The NFL never expected their ratings problem to go from bad to worse

The regular season was a ratings disaster for the NFL.

Anti-American protests led patriotic Americans to tuning out on Sunday.

But the NFL had no idea it was going to get this bad.

Ratings for all four divisional playoff games were down to the lowest level in a decade.

Fans had no interest in the games despite three of the four being competitive games and he Saints-Vikings game featuring an ending for the ages.

Breitbart reports:

“Well, the ratings have been tabulated from this past weekend and, unfortunately for the NFL, the numbers do not look good.

According to SportsBusiness Daily, the ratings for all four games fell to the lowest level in nearly a decade.

According to Pro Football Talk, “The good news, if there is any, comes from the fact that the 21.8 rating generated by the Saints-Vikings in the late afternoon/early evening slot was only 0.1 lower than the 21.9 for Steelers-Chiefs last January, even though that game was played in prime time. The bad news is that the apples-to-apples comparison — the late-afternoon Sunday game between the Packers and Cowboys — churned a 28.2.

“The Jaguars-Steelers game played at 1:05 p.m. ET posted a 20.4, the lowest overnight rating in that window in 15 years.

“For the Saturday games, the 17.4 rating coming from Falcons-Eagles was down from last year’s 18.3 from the Seahawks-Falcons contest; that’s the lowest since Ravens-Titans in that same spot drew a 17.0 in early 2009. The 16.6 overnight for the Titans-Patriots game on Saturday night was the lowest since Cardinals-Panthers in early 2009.”

The number one reason given in every public poll as to why fans stopped tuning in to the NFL was the player protests.

Fans were sick of millionaire athletes smearing American as an evil and racist country.

Some pundits figured the fan boycott would lose steam as the season went along and that the playoffs would reel back in wayward fans.

That obviously not the case.



  1. The ONLY difference we can make is to HURT their wallets, their Bottom-line. If people understood this and were REALLY PRO AMERICA they wouldn’t watch at all.
    But the big belied, Costume wearers who see themselves as the PLAYERS, need to get their Testosterone High. Too bad they are so ego minded and BTW: You aren’t playing no matter how many hot dogs and beers you eat and drink.

  2. The ONLY difference we can make is to HURT their wallets, their Bottom-line. If people understood this and were REALLY PRO AMERICA they wouldn’t watch at all.
    But the big belied, Costume wearers who see themselves as the PLAYERS, need to get their Testosterone High. Too bad they are so ego minded and BTW: Yo aren’t playing no matter how many hot dogs and beers cans you eat and drink.

  3. Time is running out very quickly, as Goodell still seems to think he can just shove all of this under the rug so to speak…. Well guess he’s WRONG ( as usual ), we will see very soon when the SUPER BOWL comes around and there is NOBODY to be at the Stadium and NOBODY watching it on TV’s….. THIS WILL BE THERE DEMISE as they fall into that GRAVE that’s waiting for them…..and it’s all due to GOODELL and these players that know only Disrespect, Dishonor and Disgrace to Our Flag, Nation, Country,Veterans, First Responders, etc….. It could all have been avoided with a simple change, but you chose very un-wisely, now it’s your DOOMED and you have nobody to blame except yourselves…..

  4. Dear NFL, My Great-Great Grandfather was in the 11th Indiana Cavalry, Company G. He was captured by General John Bell Hoods Confederate troops during the battle of Franklin TN and sent to Andersonville prison. (Worst in the South) He wrote to his wife & children he was going to try to escape. He died while in the hands of the enemy states his military record. I believe Goofdale should take his private plane and fly the whole NFL down to Georgia so they can piss on his grave because that’s what they are doing. I quit watching the game I love. Just college football now.


  6. You can thank the “Unions” for this mess. That is why the $20 seat I used to sit in now goes for $300! And who is dumb enough to pay $6 for a drink of pop or beer?
    My SS check would now cover one game? No way two games! Of course the grand kids have to stay home, not enough money to take them.

  7. Not only that, but the players…who are a bunch of overpaid, arrogant bass-turds [not all of them] are still playing the whole debacle as though we’re confused and in our confusion, have misunderstood their motivations and are attempting to curb their right to free speech. They crossed over a line that Americans won’t tolerate and guess what? It just might be an indication as to how up and coming elections could turn out because we’re finally fed up with political correctness and faux victim status. The politicians who created the environment that allows this crap to take place will not get elected…mostly democrats.

    • Did you happen to notice that republicans are in control of the house and senate. At least until November, then we will see. Maybe we can get the government back in the control of the people.

      • THE PEOPLE = GRASSROOTS! We RIGHT can only continue to prevail by NURTURING those roots with healthy blades o’ grass! Get involved with your State GOP! Help with EXPLORATORIES of new RED blood of those who will replace our retiring Members of Congress going into the 2018 mid-terms! Help with GET OUT THE VOTE! Can’t just sit back and blog about it WAITING for things to happen. MAKE THINGS HAPPEN! And in a civilized manner…the RIGHT way…unlike the ult-Left protests of AntiFA and BLM! 🇺🇸MAGA🇺🇸AMERICA FIRST🇺🇸TRUMP IN 2020 WITH A REPUBLICAN MAJORITY🇺🇸…for time immemorial! 💕 you guys!

      • Now that’s what I would expect from an ingrate liberal!! THAT FLAG IS THE REASON YOU ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE DIARRHEA OF THE MOUTH!! LOSER!!

      • M. Bennett,
        You want the government in control of the People ? maybe you should move to russia or iraq, china, N.Korea or some other totalitarian country, Personally I want the government smaller less expensive, less Invasive, and more responsive TO the people NOT Controlling OF the people

  8. No NFL, NBA, NHL, and WNBA that’s my goal because all of them have chosen kneeing, BLM and they hate the people that bought tickets and souvenirs but most of all they hate America. Let their hero’s and zero’s buy their tickets and souvenirs because I refuse to listen or watch any of their games. I don’t need to the told that I’m not a good person because I love America and freedom and I sure don’t need their stinking souvenirs.

    • They’re amazing, ya’ think!! I guess they didn’t learn a thing with the Target example. Target still hasn’t recovered and they won’t. People are tired of all of the B.S. No business is going to get a pass for these type of actions anymore.

  9. I WAS a fan longer than these ungraceful, disrespecting players. It is a shame that these players have ruined a great sport. The problem is bigger than just the players, but also the Coaches, owners, Board of directors, and the Commissioner for allowing this. With all said, I have only this to say
    is NFL stands for No Longer a Fan.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hey guys now the players stay in the locker room , or they go to commercial break so we cannot see them kneel . I guess they believe we are so stupid , that we will settle and get over it . Smucks .

  11. How many of these over paid anti-Americans ever helped the downtrodden financially, Kenya and other African Nations could use there wealth and assistance.Not to mention Americas youth programs.

  12. Gee, not one of the comments has anything positive to say about the NFL or Kaepernick and this one won’t either. Here’s hoping the NFL dies a slow, painful death.

    • Does anyone think we are going to listen to a bunch of millionaire. college dropouts, who chose to slam the military, wounded vets, the anthem and the the flag. Just what the heck are they protesting, it certainly isn’t anything they have anything to do with, why didn’t the choose to help the poor and misfortunates, help their communities. Piss on them, I hope they go broke,college footbal is much better to watch anyway.

    • Well, all I can say, if the Players believe all they say they do, then they should do something about it, it isn’t that they are poorly paid. And to use the flag to insult half the nation or those who believe in the flag, just proves how little the care about the country. Tired of listening to them, and I have plenty of books to read. At least books don’t sit down on the job.

  13. deer protesturz.

    WE, THE PEOPLE agree that there should be no ‘racial oppression’ or oppression of any kind at the hands of government.


    There is no ‘oppression’ at either the Federal or State levels.

    There is no ‘oppression’ in upperclass neighborhoods of ALL RACES AND COLORS of skin.
    Because THOSE PEOPLE DO NOT ELECT corrupt politicians.

    Middle class communities containing all Races and skin colors, DO NOT ELECT BAD PEOPLE to represent them.

    Inner cities where the problems exist have the problems BECAUSE THEY VOTED TO PUT THEIR OPPRESSORS IN OFFICE!


    Spend your time and money where it’s needed!

  14. I’ve been sick of the NFL players & their hi jinks for years. But this kneeling business was absolutely the final nail in the coffin….I’m former military & a retired Police Officer & positively froth at the mouth when I hear the B-S about indiscriminate shooting of minority’s by Cops…why in the hell do the pukes put themselves in those type situations? Because they ARE pukes. Sure there are bad Cops–but damn few compared to the numbers of bad people!!!! And anyone who supports their
    outlandish B-S is no friend of any rational person. Period.

  15. Well NFL this is what happens when you bite thw hand that feeds you…. Hope all of you remember that you smeared America.. Also hope everyone of you that kneeled during the National Anthem to follow the protest of this country lose you high paid jobs that you never deserved anyway… The NFL needs to fold up and I will never watch another pro football game again

  16. Do not miss the nfl…makes me think why I ever watched it in the first place! And to tell the truth…there is no way I could ever watch the nfl, knowing who they really are and the complete hatred they have for America, the military, the police, and the fans. I ceratainly do not see how they will ever get the fans back…unless of course all current players are replaced with NEW ones!

  17. BASEBALL>>>CHEVROLET>>>APPLE PIE>>>THE AMERICAN WAY! NFL>>>penalty flags DOWN for every violation of TRUE American values and ideals! There’s no disguising total disrespect for praying when taking a knee during our National Anthem. These overpaid ungrateful assholes need to take a bullet on the frontlines to appreciate our flag and our BRAVE military!

    • Don’t even watch Super Bowl for the commercials…to be part of THAT conversation in a social apres-game setting. See how many sponsors DON’T spend $1M for 15 seconds. That in itself is obscene. Commercials suck anymore, anyway. Everything about the NFL SUCKS.

    • I am hoping that it gets worse for the national felony league until there is no fans at all. These spoiled over paid players don’t deserve this kind of money and attention. Let the owners along with the players suffer it needs to die. Hope this gets worse for them next year and years after

    • Find a job??? As I have said before…
      these knuckle dragging cretons could not spell cat even if you spot them the c and t!!!
      TOO BAD SOO SAD!!7

  18. I want to thank Kaepernick & Goodell for making it happen…..NO MORE NFL for a lot of people! I found I have better things to do than watch some ignorant idiots kneel for all the wrong reasons. Pray for America to overcome the division brought on by the Obama administration…..funded by George Soros !

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