NFL Ratings Continue to Tank in the Face of Anti-American Protests

NFL ratings are tanking.

For the fifth week in a row, viewership was down across multiple games.

And the media is trying to cover up the real reason why.

The NFL – long TV’s ratings juggernaut – has seen ratings plunge 10% this season.

That trend continued in week six.

The Sunday Night Broadcast – always the highest rated TV show of the week – was the least watched Sunday Night Football game in five years and viewership was down 22% from last year’s week five contest.

Games televised on Sunday at 1PM were down 21% and 13% respectively.

Many media experts bandy about multiple theories.

Some claim the heightened interest in the Presidential election is drawing away viewers.

Others claim fans have been turned off by the concussion scandal that revealed head trauma causes by playing football leads to suicide and other severe mental health issues.

Even game broadcasters jumped into the act and offered their own theory.

But the real reason is obvious.

Fans are turned off by the anti-American protests players are staging during the national anthem.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick started the movement when he began sitting down during the playing of the national anthem to protest supposed racism and oppression against black Americans.

His protest spread across the league and players now kneel or raise fists in symbolic gesture of black power.

But backlash is growing.

A recent Rasmussen poll found over one-third of all respondents said they are boycotting NFL games over players disrespecting the flag and the men and women who fight for it.

As long as the NFL continues to condone players spitting on the memories of men and women who gave their lives for our freedoms, their ratings are likely to suffer.


  1. I watched NFL Football faithfully for over twenty years but when these foolish, self centered, egotistical premadonna’s showed that they have no respect for the American Flag or the Veterans that have given their lives I order to give them the opportunity to become millionaire’s by playing football, I drew the line. I will not attend or watch professional football again. They are free to embarrass the USA in England and the United States by showing their disrespect for our Flag and Veterans But I will NOT DO ANY THING TO SUPPORT THEIR EFFORTS. I WILL ACTIVELY DISCORAGE EVERYONE I KNOW TO DO LIKEWISE. They should be ashamed of their actions of disrespect.

  2. After the disgraceful overpaid idiots including the commissioner, it is my hope that this year Super Bowl is a bust for the NFL. If I were a sponsor I would get insurance for any investment regarding commercial advertising as many will NOT watch the game and miss the millions of dollars spent on advertising. Next year the No Fans Left League and owners will be hurting for dollars to support these overpaid bozo’s. I used to watch the game for its entertainment, Not for their mouth!

  3. I’m a vet watched 50 years as a bronco fan not anymore shut down the NFL network on Veterans Day don’t care about a bunch of people who hate our President went through college because they were physically gifted and then given millions to play a game and then they dishonored me by kneeling on camera!!!!

  4. I am totally fed up with the lack of patriotism of those ungrateful players – so therefore would ever watch another game intentionally.

  5. It surprised me when New England ALSO knelt with the NFL black protesters. Now I know why the Patriots gave Tim Tebow the old heave ho. It all makes sense now. The black player led liberals are in full control of everything the NFL does. Being openly anti-abortion gets you fired from the NFL.

  6. Football is no longer football I played & grew up knowing the players today are spoiled aholes some are thugs been in jail I’m done & shred all my season tickets 19yrs. Season ticket holder San Diego chargers. People forget that a lot people died for our flag to have what we have Freedom is not Free! This is one teed off Nam vet Marine 68-70 saying God bless our flag & national anthem!

  7. I couldn’t have said it better! I would add that kneeling during the National Anthem is a huge part of why people stopped watching. They must have thought that Americans loved football over Patriotism for the Veterans and the men and women who gave their lives for our Country ????????.

  8. The NFL players use to be idols of the fans…this is no longer. They have ruined their own careers. Now they take to the field and play dirtier than they ever played before. They look like a bunch of rioters in the streets hurting, raising their fists for the black power whenever they knock someone down. It no longer is an exciting game when they really want to do damaged anyone in their way. What a disgrace they are…no I don’t support them at all now.

  9. I think what they need to do is to look in the stands and see who actually pays their salary I would say that 80% or white and disrespecting our American flag and our national anthem you are pissing most of them all

  10. Another method to show our disrespect of their disrespect is for the pilots and Co pilots of their aircraft refuse to fly the traitors…just as the New Orlean Saints experienced….or maybe individual opinions would refuse to fuel the plane…or no ground crew support…or no rooms at hotels when they travel,or no service at restaurants. ….

  11. I hate to remind the blacks that they should really thank the gods for being slaves; other wise they would be chasing their dinner with a spear.

  12. If they don’t like to stand let them move to Africa and see if they will get the money that they get in America and the money is out of control 100 millions to play a game

  13. question, the thursday night game, did they not play the National Anthem or did the tv people deliberately not show it?

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