The NFL just failed its biggest test yet

While our nation mourned the tragedy in Las Vegas, the NFL and ESPN grappled with how to handle the now politicized playing of the national anthem.

In the past, Americans could turn to sports and come together for a moment of healing, like when Bush (43) threw out the first pitch at Yankee Stadium after 9/11.

That’s why what these NFL players just did left fans feeling disgusted.

And due to the actions of three Kansas City Chiefs, the NFL just failed its biggest test yet . . . miserably.

These sitting, selfish NFL players couldn’t even hide their disdain for America for just one game in the aftermath of the Las Vegas tragedy.

While it’s unclear what they did for the moment of silence, Marcus Peters, Kenneth Acker, and Ukeme Eligwe sat through the national anthem.

Many football fans were disgusted by the disrespect showed to the victims and the police officers who risked their lives running toward the gun fire to stop the Las Vegas gunman.

Many also pointed out the actions of Charcandrick West seen in the video above, trying to block the camera from focusing on Kenneth Acker.

By doing so, his meandering was likely even more disrespectful to fans than those who were sitting!

It was a bizarre act given that the camera focused on Marcus Peters without anyone trying to obstruct the camera.

NFL fans took to Twitter to slam Peters:

While the petulant protests of these coddled millionaires showed an immense lack of respect for our country, and dishonored those who were injured and died in Las Vegas, it just goes to show the NFL has a continued problem.

Until owners step up and suspend or fire somebody – like Trump initially suggested – this isn’t going to end any time soon.

And a recent Wall Street Journal article suggests owners are growing more and more angry about the anthem protests behind the scenes.

Three sources told the Journal that owners had a tense meeting with the league following the first league-wide anthem protests.

Several owners realized that feuding with Trump over players disrespecting the anthem was bad for business – especially given that the issue resonated with so many fans.

What do you think about the actions of the Kansas City Chiefs players?

Did you watch the game?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

And be sure to make your voice heard: Should pro football fans boycott the NFL until these anti-American “protests” stop? VOTE HERE!



  1. Awesome Comments from all…I totally concur across the boards! I’m done with these ignorant pansies!!! Would love to see them in combat!!! If they even know what that word means.

  2. Been watch the NFL since the Bears 85’ superbowl, Walter Payton is rolling over in his grave right now. I’m a life long Vikings Fan, I’m done, they broke my heart for the last time. I’ve decided for real change in my life, and the NFL, Minnesota Vikings are not in that equation. Shame on the NFL! But most of all shame on me for not opening my mind, and eyes sooner 😇

  3. Fire the players that don’t like our country and replace them with some that do. The other option is going down the tube. There is a lot of young men that would love to be in their shoes and appreciate the United States too.

  4. I did not watch the game! I canceled my NFL TV Package last year when Kapernick started all this. I loved football for 62 years but I have other things to fill my time and I don’t need to watch such disrespect. If the owners won’t do anything about this disrespect, I’m not there ever again!!

  5. roger goodell should be replaced with some one with some balls. And the owners should lay down the law. mike tomlin is as bad as the players. This is a football game and people care about what is going on but do not show disrespect at the sports games. The nfl may just be done after this. Players kiss your big money goodbye.

  6. They’ve all crapped in their $500 alligator guccis. I too, have cut the Nothing Football League from my tv schedule and I don’t miss it.

  7. The absolute DISGUSTING, DISRESPECTFUL, SHAMELESS, VIRAL Appalling of these players who still show they have NO HONOR or Regrets Sorrow or anything else towards our fallen individuals in Las Vegas and still display Disrespect to OUR FLAG, COUNTRY and our VETERANS… What does it take for GOODELL to get his LAZY FAT A__S off his cushiony seat and do what he should have done long before now instead of just speaking about Desiviness….
    He along with the Owners and the Players have gone too far and they better start doing what is RIGHT or there might NOT be an NFL at all….
    You can keep your NFL, you’ve lost me and many others as a Fan…. Start packing your Bags, we can help you if you continue to NOT do the RIGHT thing…. BYE NFL !

    • While the criticism is certainly justified, it seems to me that the NFL is getting a lot more attention than they deserve. By the way, re action that might make a real impression, how about avoiding purchase of goods and services, as much as is possible, offered by game sponsors. What is that old saying, something to the effect of Money Talks, Bullshit Walks.

  8. No I did not watch the game really none of games since the teams choose to disrespecting of our flag and anthem. And it’s too little to late if the teams say they’ll start standing it won’t show they really mean it.

  9. I am a Retired Green Beret that served in Vn as well as my Brother, Uncle, Cousin, and My Father was a Quadruple Amputee, having both Arms and Legs cut off defending our GREAT COUNTRY in WWII, a Great Grandfather that served in the Revolutionary War, An Uncle in Korean War, and more relatives that served our Country than I can list. The COWARDS in the NFL, with the exception of Alejandro Villanueva,(Who was made to apologize) can all kiss MY AMERICAN ASS. I put my Flag up every morning, except in inclement weather, take it down in at Sundown, and proudly stand for OUR NATHIONAL ANTHEM, even when I am indoors and it is played.

  10. Piece of shit rich players. It is simple, just like what Richard Petty said……if you do not like it here, get out. I haven’t watched one game this year. Haven’t listened to them on the radio. I refuse to support arrogance and disrespect. And this so called protest is bullshit going under the guise of protesting white cops shooting black kids or protesting Trump. Bottom line is they aren’t doing anything for any of that. When you disrespect the National Anthem or The Flag, you are disrespecting America in general, a country that gives you the freedom to do this kind of shit. So in reality this so called protest is a joke. I will not be watching any games any time soon. I have absolutely no respect for these overpaid idiots.

  11. I will bet five bucks that if those football players had been in the crowd in Las Vegas, they would have hit the deck and called for police protection.

  12. Not televising the national anthem is Roger Goodells answer, screw him and the NFL. I’m a Packer Stock Holder and I thought that the Packers were better than all the other teams, I guess that I was wrong. Stand up with your helmet in your left hand and your right hand over your heart and your eyes on the flag that defines our country.

  13. Did not watch all of them needs to be put in service and sent to war see how long the men and women over there fighting would put up with them

  14. Oh, yes, the protests will end – -just watch, sponsors are pulling out, fans are becoming ex-fans and shutting OFF the tv- -as soon as the money dries up, and the flower children can’t collect their big, fat, over-sized paycheck, there will be no more NFL and we won’t have to worry about watching, or not watching. They will wonder “what happened”?- -only because they’re not smart enough to realize “actions have consequences” and they have no one but themselves to blame. They won’t understand it until someone explains it to them “in kindergarten terminology”.

  15. We former NFL fans need to walk the walk by turning away from the NFL. Some of us might get our lives back by all the time we save not watching all those games!

  16. NFL, Players, Coaches, Owners and Goodell, are a disgrace. I am an proud
    American, Citizen, and Veteran. I can not and will not Kneel lower than those
    listed in the first sentence kneel to Support them. I’m about done with Sports as what they have become.!!

  17. I’m willing to bet there are a lot of young men in this country that would love to be out on those fields. All of whom would stand for our flag and anthem. Probably for less money than all of those idiots that want to sit or take a knee. The bad part about this is they have gotten to big headed.

  18. Goodell is as ignorant and misinformed as the privileged NFL protestors. All of this divisiveness could have easily been prevented if he had had the courage to enforce the the existent stand for the anthem direction. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the guts to stand up to the offending player(s) for fear of what the players’ union reaction might be. The whole matter is PATHETIC.

  19. I have not watch a NFL game this year and probably will not because of the actions of the “players” and their respective coaches, owners and teams. I know that they would like to have their “enlightened” opinions imposed on the rest of the nation, but they really need to live in a country that has real oppression and totalitarian rule for a few years. Not as a famous player that is paid far too much, but as a normal citizen. Then they could think about re-applying to come back to this country. May God Bless the families of those who lost their lives Sunday night in the attack. And may God help take the anger and disgust I feel toward these useless specimens of human depravity who think they are great because they can play a GAME well, out of my heart.

  20. We all need to protest the subsidizing of these millionaire thugs by writing our congressmen Protest by what you do in the voting booth. The taxpayers are funding these parasites. Spend the taxpayer money on education and food for the hungry.

  21. Gail Chapman right on but tell the white women the same thing for letting it happen.They should take every player that kneels down or sits down take there game check and give to the poor or some other cause because nothing hurts more than an empty wallet#1 If they do it again take their rest of the season money they are owed#2 And if they do it again take their citizen ship and give them to North Korea

  22. How these so-called professionals can live with themselves by doing this…especially after Vegas…is beyond me!
    I Haven’t watched a single game this season! I’m an Minnesota Vikings fan & have been for forty years! I don’t know if any of them have sat during the anthem or not, but as a Veteran of the U.S. Navy…I will NOT watch ANY nfl PERIOD!
    Like I said, I’m a huge Vikings fan…But I love my GOD, my Wife, my Children & my Country! Yes…in that order!
    Until the owners & the coaches stand up themselves & say: NO MORE…there won’t be any professional football in my house!

  23. After the shooting people help people they didn’t kneel. All they did was offered help regardless of the danger. All the NFL did was take their blanket, and go set in the corner, and cry.


  25. How about we getting rid of the NIL for they are showing EVERYONE that they do not care about us or our country. So we need to show them that the disrespect they are showing EVERYONE that the anthem means NOTHING to them. The only thing that they care about is themselves and their money. We need to show them that it is time for them to go.

  26. I am having a really hard time understanding the mentality of these men. Can’t they see they are killing their careers and the careers of any of their sons who has dreams of playing ball professional ball. Will alll the black men return to the ghettos? I believe every time one hooks up with a white woman , the black men are slapping the black female race , including their mothers,sisters , and grandmothers in face as not being good enough. The same holds true for white women who hook up with black men.

    • I’m unsure if their ignorance is allowing such a thought, don’t get me wrong their current actions are reprehensible. …..

      But as human beings they’re not obligated to race only marriage or dating?….

      To think otherwise , is the ethnc cleansing from the past…
      Of which 45 million people perished

  27. If we are going to make a difference we must stop spending our well earned money to watch these individuals and teams in person. What good does it do if you are eating the food, drinking the beer and buying the tickets while booing??!!

  28. I spent 31 years in the Air Force. Wonder what Pat Tillman is thinking now. He gave ALL for us. As long as the baseball players don’t do anything stupid, that will be where my TV is tuned. No more NFL for me!

  29. yes it is totally disgusting but it didn’t stop these people from buying tickets and filling the seats to support these pieces of shit did it.

  30. While I agree everyone has a right to protest there’d a time and place for everything. These self loveing big headed fools like to be in the camera and will do anything to get tgere. Well you got what you wanted snd then some. They seem to forget that even when we’re are bumping heads and disagreeing with each other. When things like the shooting brings us together. They are so stupid to pick a day of our nation morning the viticms ti show just how far down in the shutter tgese assclowns will go. And to think. This was all started by a man who wouldn’t take the time to go cast his vote in the elections. Kinda makes you wonder if “pepperneck” truly want anything other then his name in the papers

  31. I feel that NFL and sports in general are pulling our attention away from what are the important things; Our National Security, Nation, homes, children and families, and then to have a few of these wannabe men disrespect our Flag and patronage to watch them play like kids. Players; please do something for this Country, at least stand for the National Anthem.

  32. No more donations! No more support! Take your sorry asses to Africa and start your own teams there! You are ALL pathetic whining crybabies who have no clue what it is to respect and support the country that made you jerks rich and FREE!! Fines and fired for each and everyone of you! No games will be watched or attended ever again!

    • Most of these pathetic players come from colleges. They go to college to get stupid. They are not educated they are indoctrinated. That may explain their behavior.

  33. Briefly put, as this entire pro sports business is a wad of baloney, devil take the NFL along with the rest of the pro sports circus that so belabors this country.

  34. I will not watch any nfl games until the so-s that disrespected our Country are fired and too never play another game again and if the owners don’t have the decency to fire them then too hell with the whole lot of them!!!

  35. I’m finished with the NFL and their sponsors. These millionaire cry babies had better wake up. The wishy-washy commissioner as well as the owners are a joke. Read the rules. It covers this kind of crap.

    • I agree Clark. No more NFL games for me. Don’t need this kind of crap. Can find better things to do with my Sunday afternoons.

  36. Please shut it down
    I just burned Marcus Peters shirt and all my NFL shirts shut them down and fire these losers. Stop going to these games that’s the only way this will stop I’m not giving anybody my money that disrespects our flag

  37. I would like to warn all of these rich warriers not to go to THAILAND and sit in the theatre when the King and Queens picture is on the screen. They will usher you out and if you protest you should have left a note in your hotel telling whoever reads this message that you went to the theatre and that is where you were last seen. I know because at first I didn’t know what to do until a Pooshi; name for a male made me aware of the consequencies if I didn’t stand.

  38. These protestors are all selfish thugs and we need to get rid of them forever…ban them from the NFL, fire Goodell, and enforce the rule already in effect about the national anthem…period! No ifs and buts. If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we would all have a Merry Christmas.

  39. This was an easy decision, as soon as we saw this player sitting, the channel was changed. We don’t need NFL slime. Life is to short.

  40. I did not watch the game. I will never turn on espn because of shannon sharpe spotting on our flag and they did nothing.

    • I refuse to watch any team that does not stand. Now I watch the anthem to see if any player sits. If so, I turn the channel. Have season tickets as well that will not be renewed for next year. That’s my protest!

      • Amen, I am doing the same thing. If a player sits, kneels, or anything else I think is disrespectful I refuse to watch. There are too many ways to protest for anyone to not honor the anthem, flag, our Country, and the brave souls who fought and died to enable the NFL to be wealthy and pampered. So appreciate what you have and express it. I and many others are so over it and done with the NFL.

    • I’m with you,Sid. The NFL can wither into nothing as far as I’m concerned. Hopefully this is truly a time when NFL means NOT FOR LONG.

    • Definitely a 100 better things average Law abiding Americans can be doing on Sunday’s, Monday’s, and Thursday’s. I think it’s all a set up by the globalists (which include many NFL owners). They are turning the conservative Americans against their players, conditioning the nation. Next they will bring in a gunman or two who will start shooting players. Of course it will be bamed on then conservative gun, and bible clingers, and will set off a civil war.

    • I have quit all viewing of the NFL. I no longer give a damn, particularly since these overpaid punks are not 100% focused on the craft that feeds them. I can watch politics anytime. The NFL is no longer a relaxing break from the day to day problems in the world. When the sponsors pull back their support too, we will maybe see some heads rolling and a renewed interest in pure football. Excellent execution of football fundamentals is what my buck is looking to see.

  41. After all that’s happened, this moron STILL refuses to stand?? How un-American can you get?! You would think he would be a bit more respectful, knowing our President is probably well aware of “attitude” problems among our NFL players, and might make a move toward deporting them to a country they DO respect.

    • Roger Goodell needs to be replaced. Owners should appoint a strong conservative. This week leader is a hypocrite. He allows Colon Cancer to wear socks that depicts cops as pigs but condemns players from honoring the cops that were killed in Texas and did not allow players from NY after 911 from putting a decal on their helmets to honor NYPD & NYFD. He could have prevented this cancer from spreading, If he has any respect or decency he can stop it now or face the consequences. Stop the nonsense and do your job!

    • I did not watch the game and will not, but stating that the owners will have to fire some is out of sync since most of them went to the field with their players and took a knee along with them to show their team support. They can’t now turn around and fire them after they have condoned the practice. It’s better to hit their sponsors in the pocket that is what will get’er done.

      • The useful idiots are being put up to this by the social warriors that want an end to football. The goal is to eliminate football and replace it with woosy soccer, ESPN has been highlighting soccer for years. Even when they could show another game.
        After all to hear them tell it football is to violent and then there are all those patriotic displays. Soccer is the world game don’t ya know. I saw a game during the world cu and you couldn’t even tell which country the teams were from. They didn’t have the country name on the jerseys.
        The useful idiots will be in for a big surprize when the salary s start dropping. Low ratings equal low ad revenue and that reduces pay to the league.

      • I have to wonder who it is that feeds these buffoons their opinions? Surely they are not smart enough to have one of their own> So I guess it comes down to the NFL Owners?

    • Don’t watch the NFL anymore! I’m done for the season maybe for good. These guys really never understood how well they had it. But like all idiots they had to open there mouths and throw it all away. Never bite the hand that feeds you!

      • Right on – I didn’t realize until now just how time I was wasting watching these ape-like baffoons. It is refreshing how much time I have to relax, read, and help other people. Wonderful to have that cancer out of my life.

    • I have stopped watching Professional Football. I was a Steelers fan and sadly, I am no fan of any teams at all. I stopped watching.

    • I will as all my other friends at home and on Facebook will no longer support the NFL. They need to learn the history of our country. They have no idea of what they are talking about. They are protesting issues where they do not even have the facts! They should do the research! Our country is in a whirlwind going down fast. The next generation looks up to these players and they do not realize what they are teaching our young, DISRESPECT, SELFCENTEREDNESS,SELFISHNESS AND IMMATURITY. ITS TIME FOR THEM TO MATURE AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE POSITION THEY HOLD.

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