The NFL just got some really bad news

Americans are fed up with the left-wing NFL.

Anti-American protests forced fans to turn off the TV on Sundays and stop attending games.

Now the NFL just got some more really bad news.

Potential rivals smell weakness.

Vince McMahon announced he is rebooting the XFL in 2020.

Now another competitor is stepping up and offering another alternative to the NFL and its American-hating players.

Charlie Ebersol – who is the son for former NBC Sports Chairman Dick Ebersol – announced he is forming a starting a professional football league – the Alliance of American Football – in 2019 and already had secured the support of former NFL greats and a TV contract with CBS.

Ebersol believes fans who play fantasy football – 59 million who play fantasy football and watch the NFL and 20 million who only play fantasy football – will provide the core base of support for his new league.

ESPN reports:

“To help him steer the league, Charlie Ebersol brought on former NFL general manager Bill Polian, currently an analyst for ESPN. The player side will be overseen by former Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu, and the team side will be guided by former USC standout and executive J.K. McKay.

Advisers to the league also will include former NFL players Hines Ward and Justin Tuck, as well as Dick Ebersol.

While McMahon’s league is backed by McMahon’s money, Charlie Ebersol’s league is backed by others, including former Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen, Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund and The Chernin Group, which, among other investments, owns a significant share of Barstool Sports.”

The Alliance of American Football will not compete with the NFL – it will begin after the Super Bowl – but it will provide an alternative to football fans that are sick of the NFL’s Black Lives Matter infested politics.

To everyday fans, it appears like more NFL players make headlines for hating President Trump, smearing America as evil and racist, or supporting goofy left-wing “social justice” causes as they do their play on the field.

These antics have alienated patriotic Americans who thought 1PM Sunday was a vacation from the daily political back and forth.

But the NFL has fully embraced their player’s political activism and rivals see blood in the water.