This NFL owner just ticked off his fans in a huge way

Three weeks ago, Jacksonville Jaguars players kicked off league-wide national anthem protests in their game in London, England.

Instead of insisting his players stand and respect the national anthem, Jaguars owner Shahid Khan stood on the sidelines and locked arms with his players as a show of “solidarity” with their protests.

Now, he just put his foot in his mouth with this outrageous statement against President Trump.

Khan, who according to Forbes is the NFL’s fourth wealthiest owner, donated one million dollars to President Trump’s inauguration.

But Khan has quickly become the most outspoken NFL owner in support of his players’ national anthem protests.

Crain’s Chicago Business reports:

NFL owners will meet in New York next week to discuss the controversy. Trump has called on the owners to “demand” that their players stand for the anthem.

“You have to give Trump credit, people are confused on the First Amendment versus patriotism, that if you exercise your First Amendment you’re not a patriot, which is crazy… People are confused on it, (Trump) knew he could hit on it and take advantage. I think what we’re seeing is the great divider overcoming the great uniter.”

Jaguars fans haven’t taken too kindly to his latest remarks calling Trump a “great divider” and they’re making a dent in Khan’s wallet.

The Florida Times-Union reported that this Sunday’s home game against the Los Angeles Rams was the smallest announced crowd (56,232) since Khan has owned the team.

Despite the team’s best start in a decade, more fans are turning their backs on the team.

One fan got creative in showing his disgust with Khan and the NFL anthem kneelers.

The Florida Times-Union reports:

Before the Jaguars took the field Sunday, a plane took to the skies above EverBank Field and Jacksonville’s downtown with a message for fans:

“Be American. Boycott the Jags & the NFL.”

A banner with the message was seen high above the stadium more than two hours before Sunday’s kickoff between the Jaguars and Los Angeles Rams, the first home game since the Jaguars took a stand in London on Sept. 24, two days after President Trump’s suggestion that protesting players should be fired for kneeling during the playing of the national anthem.

Roger Goodell, NFL owners, and players representing the NFLPA will meet this week to discuss how they will move forward.

Will they double down on the anthem protests?

Or will they relent in the facing of plummeting TV ratings and attendance?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


  1. Here is my idea for dealing with these America hating spoiled brats. When they start their protest, the Coaches should order them to return to their dressing room to remove their team colors and don their street clothes. Of course, this also means being docked the pay for this game. Hit them in the pocketbook! Repeat protests should cause a “firing” of the individual plus being banned from PRO football!

  2. There is not much difference between NFL players and US congress personal, when
    it comes to being respectful to GOD,COUNTRY AND OUR CONSTITUTION.they go to the highest PAYOFF AVAILABLE. Term limits would be a good place to start,for the congress folks.

  3. We true blue Americans are sick of all the BS that is happening in America today!! Who cares if the players want to take thier protest outside away from the NFL!

  4. The constitution gives those morons the right to get on their knees to protest the American flag but when someone gets on their knees after a game prayer the SNOWFLAKES say it’s against the constitution something is very wrong here!!!!!!

  5. Yes they should not make any more than our Military personal that are over there fighting and risking there lives for those morons that will not honor our Flag And Country

  6. I don’t see why people like football anyway because all they do is huddle Up and then pat one another om the butt, then they run for about 10 seconds and the whistle blows then they do it all over again the patting each other on the butt. I think they have a fanny fetish.

  7. Well said Maryann….Steve, These people that are griping would rather live off the government than get up off the couch and go out and make something of themselves. Oh wait, the go out and make their quick money of drug dealing. That’s so they can come home and again sit on the couch and live off the government. The people that want to make something of themselves are out doing it. It has nothing to do with racism.

  8. Great observation, Tom. The Chinese has a saying: “With money, you can persuade the devil to push your heavy cart.” Economic pressure is one of the few weapons patriotic fans can use in taming these renegade kneelers and NFL owners. Remember how one of the Black kneelers dared his fans?–“I would rather lose my multi million dollar contract than stand for the national anthem!” NFL fans, you have the power to make this come true for this Black kneeler!

  9. A correct assessment, Maryann. These disrespectful kneelers and NFL owners have taken patriotic fans for granted and will not learn until they suffer a drastic reversal of fortune. Fans hold the power over the kneelers and not the other way round. NFL fans, please continue your thumbs down on the NFL until these ingrates prove their genuine sincerity and remorse through positive actions of effecting social change benefitting the underprivileged or marginalized without harping on race–black, white, brown, or yellow. But, I may be overly optimistic.

  10. Right on, Lilly. These NFL kneeling nincompoops knew how to be respectful to England when England’s national anthem (God Save the Queen) was being played. Yet these hypocritical kneeling spoiled brats and even many NFL owners and political leaders (such as Commissioner Goodell and Clinton)still insisted that kneeling when the American flag is being raised and/or the American national anthem is being sung/played. The only way to effectively combat this cancerous evil is for patriotic fans to continue exerting economic sanction on these uncivic-minded ingrates and hypocrites.

  11. OH That would be great if the SGT would’ve
    Left this guy into this home & turned out to be a
    PAY. Obama should have said he’s only do
    his job. But then Obama never did his either!

  12. This issue shouldn’t even be controversial. The second amendment notwithstanding, what message do we wish our children learn? It’s about time we insist the ACLU be redocumented, realligned to support issues for the good of our country and not just for the benefit of a few minority malcontents.

  13. Not if Americans quit going to their games and quit buying NFL souvenirs, I personally don’t think these owners are going want to own these teams if attendance falls and they cannot make as much money, and I for one am through with the NFL if things are not changed. Honor our National Anthem, or pay the consequences. And I don’t think that the people who advertise with the NFL are going to continue do so if attendance and revenue declines, in fact I read somewhere that Anhauser Bush has already kicked the NFL to the curb, and that’s one of their biggest advertiser’s.

  14. They call it freedom of speach, I call it dishonoring the men and women that have fought for the freedom of the United States during war time and have either lost their lives or been horribly injured, the National Anthem is all about these men and women. They have given dearly in order for these unpatriotic players to be able to have the opportunity be paid millions of dollars in order to play in these games, and then these players have the audacity to not stand and hold there helmets over their heart to honor their sacrifice. They should either change their ways and apologize for their dishonorable behavior or be fired and not be picked up by any other NFL franchise. It is disgraceful behavior and should not be allowed while America is trying to honor its Veterans.

  15. My family on my mothers side was Irish they came to America as slaves long before the black man was brought here. My fathers family was Jewish they endured 2000 yrs of slavery and then being murdered by the Nazis. I personally was raised in a family were all the children worked to provide food and essentials for the family, I am still working today at 68 if you find any of that white privilege I would sure like to have some. These men have been wards of the taxpayer long enough take away the public funds which support the N.F.L. 1.8 Billion a yr. Remove their protection under monopoly laws and pay their fair share. I fought for this country and shed blood so these men have the right to protest but they disrespect our flag and country. If this protest is not about the flag than maybe they should change the venue they protest they would gain support and accomplish a lot more.

  16. I see it this way if they don’t want to stand, then they don’t get our money/GOV. for them to be paid millions.

  17. I haven’t attended or watched a game this season either. My ex- team QB said last week that his hero was Colin K because “because he (CK) paid the ultimate sacrifice”, can you believe that BS?!

  18. Be careful. These people are can be violent and some are suffering from to many head butts and other mental illness’s

  19. Thank you, Lilly. I thought I was the only one who was so pizzed off I could have bit through nails! They are obviously following Obama’s “Hate America & Apologize” tour. Thank God for President Trump!

  20. That’s one of the huge problems with Communist Democrats, they were taught to kneel to big government instead of to our maker. America went straight downhill when government took prayer out of school.

  21. Roll out the flag, get the band at the ready and watch the kneelers. As soon as the start their protest announce, “but first let us recite the Lord’s Prayer. I borrowed this from another wiser gentleman.

  22. Khan and his team to did this in another country! What a way to show what you feel about your country, flag and other God fearing Americans. I truly hope that we have true American sponsors that will act against what the NFL has turned into and pull their sponsorship. All of this happening because of personal political views were protested by taking a knee during our National Anthem. I am positive this was not thought all the way through and the the American people have short memories. When it comes to disrespecting our flag, country, National Anthem and our brave troops, I will never forget you pos!

  23. Karen: Couldn’t have said it any better!!!!!! Black or white, don’t break the law and you won’t have any trouble, PERIOD. But blacks making millions think they can get away with anything, just like the Clintons and darned if they aren’t getting away with it. I hope the NFL falls flat on their faces,. Goes broke and then they will have to get a job. If they can find one, or anyone that will hire them.

  24. This is just another form of disrespect. Now they are doing either of them so hat people will not quit watching. I haven’t watched a game since last year and Kapernack started his crap

  25. When they can stand for God Save The Queen and then in front of God and everybody kneel for our Anthem if that was my team they would be finding there own way home and be looking for a new job.

  26. I use too, but at 82, makes no difference to me. If they lose or looses. I understood what was being said,.

  27. I agree. If they start standing it’s because their pocket books are getting too thin. I agree again, fire the whole lot!!!

  28. I’ve turned off all football games, except college. I never dreamed Texas would kneel. I always felt Texas was a patroit state. CA I can expect trash from. I KS will act adult in this mess. I haven’t heard or seen them.

  29. Yep, I am done also. Too little too late. Haven’t attended a game, watched a game or purchased any swag this season.

  30. Now baby boo boo crapernick hires a personal lawyer because nobody will hire him,but remember it was he who opted out of his contract.

  31. Exactly right… These players are showing NO respect to the fans, to the flag and the country… Whatever it is they are protesting doesn’t matter to anyone anymore.. because what they are showing everyone is disrespect for the flag, the country, the national anthem and the military who fought hard for that flag… That is The message they are sending..

  32. I agree.. they are absolutely disgusting.. this is their place of work and they get paid millions for playing a game… if they want to protest, fine, I have no problem with that, BUT NOT DURING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM WHEN THEY ARE SUPPOSE TO BE HONORING OUR COUNTRY, OUR FLAG AND ALL THOSE WHO FOUGHT FOR THE FLAG… They can do their protesting OUTSIDE of the stadium.. !!!! The NFL Owners need to get a backbone and demand that this will NOT go on in the work place.. stress to them that this is their workplace and NOT the place to be doing their protests.. but evidently, the owners have NO backbone…..
    There is NO respect for their fans … Time to turn our backs on the NFL and send a strong message that what they are doing is UNACCEPTABLE

  33. If black men would stop wearing their pants down below their butts, quit wearing hoodies to hide their faces, quit drugging and boozeing, quit acting like gang bangers and stay at home and help their women raise their chrilden to get a good education and be respectfull to our police, milatary and nation, perhaps we would not be where we are today.

  34. Fire all of the players who are insisting on kneeling during Our Anthem. All of those Patriotic Players who stand proud for our Anthem should stay and form all Patriotic American Teams again. There are many great players out there that will jump on the chance of trying out for the NFL. the owners could pay each player half of what these spoiled players get. As the high paid Players leave so does the higher salaries. That way the ticket prices will be made affordable for everyone again.

  35. Maybe the tv networks quit showing the anthem so nobody can watch these little babies and also it will stop their protest on national TV.

  36. I agree…….even if they start standing for the flag, we know it was forced and not voluntary. I’m done with the NFL whether they stand or kneel henceforth.

  37. it is up to the fans. They are the only ones who can affect the situation. Don’t spend money on the NFL or any of its advertisers and get them where it hurts. In their pocketbooks.

  38. What they have done is awful, and they need to hate the extra tax abatements they get taken away, plus we are not paying for anymore new stadiums with tax money. The prices they charge are awful, so where do all of their profits go? I guess they all need a big cut in pay, so they can learn who to live like a normal person, and be greatful for what they have.


  40. I agree! Why should these jokers get honors and big dollars while other give their lives so these idiots can be totally disrespectful.

  41. You are using history to justify poor behavior. You are part of the problem. the secret to success is WORK!!! The harder I work the more successful I have become. I am activist in that I want to promote good behavior( obey the law, show respect for the men and women charged with enforcing the societal rules we all have to life by. Those who chose to ignore the rules or flaunt them will pay a price. Your rhetoric and that of Steve will not change the facts….those are that 90% of blacks murdered are killed by other blacks! Considering that why are the NFL players not focusing on the 90% problem??? Because it wouldn’t fit their narrative. It more likely that a white will be killed by a black than visa versa. That you, Judy, are more likely to be hit by lightening than a black is to be killed by a police officer.
    All of those protesting NFL players are by and large are in their 20’s and early 30’s with no real life experience. If they were to concentrate on the issue of out of wedlock births. Which has single black women charged with raising kids without benefit of a husband provider or father figure. So what is the outcome…rappers being held up as role models using vulgar language to refer to women and total disrespect for authority. Drugs and flash…no substance. Get real woman!

  42. The NFL players kneeling in protest technically could be considered as being on strike which means if they continue to kneel then they should not get paid. Anybody else that did this stupid stuff on the job would be fired immediately if not sooner therefore the whiny little babies complaining about the injustice towards African Americans should be disciplined. I don’t see them complaining about the black on black shootings in Los Angeles or Chicago where is there outrage there.

  43. If you want to really hurt them even more than we are now, try to get as many others who feel as we do about these self Righteous over paid whiners TO NOT WATCH THE SUPER BOWL. This will bite a huge hole in their ass “Revenue Loss”

  44. yes when being paid for a job that is what you have to respect do the job not play stupid games with the fans

  45. Very good comment. I love it when someone speaks up to these liberals. They really have eroded the moral fiber of some people.

  46. Loose, loose, loose. And yet I know the difference between loose and lose. Loose, when something is not tight. Lose, when you misplace something. The difference is I know what they meant and yet I still don’t care. Lighten up.

  47. I haven’t watched an NFL game since the jerk who is out of work knelt down. I hope he becomes a bum!!! The people who go to the games are just as bad. They keep putting money in the owners pockets. How many people who pay to get in are VET’S? If some are, they are disgusting human beings.

  48. You are not being denied the first amendment when you are being paid to do a job and that is all you are. No more than if you did not want to wear a helmet. The boss has the right to tell you what you can and can`t do while on the field.

  49. Actually it started when Obama called a Boston Police Sargent stupid for trying to protect a home from a perceived burglar. The suspect turned out to be the owner of the home and got nasty with the officer. The officer was just trying to do his job…how was he to know that the man with no identification was not only the homeowner but one of Obamas’ former professors. That started the whole divisive mess we have today. Had Obama stood with those who are charged with our safety this would not have happened.


  51. Who among these NFL fools really know why they kneel? however:
    1) if it really bothers you, DO SOMETHING about it! You arrogant, wealthy so_and-so’s. Ride along with a policeman on a Saturday night, befriend or support your town police,….you have a voice??? Use it to persuade your police Commissioner to “reform” officers.
    2) you have deliberately done more harm than good regarding race relations! Especially with your cute little black power fist solute.
    3) attempt to remove your head from your be-hind, and take responsibility. I wish I could complain about something and just stand back and expect the world to change! You want change… MAKE IT HAPPEN! It is your right as a citizen of this great nation. Use your influence to effect whatever change you want.
    4) you want attention? You got our attention…. Now do something about it! And if you don’t, you are just full of hot air and BS. Now go back to your silly game I am through with you.

  52. In the scale of things, my lousy typing or sloppy spelling, while regrettable, are minor faults, or so I would say.

  53. What would one expect from a Muslim team owner….just another MUSLIME action to divide Americans… race baiting!!!!!!


  55. High School football is much more entertaining than these foolish brain washed ninkom poops and alot cheaper. I am a Falcon gan so the NFL really don’t matter. NFL – not for long.


  57. It goes like this, in this order: GOD….FAMILY….Country. The NFL isn’t even in the top 20 if you ask me. If you want to piss on what I stand for, then go play in Iran or North Korea. Then you will have a good understanding of what our flag means to us! This manner of protesting is causing more problems, not to mention racial divide, than it will ever resolve.

  58. What do you expect from a KHAN,dude immigrates to America, makes billions on hotel chains. He should be standing proud, not protesting our flag.

  59. Amen, this whole thing is STUPID, JUVENILE, and an indicator of the mental acuity of the teams involved.

  60. I won’t back the NO FOOTBALL LEAGUE until they pay their fair share of taxes and quit kneeling during the NATIONAL ANTHEM. I do understand their protests but there’s a time and place for it.

  61. Judge a man by his character, not his color. Yes there is social injustice in the USA, and with all that, most of it started with the dimocraps. I obey all the laws that I know about, and seldom get concerned. Yes, I guess I have white privilege, but there seems to be black and white “jock” privilege also. Sorry folks, if you commit the crime, you gotta do the time. White, black, purple, green or pink.

  62. email any contacts in England that these are Traitors and that We American Citizens DON’T want them back in our country! they are a danger to national security creating & promoting Anti-American dangerous sentiment in the world. CNN has&is doing the same dangerous TEARDOWN terrorist tactics. NBC too!

  63. Tell you what, continue this protest some where else. If you continue to dishonor America MOVE ON. Get out of here as We the people no longer are tolerant of your treason. Go to North Korea or any other place. Be gone, now.

  64. Steve, where were you when B.H.O. divided the folks & disrespected the first responders for the last eight years.
    Gee, man get your head out of the sand & wake up.

  65. I quit watching last year because too many stupid commercials and 5000 so called experts telling me how I should interpret a particular game
    Bye bye NFL. Never again will I watch another game. Oh and that goes for college football also. They follow suit shortly.

  66. I too am white and I have more disdain for liberal white women than anyone else. My issue with the kneeling at NFL games is about being a captive audience to someone’s protest. Do it on your own time, you’re at work. I believe black’s may have some issues with cops, however cops are dealing with criminals. Don’t be a criminal and you usually won’t have to deal with cops. I know when my white kids where teenagers and did illegal things, we had to deal with cops. They grew up and stopped doing stupid crap and now we don’t deal with cops. Simple as that. Also, regarding morals, get real!! The left and the democrats are so immoral it’s sickening, killing babies, perverted sex and marriage, anti-Christian, anti anything that is moral. Don’t claim the moral high ground, you would not win that.

  67. These men are getting paid to play football! This is their job! They need to take their protests somewhere else.I don’t go to NFL ballgames, but there are many who go and spend their hard earned money to watch these games. these pitiful men need to stop protesting the country that has blessed them to be able to be paid huge sums of money to “play a game”! If they don’t appreciate this country then I suggest they leave and move to North Korea! They will truly learn what “social justice” is in a completely different way!

  68. Observations and comments published here regarding the actions of NFL owners and players and their lack of respect for all we hold dear in this country shows me these individuals will not change in our lifetime. These people have had this behavior drilled into them from the time they were old enough to walk.

  69. I do not call this racism…. take a knee before the game , on a third down, in the middle of the field after the game. The baker won his law suit, and rightfully so. Work is work , on your time you can protest all you want because people can leave. They don’t have to stand around and hear you…. but unlike the players the people don’t have the kind of money they do and they spend lots of money to go to these games, to see football. They don’t care what you think but they are now captives…. it boils down to most of us want law and order, we want consequences when laws are broken, we want to shop where we want and have a peaceful life. Unlike those who want compleat lawlessness and be able to do what they want without consequence. Many people fought and died for this country and not to respect is TREASON. Protest till you guts fall out Somewhere Else!!!! On your own time and money…. quit trying to turn this country into a third world country.

  70. Hear, hear, SteveWisco. The most — perhaps the first — intelligent comment on here. My mind is boggled every day by these pseudo-patriots who rant and rave over players quietly kneeling during the playing of the national anthem, but who said NOTHING when hundreds of their fellow citizens marched with Nazi and Confederate flags. Those flags represented a nation, and a traitorous rebellion, resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of the American soldiers these pseudo-patriots claim to love. But waving those flags is just A-OK with these jerks, who think the real problem is THOSE BLACK FOOTBALL PLAYERS. Pitiful.

  71. They are spoiled communist unAmerican jerKS and should move to whatever country they find better than the USA . They should take Goddell and the owners with them and stop ALL subsidies they get from American taxpayers.

  72. Amen to that! That’s when they lost me for good. That flag was created to symbolize freedom from British tyranny, and for them to kneel in London for our anthem, and stand for theirs is so insulting to me. I’m done with Pro sports.

  73. First season weekend with no TV football but not the last. These pampered millionaire athletes have been spoiled since high school. Had their college education paid for, playing in stadiums paid for by American taxpayers and make more money than anyone in the world! Whose oppressed? BTW, how many of these gallant protesters have served in the military?

  74. Most americans dont have a problem with players protesting..just not at a football game..take it to the streets..the players are just taking advantage of the media..

  75. Duhhhh do these big mouth, pouting, racist pieces of garbage not have enough intelligence to comprehend that they were hired to play football- not state their opinion? NOBODY GIVES A SHI* WHAT THEIR OPINION IS. Fire the unAmerican whining AHs, they’re extremely boring.

  76. That’s two of you people now that don’t know the difference between lose and loose. Where did you go to school? You should get your money back.

  77. Of course they want to,that way they can funnel millions of dollars to TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS LIKE HAMAS AND ISIS

  78. Shahid Khan was born in Lahore Pakistan. He entered the U.S. in 1967. He became a U.S. citizen in 1991. He’s a Sunni Muslin. And because he is a billionaire he thinks he can do whatever he likes with our American National Anthem. All Americans go hard on this bastard.

  79. Respect of this country, and respect of the flag, is something that is earned, and cannot be demanded. Beginning in 1619, for the first 243 years the black man was treated like dirt, like a beaten dog, and then Lincoln made the 13th Amendment happen in 1862 … and then the abhorrent Jim Crow “laws” became the norm (especially in the south) for the next 100 years, and then the ERA was passed, and for the recent 50 years, up to today, the mistreatment of the black community is still blatantly obvious. With the advent of Donald Trump, the situation has gotten worse, as it has emboldened the ugly white supremacist faction in this nation. I am white, and my roots trace to northern Europe, when my ancestors immigrated in the second half of the 19th century. So looking at this “disrespect of the flag” matter through my eyes, I could myopically condemn these NFL players. But it is not as simple as what many narrow-minded white people think. Fortunately there are many whites (I include myself) who have been gifted with an understanding and an empathy that Donald Trump does not have. I applaud these players who are speaking up, and elevating the real issue …RACISM … as I realize their perspective is totally different than mine; I have had it easy. If I were black, I would join them in their protest. There is no way 400 years of those being mistreated earns respect for the tenets of this nation. (Read the 1776 declaration of Independence, and imagine being black.) While I do show token respect the flag, it is not nearly as respectful as when I was a young man, as I have witnessed our country’s moral fiber erode for more than half a century, now accelerating with Trump at the helm. Blind and unquestioned patriotism is worthless, and that is what Trump’s pompous bluster is advocating.

  80. Not only are the NFL players disrespecting the fans veterans and all Americans but so are the greedy owners who don’t care about patriotism America or our veterans by not disciplining their players. I was a football fan for over 20 years. I will NEVER watch another football game again. I have more intelligent things to do with my time


  82. They are all going to understand, you don’t spit in the face of the People, their flag, the military and remain popular. They are entertainers and nothing more. Their job is to play ball, people don’t come to any sports events to watch political protests, they come fro relief of all that. It is in the NFL rules that players should stand for the anthem.

    They also are too stupid to realize, this kneeling is not for good black people killed, but for thugs who were spotlighted by BLM that formed under Obama. Ferguson, Baltimore and other riots were not for innocent blacks, hunted down for their color by the cops but for hoodlums, long records, starting with Trevon Martin and just snowballed.

    Continue to kneel, you are digging your graves and we will be happy to bury you.

  83. It does not matter to me anymore. I will never watch another game anyway they go from now on… I hope they keep doing what they are doing so the whole league folds. Why these nerdy white are standing with them i will never know..I do not know what they want…Only thing i can see is they want to break the law anyway then can without any law enforcement,,, thats all i can see…

  84. To hell with the NFL, the owners and a vast majority of the players. Ditto also for the fools who blindly follow and pay homage to the fiasco that pro sports have become. Note to the populace, Revolt, what have you to loose other than false gods and chains self inflicted.

  85. This is the time to take out the whole NFL! Let’s make them pay dearly for their not standing for our National Anthem and our flag! Let’s give them a reason to kneel! Let’s take out their legs that they stand on!

  86. Dave: I learned during the OJ Simpson trial that Lady Justice is not color blind–she favors the color green.

  87. To disrespect your country here at home is bad enough. But to disrespect your country on foreign soil is the epitome of disgracefulness.

  88. The NFL will never fire any of their players or fine them very much to get them to stand. Think about it you’ve got players that have been charged with domestic violence, drugs and other offenses and are still playing. Which brings something else to mind they say the protests are because cops treating blacks different than whites. Ok so then how about our court system treating of people with lots of money different than the average person. If someone with money and a average person is charged with the same offense 90% of the time the person with money will not go to jail or lose their job but the average person will go to jail and lose their job. That’s why so many with money do whatever the want and have no respect for who they hurt because they can buy their way out of everything.

  89. Too late to hold your meetings; protest or not, U do NOT deserve any sympathy!
    I’m done with the NFL; far as I’m concerned U can leave this country…please go!

  90. We pay to warch them play NOT get on their knees in disrespect!!! They like their kneeling so much then these Felons need to go find a streetcorner!!

  91. This is not the time or place to protest when you are at work and getting paid to do a job ! TAKE IT OUT SIDE !!!!
    Are these people children ?!?!!? I guess they are more liberals than anything else !!!

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