The NFL just stuck it to their fans in the worst way

Many pro football fans across the country are boycotting the NFL over the anti-American anthem protestors.

While many would like nothing more than to sit back, crack open a beer, watch the game and relax on Sundays, they simply can’t and won’t do it while these coddled millionaires disrespect our anthem, our flag, and the men and women serving in our armed forces.

That’s what makes the NFL’s decision this week so infuriating.

The NFL had a chance to put an end to the anthem protest with one simple move.

The league was expected to take up a rules change to require players to stand for the anthem at the fall owners meeting.

But they refused to do so.

Instead, Goodell is now pledging to work on “issues of social justice.”

Recently, Renewed Right reported on the NFL Players’ Association’s ties with radical left-wing billionaire, George Soros.

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What’s happening here?

Does Goodell’s failure to stand up to his players’ anti-American protests mean the NFL is becoming just another Soros-funded “social justice” organization?

President Trump likely summed up the feelings of thousands of Americans after news hit of the NFL’s failure to take action to end the anthem protests.

The Washington Times reports:

He was referring to a statement issued by the NFL Tuesday saying that owners and players agreed to work together to “promote positive social change and address inequality in our communities.”

The statement did not indicate any change in league policy that would require players to stand during the playing of the Star-Spangled Banner, despite Mr. Trump’s urging of such a rule.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell sent a memo last week to teams, saying the dispute over some players kneeling during the national anthem “is threatening to erode the unifying power of our game, and is now dividing us, and our players, from many fans across the country.”

He said fans expect the NFL “to honor our flag and our country.”

Goodell really dropped the ball by failing to bring these anthem protests to a definitive end.

The fans are sick and tired of it, and Trump gets it.

Tens of thousands of Renewed Right readers have said they’re boycotting the NFL until the protests stop.

If you haven’t yet, vote in the poll below. Then let us know your thoughts on the NFL’s failure to act in the comments.



  1. So if 70% or whatever aren’t going to come back to the sport even if they made the rule, then what’s the point? They’ve already stopped showing the anthem on the broadcasts, which means the players lost their stage. Seriously, anyone who “leaves football” over this? Not that big a fan to begin with. And don’t even contradict that. You weren’t. Period. Season ticket holder for 30 years? Don’t care. You weren’t that big a fan if you just can walk away like it wasn’t part of your lives. I could never, would never. But MY team, though they are allowed, does not kneel. Nobody. So there’s that. But seriously? You non-fans? That’s fine. Good-bye.

    • Amy, I can see you there with your eyes closed tight and you got your fingers in your ears going “NA-NA-NA-NA YOU’RE NOT A REAL FAN NA-NA-NA-NA I CAN’T HEAR YOU NA-NA-NA!” Fuk the NFL, you want my old Panthers shit?!

  2. Cut off All NFL subsidies an tax breaks for good. Look at the wages an huge amounts the owners make.they are a business let them pay their own way. No more tax supported stadiums.

  3. This black “injustice” is just a smoke-screen before this even got started.
    It started with Kaepernick’s girlfriend, remember her?
    She is a Saudi Arabian spy/dj who has a radical leftist radio show.
    She told Colin to start this under the guise of protesting “black Injustice”.
    In reality, this starts to look more and more like a Muslim take-over of the NFL.
    What better way to strike America, than to take away a favorite past-time?
    Muslims for the most part hate us and want to strip away our national identity.
    Soros is loving this, isn’t he? So, he pumps in big money to cover their loses,
    and he gets us closer to globalism, think about it.

  4. If someone has to make you stand for your country, then who cares about your watered down GAME you are playing for a ton of money in a country you hate…Please go to England and get a job…..

  5. What many donesn’t understand is The NFL players protest is for a small percentage of police officers It’s less then Two percent… I agree However if you look nation wide with the same amount city officials you would find near the same percentage of racism with anyone with the same amount of hires. Point is this protest is for black injustice for a hand full of police officers When will this protest END WHat good has this protest done so far? It’s done more bad then good wouldn’t you all agree? everything must come to a end & it’s time to end this taking a knee protest during our national anthem.

    • Their left handed so called explanation of their protest dosen’t justify their show of disrespect for our country’s flag or it’s national anthem or the thousands of Vets, some of whom gave much and some of whom gave all to protect their right to protest in the first place. Although I liked the game, and I will miss my Bud Light while cutting the grass, I Love my country and what it stands for, much more.

  6. Dare say the NFL has done nothing “to their fans” – – but, it’s plain to see the NFL has just shot themselves AND their players in the foot; actually, in both feet. The public isn’t stupid and football is NOT an “essential of life”, This could cause “goodbye forever to the NFL” and, personally, I could care less!

  7. What would those cry baby overpaid thugs do if the National Anthem was ceased? Why play it for them? It , obviously, means nothing to them. It instils pride in true Americans. They kneel because they are pouting and want attention. No more National Anthem for the NFL.

  8. “Social justice” is pure Bovine Scatology. It’s a leftist concept to eliminate the idea of “meriticracy” so that individuals will no longer be rewarded or punished based on their behavior and/or performance but on the basis of their membership in government/socially approved or disapproved ethnic or economic groups.


  10. If the players really want to do something to help what they call social justice they need to stop black crime. Contrary to what they like to think police officers are not looking for blacks to shoot. In every case that a black was shot by a police officer he was involved in the commission of a crime. If those who were shot had obeyed the officers commands there would have been no justification for them to be shot. Police officers oftentimes have to make a split decision in a heated situation and sometimes may make the wrong decision and there are some trigger happy cops, but that is rare. Contrary to what these protesters would like to think a police officer is not going to stop a black man for no reason for the purpose of enticing him to do something to give him the opportunity to shoot that man just because he is black. Most of the NFL players are just getting on the band wagon because that is thing to do. Some have no idea what they are kneeling for and what they expect to accomplish. They have ruined a league. I was an avid fan who looked forward to Sundays, but will never watch an NFL game. I cannot attend or watch anything that will support an ungrateful group who have everything, but refuse to respect the country that gives that to them.

    • “In every case that a black was shot by a police officer he was involved in the commission of a crime.” – Not true. But why let facts get in the way.

      • I stand corrected. I should have said in most cases. I do have to believe that a great majority were stopped for some kind of violation. I also believe except in very exceptional circumstances those shot did not obey the officers commands. You were being technical, but you are correct I should not have said every case. Nothing is absolute. Very rarely is anyone shot for the color of their skin. Police officers do go looking for black people so they can shoot them.

  11. I am done with the NFL permanently. If these fools think this country is so bad then perhaps they should move to Sudan,Somalia, or one of those countries where slavery is still practiced and protest there. I would say that is a hell of a lot more like inequality than what is happening anywhere in this country. If it is not equal to demand those that would continuously break the law to be held accountable then and they bring what they get upon themselves white, black, yellow, pink or otherwise.

  12. the nfl is dead just play taps and bury those ignorant black bastards who have been given everything and gave it up for thing for sure i will not piss on their graves,i swore once i got out of the service i would not stand in line again

  13. Evidently you love beating a dead horse. Say it as often as you like but we know that the knee has nothing to do with disrespecting anything but calling attention to something these men deem a social injustice. There is nothing in their contract that says they can’t do it. The owners have contracts with the TV for the year. They don’t care. The fans are not staying away in droves. Ticket sales are great. Most have season tickets so the owners don’t care. If you’re that offended, go to the bathroom or get a snack while the anthem plays and you won’t see if anyone takes a knee. Get real. There are so many better things to rail against. This isn’t one of them.

    • Sorry my friend, but the horse is not even sick, let alone dead. Apparently you agree with the players, so I guess you know what that makes you.

    • The NFL should pay-back for the cost of the Stadium and the maintenance. AS for the protest of the players, they can do it but not disrespecting of the National Anthem and the American Flag. The men and women who died in the War in Korea and Viet Nam will not be forgotten. All Veterans remember – what your General used to command, SHOOT THE BASTARDS if they are the enemy, then ask – What happened? The Communist is taking over this country – USA, are you going to allow it?

    • I wish these protesters would put their money into inner city programs for youth and work to end gang violence. Continuing playing the victim as justification for all kinds of criminal behavior gets no sympathy from me. Take some personal responsibility for your own actions instead of blaming law enforcement for every perceived injustice.

  14. A nation denutted by the ceremonious game of football. America has become a nation of liberals waiting for their next fix of “Make Me Feel Good”. It isn’t disrespect as much as it is “follow me stupid, do as stupid does and appreciate me”

  15. I’ve been watching Sunday Football since I’ve been old enough to remember. Now I’m in my 70’s and I don’t need to see Anti American assholes live or on TV. If they can’t respect our flag and country – they should move to IRAN or N. KOREA, and disrespect their flag and see how long they live.

  16. I’ve been watching Sunday Football since I’ve been old enough to remember. Now I’m in my 70’s and I don’t need to see Anti American assholes live or on TV. If they can’t respect our flag and country – they should move to IRAN or N. KOREA, and disrespect their flag and see how long they live.

  17. From what I can find,an average per game paycheck is somewhere around $79,000.00. DOUBLE WHAT A TWO PERSON FAMILY BOTH WORKING MAKE IN A YEAR. ONE PERSON HOUSEHOLDS OR SINGLE WORKING HOUSEHOLDS this amount is triple or quadruple or more than they make in a year. Shameful, if I was an NFL player I would have to back up to the pay window to cash my checks I would be so ashamed

  18. Goodall needs to be replaced by a new commishner who has the balls to take charge an read the nfl policy manual,and follow thru with the guts to follow the guidelines as set forth in the rule book!!

  19. They are so ridiculous. The nfl staff is very intent on suspending a player who has been cleared of any wrong doing by the courts but are allowing a bunch of PHONY, WHINING,CRYING wannabe blm members bring down the whole league. I think that gutless goodell,the spineless owners and coaches think that all of a sudden all the fans are going to come back and the league will be flourishing again — I think they are wrong. The nfl, just like the fbi now has a permanent blemish that will haunt them forever because now the fans are seeing what you dirtbags are all about and it not about America. This protest is all about blacks wanting to get away with anything and everything without any repercussions from law enforcement or anyone else. This is NO more about oppression and the BS slavery issue than it is about they are getting paid too much. It is total BS from start to finish, started by a bench sitting, muslim loving POS who was rapidly disappearing and needed to find a way to get back in the lime light and is now suing the nfl because no team wants another 3rd string QB and the rest of these dirtbags are now protesting ONLY because he is 1/2 black or a 1/4 black. What is it with these “people” who are raised by good Caucasian( yup I said it WHITE) people and then want to play that ol’ poor me black person all mistreated.

    • Why is people in quotes near the end? Are you trying to insinuate that they are something other than people with your quotes? I’m not sure I understand. Though your message is loud and clear so perhaps I do understand. How was Charlottesville? Do you still have your tiki torch?

    • Um, they who? It’s week 7. There are 17 weeks and then playoffs. Maybe you’re referencing a particular team who has already dug too big of a hole? Giants? 49ers? Browns? But yeah, the NFL isn’t done for the season. Not by a long shot.


  21. I am finished with any sports that does NOT respect the country that gives them a right to protest( in a civil manner). Their so called “social injustice” is as phoney as Kaepernick’s display! It could have been stopped right therewith R. Goodell calling him for what he is….just another ignorant IDIOT !
    I agree with NavyDoc… I also gave an oath to this country to defend my country against any foreign or domestic enemy…there was no expiration date on my oath!

  22. The NFL has not stuck it to their fans – not the ones who have already left the building anyway. But – if players like Bennett in Seattle making $15,000,000 to play expect to make that kind of money next year the NFL will have to stick it big time to the fans they have left. They have stuck nothing to me – I don’t pay 1 red cent for anything to do with the NFL.

  23. Statistics show that children raised in fatherless homes are far more likely to engage in criminal behavior than children raised in two parent homes and thus, have contact with police.
    Ergo when men father a child with a woman to whom they are not married – or at least living with – they are contributing to the problem against which these football players are taking a knee.
    If you look at many of these players’ records on out-of-wedlock children, you find that they are contributing significantly to the problem against which they are protesting.
    For example, Antonio Cromartie has 12 children by 9 different women. Apparently the NFL had to shell out $500,000 before he could even play football for them.
    Travis Henry has 11 children by 10 women, Willis McGahee has 9 children by 8 women,
    Derrick Thomas has 7 children by 5 different women, Bennie Blades has 6 children by 6 women,
    Ray Lewis has 6 children by 4 women and Marshall Faulk has 6 children by 3 women.
    Before these guys take a knee they should take a good look in the mirror.

    It appears that their problem is not the knee.

  24. The next time you see these guys on their knees will be images of them crying, whining and moaning because they can’t make their boat payments.

  25. They are entertainers. Whitey buys most of the tickets, Whitey watches most of the games, buys the jerseys and is their main support. They have cut themselves off at the knees, pun intended. They are now hearing from retired NFL because their Pension depends on the money these 70% black players, imagine the uproar if it were 70% White men, it is clear with their fists in the air, many of them, that they are filled with hatred for Whitey.

    Now the NFL trying to legitimize their concerns and trying to say they are all about this and that and the other. Forgetting we know what Kappy said, he clearly stated he would not stand for a flag or a country that oppresses blacks and people of color.

    Oppresses blacks and people of color. Kappy is a Ghanian, he is here and making millions all because of a talent he had with a ball. He makes more than most docs, nurses and people of importance to this country and it’s people. Who oppressed him or any of them? 165,000 White men died to keep this Republic and to free the slaves. Anyone, anyone coming here, disrespecting our Constitution, our way of life, our laws needs to pack it up and leave.

    Kappy now running out of money, now going after the NFL cause he can’t get on a team. Wait until Veterans Day buddy and all of you, mayber you guys can fill the jobs of reconstructing Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, when the NFL falls. Actually work for your money.

    • I was very discussed by the kneeling and when I got to watch football and they kneeled I would turn it off immediately. My own favorite team who I have been following since 1969, they were playing a team where some of their players were kneeling and my team was not, sadly I turned it off and had to read the paper the next day. I love the game but please these spoiled rich players have to remember, us fans pay their way

  26. My whole family has quit watching the nfl. We quit buying anything that has to do with the nfl. We went into a resterant that that had a game on so we walked out and went to another one. Screw the over paid brats and there commish. I will find other things to do with my money and time.


  28. What about the fans? Have we not any grievances? The athletes are crying about being discriminated against! These guys make millions!!! They get away with domestic abuse (many forms of!) Drunk driving & the like & very rarely does any punishment fit their crimes! (Especially when they have multiple episodes of!) Now, Theyre trying to & are getting away with kneeling during my Anthem, disrespecting my Flag, you might as well just spit in my face! I’ve heard that our Military pays the nfl to represent themselves at the games??? Anyone able to verify that???
    I signed on that dotted line to serve my Country! I fortunately didn’t have to go to war but I could’ve been called to do so! I would’ve gladly gone in a heartbeat. Many of my Brothers & Sisters did have to go…SOME—NEVER CAME BACK! We sign that dotted line because we want to serve a greater good, for the love of GOD, Country, Honor! It’s never been perfect nor will it ever be! But this is the best Country & best Rule of Law out there! The problem as I see it is this: No one wants to be accountable, no one takes ANY responsibility for the actions they themselves take! Too many people think they can say whatever they want too, because: “It’s my 1st Amendment RIGHT” to do so…NOT SO! Just because we “feel” like saying something doesn’t mean we should! There are consequences for everything we say & do! Just like there’s a reaction to every action!
    Goodell is a weak man! Always has been & always will be! We as fans have to step up & do what’s right…
    I’m no longer watching the nfl!
    I’m no longer purchasing tickets!
    I’m no longer wearing my jerseys!
    I’m no longer purchasing merchandise &
    I’m in the process of selling or giving away my memorabilia!
    All of it!
    I’ve been a fan for 40+ years!
    Standing up & interlocking arms IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!
    Stand up, with your hand over your heart during the pledge…
    Respect the Flag, The Country & our Men & Women in uniform!
    If you want to take a knee, then do so at Church! Otherwise, quite acting like spoiled brats! Enough said…

      • When George Soros say’s do something and he is giving millions to the NFL do you really think that they will say no. Time to send Soros back to Russia and let them punish him for what he tried to do to the Russians. Almost bankrupted several small Countries and tried and almost succeeded with Obama at the helm for 8 years.Maybe we should be thinking of how to get that piece of crap out of our Government and out of our Country. Any ideas?

        • Well spoken. How can we get rid of this American hating Fk. I would love to see one of these countries send someone over to take care of him and his son’s. No one should have the power this guy has.

    • I have also cancelled my tv cable as I only used it to watch the games anyway – everything else I watch through the internet – NetFlix etc. I wonder how many other cottage industries are going to pay the price for the actions of a few ungrateful – uneducated -buffoons?

    • Navy Doc you are 100% right… How many of these overpaid brainless protesters would take a knee for the LORD JESUS CHRIST?? They should all be fired and you watch and see how quick this would end. I signed on the dotted line to protect, and stand for out Country. I will stand with hand over my heart every time the National Anthem or Pledge of Allegiance is played or said. I will Kneel at the cross recognizing what our Savior did for me.

    • I signed on the dotted line and served this great nation as did my entire family with a son still proudly serving. Like Navy Doc many of our brothers and sisters never returned. This is a slap in the face of everyone that served this nation no matter how the players,media, weak fans (you know the ones that say “It’s their right to voice their opinion”)and demicraps try to tell the rest of America. This is all out blatant disrespect for our flag, anthem and everyone that ever served and should be thought of nothing less than that. They need to keep their political opinions to their selves and do the job they’re paid to do. Goodell is a spineless weasel that needs to go back and hang on mommy’s apron strings and let real men stand up for what’s right. I’ve been a football fan for over 40 years but not anymore.

    • Navy Doc, thank you for your service to these United States of America! You are correct about these millionaire ballplayers. Here in Carolina, former player now convicted murderer, Rae Carruth is scheduled for release from prison for shooting to death his pregnant girlfriend and causing his child to be born with brain damage. He will have served 15 years for the ambush and murder of the girl after she refused to have the baby aborted. 15 years. The son is now 16 years old and is supported and very well taken care of by his grandmother.

      • It’s kind of gotten lost in the outcry over the flag and the sacrifice of America’s servicemen versus the players’ claim they are fighting for social change and against inequality, but people don’t seem to be as stupid as they once were in swallowing whole what the media fed them. On their own, more and more seem to be making the connection that attacking proactive policing and refusing to honor a fallen New Orleans officer is essentially the same as looking for the NFL to stop putting sanctions on Carruth, Johnny Football, Aaron Hernandez, Jovan Belcher, Adrian Peterson, Michael Vick, etc., etc. Fans might support an image of outlaw outcasts (Oakland Raiders), but being associated with actual criminality will never go over.

  29. ..LOL…NFL Roger Goodell’s head is spinning out of control…You just boxed yourself into a losing situation…You can’t have it both ways…You deserve to tank for not standing with pride like the rest of us…NFL’s ship sinking faster than the Titanic..with no life boats in sight..Down with the ship Goodell…your players won’t save you…

    • Fact & Problem is that Roger Goodell has NO Back Bone & No BALLS to Stand Up To NFL Players etc.
      Sorry Case For A So Called HOMBRE.

      • Mundo, you are 100% correct. Goodell can not, is not, will not lead. He stood by and let a now half-ass player high-jack the NFL and the game. There is nothing he can do now but resign. It’s too late for him now. But just watch, now the owners, players and libs in general are attempting to lay the blame on President Trump. Like we’re not smart enough to remember when and how this whole spectacle began.

  30. If I furnish a uniform to my employee, I should expect the employee
    to abide by company rules when wearing the uniform that represents our company!

  31. These guys taking a kneel during the Anthem already have lots of money, right? I’m sure they make more in one year than most people make in their whole lives. Why don’t they just hire a lawyer to sue those responsible for their grievances? Something tells me that it’s been done before, by people who know where to direct their frustration… and by people who don’t waste time demonstrating where it does no good at all.

    • You and millions just don’t understand; this is being orchestrated by the former “Dick-taker-N-Thief” and Muslim-Marxist jihadist “Bath-house Barry” and the bill is being taken care of by Soros! It is all about starting – it’s been going on since 2008 – the much needed racial war that the Godless, Satan worshipping, power-mad, NWO-elitist ghouls want! Can’t you and everyone else figure this out by now? Everyone is a RACIST that doesn’t agree with the Leftist Communist Party USA, formerly the democ-rats!Why just the other day a racist, dumb-ass black women had lied about Trump’s phone call in order to push their agenda! Get ready for the basketball season as they too will get involved! Sheeple need to get their heads out of their asses and find other forms of entertainment but they are crack-like sports junkies committing suicide! WAKE THE FUK UP!

      • You are exactly right — Had, the American people are too weak, spoiled and pampered to give up the nfl even for 1 month. They can’t tolerate anything that interupts their little worlds.

      • Had E. Nuff, well said, I concur. Another Great American Institution being taken over by the Alt-Left and the Puppet Master himself, George Soros! It will be a great day in America when this Ass Hat reaches room temperature!

      • Had E. Nuff, well said, I concur. Another Great American Institution being taken over by the Alt-Left and the Puppet Master himself, George Soros! It will be a great day in America when this Ass Hat reaches room temperature!

      • My feelings are these spoiled jerks have ruined football for me, now I have found other interests, they need to go and raise all the illegitimate children they have spawned. That may be tough without a job. Also who in the hell decided these pukes were worth the kind of money thet are being paid. Salary CAP.

    • They really don’t have a gripe. This all started because of a man with a woman problem who most likely said no nooky if you don’t protest. That’s what happens when men et involved with the leader of the Black Lives Mater shit.

    • From what I can find,an average per game paycheck is somewhere around $79,000.00. DOUBLE WHAT A TWO PERSON FAMILY BOTH WORKING MAKE IN A YEAR. ONE PERSON HOUSEHOLDS OR SINGLE WORKING HOUSEHOLDS this amount is triple or quadruple or more than they make in a year. Shameful, if I was an NFL player I would have to back up to the pay window to cash my checks I would be so ashamed

      • I always thought the CFL was a better brand of football anyway. Frankly, I thought option-type QBs like Tebow, Kaepernick, Newton and RGIII would have been smarter to parlay college stardom into full HOF CFL careers rather than be one-year flashes at best (or having the “game manager” role like Alex Smith be their ceiling) in the NFL, and be in a stronger position to land an NFL starting job later (like Warren Moon and Doug Flutie did).

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