The NFL just made the worst decision possible

The NFL’s top brass have given a pass to coddled millionaire athletes disrespecting our flag and soldiers by refusing to stand for our national anthem.

Trump gave voice to millions of Americans when he called them out and his comments have created a firestorm.

But as the NFL doubles down on their anti-American protests at the urging of liberal elites in the national media, they definitely didn’t see this coming.

Fans are outraged over the mass protests across the NFL in response to Trump’s comments.

Now, the NFL is bracing for backlash that is only beginning.

In Boston, fans booed when Patriots players kneeled during the national anthem.

While the athletes, owners, and sports commentators feel their protests were expressing solidarity with one another, Americans were voicing their agreement with Trump by changing the channel.

From a business standpoint, the NFL is playing with fire by putting the desires of selfish, anti-American millionaire athletes before their customers.

For a year, the NFL has been plagued with falling ratings. Games are being played in front of half-empty stadiums.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell even decried President Trump for being “divisive” while it was the NFL’s own players who started this madness by showing their utter disdain for the country that’s made them so rich.

NFL fans want to be entertained. They certainly don’t want to think about politics or watch political protests unfold during the national anthem.

And talk of an “NFL boycott” by fans is growing louder by the minute.

Trump responded to the growing protests on Twitter:

Renewed Right wants to give you an opportunity to have a voice in this fight – a voice the national media wants to pretend doesn’t exist.

That’s why we’ve crafted a petition to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell demanding he put an end to these anti-American “protests” and get the league back to playing football.

Below the petition, we’ve included a space for you to share your thoughts with the NFL commissioner.

Please sign your petition and share your thoughts about the ongoing “protests” with Roger Goodell right away.

And if you’d like, forward the petition to your friends and family urging them to sign as well.

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