The NFL made a decision that left every patriotic American up in arms

The NFL season was dominated by anti-American protests and tanking ratings.

The league wished this problem would just go away.

But they just made a decision that guaranteed the league would never recover.

With the Super Bowl under two weeks away, advertisers are lining up for the big game.

AMVETS is the largest veterans group in America and they submitted an ad for the Super Bowl program that asked everyone to please stand for the anthem out of respect for American soldiers who fought and died for our freedoms.

This ad had previously run for the Major League Baseball and National Hockey League All Star games with no problems.

The NFL rejected the ad because they claimed urging – not demanding – that Americans stand for the anthem was too controversial.

The Army Times reports:

“AMVETS officials are decrying “corporate censorship” from the National Football League for their decision not to run an ad in their Super Bowl program which responds to league players’ decision to kneel for the national anthem in protest of national equality issues.

The ad, which would have cost the veterans organization $30,000, features the tag “#PleaseStand” with a picture of service members saluting the American flag and information on how to donate to the congressionally-chartered organization.

Group leaders said NFL officials refused to include the ad in their Super Bowl publication, but did not issue a reason why. In a statement, AMVETS National Commander Marion Polk said the issue is one of fairness and respect.”

The NFL celebrated America-hating players and their protests this year.

Teams ran public service announcements about their commitment to “social justice.”

And the league even committed to funding Black Lives Matter approved political causes.

But standing for the anthem and honoring soldiers is considered a big “no no.”

Is this the final straw for patriotic Americans?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. I wish the people that are were to the games could wise up . I would like to hear that no one showed up for the Supper boil, But I know that’s not going to happen. You always have the ones that don’t give a crap what’s going on around them, as long they get what they want .

  2. Folks, I understand if that’s the way that you feel. Feelings are not facts. Has anybody researched what’s considered disrespecting the Flag! That is the reason we fought for this country, Freedom of Speech and to peacefully protest, in which the NFL Players did. Kneeling is about as Humble and peaceful as it gets.
    I’m also a veteran and like most Vets agree with the NFL. We knew what we were fighting for.
    I REFUSE to let a FIVE TIME DRAFT DODGER that refused to fight for this Flag, change the narrative or
    lecture me on PATRIOTISM. Fact, America is not a dictatorship like NORTH KOREA.The protest was about Police Brutality, NOT THE FLAG! I stand with the NFL! Not always Popular or profitable to do the right thing! May God Bless
    America and change our wicked ways. Take care. ????

    • Bobby Fryer, you are wrong. Kapernick said, “I cannot stand for a flag…………, his words. It is about the flag as far as he was concerned. You may want to use that BS narrative, but now you are right, it is not about the flag, but it is about DEFIANCE, YES DEFIANCE, that is all these people know. The problem is they are using the WRONG podium. Go on a TV show, don’t use our NATIONAL ANTHEM for your political protest. It is just wrong and really just STUPID,


  4. No “F@#$ing Way” you disrespect my flag and service as a Veteran. I lost two uncles flying B-17’s over Germany, where their grandparents lived! Maybe England will let you louts come over there and play “Football”, English style and pay. Good Riddance to all of you. The “UNIONS” took over pro sports, the seat I used to pay $30 for is now $300! Beer from $1 to $6! Darn, I can buy 18 for $8.50 at the local grocery. Unions rake in millions from the players, and gave $1,700,000,000 (that’s 1.7 BILLION)!!!! to get Hillary elected! Another reason I will NEVER buy another pro sports ticket!!!

    • May I give you a little advice, if you do not already know it. It is federal law that if you work at a place that has a union, if you do not wish a portion of your union dues to go to political PACs, you can sign a paper to go DIRECTLY to the union president to inform him of your wishes in this matter. Believe me, a lot of people do this, as they would rather keep their political opinions to themselves and go on working. No one has to know WHY you did it. That is up to you in that matter. But it is federal law you do NOT have to have a portion of your union dues go to PACs. In this day and age, some people value their anonymity.

      • I am a veteran of the Korean war and I have not watched any pro football since the players took this action. Anyone has the right to march or verbally protest any thing they desire. This action was to hurt those that watch the game at a very high price. I will support those that love and honor America. I dont believe every policeman in America is trying to hurt anyone of any race in America. If anyone has commited a crime and they submit to an officer of the law they will have no problem. If they refuse to obey and run or fight they might get hurt in the process. I accepted a government job in the south in the early 60’s and know the pain you have had but things are changed. You have as much chance as anyone else in this country and there are laws and courts that require this. That does not mean everyone will get rich and live the same way.


    • No Football ever again. They have used millions of our tax dollars and never had to pay for anything
      Football is dead, it just a bunch of millionairs sucking American tax dollars while living like kings. Screw you all.

    • Amen brother, spoiled rotten, disrespectful, millionaires that are paid to play a child’s game.They should donate their salaries to protest income inequality. No NFL in my house.

  5. As a Veteran I am very much disappointed in the NFL stance on the Vets add. I will NOT be watching the Super Bowl not will anyone in my house be watching.

  6. This is the first year I have not watched the NFL and I am done watching them or spending my hard earned money on them. I am a retired Marine and the NFL has spit on me and given me the middle finger. I used to love the Steelers but they had a chance to do the right thing when Villanueva stood for the anthem all by himself. The rest of them hid in the tunnel. Bunch of cowards! I love my country, her flag and her anthem and appreciate all those who gave their lives for our freedoms. These overpaid thugs can crash and burn for all I care. God bless America!

    • Totaly agree Cheryl, I have not watched a single nfl game this year. Villanueva is the only hero on the Steelers. Roethlesberger and all the other jerks, inclding the Rooneys can all go to hell and rot. I am a USAF Vertean and proud of it and will not patronize any commercial sponsors of the freaking league of loosers.

  7. I’ve got much better things to do with my time and money than waste it on the NFL dumbtwats, or the inferior super bowl; I’ll continue to work for my church and their charities, my family and my community. That doesn’t leave any time, energy, or money for anti-American stupidity!

  8. I understand people of all races and colors have issues. As a senior white woman without a husband and on a fixed income I have issues also. The main one is where is the money going to come from for me to get my medicine. But I am not taking out my issues on millions of people who would like to relax, if even for a few minutes, to watch a game and be able to forget our problems. Well you have ruined that for me and millions of other people. Shame on you!

  9. In my younger days I played 8 years of football. I played baseball too and was very good at both. I loved football until now. When it becomes something other than a sporting event it ruins the experience. These players are fools. They have it made but now they shit where they sleep, even animals don’t do that. Enough said.

  10. As a long time NFL fan I’m out. No NFL no Super Bowl no nothing from me are most of not all of my family. One day the NFL is going to wake up and say we are out of business. Most likely sooner then they think. The American public is very unhappy with their BS.

  11. I spit on the ground whenever I hear “Patriots” or “Protestors”, the New England Patriots make me sick to my stomach, Roger Goodell and the anthem protestors (traitors) make me want to go to the bathroom! Enough of the NFL already! Ptooey!

  12. If a person’s cause is really important to them they will not just use words to push their agenda. Because using only words is the definition of Bullshit. If these well-paid players really believed in what they’re protesting they would announce that they will all be giving 10% – 20% of their pay to support those organizations that work on the causes they support.

  13. What ever happened to the United States Code Title 36, Chapter 10 which states the rules for observing the flag during the National Anthem. It’s an absolute disgrace to observe the behavior of these overpaid, under educated sports figures, not to mention the one who decides what they do or no longer half to do. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord and not the NFL. Thanks for freeing up the Monday and Thursday nights and Sunday afternoon and evenings.

  14. I will be missing my first Superbowl since it started. I usually host a Super bowl party but canceled it this year. Also,did not watch any NFL games this year. May the NFL and Goodell rot in hell along with their anti-American protesters. I’m done!

    • Good job, Donald Johnston…. my words/thoughts EXACTLY… if Goodell had been canned when kapperdick first took a knee, NONE of this backlash would have happened…… go to hell millionaire no good punks…..

  15. Every single person, couple and family that attends the PRO BOWL or the SUPER BOWL should be ashamed of them selves. These people are the main reason these kneeling’s are going on. They are actually condoning and supporting these GHETTO SCUM PLAYERS. All of them are stating by their presence they support GHETTO SCUM PLAYERS over OUR COUNTRY, OUR ANTHEM AND OUR FLAG. THEY ARE ALSO SHOWING DISRESPECT FOR THE MILLIONS OF SERVICE PERSONNEL THAT HAVE BEEN KILLED, WOUNDED OR SERVED IN THE MILITARY. THESE PEOPLE ARE PATHETIC HYPOCRITES. SOMETIMES, DOING THE RIGHT THING, TAKES COURAGE (WHICH APPARENTLY THEY DON’T HAVE) AND IT TAKES GIVING UP SOMETHING REGARDLESS OF WHAT, EVEN YOU LIFE, FOR AMERICA. You have lowered yourselves down to the level of the GHETTO SCUM PLAYERS, you should be real proud of your selves!

  16. Im done with corrupt NFL. Also they are infringing on free speech. NFL talks out both mouth and rear end. Goodell and owners need to be held accountable, they are giving a middle finger to their fans. No SUPERBOWL. NFL can go out of business. Hope someone starts a new league. Ban the NFL. The treatment of the VETS and its fan base tell you what is important to these owners. They can all go to hell. Burn all NFL memorabilia. I will make sure families young is taught that NFL is run by extremely bad people.

  17. Ok now I am done watching or supporting the NFL completely. I am a die hard steelers fan and eagles fan. But this year and every year from now till the NFL dumps goodell and all the other ASSWIPES supporting this disgrace I refuse to watch the games or support any team even my two favorites in any way shape or form. Mr Villanueva of the steelers and any other NFL member who stands and proudly for our NATIONAL ANTHEM I salute you and yes I am a MILITARY VET myself.

  18. No I will NOT watch the superbowl. I haven’t watched a game all year. They have in my opinion shit in their pants and there is no cleaning it out. I am a Veteran and I love all my fellow Veterans, that is why I have stood my ground. Also I feel that supporting a racist hate group such as the Black Lives Matter is/was another bad choice the nfl has taken. It has been Veterans sense the 1700’s that have made this country and kept it strong.

  19. If these millionaire players want to do something for the poor oppressed folks, try going to Africa, the real home of your folks and help the poor starving kids there…watch the TV ads and do something good for them…you have had it way too good and don’t appreciate anything…babies who throw a tantrum who always want everything given to them. That’s why we don’t even watch college football because those players will end up playing for the nfl and turn out the same way..big heads, big egos and big paychecks. No football in American would be a good thing for all of us…and them.

  20. I will not WATCH THE SUPER BOWL game unless the league makes the players stand for the National Anthem. They are HIGHLY PAID PLAYERS and should respect the millions of people who are serving and or has served to protect their right.

  21. I love the patriots and I can’t help my self I will watch the game. I have tuned out 95 % of the season. It to bad that we have a Idiot for a commissioner. He could have nipped this in the bud in the beginning by enforcing the bylaws of the NFL. One idiot started it and the rest of the players who are ignorant of our country’s history fell in line like lemons going over a cliff. Fire the commissioner. He got to go or the NFL is don3

    • Spot On!

      After Goodell’s ultimate failure of leadership, the league renewed his contract and gave him a big raise of $200 million over 7 years plus kingly fringe benefits . . . evidently for his great skill in being “incompetent” and un-American?

    • How could you love the patriots? They all new what the heck was going on and went along with it to improve the size of their wallets. How in God’s name could you possibly have any feelings for them at all. I can not believe you are one of them that believes no matter how you win Just win

  22. As a Tet Viet Nam survivor, I’d rather watch a toilet bowl flush than the super bowl. I know shit when I see it, those that kneel and dishonor the flag. And, I know heros, like the twenty plus soldiers who were blown to death by a claymore mine and gunfire. And, I know heros, like the unnamed negro MP who picked up a live granade that landed behind him and in front of me. Nobody ever learned of his name. Most important, every GI killed received his personal flag. I live today with these wonderful memories of of Americans who died knowing they would get their personal flag that they so deserve. Back to that flushung toilet bowl that I would rather watch…I’d love to see and use toilet paper with the printed photo of each kneeling NFL player on. Arlington is my idea of the Hall of Fame, not the NFL. George, U.S. Navy Senior Chief, retired.

  23. I wonder what would happen if thousands of patriotic Americans lifted a page from the tactics book of thug groups like BLM and antifa and blockaded the streets around every stadium on game day, resulting in a venue with nothing but empty seats. The police showed a definite lack of “enthusiasm” for halting violent protests of the radical thug groups. I wonder if a peaceful group of patriots would be given the same consideration. The owners agree to obscene contracts for playing an over-hyped, over-rated school yard game, and then pass their stupid decision’s costs on to the fans who willingly bend over and accept it. In some respects, professional wrestling is more legitimate than the NFL,

  24. Screw the the players in the NFL that don’t want to stand for the national anthem you’re a joke so when the NFL is gone and you don’t have any more job see how long your money last knuckleheads

    • Sick bunch of ingrates,
      We the people made them and we the people can break them
      There is nothing political or shameful about respecting our flag and our vets that gave their all so these idiots can protest the very thing that earned them the right to do so
      They want to fight for a stupid pigskin ball so be it but maybe they need to do a tour in the Middle East to learn what a real fight is.
      The sick cowards would come home
      If their tail between their legs
      They haven’t a clue how good their life is
      I hope more and more drop their support so their ratings and attendance fall so low that they can never recover it’s all about money, how sick is that ??????
      And anyone that continues to support them are no better.

  25. Call 10 friends who would be tuning in to the Super Bowl, either have them all at one home for the game or go to the corner bar to watch with others. Just keep 9 or 10 TVs from tuneing in. Hope their ratings drop drastically.
    If they refuse to run an AMVETS ad they shouldn’t be able to run any ads promoting the sitting instead of standing for our flag.

  26. Superbowl???? What the hell is that???? The NFL no longer exists in my life!!!!! Them whiney ass spoiled rotten pricks do NOT exist… Take them and that IDIOT Roger Gooddell to a more suitable country AWAY from the USA.. The ONLY important people here are our Military… God Bless those who fought, are still fighting and paid the ULTIMATE SACRIFICE for our Country…. VETS, MILITARY and THE USA FIRST!!!!SCREW THE NO FANS LEFT!!!

  27. There is on old Merle Haggard country song who’s title
    Expresses my feelings towards the NFL best. ” When You’re running down my country hoss, you’re walking on he fightin side of me.

  28. I am still planning a super bowl get together without the game and to my surprise my guess say great. Well’ll have a great time just relaxing and talkimg.

  29. I am disappointed in the lack of patriotism of some of the football players and some of the owners and others in the league. I realize that it does not reflect the attitude of all but because of the poor handling of the protests all may be punished. Sent by a veteran.

  30. If you’re upset about the kneeling, but still going to the Superbowl, just don’t buy the program. I’m sure that would not be fair to the other advertisers in the program, but they are the ones that chose to place their advertising dollars with such an unpatriotic group of idiots that run the NFL. What goes around comes around!


  32. I just read checkinout’s post. I think he may be talking about the Jaguars. I for the the life of me, can not understand how a team can go on foreign soil and take a knee for our National Anthem then stand for God save the Queen. But, what I have an even harder time understanding is the fact that some Americans still go to their games!! Shad Kahn is from Aphganistan. He came to this country and made billions. He looped arms with those dumb assholes and disrespected our country. In my opinion, anyone that goes to one of their games does not deserve the freedom this country gives them. Shad Kahn go back to Aphganistan, kiss my ass before you leave. Our so called unbiased media gives the Jaguars attention, advertises for them and celebrates them like they are something special. They are not fit to lick the dirt off our Soldiers and Veterans boots. Not ONE American should be watching the super bowl or any other nfl game.

    • 2020 will bring a new football league. way to go Vince mcmahon! it lasted 1 year early 2000. this time around it will be a hit. many real american players in the nfl will be happy to try out. only thing left will be no nfl- No F’ing League . then i will cheer again.

      • That is true Paul. Their agents do that because most of them can’t do simple math or basic reading, Give me any 5th grader and they will shine over any dumb-ass so-called NFL star. Thank You Veterans for everything you do and have done. YOU are what makes America Great

  33. I made a decision not to attend or watch an nfl game the day Kaepernick kneeled and nothing was done about it. I have not watched a game this season. This assures the Super Bowl will not play in my house ever again. The protest was supposed to be about police brutality and blacks getting shot by police. The blacks are just over thirteen percent of the population, of that thirteen percent, three percent commit fifty percent of the murder, rape and other violent crime in this country! NO wonder some of them get shot or handled roughly. I think we should protest that three percent commit fifty of those horrible crimes. The blacks complain about “oppression” . The blacks receive billions of taxpayer dollars, EEO, AA, Entitlements, educational programs, housing programs, health programs, job programs, etc., etc. I think it is way past time for blacks to stand on their own two feet and take care of themselves without hand outs. Many many of them do. Oprah is a billionaire. There are many actors and actresses, lawyers,businessmen, all the way to construction workers and so forth that make good money. That says nothing of the pro athletes. There are plenty of poor whites that do not receive the help that blacks receive. There are 95% more blacks killed by blacks than any other way. Protest that! The stats come from the department of Justice . The nfl, companies that sponsor them are off my list. I can not understand or believe that ANY American, no matter what color, would watch the nfl. If they do not like our country, give me a call, l will help them pack and drive them to the airport for free!

  34. I have never watched the nfl games because I think they are nothing but a bunch of overpaid cry babies, plus college football is more exciting!!!

  35. Super bowl ????? What super bowl ??? I haven’t had anything to do with football all season so I sure am not going to watch this, I think it’s bought and paid for from the beginning of the season anyway, I’m praying everyone else does the same and this can be the end of the NFL

  36. Most of the NFL football players were blessed with talent but most are truly dumber than a rock. Maybe they are all democrats, I don’t know.

  37. As a vet I find their actions deplorable. Common respect
    for our military and country is basic to our countries
    unification. I won’t watch any further NFL nor accept
    any further bull shit excuses. There’s a time and a place
    for everything and the anthem isn’t it.

  38. This is the final straw for me. I will not watch the Super Bowl. Until these players who make millions of dollars decide to stand then I am through with the NFL.

    • It’s not just the players, and after this direct slap in the ass, you ever watch another NFL presentation that will brand you as nan-patriotic scum bag piece of worthless un-American dog crap! How can you even say “till they stop this crap”???? Hockey is far more entertaining and respects our country unlike these dirtbag thugs!!!!

  39. When the players in the National Football league do not honor the National Anthem and the National Flag they are not acting in good faith to the word “National.” (see definition) Therefore the name of the “National Football League” needs to be changed to something else such as “The Unnational Football League”, or the “Players Football League.” Worse, when the NFL rejects a nationally funded Am Vets request to advertise against defamation of the Anthem or flag there must be some legal culpability.

    • I agree Wholeheartedly and could Not have said it any better. I do know that I probably only saw a handful of snaps from pro football this year and I’ll Never be watching another game or even news coverage of football play or players. This is Sad.

  40. Its amazing to see the stadiums full of supposedly conservative americans for a team that 100% participated in taking of the knee for the national anthem. It is amazing how tolerant these idiots are for their own selfish reasons. To me the NFL is dead, I dont care if the local team makes it to the playoffs or not. I have been sick of the whole thing after seeing how much taxpayer dollars go into keeping these teams local. There is no way this brings anywhere near the dollars to me that I pay in property taxes that have quadrupled since the team came here. They can all take a self righteous hike as far as I am concerned.

  41. I’m getting VERY tired of the comments I write on this site not showing up at all. I just spent about 5 minutes typing in my two-cents worth, and it vanished like a fart in the wind. If it happens again, you won’t see me comment on this site anymore. I wouldn’t ordinarily complain, but it keeps happening. The editors on this site must be apathetic about glitches that can possibly alienate someone.

    • Same with comments on the “Clark Howard” site. Clark works very hard to provide ppl with monetary “helps” (cheap, as everyone knows), and when one writes a comment with “FYI” helps, it disappears too. I don’t think it’s a glitch.

  42. Sadly, there are still too many people who don’t care what the political views of the NFL teams are, or how they disrespect the flag and our country, and our veterans, and they’ll just keep on watching anyway. There are also some that AGREE with the disrespectful, hypocritical behavior (mostly black, I would wager) and watch the games no matter what. Unless something drastic happens, I don’t see the likelihood of anything changing with these un-American jerks. President Trump’s tweets don’t seem to be helping matters any, either. I think he should just let that issue alone from now on, because every time he says anything about it, he’s the target of mudslinging from the Left bozos.

    No, we need to take action if we’re ever to enjoy professional football again.

  43. The Nail that SEALS the Coffin has been shown by the NFL, Goodell and ALL the rest who are involved with their DEMISE….
    The NFL, Goodell, players, coaches, wtc….. are well on there way into that GRAVE that is waiting for them and they have signed there own Death by refusing an AD placed by AMVET to be displayed for the Super Bowl…. This is saying they do NOT CARE about Veterans, Our Flag & Country….. We will watch the NFL, Goodell, and the rest sliding into that Grave and it will be a GLORIOUS DAY !

    • For some reason, we have a huge issue regarding the disrespect by COPPERNECKS stupid and ignorant disrespectful followers. As the Pied Piper did, in the childhood story, these blind followers show total disregard for our national symbols, and have the misbegotten belief that they are exercising their “RIGHTS” that our military veterans have fought and died to allow them to express the STUPIDITY that they are showing. They may, for the rest of their lives, believe and trust in the fact that NO VETERAN, living or that died protecting and guarding our “RIGHTS”, which do NOT include disrespecting our national symbols, nor our National Anthem! The disrespect that they are showing, only proves one thing,,,,,Their parents and schooling have FAILED them!!!

  44. Sports on TV is always welcome. I like American football. However, because of my young days’ experience, I like what we call soccer much more than local football. I found that what you like and entertains you is the very best. Open minds allow more satisfaction to grow within our preferences, even if they are new.

  45. Until they Fire Goodell and ALL players stand for the National Anthem, I’m done with the NFL AND just as importantly, the advertisers!!

  46. Since I am a Veteran-USAF, after Kapernick started all this bull, I quit watching pro-football completely. I shall NOT be watching the Super Bowl, because of this decision, and will urge every one I know to do the same. Complete disrespect for our country and military, but what can one expect from fake news networks?

  47. I have had enough of the New England Patriots and the anthem protest BS, until Brady, Belichick and Kraft are gone, I will NEVER watch another NFL game (including the super bowl) it is just plain wrong for one team to dominate a sport and people are just plain sick and tired of the Patriots PERIOD! Why watch the super bowl when you already know who is going to win? Why watch these protestors (traitors) make jackasses of themselves? Enough is enough already! I hope the Eagles stomp the snot out of the Patriots 40 to 0!

  48. We have a bunch of whiny assed over-paid imbeciles playing a game pretending to be “social justice warriors” while real Warriors suffer in hospitals all over the country and in their homes with real injuries not the bumps and bruises from playing a damned game. I will spend the same money I previously spent of the fake “warriors” on the real Warriors” from now on. Give to the Wounded Warrior Project – The AMVETS – the VFW – American Legion – there are many groups that provide assistance to the true “Warriors”. The Warriors who secure the right for these NFL phonies to protest and act like idiots. One day these NFL kneelers will look in the mirror and privately say to themselves “What the hell was I thinking.”

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