The NFL just got this very bad news

Things just went from bad to worse for the NFL.

The anti-American protests are now just as much a part of the game as a routine holding penalty.

Now the league just got this very bad news.

The ratings are in for week five and it was a disaster.

Three of the four broadcast windows saw a decrease from 2016.

The worst drop was for the Monday Night Football contest between the Minnesota Vikings and the Chicago Bears.

That game saw ratings plunge to a season low by plummeting 17 percent from the week before.

Deadline reports:

“That now finds Minnesota 3-2 in the fifth week of the 2017 season. However, even with the much plugged world debut of the new Star Wars: The Last Jeditrailer at halftime, for the NFL and ESPN it was not such a great result in what is clearly a season of lower ratings amid protest controversies surrounding the national anthem – even on a night when the latter was not shown on-air.

Snaring a 7.0 in metered market results, MNF was down double digits from last week’s Kansas City Chiefs win over the Washington Redskins. Down 17% in the ratings, that’s actually a regular-game season low for ESPN and matches the MM result of the second game of the doubleheader MNF opener on September 11.”

In addition to Monday Night Football, the Sunday night game – the centerpiece of the league’s TV package – also hit a season low.

So it was no surprise the league launched into full damage control mode.

Commissioner Roger Goodell fired off a letter to all 32 teams stating that everyone should stand for the anthem and that the issue would be discussed at the league meetings next week in New York.

This was a complete and total retreat in the face of Donald Trump calling out the league for tolerating anti-American anthem protests and also encouraging patriotic Americans to boycott the league until the players stopped trashing the memories of veterans who fought and died for the stars and stripes.


  1. Half of the stadium seats are empty, the people that are still going to the games must be either LOW information A-holes or they just don’t care about our Flag and Country.

  2. The Day the NFL Died

    I played football since pee wee league and traded football for a BSIE degree in college. I love the game, but this year since the start of the season I have only seen the first week’s games on TV, and haven’t been to any games. I had planned on going to several games but after all the political BS about pride in America or should I say lack of pride in America, I sold my tickets to different people and had a hard time doing that, (I do still Support College games).

    I admit I watch the scores but will not watch another pro football game on TV or in person until the deadbeat crybabies of the NFL come to the realization they are ONLY football players and NOTHING MORE. Just as the actors and singers bad rap America and our leaders. I don’t see their films nor do I buy their music. Like the NFL they are only actors and singers and NOTHING MORE, It’s supposed to be entertainment not politics, same with NFL Pro football.

    What do the majority of the pro football players plan to do for work, (the NFL league can’t last forever without fan and endorsement deals from the Nikes and Budweiser’s of the world) most players have a hard time spelling their own names, and few have saved money for a rainy day. Without the endorsements, and fans buying their shoes, shirts, jackets and the like they will be broke, TOOOOOOO BAD. This warning also goes for basketball, to many back seat politicians in that sport as well, and I loved going to basketball games, too bad, backseat politicians are killing sports period. I used to go to the stadium in Chicago to see the Bulls and loved to watch Michael Jordan and Scotty Pippen (two of the best ever) play from the mid-sky boxes.

    There’s no room for backseat politics in sports of any kind, never has been and never will be.

    You guys are slowly killing the Golden Goose, and are headed the way of the Model “A”.
    Just as the day Buddy Holly died and so did that type of rock music, history will note this is the day the NFL died.

    Sorry guys I’m off my Soap Box now.

  3. Turn off the NFL and NBA thugs who disrespect this nation, it’s flag and military. Spend time with your family and see how great that is. I did and it’s wonderful, I also do not support their sponsors.

  4. If you cheat yourself in practice, you’ll cheat yourself in a game; and if you cheat in a game, you’ll cheat yourself for the rest of your life.
    Vince Lombardi

  5. Commissioner Roger Goodell doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude to say you will stand…instead, he says you should stand

  6. While there are two goal posts, the players are from different backgrounds, but the common ground for our Nation Under God affirms One Nation Unified, and two goal posts are at the opposite ends of the field of dreams and the mockery only proves that either We stand together or division through voices that preach from the left are always left out with a goal post without a referee!

  7. Whether you are at work or not is not the point. Disrespecting the Anthem and the flag for which so many have given their lives is what is so revolting, especially when it comes from a bunch of SAB’s that have never been in harms way. They may think it is the 1st amendment right thingy but they are dead assed wrong. It is totally disrespectful to our military and country. If they are so disgruntled and dislike the way things are here why aren’t they out doing something to change what ever it is they object to. Pissing people off is not going to change anything. Disrespect will and has pissed a lot of patriots off. Either get a life or get out, we don’t really care which.

  8. This issue is not rocket science, if enough NFL fans continue to support the game the protest will continue if a enough NFL fans stop supporting the game the protests will stop

  9. I have been a fan of the NFL since the 1950’s when we had YA Tittle as QB and my husband and I had season tickets. It was hard to get to the Kezar Stadium as we had a long way to walk after parking on the streets of SF but we did not mind. Politics were never a part of the entertainment derived from that team. The owner had a hart attack after witnessing a out of this world comeback of his team in the last 2 minutes of the game.
    at that time the colored people playing football complained about not being able to join the “white” league. Look at it now, you have to look long and hard to find a white player so did they gain anything in their protest of not being able to play outside their own league? How can a current player think that it is OK to disrespect his country when he is part of the problem of inequality in pay. Has he offered to donate part of his salary to the people who are indeed treated unequally . I do not argue with his right to protest, he just should have used another venue to do so. IN GOD WE TRUST

  10. Maybe he shouldn’t have RESISTED arrest. People that DON’T resist and DON’T fight back, don’t get shot, it’s that simple.

  11. They’ve taken the same seat as the Hollywood elite. Entertainers that want to spew crap instead of just entertain. I’m done giving them, and the sponsors money.

  12. Just very start of Thursday night football
    Noticed had a lot of pregame BS. But did not play National Anthem on tv. Could care less about NFL watching baseball and college basketball fixing to start P*** on NFL

  13. It does not say must it says should which these low lifes take to mean they don’t have to and the owners are to big of a pussy to force them to

  14. Good for you Joe. Hit them where it hurts $$$. I will not watch any more sports that don’t show respect for our nation. Nor go to Chilies.

  15. Really “Cut off your nose to spite your face!!” because I refuse to support felons, brats throwing temper tantrums, entitled children. I refuse to enable scum with no respect for our flag, country or God. I don’t think this will bother my face one bit.

  16. you are so right , they deserve what their getting . NO chance of my going back to a nfl game , they still feel the same way their just standing to satisfy the sponsors !!!!!!!


  18. you’re absolutely SPOT-ON . they got away with DISRESPECT for way too long . it should have been nipped in the bud before it got so far out of line !!!!!!!!!!!

  19. There is a wonderful line from the Billy Joel song, “My Life,” that is perfectly applicable to this situation: “…You can speak your mind, BUT NOT ON MY TIME!” (emphasis added)

    Message to all players: If you are “on the clock,” participating in activities for which I am paying you, you will follow my rules to stand respectfully during our national anthem…or you can leave the team or ask to be traded. Bottom line: Do your demonstrating on your own time, NOT MINE!

  20. Way to go Rich. AIRBORNE all The WAY! The NFL is not gonna make it back to what
    it was. Most of the players are now tainted with the phony narrative of police
    brutality. Hang in Trooper, bless you for your service from Chattahoochee USA,

  21. These athletes have been coddled and most of them NEVER earned their degree. Actions have consequesnces….since you disrespect the Flag and the Anthem, try and earn a living in some other country. Nothing is perfect but hating your President is not the answer. Policemen are being killed and Black on Black killing, particularly in Obama’s Chicago is RAMPANT.

  22. Well, the owners have coddled these low IQ, immature athletes long enough. ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES. Now live with them.

  23. I would love to see the players (only the ones that “took a knee”) go broke from lack of money coming in, and watch their eye candy, gold-digger girlfriends and wives say goodbye.

  24. They’re kneeling “cause” was based on a false narrative. They’re “cause” is a perceived one, not a real one.

  25. Mr. Kirschenbaum, your points are right on. But I believe that you may be a teensy bit mistaken. I recently read the NFL rules for conduct on and off field. I cannot remember the paragraphs, I can look it up if you want. But according to the rules ALL players will stand during national anthem with right hand on hearts.

  26. Amen. I’m done with the NFL and especially Goodell. After 45+ years I have had enough of spoiled rich do nothing’s. They only care because they are seeing the money go.

  27. If you can not do without football just watch your local college or high school teams. It is much better anyways. Just a thought.

  28. Don’t forget that Crappernik wore socks that showed police as pigs. That seems to be forgotten.That is what he thinks of them, too.
    The NFL would not let the Dallas players wear stickers to show their support for the police that were killed in their city.
    Odd, later, they kneel and lock arms to show their support for Crappernik. Inconsistency.

  29. Just because the Commish cow towed and sent a letter does not mean that this is over. The players still show that they disrespect the country. To end this the final statement they can make is to pack their bags and leave the soil they desecrate. Leave it as you do not appreciate the freedoms you had. Did you fight for this country? NO. Did you lose blood? NO. Then why do you choose to dishonor those that did. Go away and don’t come back. Ungrateful leaches that you are. Also you think it is ok to fight dogs? One did. Rape and murder? Several did. You criminals need to leave as you contribute nothing. The NFL collectively contributes exactly not one red cent to the GNP. Oh, you football gladiators do not know what GNP is? Where wee you the day they taught that iat the college you free loaded at? Skipping class? Figures. Now skip this country, we do not want you. Click (tv turned off permanently on NFL).

  30. As fans, we pay to watch football. Plain and simple.

    Paid advertisements are a part of the game, as advertisers help to fund the league and its players.

    But, politics have NO PLACE in football.

    I do NOT pay to hear players, managers or the execs, complain, or protest anything outside of football itself!

    I do NOT pay to hear sportscasters complain, protest, or try to justify anything, aside from football itself!

    Do NOT allow politics, in any form, to interfere with the pure entertainment that the game provides!

    Do NOT allow protests, in any form, to interfere with the pure entertainment that the game provides!

    Do NOT allow players, coaches, managers or execs to disrespect our flag, our anthem, our soldiers, our veterans, our men in blue, or this country, in ANY form!

    You have already seen that there are a vast majority of us, patriots, veterans, and every day citizens, who will not stand for this disrespect, and it WILL affect your bottom line!

  31. Now you can tell them the really bad news, you know the new law written in California, is “you don’t have a job you go straight to jail” and you pay for your meals and wash clothes, toothpicks, soap, toothbrush, bedclothes, pills etc:::: in other words, you have to pay your way. Then the 2nd part of the law: Road gang again from the 50’s, up at 6 am 10 min break at 9 am 30 min lunch (BRING YOUR OWN)10 min break at 3 pm, back to jail @ 6 pm, clean the jail and floors, bedtime @ 9pm, next day; repeat of day before. wanna stand up with hand over heart YET?????????

  32. You are right. They have a right to protest, I have no problem with that. It is when they protest. I spent 36 yrs defending their right to do it, not when they do it. That is our flag, people have died defending it and I will not watch a bunch of spoiled brats disrespect that flag. I will not watch or buy any thing nfl, period.

  33. I keep thinking about Pat Tilman and how much the NFL, sports media and players have changed from when he died in service for the country. In this day and age the Ray Lewis’s are seen as hero’s and the Pat Tilman’s are forgotten

  34. The president and his security are worried about the remote controlled copters. I would be a little worried someone in the parking lot could do a number on the players. Never mind body searches.

  35. These overpaid millionares hate America, then go find a home elsewhere, you wont get 5 bucks an hour, leave you f wads and take rogie goodnuts with ya. MSM has cable networks so u can get current news from AMERICA…

  36. Think what you wish. My family is done with the NFL and NBA. We have much better things to do than waste time and money on filthy rich scum.

  37. Agreed. No more NFL or NBA, ever. Let other stupid families waste their time and money supporting ungrateful very rich thugs.

  38. I won’t agree with the idea that they are finished until after the season is over. I am willing to bet that when the playoffs start or you have a team gunning for the playoffs, viewership will come back. And the stadiums are just as filled as they were before and the network contract is in effect for the whole year. You guys are bouncing your same ideas off of one another, like being in an echo chamber. Keep saying it’s about the service members but those same people are the ones that fought to give them the right to protest what they see is an injustice, real or perceived. Also read what the commissioner said. They SHOULD stand, not MUST stand. They are not breaking anything in their contract by taking a knee and being quiet during the anthem. And as for Jerry Jones, I want to see how far this would go if his three top players take a knee before the game or if the whole team takes a knee basically giving him the finger.

  39. Wake up NFL!
    We, in the U.S.A. live in a country with the ONLY Republican form of Govt. IN THE WORLD. And your, and my forefathers have fought for our Rights for the last 250yrs. I am a Vietnam Vet, a former member of the 101st Airborne Division, and I with all the other troops who PROUDLY stood in front of our flag, and we were willing to fight and die for our country, because THERE IS NO OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD WITH OUR FREEDOMS AND OUR RIGHTS!!!!! AND DON’T FORGET THAT!!!!

  40. I was at Chilis Monday night and in the middle of my dinner they put ESPN and the NFL game on. I called for the manager and asked why they ruined my dinner. I was told it was corporate policy. I am now putting in a complaint with Chilis and will eat elsewhere.

  41. I agree with most of the comments here. To little to late! This should never have been aloud to start. Some Players had a problem with some police shootings? Then there are many better ways to deal with it. This was not how to do it. The NFL just made a lot of Americans very angry & we don’t forgive or forget. We have to many family members lost in past wars fighting for our rights for them to disrespect our flag & National Antheum like that!

  42. I say identify every player who protested and have the each give 1 million dollars to the veterans charities who use 95% of the money donated to the recipients…no charities that keep more than 5%.

    I would like them to put their money to work for good rather than disrespect our flag Anthem and law enforcement.

  43. I think they will continue to kneel…unfortunately for them, their cause is forgotten about, and all we are left with is our disgust in this protest. NFL is doomed. Too little too late…

  44. Yeah…I am finished with the NFL!!! They have shown their true colors to me and I find it demeaning, unpatriotic and treasonous!!! To hell with all of you!!! Go disrespect the flag and national anthem of another country and see if they don’t line your sorry ass up for the firing squad!!!!

  45. Too bad the market pressure doesn’t affect The Federal Government Maybe they would actually do something


  47. Grow up NFL players and fans!! Show some genuine patriotism and less self-centeredness!!! Put first things first! God and country before your”pet peeves”! Please honor and respect those who have served this country and most especially those who have given their lives for it over many years …Restore good American citizenship! Seems to be in the ‘back seat’ in contemporary society…
    A little advice from an 87yr.old ‘grand-auntie’…

  48. Now the question is: Will the NFL comply? Personally, I think they did irreparable harm to themselves by alienating their patriotic fans and giving themselves a disrespectful reputation. Whether or not they comply is pretty much moot at this point. They’ve already shot themselves in the foot. The harm has been done, and you can’t unsee our NFL players taking a knee. It will take a long time before they will have the full support of ALL their former fans.

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