This NFL player just stooped to a new low in disrespecting America

The NFL has tried to export football into global markets in England and Mexico.

But they’ve neglected their core business by allowing players kneel for our national anthem, which has led to Americans turning off games and burning NFL jerseys.

Now, the actions of one notorious NFL player has embarrassed the league on an international stage.

The Oakland Raiders took on the New England Patriots in Mexico City.

Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch has sat during the National Anthem throughout this season.

But when he stood for the Mexican Anthem, football fans were outraged.

President Trump weighed in, calling for Lynch to be suspended by the NFL the next time he sits.

One writer for SBNation tried to argue Lynch is protesting the National Anthem only because of police brutality and systemic injustices in the U.S.

He continued, “That’s why Lynch stood for the Mexican national anthem. He’s not a citizen of that nation, and has nothing to protest as far as what goes on within their country.”

“Afro-Mexicans” as they’re known are actually subjected to extreme racial injustice in Mexico, something Lynch would and these other petulant protestors would know little about.

In 2016, BBC interviewed Afro-Mexican from Oaxaca who was harassed by police under suspicion of being an illegal immigrant:

“The police made me sing the national anthem three times, because they wouldn’t believe I was Mexican,” says Chogo el Bandeno, a black Mexican singer-songwriter.

“I had to list the governors of five states too.”
Fortunately his rendition of the anthem and his knowledge of political leaders convinced the police to leave him alone, but other Afro-Mexicans have not been so fortunate.

The article goes on to note that Afro-Mexicans are not officially recognized as a minority by the Mexican government.

Mexico practices the very types of systemic oppression Lynch and these other coddled millionaires claim to be opposing.

Yet that’s the country Lynch was ignorantly showing respect for by standing during their anthem, after disrespecting America’s.

What are your thoughts?

Is Trump’s solution the right one? Should Marshawn Lynch be suspended for the rest of the season if he sits again?



  1. Keep on turning them and their sponsors off. When the checks begin to get smaller and the TV revenues begin getting a lot smaller, they will get the messtae, but it will be to late. I hope their goose is cooked.

  2. THIS nit wit thinks he has it bad in the USA? He should go LIVE in Mexico for a couple of years, & see how he likes THEIR “version” of civil rights! Plus, all the drug cartels, gangs, murders, kidnapping, etc. IF he lived in Mexico for 2 years, he’d be BROKE even sooner, from ALL the “protection money” that would be flying out of his bank accounts.

  3. I hate to admit this but these Professional players think they can get away with anything if they are big enough stars and look at Zeke Elliott. He is suppose to have physically abused his girlfriend and was supposed to be suspended for the first 6 games of the year however, the players association filed a grievance, ( To bad his Girlfriend didn’t have that ability to avoid her beating ) and he plays the first 9 games or was it 10????

    They have been able to get away with disrepecting the American Flag, the Veterans, and the National Anthem for all these weeks and The owners and the Comm. of the NFL has been letting them get away with it. Money is all powerful in the NFL today. No one has the guts to stand up and say HOA If you don’t like the United States of America, Leave and see where you may find a better place to live!!!!! I understand that they feel they have a point to make however, they sure can make it any other place but not where they are doing it now and turning off more Americans than they could possibly realize. Lynch has got his head up his rectum that’s why all he see’s is shit!!!!! He’s really not playing that well either. Football is a sport and should not be a platform for political statements.

  4. I am so ashamed to say he was a Seattle Seahawk. Bench him permanently, period. He’s a not the type of american I want to have anything to do with. You know we Seniors get probably just as much discrimination against us as do the Black Americans. You don’t see us disrespecting our beloved country.


  6. This piece of trash came out of retirement to do exactly what he’s doing just for the publicity. He was fading into obscurity and didn’t like it. He has done nothing for the Raiders so why are they keeping the POS around !!!!

  7. It’s so simple,why didn’t I think of it sooner????? If you don’t like this country or respect it then you must be the dumbest asshole of the century. I know the real reason’s you stay in our country; I could call them all but, there isn’t room on this page because, you don’t have to work hard, you don’t have to obey the laws, you can degrade anyone without replication. I have been in countries that would either cut off your head right there or take you outside.


  8. I wouldn’t have known this happend had i not heard it on xm news.
    If everyone totally stops watchin it this will stop.
    you couldent pay me to watch bb fb or bb. Too boring. Top fuel/funny car or motorcycle flat track , “back in my day we called it dirt track.” That’s where its at. It aint racing if u aint gettin sideways or makin 10k horsepower.

    • I didn’t stop watching football because of the protests but that will keep me from watching until they fix this crap. I quit watching because cheaters shouldn’t be role models to anyone and still make millions of dollars. Especially after doing it twice. Agree or disagree I really don’t care. Competition is healthy for kids otherwise what’s the point in trying to be better at anything they want to be. You can cheat with minimal punishment and be almost as good as busting your butt to be great. No valedictorians or top honors. Oh and as for Jerry Jones being detrimental to the NFL roger goodell? You and the rest of the little sissies who think the patriotic fans in this country are going to buy that you’re mistaken. You’re a cancer along with the other sissies that are having your strings pulled by bigger sissies.

    • Exactly right Richy. I have not watched a game since kaeperdirtbag started his ridiculous antics and the league did nothing to stop him and now I don’t even think about turning them on. There are so many other things to stay busy at.

  9. You know, Tim Tebow and Johnny Manziel are out of the league because they just didn’t fit the schemes of the teams, either due to talent or personal issues away from the game. Players who alienate fans like Lynch and Kaepernick such are tainted goods, and no business–whether it’s a convenience store or warehouse or Fortune 500 company–wants any part of tainted goods. It is incredibly insane for these NFL alienators to think that what they are doing is good for business. They have put themselves way above the flag, the military, and the hard-working fans who throw dollars away on tickets and such. Tainted goods have got to go, plain and simple.

  10. I wrote earlier, but forgot one other major topic, the NFL Hall of Fame should be dismantled and turned into a homeless shelter. Most of the occupants could be ex football players when they realize they have no so called job.

  11. Lynch should be deported to Mexico, since that is where his heart is. Why is he playing on an American team for American fans, being paid with American dollars? Send him back to the country he loves.

  12. Lynch should be deported, since his heart is with Mexico. Why are we paying him American dollars to play on an American team to entertain American people? His heart is with Mexico, let him go back, with our blessing.

  13. Lynch and other “Professionals” need to hear these words. I went to a U2 concert “Ages ago”, and listened to a 20 minute rant about how the United States need to change….. Really? I spent 15 minutes with my middle finger up while standing on my chair! Why? Because I was there for music! Same with the NFL! I am there for a game not some f#ing protest. Protest all you want! But do it in a setting that is a public rally or a public march! Outside that act professional or quit!

    • Too bad. Artist, athlete, and anyone else can do or say what they wish. If you’re unhappy at a U2 concert because you don’t like what they say, that’s really too bad. You are welcome to leave. And you won’t get your money back. No one made you buy your ticket, and no one promised that you wouldn’t hear anything you don’t like. Trump is a baby, and a pathetic excuse for a president and a man.

      • Listen Fool! When you serve in a war when you are a young man and are sent 12,000 miles from HOME as a college grad but in compliance with the then Selective Service requirement for all male citizens to serve if called upon to do so, THEN you can have some credibility IN YOUR OLD AGE IF YOU LIVE THROUGH IT. I DID! If you have never served remember this: you and all the other rectal cavities have the freedom to be so because many millions of better men and women than you have put themselves at risk to GIVE those freedoms and choices to YOU! And, when the Generation Xer’s and moron millenials born without traditional values any faith or moral conscience or what they are losing because of indifference and disrespect, the breaking of long accepted morals and RULES, the penchant for breaking just and necessary laws as do so many in Congress and the entertainment industry with impunity; THEN you may change your tune and point of view. In the meantime, have the decency to respect the views of those who HAVE so served and EARNED the rights, freedoms, and choices they use and provided to YOU the same; though you abuse them and those who have provided them to you with equanimity. If this crowd of cowards has their way, There will come a day of reckoning for all those who have turned this country into the degenerate and depraved swamp it is. I rather doubt any of you will be laughing or showing such displays as you WILL be running for your cowardly lives and hoping all those REAL Americans never catch up to you. This as you never accept responsibility, or any accountability for anything you do, and have no comprehension of things like duty, honor or obligation. THOSE NONE TOO BRIGHT DISRESPECTFUL NFL PLAYERS, OWNERS, ROGER GOODELL AND YOU ARE A NATIONAL DISGRACE. PERIOD

      • Excuse me mr Levin. I believe you may have missed something. Major league sports all have different packages catered to what people like and want to watch correct? I’m pretty sure people don’t want to listen to or watch overpaid spoiled kids protest and applaud things they can’t take two seconds to educate thems on. That’s not what they’re paying for so they’re canceling. How’s that the subscribers fault and not the players? Let’s test your logic in a different scenario mr Levin. I don’t condone or accept what I’m going to say folks. Your logic mr Levin means that it’s ok for someone to push all of their beliefs onto you, your kids, and anyone else? Your nephews and nieces? Your wife or partner? They want to make sure you’re all aware of the correct ways to address gender identity issues. They want to make sure your kids understand five year old Jack is now five year old Jill up until two seconds ago. How? Well because he said so. Who needs science? Your nephews and nieces need to sympathize with terrorists who just ran over their friends because they’re misunderstood is all. So it’s ok for other people to do anything they want against you and everyone you know? I think your kids or nephews and nieces should be taught not to believe everything that comes out of their dads/uncles mouth considering he hasn’t taken the time to educate or think for himself. Trump Bad. Trump No Good Leader. TV Tell Me Not Like Him. TV Say Obama It Say ClinTon.

      • Ha,alrighty then, we are all exercising our rights also to tell anyone that is unhappy with their life here to go and find a place more suitable. These players are actually the babies that want to throw their disrespect to the parents of their spoiled little whiney brat issues. I know as a white male that I have had my share of discriminatory acts towards myself as such with people thinking that I owe them something. Well ya know, I do not owe anyone a piece of crap for good faith. I leave people alone and stick to myself and you need to do the same towards me. Screw all of you and your National Fairy League. You are right, I will not pay anything to the NFL other than the taxes they are stealing and I will do everything to see that will stop as well. NFL is nothing but a bloated subsidized bunch of spoiled pansies. I say cut them off where they are too well endowed, in their pansy purses.

    • I agree….I recall bono visiting some African county and later almost demanding the USA fork over some god awful amount of money to solve the aids problem and rid the country of poverty. So much for U2 and this bono guy.

  14. Actually what should be done is kick this MORONIC ASSHOLE out of the U.S.of A. These kneelers are uneducated, stupid, idiots that can’t multiply 2×5, can’t write a sentence of more than 4 words, maybe, & probably could not write their name until they were 18 or 19. Why are many blacks stereotyped? Because they dress & act suspicious. I was told this by a black police officer. Now what does that tell you. These thugs(NFL players included) put this brand on all the good, hard working, patriotic, intelligent Black Americans that have & now make our nation great. These kneelers slap our veterans in the face. HOW DARE THEY !!! The American Legions, VFWs, Moose, & others who show the games, & the cowards that attend the games are JUST AS BAD AS THE KNEELERS. Are you a coward weakling? Not me!!!!!!!!!!!!


  16. I hope that the Raiders lose the rest of their games this season while turkey Lynch in on the squad. If the team can’t control their players and the NFL refuses to act responsibly, I rooting for their opposition every week.

  17. All the rhetoric in the English language won’t help….these brain dead idiots don’t have the GOD given intelligence to understand what they’ve done and are worsening their situation..

  18. Military people need to quit the military and stay home with their families. If they are not in a relationship then men need to hunker down so they don’t pay any taxes.
    Then the Democrats will have to implement the draft. NO MILITARY DRAFT, NO COUNTRY !


  20. I can live without NFL, even though, I played football all my life until the end of my senior year in college. I never thought that I would eventually drift away from watching NFL games, but I did. That was many years ago. I guess there are higher priorities such as investing time with my family. No regret at all. You should do the same.

    By the way, it is very unfortunate to see how these events unfolded since Trump became the president. I would want to see NFL to shrivel up like a dried leaf. A ideal lesson for sore losers that refuse to move on.

  21. I often wonder what goes on in these player’s head I don’t like what he did in Mexico and he should be fined or benched. I live in Northern California by where he is from and every year he has a free football camp that he runs personally and during the Holidays he gives out 100’s of turkeys in the low income community he grew up in and the kids that go to his camp are of all colors and at the end of his camp purchases new cleats for those that need them. Does HE not KNOW what county that makes it possible for him to make the kind of money it takes to do the stuff he does ????

  22. The NFL isn’t a necessity We need to live our
    lives. I’m a VIETNAM VET & I’m sick & tired of all
    This BULLSHIT concerning NFL protests. There is a time & place for everything. You can protest on your time. Much can be done to right wrongs. But to desrepect our flag & the country is wrong. There will always be bad things in this world until OUR SAVIOR COMES BACK! You are sending & setting a bad example for our young people. Do what is right

    • These protests are all a bunch of c#%p. White cops shoot more white men and more blacks are killed by black cops. And when a white person is killed by a cop, the libtard news media doesn’t even cover it. Michael Brown was a lie, he never had his hands up/don’t shoot. In fact he had just robbed a store and put his hands inside the cop’s car and tried to get his gun. Its all bs.

    • It is time to make this behavior “non-news.” If it is not covered the players will be ignored. Damage has already been done to the teams/owners through reduced revenue. Leave this group of screw-ups on their own uninhabited island waiting for their onset of “forget-my-name” from headbumps.

    • Amen, they are part of the 1% in income and are protesting inequality in America. Bunch of ignorant morons. Wish they put a special surtax on NFL players to help educate all the poor inner city kids.

  23. Why not strip all of his endorsements, commercials and club privilidges, then go after the rest who disrespect our Country. If he and the rest feel oppressed and treated unfairly then have their retirements voided out and contracts cancelled. I’m sure there’s a college student out there that would love to take their place. ???????? From a Veteran!

  24. Get even with him and ship his sorry for to Mexico. Then have will have a GREAT reason they stand for there Anthem. Of course the POS he is he might sit for there Anthem and STAND for our Anthem because he wants to come back to the good old USA. And we should just leave him there. Pay backs are a bitch.

    • I only want to point out that there is NO SUCH RACE as called Afro-American, African-American,this is only what someone has come up with to avoid anyone using the N___word and I am NOT being a Racist or Prejudice or anything else….
      The RACE you refer to is in actuality is called NEGRO/NEGROS, and definitely NOT the other N___word….. If someone were to use the term African-American, then he/she would have had to have immigrated themselves from Africa, NOT someone who’s been born here even if their Heritage comes from Africa….. Most all NEGROS today cannot be considered as African-Americans as they never were in Africa or were born there….. Their Heritage is from there, but that is the extent of it…. That is the same with any other Immigrant who has come here and has had a family, raised kids and so on….. You don’t call them Spanish-Americans, Italian-Americans, etc…… Simply put, their Race is called NEGRO or
      NEGROS….. If your an AMERICAN, then you are called an AMERICAN, regardless of Race, Color, Religion or otherwise….. I only want to make this clear so it is understood there is No such RACE named African-American or Afro-American….. Hope this helps !

  25. Marshall Lynch is an embarrassment. It’s one thing to disrespect our Anthem and Flag on American soil but on the International stage it’s totally unacceptable. Move to Mexico, Lynch and see how you are treated. I blame the NFL and Goodell for this behavior because the NFL children need to be taught how to behave when out in public. Their mentality is lacking.

  26. Having taught at several Universities I know how little education some of the Football players get. Some of the blame can be put on the Universities for not educating them as to what the United States Actually stands for. Of course some are so dumb that they couldn’t be educated regardless as to how hard the University tried. The Universities want a winning foot ball team.

      • So sick of this mantra “offending someone”!!! If you get a speeding ticket, you are offended. If you get a letter stating you owe back taxes, you are offended. Jesus Christ offended a LOT of people; He called them hypocrites, sons of Satan, etc., etc. If people were brought up to respect others and obey the laws we wouldn’t be having all the problems we are encountering now.

    • The sad thing is all this scholorship money is wasted on a bunch of morons just because they can play a stupid game. Look at all the bright kids who could benefit by those scholorships who don’t get them. Everything in our society is upside down. People rewarded for being losers and burdens on society while hardworking people get taxed to death.

  27. Why didn’t he just stay in Mexico? He loves the place so much and respects their Anthem maybe he can play for their team! Doubt they would want such a disrespectful disgusting spoiled “Oppressed” multi millionaire though!

  28. This guy is a lawless moron. When he played (if you could call it that) here in Buffalo he was involved in a hit-and-run downtown. Leaving a club in the early hours, hits a woman with his car and flees. Next day the police didn’t apprehend him because he simply didn’t answer the door. Pure NFL privilege…..He goes on to get arrested on a gun charge in LA, so Buffalo figures they better get rid of him. He was severely punished by Roger Goddell with a three game suspension…..You or I would still be in the can…..I have no use for the NFL….

  29. seems like this little punk ass millionaire needs to be taught a little respect his Daddy should have taught him long ago. I would gladly love to teach him that all his entitlements came from people who defended this country from long ago. And he thinks because of his skin color he has the right to spit on the graves of the ones who died for his sorry ass. Send him on a one way ride to Africa where he belongs.

  30. Suspend from NFL , cut off his paycheck , confiscatevall of his wealth , give him a sombrero and a jackass and drop him in Chili Town !! See if he feels right at home !!

  31. I hereby pledge the first Dollar for his airfare to Monrovia, Liberia… a country created specifically to accommodate “African-Americans” who felt that they did not wish to remain a part of the United States. His attitude will result in a somewhat different response there.

    He will soon learn about his roots, first hand – and that he should have been kissing the ground he wakes up on every morning.

    And, YES, it would be a one-way ticket.

      • Hey Gene, I will donate two dollars, just don’t call him or any others an African-American, as there is No such RACE….. Please read my comment to Eric concerning this….. Keep the dollars coming…..soon all these kneeled will be gone….
        What a GREAT DAY that will be…

  32. He should be FIRED and led to the Mexican Border to cross into
    Mexico and NOT allowed back…..
    Let him stay there without any Pay of any kind what-so-ever, then he might change his perception of Our Country and it’s National Anthem, if he makes it after about 3 yrs. Or so….. He’s nothing more than a Whiny little Hypocrite who knows nothing of why or for what the reason which has no basis to back-up any claim to Injustice or Oppresion….. Facts speak for themselves and he has no, nada, nothing to back him up in what he claims, PERIOD ! Same goes for ALL the others who so claim this same thing, especially Kaepernick……. DISRESPECT to Our Flag, Country, Anthem and Our Veterans is the only thing these kneeling, sitting, No Shows players are doing and no matter what they may claim, it cannot be said any other way, it is plain Disrespectful, Dishonorable, Disgraceful, Dispicable, etc….
    There is NO OTHER way in which to say or describe it as so….
    This is especially True when in another Country and you show this behaviour towards Our Flag, Country, Anthem and Our Veterans, but show Respect for that Countries Flag & Anthem….
    If it were up to me, I would FIRE that player on the spot and left in wherever the player is at the time without Pay…. They would be LUCKY that they were not charged with being a TRAITOR as this is what they should be aND placed in Prison awaiting his REVOCATION of Citizenship and NOT allowed to enter the USA ever again….. Deal with it you Whiny Hypocrite, you don’t know how good you did have it…..and this goes for ALL the others as well….. Keep supporting Jerry Jones, he’s doing the sensible thing in what Goodell should have done long ago….. We might also point out that the Raising of one’s Fist is not a Negros thing, it is a Communist thing which shows partisan to the Communist Regime….so apparently we must have a bunch of Communists in our midst….
    Keep Botcotting the NFL, it will be good ridance……

  33. Forget telling him to go live in Mexico, DEPORT him to Mexico and make sure he doesn’t have a visa to return! Should he he found to be an ILLEGAL immigrant, he should be flown to the poorest country in Africa, with no legal access to any assets and told to “blend”!

  34. If Lynch and others think they are oppressed in this country, try pulling their stunts in some of the Mid East countries or in Japan and see how much they are oppressed and mistreated. If is is so bad here, then let them hop a plane and live elsewhere. We do not need the cocka rocka they are sespousing

  35. I think they should fine all spectators. I suppose that is what those entrance fees are about. At this point actually, I could care less what they do any more than I could care less about football anymore. Hope to have a great baseball season along with my apple pie and I hope that some private entity buys chevrolet and snatches that back from the AFG as well so I can again buy american cars other than Ford.

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