans anymore…just plain Afraicans. They hate America so why should I give them the honor of putting the name American to their names?

    • Dude you are a bit out of line using the race card. It is only a few African Americans that are going that route. I am not a sports nut at one time I watched the NFL since the start of this mess. I am a African American retired and disabled VETERAN. I believe in my country My Colors and the National Anthem. I checked my DNA and found I am 90% African but native born. Go figure.

      • Kelvin Graves I’m with you I make the same mistakes as others so I’m guilty as well we do know that there are millions of African American patriots in this country our comments I believe are never meant to assume that all of any one race are respectful to our nation but I’d like to say my personal opinion if anyone doesn’t like it here and what we believe in get the he’ll out

    • I whole heartily agree with many statements. I was one of the recipients of the change when I graduated from high school. Women, blacks and some Hispanics got preference in job selection. White males did not. I still managed to find jobs and did okay while in the military. Yet, seeing all the ones who got jobs while I missed out on some high paying ones, floor me with I owe them because I am an old white guy. Doesn’t equate to my knowledge bank of life.

    • I hear that the NFL won’t last long enough this season to make it to the SuperBowl! From what I’ve seen those little rich bastards are talking a strike! Let them drag the teams down! That just gives the owners that much more power to fire every one of their asses and go hire players that respect our country!

    • I’ve been a NY Giant fan for over 50 yrs. I could care less about them now and threw out all my Giants apparel. The American Legion I belong to has taken the NFL ticket off & no games are being watched. No one has complained.

      • This is such a pathetic situation! My phone is chiming every few minutes notifying me that a new comment has been posted. We can only hope the NFL, the players and owners are reading the negative things we are feeling and saying. I am sad that pro football has been ruined by these unpatriotic jerks, all of them!

    • I love football…been a Niners fan since day one. No more. I have family members who are Veterans. One who was wounded twice in Nam. This is disrespect. I won’t even watch college football now. See the same thing happening there. Our high school football team gets my full support, and they are doing great. Won division championship last year, on their way (unbeaten so far), hoping for the same this year. My youngest grandson plays freshman football this season, next season he’ll be a JV starter on the offensive line. Love it! Done with NFL…gave away the TV.


    • I have loved football and especially professional for more than 50 years. In that time I’ve watched the morality of the U.S. decline and the NFL along with it. My love of the game caused me to overlook the thuggery, and it’s glorification by silence. When Kapernick began wearing socks with pig’s to show his disrespect for law enforcement, this 28 year retired “pig” had to stop watching. It was awful breaking the NFL habit, however I felt then, and feel now, that supporting an organization or business that allows anarchist to create and support a false narrative, disrespect a duly elected President all while our forefathers, and now our best youth are out defending our free speech and ability to live free was impossible. I haven’t watched a game since, and will not until every man on every field shows the proper respect for the greatest nation on earth.

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